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What Is Chinese Zodiac Compatibility?

What Is Chinese Zodiac Compatibility?

Chinese people calculate their age by a method called Chinese Zodiac.  It symbolizes the Chinese culture.  In western culture, there are twelve months in their zodiac calendar. But the Chinese zodiac differs from it by having a twelve year zodiac cycle.  Each year in the Chinese zodiac is represented by the corresponding animal signs.  People are believed to inherit the qualities of the animals that represent the year in which they are born.

What Is Chinese Culture and Chinese Zodiac Relationships?

Both Chinese culture and Chinese Zodiac are interrelated.  The animal signs representing the Chinese Zodiac are integral parts of Chinese Mythology.  They have been used immensely in Chinese folklores and stories.  According to the Chinese tradition, Chinese Zodiac exemplifies more than a person’s age.  It actually illustrates a person’s personality as a whole.

Chinese Zodiac is actually a lunisolar calendar.  Philosophy is deep rooted in Chinese culture.  Chinese Zodiac has five elements like, ‘earth’, ‘water’, ‘wood’, ‘fire’, and ‘metal’. 

The principle of these five elements is that the universe is made up of and controlled by these five elements.  Chinese astrology, Chinese philosophy and Chinese medicine are completely under the influence of these five elements.  The animals representing the Chinese Zodiac have relation with these five elements.  They have different attributes and characteristics.

Among the twelve zodiac animal signs, Monkey and Rooster belong to the Metal element; Tiger and Rabbit come under the Wood element; Rat and Pig are inclusive of the Water element; the Fire element contains Snake and Horse; and the Earth element has Ox, Dragon, Sheep and Dog.

These animals are named in accordance with the elements they are inclusive of like “Fire Snake”, “Water Rat” etc.

Generally, Chinese Zodiac signs which are four years away from each other are considered to be compatible; whereas the zodiac signs which are having six years difference are treated to be incompatible.

What Is The Year of the Rat?

The Rat comes first among the twelve zodiac signs.  The Year 2020 is the Metal Rat Year.  Rat is not seemingly appealing to majority of the people.  The term ‘Rat’ can be used in abusive sense also.  But Rat is an animal which is clever, alert and is also considered as a high spirited one.

The Rats are happy go lucky persons. They can adjust with any situations.  They tend to be very sharp.

 The Rats can be easily frightened and a little bit unsteady by nature.  They tend to be very choosy too.

What Is The Compatibility of the Rats?

The Rats make the best pairs with the Ox, the Dragon, and the Monkey.  There will not be any significant build up in their relationships; but love and romance are always there between the partners.

With the Horse and the Rooster, the Rats are always fighting and they cannot tolerate each other which ultimately make the relationship a disaster.

The Rats being opinionated, they tend to be talking and complaining a lot. If the partner can patiently listen to them, they won’t find it difficult to get along with the Rats.  They are honest and sincere; but at the same time they tend to be dubious too.  Money management is their forte and they are apparently misers.  

What Is The Year of the Ox?

The Ox comes second in the 12 year Chinese Zodiac.  2021 is a Metal Ox Year.  The Ox is used in agricultural purposes and it shows the animal’s hardworking nature.  It is highly determined and truthful. The Ox has great alertness.

They are slow in their actions. The Ox belongs to the old school of traditions and they are adamant in their faith and belief. 

What Is The Compatibility of the Ox?

The Ox makes the best pairs with the Rat, the Snake, and the Rooster.  These animals are like ‘made for each other’.  They are loyal, faithful and responsible with each other.  Caring and sharing happens in their family life which makes their life a blessing.

The Ox in combination with the Tiger, the Horse, the Dragon and the Sheep is horrible.  Their relationship cannot stand the test of time and end up as a failure.  Their level of tolerance is nil and they fail to accept and respect each other.  The Ox happens to be loyal and hardworking and if its partner is understandable, their life is all set. There is no need of any looking back.

What Is The Year of the Tiger?

The Tiger comes third in the Chinese Zodiac.  The Tiger symbolizes power and arrogance. They are really strong and not always faithful. Their independent nature is really praiseworthy. Because of their high confident nature, people usually tend to believe them easily.  They are short tempered, treacherous and rude in nature. They sometimes are injudicious in their decisions.

What Is The Compatibility of the Tiger?

The Tiger makes it the best pair with the Dragon, the Horse, and the Pig.  They can be the best of friends as well as the worst of foes.  All depends on their mentality with each other.  They are highly motivated as well as motivating and they have good aptitude for finance management.  They are in a way, a reflection of each other and can lead a harmonious life.

For a Tiger, the worst matches are with the Ox, the Tiger, the Snake and the Monkey.  Their attitudes and aptitudes will never match and the combination is a big failure.  Their hostile nature and uncompromising attitude will pave the foundation for the ultimate disaster.  With their correct attitude, the Tigers can overcome any difficulties which are thrown on their face by destiny.

What Is The Year of the Rabbit?

The Rabbit comes fourth in the array of the Chinese Zodiac.  The rabbits are said to be ‘wood Rabbits’.

The Rabbit is considered to be highly disciplined and optimistic.  It is very cute and affectionate.  Being very gentle and affectionate, the Rabbits are meant to be accessible. They show open-mindedness in general.  With their friendly and sweet demeanor, they can have very less number of enemies. The Rabbits are very speedy and accurate in their calculations. They resemble sweet, gentle and classy.

Sometimes, the Rabbits tend to be wavering which makes them lose good opportunities in life. They are sentimental people which have no high value in the present selfish society.  The Rabbits are rationalists and not that ready to accept changes easily.

What is The Compatibility of the Rabbits?

In the company of Sheep, Monkey, Dog, and Pig, the Rabbits are awesome partners.  With the accurate amount of give and take, they can make their life heavenly. They understand and accept each other very well and are ready to make compromises. This leads to a happy family.

But, the Rabbits when paired up with the Snake and the Rooster won’t be an eternal pairing. They fail to understand each other.  There will not be any level of acceptance and tolerance in their relationship. A feeling of suppression and discontent lasts and it will kill the relationship. In short, their marital life will be an ultimate disaster.

What Is The Year of the Dragon?

The Dragons are the fifth zodiac signs in the Chinese zodiac.  They are called ‘Earth Dragons’.  Among the Chinese society, the Dragons have a good position. They feel proud to be called as ‘Dragons”.  Even though the Dragons are imaginary characters, they tend to carry valor, luck and success.

The Dragons are apparently energetic, determined, generous and amorous. They have strong character and they tend to be straight forward. With their strong frame of mind, they can face and overcome any difficulties in life.

The Dragons are said to be fierce and almost lost in thoughts.  They sometimes seem to be rude and weird. The Dragons are considered to be narrow- minded also.

What Are The Compatibility of the Dragons?

The Dragons form the best matches with the Rooster, the Rat and the Monkey. They share same ideas and feelings and can get along very well. The Dragons are highly supportive to the Rooster, the Rat and he Monkey and show them correct directions when they are clueless. In short, there is a lot of give and take in their relationships and this makes them the best of friends and partners.

With the Ox, the Sheep and the Dog, The Dragons are totally incompatible and they fail to stand the test of time. Only misunderstandings and fights are happening in their lives and this ultimately make them the worst enemies.

What Is The Year of the Snake?

The Snakes come exactly in the middle of the 12 animal signs in the Chinese Zodiac, i.e., the sixth position.  The Snake is considered as wicked and mysterious.  It has got high intelligence and farsightedness.

The Snakes are considered to be full of wit and wisdom and are really very sharp. They possess high energy and mostly remain composed.  Most of the Snakes are expressive and hard-working in nature. They can wait for the right opportunities and thus become successful.  The Snakes tend to be wavering in nature. They have trust issues and highly prejudiced.

What Is The Compatibility of the Snakes?

The Dragon and the Rooster can form the best combinations with the Snakes.  With their supporting nature, they can maintain a harmonious life. These signs have long lasting love and attraction for each other and this makes their life totally flawless.  The Tiger, the Rabbit, the Snake, the Sheep, and the Pig cannot be in an alliance with the Snake.  There will be communication gap among them and this can lead to fights and ultimately separation.

What Is The Year of the Horse?

The Horse has got the seventh position in the Chinese Zodiac.  The horse comes under the Fire element.  It is highly energetic and enthusiastic and also dependable.

The Horse has great fortitude and can face difficulties fearlessly. They are always helpful people and so are surrounded with friends. Their attitude towards life is full of optimism.  The Horses are easy to handle and they are strong minded too.  The Horses tend to believe people easily. This sometimes causes problems in their life. They don’t have a good outlook when it comes to money matters.  They are a kind of spendthrifts.

What Is The Compatibility of the Horse?

The Tiger, the Sheep and the Rabbit can form the best matches with the Horse because they share a lot of attributes in common.  With the Rat, the Ox, the Rooster, and the Horse, the Horse is simply incompatible and it is always better not to think of a future life among them. Their ideas and ideologies won’t match ever.

What Is The Year of the Sheep?

The Sheep is the eighth in the 12-year cycle of Chinese Zodiac. The Sheep comes under the ‘Earth’ element.  It is calm in nature.

Generally, the Sheep are kind, clever and kind-hearted. The people born in the Sheep years have artistic inclinations. With their innate soft nature, they remain attractive to others around them. They are industrious by nature and this leads to their success. When it comes to money matters, they are extremely alert and they are not spendthrifts at all.  They believe in simple living and high thinking.  The Sheep sometimes shows wavering mentality and tend to be slightly under confident.

What Is The Compatibility of the Sheep?

With the union of the Horse, the Rabbit and the Pig, the Sheep makes awesome pairs.  They together can bring peace and prosperity to their family life and career too.  The amount of love, care, and understanding among them is simply awesome.  There will not be any unnecessary misunderstandings or fights among them. This will lead to prosperity naturally.

The Sheep cannot be in connection with the Ox, the Tiger and the Dog.  They may face a lot of setbacks in their life and will end up disastrously.

What Is The Year of the Monkey?

The Monkey comes in the ninth of the 12-year cycle of Chinese Zodiac. It comes under the ‘Earth’ sign.

The Monkey is very intelligent. The Monkey people are always very lively, confident and honest.  They are trustworthy people and their love life is always successful.  Sometimes, they tend to be jealous and selfish.

What Is The Compatibility of the Monkey?

The Ox and the Rabbit makes awesome pairs with the Monkey.  They share a lot of attributes in common and they are keen in understanding and exploring each other.  They share a lot of mutual love and respect and give ample space and time.  This makes their life successful.

The Tiger and the Pig are the worst matches for the Monkey.  They are always diagonally opposite in their thoughts and deeds.  This makes it a mismatch.

What Is The Year of the Rooster?

The Rooster is the tenth in the 12-year cycle of Chinese Zodiac sign. The Rooster comes under the ‘metal’ sign.  The Rooster is highly independent, witty and good at heart.  Sometimes, the Rooster tends to be self-centered and irritating.

What Is The Compatibility of the Rooster?

The Ox and the Snake form the best pairs with the Rooster.  Their qualities are matching and they lead a strong and successful life. Their life makes others look at them with respect.

The Rat, the Rabbit, the Horse, the Rooster, and the Dog make the worst matches with the Rooster. They are full of confusions and they will never sit at a table to discuss and resolve their problems.  

What Is The Year of the Dog?

The Dog comes in the eleventh of the 12-year cycle of Chinese Zodiac.  It comes under the Earth sign.  The Dogs are loyal, courageous and full of life.  They possess a high amount of accountability also.  The Dogs are highly emotional and old fashioned too.  They are obstinate in nature.

What Is The Compatibility of the Dog?

The Dog and the Rabbit are awesome pairs. They share a lot in common and thus can lead an utmost peaceful and happy life.  With the Dragon, the Sheep, and the Rooster, the Dog makes a very bad pairing and there remains no love factor.

What Is The Year of the Pig?

The Pig is the twelfth animal sign in the 12-year cycle of Chinese Zodiac sign. The Pig is under the Earth sign.  The Pig is considered to be gentle and honest. It never hurts others.  The Pig is lazy and sometimes awkward.

What Is The Compatibility of the Pig?

The Tiger, the Rabbit and the Sheep form a great combination for the Pig.  They can face the challenges together and full of happiness.  The Snake and the Monkey are the worst matches for the Pig. They don’t share anything in common and this causes friction.

In short, the Chinese Zodiac and Chinese Culture and Mythology are interrelated.  The Chinese people clearly depend on Chinese Zodiac for all their important steps in life even in the twenty first century.