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What Is Spiritual Enlightenment?

Spiritual Enlightenment: A Journey to The Human Self

Surely we often hear about spiritual science right?. Spiritual science is the study of spirit, or also known by its name, the spark of God’s light within. If we can connect with this spark of God’s light within us, then spiritual enlightenment will be possible.

This enlightenment can also be obtained gradually, Starting from the enlightenment of the soul, then spiritual enlightenment. All of them refer to a condition that is a condition to which we can connect, or we can enter into the frequency where the light of God is in ourselves.

What Is Spiritual Enlightenment?

Starting from a condition without air, a condition where we do not get oxygen intake, the same condition when we die. (Dead in life). All the air inlets, which are in our heads, are closed. When in this airless condition the pineal gland is active, where the pineal gland is behind the forehead. The pineal gland is one of the parts that connects the etheric part and the physical part (the human body part, the exact head).

Now if this happens, we see a bright but not blinding light. This is one sign that we have started our spiritual journey of energy. That is the energy pathway that connects each etheric part (mind – soul – spirit). This bright light sometimes can be found when we are diving.

When oxygen can no longer enter into us through holes in ourselves (ears, eyes, nose, mouth, anus). If at that time we are lucky then we see the light. We do not realize that light is what we are aiming for. The journey of light into the self is a very long journey, and cannot be traveled alone. It will take so long and very long, if we only touch and try it ourselves.

So that we can quickly get to the destination point, then we need to know, which frequency is headed. It’s like we call, if we don’t know the phone number of the person we want to go to, then we can’t call it, we can’t talk to it, we can’t exchange ideas or find information, and so on. Sometimes spiritual enlightenment can also be lighter from others right. So what if we can’t connect to the person.

We need someone else to introduce, to give telephone numbers. It needs people who not only show but also connect and give applications so that we can always get to the right frequency. Frequencies that bring us to the right destination, the ultimate point

So what next after entering the path of light. How then can this spiritual enlightenment bring into being connected or connected to the light of God within?

Does Spiritual Enlightenment Focus On Our Journey?

This science focuses on the spiritual journey within, not outside, not the spiritual path to meet with supernatural beings, supernatural objects, do not get caught between spiritual and supernatural. Spiritual enlightenment is a condition where we can connect with the spark of the light of God that is within us. That is it. And that is an absolute thing.

When it enters the path of light, we will find light corridors, there are various color spectrum of light that we will encounter. The hallway of the passage of light will pass through the mind, the subconscious, parts of the soul, and in the end “if lucky” can get to the spark of God’s light.

There are many paths we have to go, that’s what makes this trip can be so long. In the mind there is a lot of information or data that comes from the thought process, where the mind is a data processor, which processes data or information that enters through the five senses.

This section usually stores new data, new data coming in from the five senses. Not old data, but new. We can find information or data in many forms, some see it firsthand, some get understanding, and so forth.

When we have finished in that section then we will enter the subconscious section, here is the same, this section can be analogous to RAM in our gadget. This section temporarily stores data that has been processed in mind. It’s possible, we will encounter old data, but this is very rare.

Then the spiritual enlightenment that we experience will not stop, if we pass through that part we will enter the soul. In the soul, we can analogize it as a hard disk, all the functions of storing our life information. We may encounter old data from our previous lives.

Is God A Source Of Energy?

The light of God is a source of energy that carries the potential for life while the brain is a physical material and the soul is the substance of humanity which is as energy.

Because the Soul is energy, it will be the driving force for the emergence of “function” as the main character of the soul. The brain has a unique structure, so it stores a unique energy. Electrical energy which is a medium for the emergence of functions or traits is a picture of the psychiatric mechanism.

Some people who enter the path of light by following the spiritual knowledge of the existing traditions, often meet with this part of the soul with various forms. But even though the kinds of forms still resemble or are the same as our physical form, if we meet the wise soul then we will see it as the manifestation of our wise selves, and so on.

Because we have experienced many cycles of life (reincarnation), there is also a lot of information in our souls. Some people who can access the information can even use the information and process it into skills that can be used for success in today’s life.

Does that include spiritual enlightenment? it could be, because that is one of the stages that must be passed, even though it is only a stage, is not the final result we expect. If we seek enlightenment of life, then this is an essential path that we can take, a path that makes us enlightened (Looking for enlightenment of life)

But we must not reach a stage that traps us, because our goal, essential spiritual enlightenment is to know our true self, to know all parts of ourselves, not only our physical parts, but the more important parts, namely the mind, soul and the spark of God’s light (often also referred to as spiritual, divine spark, holy light, etc.).

Because there are many parts in the etheric body (the energy body that the eye cannot see), our journey is also long. If there is no one to guide, then the journey can be stopped, trapped in the realm of nature that is not the nature we are headed for.

How Light Effects Spiritual Enlightenment

This journey into us, the journey of light that starts from the opening of the light door from the pineal gland, enters every neuron in the brain, meets all new information that is and has been processed, then continues to enter deeper particles that are still there in the part of the brain, even smaller and finer parts, which “begin” can be felt by quantum physics, which is in the human brain tissue.

This delicate and small tissue is part of our soul. Parts of the soul that are filled with information about our lives, both now and in the past, which of course will be overwhelming. This is a trap that holds us back if we don’t understand. Not trying to move forward.

Especially those who enter the realm of spiritual enlightenment with a background in theory and philosophy. Discussion after discussion without first experiencing the spiritual journey that gave rise to enlightenment. Theory, philosophy and literature that will make us only enter the realm of “as if” understand it. Even though I haven’t experienced it myself.

How Complicated Can Spiritual Enlightenment Get?

This journey of spiritual Enlightenment within ourselves is incredibly complicated and will never end, because and there are many doors of light encountered, the various frequencies we go through, the various spectrum of color that we get and must choose, various kinds of information throughout the course of life ( both in the past life or the present) which sometimes trap us with images that seem real, sometimes we even find forms that are very similar to our physical form, or even a fragment of life from our past.

If all of these things can be passed, we will go into the Battery Life section, or our life power supply. This part is a part in the realm of religion being a sacred part, because it is written in the holly book. That information about this part is only the right of the creator, we are only given a little information. But this little information (a little from the Creator’s perspective) is very much for us.


That spiritual enlightenment is a condition where that is united, unity is its Conscious Energy. Brain-Mind-Logic does not reach this, because it is not the domain / region, try to investigate this, the results will be mistaken. Logic and Soul are only able to get “KNOWLEDGE” which is “sent” into the “heart”. The energy of the LORD’s GOD is in the hearts of infinite depths.