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Jeane Dixon: Predicted JFK Assassination

Who was Jeane Dixon?


 Many of us are curious about the world of candles, tarot cards, and crystal balls. Some will just wave their hands off clairvoyants. However, contrary to popular belief, both will be surprised to read that the world of clairvoyants is much more than the media had led us to believe.

Have you been conscious that all of us have the ability to improve one of the clair-senses? Ceintarly you have heard of clairvoyance or the psychically-improved ability to see, although you may have never heard of other clair-senses.

Now, be honest, have you ever heard a whisper of a loved one who was not there or smelled the perfume when you were all alone or event tasted an apple-pie that you used to adore when you were a child? No? What about having a strange or wired feeling?

Surprise, all of the mentioned abilities are a piece of the clair world, furthermore, they are called clairaudience, clairscent, clairgustance, and clairsentience. In addition to that many scientists believe that all babies are born with clair-sensitivity.

Due to our upbringing, education and the skepticism of society, most of us growing up are simply cut off. However, there are a lucky few who remain connected to them. Clair-senses come to us in a variety of ways but not all can tune into them whenever they want.

Was Jeane Dixon Clairvoyant?

Clairvoyants are persons who have the ability to feel, smell, taste, hear and see beyond the usual sensory range. Bust most importantly they know how to interpret their clair-senses. So, who were the most famous clairvoyants and future tellers?

You have certainly heard about Nostradamus and Baba Vanga’s predictions. The first one supposedly predicts the death of a king and the Nostradamus of Balkans is said to have predicted the Coronavirus or COVID pandemy. But have you ever heard of a woman who predicted the death of John Kennedy? Let us find out who she was.

Did Jeane Dixon Use Her Clairvoyance To Helpe US Presidents and First Ladies?

Lydia Emma Pinckert, widely recognized as Jeane Dixon was the most famous American astrology and physic during the post World War II period. Born on January 5, 1904, some say in the state of Wisconsin others claim the state of South Carolina, was raised in Missouri and California.

It is generally known that at a certain moment in her youth, miss Pinckert was approached by a fortune-teller and was offered a crystal ball and a palm reading. Lydia, a Roman Catholic, married a car dealer and, later, an estate agent called James Dixon in 1939 and become mrs. Jeane Dixon.

She initially worked with horoscopes and newspaper columns that were published across the US. Jeane came to the attention of the Americans in the middle of World War Two.

What Was Jeane Dixon’s Encounter With President Roosevelt and The Prediction of the War Winner?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the US president called Jeane Dixon to the Oval Office and asked her for advice on military issues. Jeane predicts to President Roosweld that World War II would end before the middle of 1945. Franklin D. Roosweld died in April and could not see her the prediction came true. Her sensational claims give a real acceleration to the growth of her reputation.

Clairvoyant Jeane Dixon Predicted The Rise and The Beginning and the End of a President

Mrs. Dixon becomes well-known after making a prediction on May 13, 1956 issue of Parade Magazine. According to Jeane Dixon and history, the 1960 presidential election was dominated by labor and was won by a Democrat. Dixon went on and wrote that the president would be a tall young man with blue eyes and brown hair.

Moreover, Jeane also predicted the death of the new president, but her sensational prophecy about a death in the office was not published. This little episode did not stop Jeane, who on November 22, 1963, told her friends that the 22nd is the day of President Kennedy death.

It is said that Dixon’s friends try to contact President Kennedy, but have no success. John Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, while riding in an open car in Dallas.

Jeane Dixon’s prediction of the death of President Kennedy caught the eye of one of the most powerful supporters, President Nixon. President Nixon heard of Jeane trough his secretary Rose Mary Woods. He went so far as to have the government put to on alert for a terrorist attack. Mrs. Dixon predicted it, but the attack never happened.

What Were The Revelations of God?

 Very popular during the time of the New Age movement, the American clairvoyance predicted numerous events, but many of them never actually happened. She was proved wrong publicly many times and received backlash. Despite many people made a game pointing out any inaccurate prediction, she remained one of the house astrologers who advised First Lady Nancy Reagan while her husband Roland occupied the Oval Office.

 In addition to that, she warned the actress Carole Lombard who died in an airplane crash outside Las Vegas. She predicted in her words a shipping disaster, which turned out to be the Exxon Valder oil spill in 1989. Last but not least, Jeane advised miss Dressler to go on with her stage career. Marie Dressler became one of the great names of the cinema.

Was Jeane Dixon A Great Woman, Humble Daughter of German Immigrants?

 Jeane Dixon herself was a highly successful businesswoman with an influential circle of friends. She lived a long and successful life and died January 26, 1997, from cardiopulmonary arrest. Itis up to you to consider her genius, self-promotion and businesswoman or a cherry on a future teller cake.