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Platonic Love: Definitive Guide to Compatibility

What Kinds Of Love Are In The World Today?

There are different kinds of love in this world, and it can be romantic, platonic or another kind of love. However, the romantic kind of love is the one normally paid most attention to. When we get into a relationship, it’s easy to mistake a platonic love for a romantic one.

In fact, you’d be surprised that you can be compatible with your friends, and the only thing missing is both chemistry and physical intimacy. Have you ever wondered in a relationship as to why you feel comfortable with them, but you just don’t feel the things you should be feeling?

That’s the definition of a platonic love. It’s still as amazing and extraordinary as a romantic love, but without the physical component and the aspects that make it romantic.

Are You Experiencing Platonic Love?

When you’re experiencing a platonic love, you feel comfortable with them just as you would with a romantic love. Soulmates aren’t restricted in the romantic sense, but you can also find a soulmate in a friend.

When you have a platonic, it resembles similarities with being in love with someone. For one, you can be your truly self with both romantic and platonic love. The reason why it can be hard to distinguish between the two without the physical aspect is that, we all want someone that knows us and understands us better than anyone- and what better way to find that in a friend.

It’s why people also tend to fall for their best friend, they want to find their forever person in someone who already knows them, in someone there’s clear compatibility. However, not all platonic love crosses over to the romantic side.

For some, it says platonic and they simply can’t imagine anything more than that. It’s easy to fall for a friend or a best friend- if any of us had a choice, it would probably to fall in love with our best friend. However, in falling in love, we don’t have a choice- it just happens unexpectedly and love is remarkable like that.

Are You Not Attracted To Them?

We think we’re in love with them, when we realize that we can’t be physically intimate with them, In a platonic love, you can’t be attracted to them in a romantic way, but you simply like and appreciate them for who they are.

It’s so easy to mistake a platonic love for a romantic one since they give feelings that you’d also feel when you’re attracted to someone. With a platonic love. you don’t feel as if you’re being judged for mistakes of your past or the things you do.

As mentioned above, you can be your true self in a platonic love. In a world where everyone wants you to be a version of what’s acceptable to them, being yourself is something to be treasured- and something you can find in a platonic love. You can be yourself, and you can be sure that they won’t take this against you and resent you later on.

You also have the liberty of talking about every topic you can think of, and you’ll be sure to get a response. This is probably why it’s easy to turn a platonic love into something more than what it seems.

Can You Have Deeper Conversations With Platonoic Love?

With a platonic love, you have deep conversations without the fear of saying the wrong thing. When you have that compatibility, you’ll find that it’s easy to mistake it for something more than what it seems.

Do you know that feeling when you’re with your best friend, and they make you feel like you can talk about anything, from your feelings to questions you have in a relationship? When you love someone platonically, they’ll make you feel this secure.

It’s also why they say a friendship is the best foundation for a relationship, because it gives you a strong foundation for a long-lasting relationship. That only risk is that if it gets too platonic, it won’t revolve towards something more romantic.

There’s nothing wrong with having a platonic love. What we feel for our best friendships are platonic and if anything, it’s the most purest and genuine kind of love there is.

Should You Expect Physical Intimacy With Platonic Love?

Why? There’s no expectation of physical intimacy in the picture, unlike romantic love. With platonic love, they love you exactly as they are, and there’s no pressure to be vulnerable and to be intimate with them. Your friends love you exactly as you are, even with all the messy and dark parts of yourself.

That’s something that a romantic love doesn’t always promise. There’s a deeper commitment in romantic love, but there’s also more pressure in the equation. There’s the expectation that you’re both seeing where it goes from this point on, if it works for the long run or you end up breaking up. With a platonic love, it’s quite low-maintenance.

Even if you don’t communicate with them for weeks when you’ve been too caught up with your work, they’ll still love you for who you are. With or without communication, friendships guarantee that you don’t have to try as hard to make it work- unlike romantic relationships.

You can both simply continue the friendship where you left it, and there’d be no resentment or guilt. It’s one of the reasons why platonic love is what people resort to when they feel they aren’t ready for something more serious. Communication isn’t that essential for friendships to stay in your life, and you shouldn’t go into a romantic relationship when you’re not ready for a romantic relationship.

What Is Physical And Emotional Chemistry?

One of the aspects that makes platonic love stay that way is also the chemistry aspect, as mentioned above. People often think that compatibility is all that’s needed to make a relationship work, but that isn’t true at all. When you say compatibility, it’s the similar values and morals you share with the person. Chemistry, on the other hand, is different. Chemistry is how you mesh with them and the ‘sparks’ you feel in the air when you’re with them.

Chemistry is the way that they make you feel since loving a person is different from being in love with a person. You can love someone, and that’s how a platonic love stays platonic- you never fall in love with them and you never get attracted to them.

One of the aspects included in chemistry is your sexual chemistry. It’s how good you are together in the physical aspect, and that’s what a platonic love will never have. Of course, you’ll never be physically intimate with a friend as you are with a significant other.

It isn’t personal, but it’s just the nature of the relationship. To trigger that physical aspect, you need to be attracted to them. If you see someone platonically, attraction just isn’t going to come out of nowhere.

With a platonic love, no matter who comes and goes in your life, they’ll always be there for you no matter what. In romantic relationships, nothing is ever guaranteed and things can end, just like that.

Friendships tend to be stronger than relationships which is why friendships make the best foundation before starting a relationship with someone. If you love someone in a platonic manner, this is already a stable ground if ever you do fall in love with them.

How To Become The Best Version Of Yourself With Platonic Love

A platonic love ensures that you become the best version of yourself. Even if you can also do this in relationships, you don’t have to fear anything in friendships. Romantic relationships tend to give more anxiety in the equation than a friendship does, for obvious stated reasons. With this being said, you don’t have to constantly walk on eggshells in a friendship, unlike a relationship.

A platonic love lets you be your raw and natural self, without being what someone expects you to be. A platonic love also ensures that they don’t have to make a project out of you and vice versa. With a friend, they don’t have to change or fix you in a way they want. They accept and love you just as you are.

Is It Best To Start A Relationship With Platonic Love?

In conclusion, if you want to start a relationship, it’s still the best idea to start with a platonic love as a foundation. From here, you’ll be able to see if you can have chemistry and physical intimacy with that person. There’s nothing wrong with having platonic love, after all.

If it doesn’t work out, at least you gain a strong friendship out of it eitherway. If it does work out, you end up having a romantic relationship with the strongest possible foundation and it won’t just crumble and end, just like that. Platonic love is one of the purest and most unconditional forms of love that exists, because it doesn’t ask for anything in return.

When you love someone platonically, you admire them exactly for who they are and you don’t attempt to change them into your expectations. It’s why, when you aren’t ready for a relationship, it’s best to first build a platonic love with them. That way, there’s no pressure and you get to know them in a better light.

Should You Love Someone Platonically?

If you are having difficulty deciding whether or not you should get serious about a new relationship, you may be wondering if you should try platonic love. If you are a close friend or relative, you can have a platonic relationship with another person. This type of love is easy to maintain, reliable, and doesn’t require constant tending to. Similarly, you can have a romantic relationship with someone, but if you’re not sure, you can opt for platonic love.

Platonic love is the best kind of relationship for people who don’t want to be in romantic relationships. Such relationships are uncomplicated, unconditional, and have no hidden agendas. These relationships are often difficult to maintain, but they are still rewarding and healthy. But this type of relationship does require a lot of effort. To have a successful and satisfying relationship, you need to learn how to be open, honest, and patient.

Unlike romantic love, platonic love isn’t about lust or sexual attraction. It’s a relationship that brings two people closer to the divine and enhances their positive traits. It can be healthy for both parties and can be the foundation for romantic relationships. However, it shouldn’t replace the other type. If you’re in a romantic relationship, you should aim for a platonic one.

A platonic relationship doesn’t involve jealousy or hidden agendas. It’s an honest and genuine love that’s rooted in a shared purpose. Unlike romantic relationships, platonic relationships don’t need to maintain a facade or spare emotions. As a result, they’re also very rewarding and healthy. When you’re in a romantic relationship, you should strive to keep the spirit of the relationship alive.

A platonic relationship is not as emotionally deep as a romantic one. Rather, it’s based on respect and gratitude. Unlike romantic relationships, platonic love doesn’t involve any romantic attachment. Rather, it’s a relationship where both people are devoted to each other and have a mutual respect for each other. In other words, a platonic relationship can be a long-term commitment.

In a platonic relationship, there is no sexual attraction. There’s no sexual attraction, but the two people share the same feelings. Often, platonic relationships are more stable and mutual. But platonic relationships can also be rocky. For example, if the couple is in a romantic relationship, there’s no sexual attraction. But in a platonic relationship, the emotional connection is more intense and more passionate.

Platonic love is a different kind of relationship from the modern definition. It is not based on lust or sexual attraction. Instead, it is based on a genuine and unrequited feeling for the other party. Unlike romantic love, platonic relationships are not mutual. They are mutually exclusive and don’t share sexual intimacy. Therefore, they cannot be described as being romantically intimate.

Platonic relationships are different from romantic ones. In a platonic relationship, there’s no need for deception or high stakes. Neither is there a need to spare feelings or maintain a facade. In a platonic relationship, the goal of the relationship is to make the other person happy. There’s no room for drama and a sense of mystery. This is a healthy kind of love, and there’s no place for deception.

The most common way to determine if your relationship is platonic is to look for signs of happiness in the other person. Whether you’re in a relationship with a platonic soulmate or a romantic partner, it’s important to recognize your emotions. In a platonic relationship, you’ll be more open and honest with each other. It is the basis for healthy, happy relationships.

Platonic love is a relationship in which both parties feel a profound, mutually satisfying feeling of gratitude and interest for each other. Unlike romantic relationships, platonic relationships usually develop from typical friendships into deeper, more stable bonds. Those who are in a platonic relationship talk about intense longing for one another. It’s possible to remain emotionally and mentally attached to someone even if you don’t have romantic feelings for them.

How Do You Tell If It’s Romantic Or Platonic?

A platonic relationship is a good foundation for a romantic relationship. It feels easy, natural, and safe. In a platonic relationship, you can be yourself and respect the other’s space. This is the best way to avoid any problems that could arise in the future. If the two of you get too close, you may want to separate and move on. A platonic relationship should be a safe and easy experience for both parties.

When you’re in a platonic relationship, there’s no expectation that the relationship will lead to sex. You and your partner share a special bond, but a romantic relationship does not need sex to be a successful one. A man who has a girlfriend or a boyfriend can feel romantic attraction without having sex. In a romantic relationship, both partners want to enjoy each other’s company but don’t want to commit to a sexual relationship.

There are many differences between romantic and platonic relationships. Despite what you may think, it’s crucial to realize the difference between the two. If you feel passionate feelings for someone but don’t have sex, the relationship is probably not a romantic one. A platonic relationship does not require sex. Similarly, romantic feelings don’t require reading each other’s minds or anticipating what they want. The focus of a platonic relationship is on a friendship rather than sex.

In a romantic relationship, there’s a strong desire for sex. However, you don’t need sex to be romantic. A platonic relationship can last for years without resulting in sex. For example, a platonic relationship can be a long-term friendship. If a platonic relationship involves a sexual aspect, the two relationships are likely to be different.

Generally, a platonic relationship is uncomplicated and does not involve heavy expectations or unrealistic future hopes. A platonic relationship is simple and uncomplicated. You do not have to read your partner’s mind or anticipate what he or she is going to want next. Unlike romantic relationships, a platonic relationship requires no commitment. Rather, it encourages frank and open communication.

Despite its name, platonic relationships are not romantic. There are many differences between platonic and romantic relationships. In a platonic relationship, the relationship is between two people who are not sexually attached. They are simply friends and do not have sexy feelings for each other. So, if the other person feels like the opposite sex, it’s probably a platonic relationship.

If your friend is talking about platonic relationships all the time, it’s probably not romantic. If you’re thinking about pursuing a romantic relationship, you should always be careful and make sure that it’s genuine. It’s also important to remember that a platonic relationship is not sexual. It’s just a friendship. It’s important to be aware of the difference between the two.

If your friend is a romantic partner, you’re in a platonic relationship. It’s a relationship without a romantic component. The person you’re with doesn’t feel the same way about you, and the same goes for your friendship. You should make sure that you’re doing this before getting into a relationship. It’s better to be in the right mood for love.

If you’re in a relationship with a friend and have romantic feelings, there’s no need to worry. A platonic relationship can develop into a romantic one. Both partners can have feelings for each other. The most important thing is that the person feels comfortable around each other. You should never let your friends be jealous of you. The opposite sex will also make you feel awkward.

In a platonic relationship, the two of you don’t cross the sexual line. You can be friends without having physical relationships. For instance, you can hang out all the time with your friend or spend Valentine’s Day with your friend. When it comes to relationships, there are no expectations. A platonic relationship is the best way to avoid problems in the future. If you don’t have a relationship with a romantic partner, don’t worry about it.

What is an Example of Platonic Love?

The most important element of a platonic relationship is trust. You cannot have a romantic relationship without trust. A platonic relationship does not require a high level of emotional commitment and there are no hidden agendas. A true platonic friend will accept anyone, including the opposite sex. Likewise, a true platonic lover will never be afraid to let go of his or her feelings. However, a platonic relationship requires more care than a romantic one. If you’re not comfortable with your current partner, discuss your concerns with your platonic partner. If it’s not, work on understanding a broader definition of love.

In a platonic relationship, both people share a deep feeling of gratitude, interest, and appreciation for each other. The relationship usually begins as a simple friendship and evolves into a deeper bond. The two people share a desire to be close to each other, and their friendship becomes more meaningful as a result. While there’s no sexual attachment, this type of relationship is deeply emotional and mentally connected.

A platonic relationship is an intimate friendship between two people, with no sexual or romantic orientation. Often, it involves friendship between heterosexuals. Platonic love has its roots in Plato’s Symposium. It is the antithesis of romantic love. It is the love of a good idea. It’s the best kind of relationship. But, it is not a romantic relationship. It’s a friendship.

A platonic relationship is a strong, supportive friendship. While there is no romantic or sexual attraction, platonic relationships can grow into more serious relationships. Unlike a romantic relationship, platonic relationships are not exclusive. Some are heterosexual and other types of relationship can exist. The main thing that separates these types of relationships is that there is no sexual orientation or sex. These are mutually exclusive and non-exclusive.

Moreover, the term platonic love is used in a dual sense. It is a distinctly positive relationship. It’s the best kind of relationship. It’s based on a deep connection between two people. A platonic relationship is a healthy one. But it’s not a romantic relationship. It is a friendship where both parties value each other’s individuality and the ability to trust each other.

In a platonic relationship, there are no physical signs of romance. Instead, there’s no sexual attraction. The only way to tell whether a person is a platonic lover is through their actions. Similarly, when a person feels loved, he or she feels loved. For a platonic relationship, the need for sexual affection is the source of intimacy. A relationship with this type of love is a long-term relationship.

As platonic relationships are not sexual, they are not monogamous. They may have some sex-specific aspects, such as the sex of the partners. They may be friends with the same gender but not related. If the relationship is monogamous, it can be considered a platonic relationship. But it’s best to remember that a relationship with the same sex can be a monogamous one.

In a platonic relationship, there is no sexual attraction. The relationship between two people can be a friendship or a romantic one. Hence, the difference is not so significant. Whether it’s a platonic or a heterosexual relationship, both partners are bound to share the same feelings. The goal of both individuals is to remain friends. This kind of relationship is a mutual respect and love for each other.

In a platonic relationship, there’s no sex. This relationship is not based on sexual attraction, but on a mutual respect for one another. A platonic relationship is a constant and doesn’t have an end. It’s best to be friends with a variety of people. This will allow you to have a more open communication. If you’re in a romantic relationship, you’re likely to have the same kind of feelings as the person you’re dating.

A platonic relationship is not a romantic relationship, and it is purely spiritual. In a platonic relationship, the two people aren’t physically involved. They’re just friends. The relationship is not a romantic relationship. Moreover, a platonic relationship is not a purely physical relationship. If you’re in a romantic relationship, you’ll be unable to feel any attraction to your partner.