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Where to Find a Daily Tarot Reading

Do Tarot Readings Give Good Insight?

A good Tarot reading has the chance of providing valuable insight into one’s situation regarding spirituality, finances, love and other important aspects of life. However, making an assertive and profound reading of the Tarot not only requires an extensive knowledge of the cards and their meanings, but also a highly developed intuition and spiritual sensitivity, which not everyone possesses.

It is not easy to find a Tarot reader with these traits, and most highly sensitive professional readers charge a high cost for their services. Nonetheless, there are many alternatives for people who want to have a daily Tarot reading without spending too much money or any money at all.

What Are Online Tarot Readings?

With the advancement of technology, online Tarot readings have become very common. The main advantage of these types of readings is that they’re highly accessible for people with little time.

Nonetheless, among the myriad of online sites that claim to offer tarot readings, one must be wary and learn how to tell the trustworthy sources from the untrustworthy ones. Although the art of Tarot reading does not necessarily require psychics or clairvoyants, it does require a high degree of knowledge and intuition to be done at a professional level.

When searching for an online Tarot reading site it’s better to look for one in which users have direct contact with professional readers, be it through a chat, a phone call or a video call. Some sites are based on algorithms that show cards randomly and have a preset reading for each card.

These types of sites can be a fun distraction and provide a certain level of insight for a low price or for free, but they will not offer the same degree of depth as a professional doing a one-on-one personal reading. Some recommended websites for finding a daily Tarot reading include:

Where to Find a Daily Tarot Reading


This is one of the best and longest running sites, not just for Tarot but for astrology, mediums and numerology. For over 20 years Kasamba has allowed users to connect directly with certified psychic advisers who go under extensive scrutiny and testing before they’re allowed to provide their services on the site.

They are rated by their clients based on the accuracy of their readings. The fact that many of the psychics and clairvoyants working on Kasamba have kept a consistent five-star rating from their clients for years is a testament to their abilities and trustworthiness.

Keep in mind, however, that these professionals charge by the minute, so getting a daily reading from them can come at a high cost. Nonetheless, there a lot of readers in Kasamba from everywhere around the world, charging a very wide range of prices. With a little research it is possible to get highly accurate daily Tarot readings for a very low cost.


For people looking for a more lax and varied experience with the Tarot, Backpackerverse can not only provide contact with professional and certified readers but also offers a lot of general information about the tarot, including tips for making the most out of each reading, as well as general information about the decks.

In addition, Backpackerverse has a free Tarot reading algorithm for users looking for a quick read, which contains very general information about the cards. The site not only works as a platform to connect users and readers, but also as a blog full of interesting articles, reviews, paranormal stories and and even guides and courses on spirituality and clairvoyance. This makes it a great alternative for people who want to get their daily tarot readings as well as for those interested on increasing their general knowledge about spirituality and the Tarot.

Salem Tarot

This site has earned its place as one of the oldest and most widely recommended options for online Tarot readings. It contains a wide array of information about the Tarot, including an extensive FAQ article as well as rich texts explaining the meaning of each one of the cards in the Tarot decks.

This is complemented by a free 3 card reading that the site offers, as well as a low cost comprehensive 10 card reading, which is known to be one of the most accurate and intuitive on the internet. For a more personal experience, the site also contains the contact information of tens of verified professional psychics and Tarot readers willing to do readings over phone or video calls for a relatively low price.

Although the ten card readings and the talks with professional readers and psychics have a cost, most of the site’s content is free and fully accessible. Salem Tarot is without a doubt one of the most complete options for finding daily Tarot readings on the web.


For users who want to have quick daily Tarot readings without investing money Tarotfortunes offers an interesting alternative. Although it does not provide an experience of direct interaction with professional readers, its readings are based on widely agreed upon interpretations of the cards and a very extensive understanding of their archetypal meanings.

All of this information is streamlined and summarized to make it easy for any person to understand. The site uses a modern and interactive interface to make the online reading experience fun and intuitive, with beautifully rendered art for each of the cards.

Those interested simply in learning about the Tarot have the option to select each card and read its description individually. Tarotfortunes offers an easy and straight-forward option where users do not have to invest any money or significant amounts of time. However, this website has the explicit purpose of providing entertainment and teaching people about the Tarot, rather than intending a highly accurate or insightful reading.

Biddy Tarot

Another excellent alternative to find daily tarot readings is Biddy Tarot. Unlike other free tarot reading sites, Biddy offers personalized readings directly from live readers. This is possible because the site also acts as an online platform for people to learn to read the Tarot at a professional level. Users interested in receiving readings can register to get the cards read for them by Tarot students in exchange for feedback, or by certified professional readers for a monetary payment.

Although the free readings from Tarot students might not be as accurate as those provided by fully formed professional readers and psychics, they are a good way of saving money while getting Tarot readings from living human beings rather than computer algorithms. Additionally, these free readings act as an interesting and fun way of using technology to collaborate with other people around the world.


Despite not being dedicated to Tarot, YouTube is widely regarded as one of the best places to search for daily Tarot readings. There are hundreds of channels dedicated to Tarot, and many of the people running those channels are widely regarded professional readers who are open to offering their services for users looking for a personalized individual experience. Some of the most renowned YouTube channels specialized in Tarot include Nicholas Tarot, Tyler’s Tarot, The Gypsy’s Tower, Sarah Vbra and Queen of Cups.

These channels upload daily, weekly or monthly Tarot readings based around specific dates and sun signs. Although the readings uploaded on YouTube are prerecorded, many users have have testified their accuracy. Because YouTube is a free platform, it can be a great place search and establish contact with Tarot readers of all levels and a wide arrange of prices. In addition, the videos serve as a way to watch the readers at work before deciding to commit to formally hiring them, and uploaded daily readings can be useful for people who don’t want to spend money and don’t mind watching prerecorded content.

Choosing a Reader

These six recommended websites offer a wide variety of options for finding a daily tarot reading. Whether one wishes to invest in hiring a professional to get a highly accurate and sensitive reading or is simply looking for free casual reading from amateurs or algorithms, the internet offers alternatives for all kinds of users on different budgets.

Nonetheless, it’s necessary to make some considerations if one wishes to commit to a specific reader or site for a daily Tarot reading, especially if one intends to spend money. When hiring a professional Tarot reader, it’s always good to have a personal connection. Testimonials, reviews and feedback from other clients are useful and commonly available in sites like Kasamba and YouTube.

Sample readings are always useful when choosing someone to get daily readings from. They can usually be asked directly from the readers or may be available through YouTube.

The best way to get a satisfying experience when settling for a place to get daily Tarot readings is to look around and experience different approaches to the readings.

Whereas some sites offer a more professional approach and encourage the client to learn about the Tarot, others are focused towards people looking for a casual Tarot reading experience. Although casual Tarot sites such as Tarotfortunes don’t guarantee a high degree of accuracy and depth, they might work better for quick daily readings.