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French Kiss: Best Definition and Compatibility Meaning

French Kiss: Best Definition and Compatibility Meaning

Is Kissing An Art?

Kissing could be considered an art, but for many people it is nothing more than an act of affection or fondness for another person. However, kissing can involve more than the simple act of placing some lips on others; kissing is an intimate and unique act between two people.

Why Do People French Kiss?

A kiss can even transmit emotions, can be as many things as you want, sweet, loving, strange, intense, carrying, passionate, disappointing, boring, sublime. This way to convey feelings has the power to change your life.

On the luscious and passionate side of perception, a kiss can translate into a cardio micro workout, highly healthy for the heart, a great hormone releaser and a clear mood enhancer. Kissing, yes, is also fun, and at the same time is a great way to connect with the person you care about.

Usually when those two people reach a certain level of trust, chemistry or even love, the kiss can become a much more elaborate act that can involve the tongue.

A French kiss involves stimulation of the lips and tongue, which are parts of the body that are extremely sensitive to touch, and is even more sensitive if done with something as soft as other lips or another person’s tongue, so the act of French kissing can be considered a deep, intimate and trusting act between two people.

What is a French Kiss?

A kiss with tongue is known as a French kiss or a deep kiss, but when did this particular form of kissing originate?

It is said that the French kiss became very popular after the First World War and began to be called by that name from 1923, when the American military traveled to France and the women who kissed were happier when the tongue was used during the kiss.

As time went by, this practice became common in the United States and soon it became common in the rest of the people. However, it was not until after the Second World War that this particular and common kiss in France was normalized.

A French kiss for many could translate into a struggle between the tongues of those who kiss, however, it is much better to see it as a dance, where both tongues follow the rhythm that dictates the passion of the moment and in turn, this is why it can be considered an art, as it escapes the rational understanding of those involved, a French kiss is an act that can be performed by anyone but has its magic so that it can become a set of similar sensations.

But Why Do People Give The Famous French Kiss?

A passionate kiss is synonymous with well-being, when you are with the person you like you close your eyes and let yourself go you begin to experience a feeling of tranquility and happiness, this happens because when you kiss you stimulate your brain and immediately increase the production of hormones that give you happiness.

The explanation could perhaps be that kissing is simply good for your health, besides a French kiss is fun and besides the French kiss is considered one of the most passionate kisses that exists because with one you are able to demonstrate that you attract the other person with madness.

What Happens During a French Kiss?

The French kiss can be capable of activating 17 muscles at once and can make you feel from slight chills to accelerate the heart to feel that you can not breathe, give a French kiss with the right person can even stop time for a moment and can easily come to leave you breathless.

Studies show that kissing helps lower blood pressure.

Passionate French kissing not only gets our feelings and emotions going, but also allows us to exercise on a physical level. According to experts, the art of passionate kissing gets your heart rate up in a healthy way that helps lower blood pressure. In addition, kissing dilates the blood vessels, which makes it easier for blood to reach all your vital organs. In other words, a passionate kiss can be the equivalent of a few minutes of jogging.

Can Kissing Help Reduce The Pain of Cramps and Menstrual Cramps?

Experts say that kissing and being kissed releases body-produced opioid substances such as endorphins, which help us feel better and are related to pleasant sensations. It is precisely because of the magic of passionate kissing that the blood vessels dilate, allowing the pressure of headaches and menstrual cramps to be relieved.

It has also been shown that French kisses or very passionate kisses increase the hormones that make you feel happy (serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin). In other words, a good kiss could act like morphine but without its side effects. Then we could say that, there is no better medicine than a good kiss.

Does French Kissing Makes You Happy and Healthy?

A good French kiss releases neurochemicals such as serotonin (low levels of this neurotransmitter are related to depression) or dopamine, neurochemicals related to happiness and repetitive behavior. Kissing activates the brain region related to drug use: the area of reinforcement.

Serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, are hormones that you can get when you exercise and kissing can be considered a short but effective cardio session. Passionate kissing can even make you burn calories. Nothing like a good kissing session to keep you in shape, besides being delicious,

Can French Kisses Can Help You Lose Weight?

Scientific studies state that according to their duration and intensity, when you kiss passionately you can burn between 6 and 200 calories. During a session of passionate kissing you burn a minimum of two calories per minute and you can even double your metabolic rate.

Even if a passionate kiss leads to sex, you can double the amount of calories burned and it would be the equivalent of taking a brisk walk.

Can Kissing Reduce Stress?

Stress is one of the great evils of today, but kissing seems to have a positive effect on this phenomenon, helping to significantly improve people’s well-being. The cause seems to be that kissing reduces the hormone cortisol, which is related to stress precisely because kissing translates into an experience that can flood your body with happiness.

Will Kissing Will Raise Your Self-Esteem?

There are multiple studies on kissing, French kissing and passionate kissing, however, there is a German study that indicates that men who receive passionate kisses from their wives, earn more money and are likely to climb good jobs in their workplaces.

Does Kissing Significantly Improve the Immune System?

A rather curious benefit of passionate kissing or French kissing is that it can fight tooth decay. Also, contrary to what is speculated about French kissing being a potential reason for the spread of diseases, it is now known that it is quite the opposite, kissing with tongue means a clear stimulus to the salivary glands, which can be translated into that you are simply increasing the production of saliva in the mouth, and with this, you are activating the mechanism that washes the plaque of the teeth that leads to tooth cavities.

Several studies also claim that passionate kissing improves the immune system. One of these studies seems to indicate that kissing, in the case of women, helps protect against Cytomegalovirus that could cause infant blindness or other birth defects during pregnancy when contracted by mouth-to-mouth. In addition, some studies claim that the exchange of germs from saliva may cause a person’s immune system to improve against these same germs.

Will French Kissing Tell You If They’re The One?

In addition, kissing can be a very clear indicator of sexual compatibility, when we kiss a person we clearly experience the chemistry that can exist between both, in addition there are revealing studies that indicate that the exchange of saliva that occurs in a kiss provides genetic information that helps identify potential partners to reproduce. In addition, male saliva contains a high percentage of testosterone, which will incline a woman to be captivated by a desired kiss.

What Are Some Potential Risks of French Kissing?

However, kissing can be a cause of some diseases such as mononucleosis, clearly known as the kissing disease, so you should always be cautious when you are intimate with someone and take into account that although it has many benefits it also has a minimal risk factor.


Over time, the kiss has evolved from a taboo to a clear expression of affection and love. On the other hand, a French kiss is a clear expression of passion, that there are no barriers between two people other than desire. It is the perfect mix of agression and affection, by invading a very intimate space while letting someone enter your body as well.

With a French kiss you will be able to understand the intentions of the person kissing you, because a French kiss can even lead you to know if you can really be in love with your partner or not, because the contact between the lips and the tongue can let us know if what we feel is pleasure or discomfort.

Kissing Traditions in France

If you’re planning on visiting France and you’re curious about the kissing customs, you should know that the French don’t only kiss each other during special occasions, but they also make sure to make sure that their partners don’t feel offended. While French people aren’t against making out in public, it’s still best to keep it to yourself and don’t try it yourself.

The kissing tradition in France was originally started by the Romans and spread throughout Europe and North Africa. The word ‘bise’ meant to ‘kiss’ and was used to greet friends and family. The modern term ‘la bise’ is derived from this term. The kissing tradition is quite different from other cultures, however, and there are several variations to the practice. Some people prefer to exchange a kiss with a partner, while others prefer to make a loud “la bise” to a friend.

Kissing isn’t restricted to the tongues. Rather, the entire body is involved, and it’s a part of French culture. Traditionally, the French kiss with their tongues. In some regions, four kisses are considered a warm greeting, while others prefer just two. But it’s important to remember that it’s not a prerequisite for a French kiss. Instead, you’re encouraged to enjoy the experience.

The French have a very romantic attitude toward kissing. Although, there are many different reasons for this, the French do kiss to show affection. This is often expressed through the cheeks. It’s common in southern France, but is uncommon in the north. During the 2009 H1N1 outbreak, the practice became more scrutinized for hygiene reasons. While the practice has since been banned in many countries, it remains a traditional way to greet someone. Nevertheless, it’s best to respect your partner’s boundaries and try to curb your passions as they arise.

The French kiss their partners wherever they meet. This is not only common, but is also a highly sexualized gesture. While it’s not forbidden, it does require some caution, as kissing is an intimate and private act. Be careful not to overdo it, because you may accidentally cause your partner to contract a disease. While it’s acceptable to kiss with your partner, French men and women differ in their preferences.

As with any other form of contact, French people usually kiss with their cheeks. While this isn’t a common practice in the United States, it’s still very common in the south. During the H1N1 outbreak, the practice was scrutinized due to its risk of spreading infectious diseases. Besides, some French people protested the practice, citing hygiene concerns. Some of them are afraid of being exposed to infections, so they try to minimize the spread of infectious agents.

Greetings in France include la bise. The French don’t kiss each other, but they do make kissing noises and put their cheeks on one another. While they don’t always kiss, the French do have very warm feelings for one another. They even give each other their own way. They’re also very generous with the other person they greet, so there’s no need to worry about it.

A French kiss is considered more intimate than a simple hello. The most common French people will avoid hugs, but if you’re a foreigner, you should consider kissing first. In addition to this, the kissing gesture can be dangerous. If your partner has a serious illness, it’s important to get medical attention and check up on it as soon as possible. When a French person gives you a kiss, they are removing the chance of getting infected with a virus.

The French have a unique way of kissing. While it’s not as common in some regions of France, it’s still considered acceptable. The French ‘bises’ is the most common greeting in France. When greeting someone with a ‘bise’, you pretend to kiss the air around their ear. Then, you make a light, ‘bise’ sound with your lips.

Why Does French Kissing Feel So Good?

When a man kisses a woman, she may wonder why it feels so good. After all, the lips are filled with more nerve endings than most other body parts, making the act of pressing them together so strongly enjoyable. The chemical cocktail that occurs during a French kiss is a complex one that makes a person feel euphoric and affectionate. It can also lower cortisol levels, which can make a person feel relaxed.

The brain releases a series of hormones during a French kiss, which make the kiss feel tingly and lovey-dovey. This close embrace also helps to lower blood pressure and heart rate, reducing stress and anxiety and enhancing memory. So, why does French kissing feel so good? There are many reasons, and these are outlined below. If you’re interested in learning more about this ancient practice, keep reading.

Before you begin, make sure to have a fresh breath and don’t overdo the gum popping, which will give the impression of overeagerness. During the kiss, you should use your tongue first, which is naturally the first part of your mouth to move. However, you should not start kissing with the tongue right away. Instead, you should start by gently touching the surface of your partner’s lips.

When you kiss a French partner, you should open your mouth slightly and pucker up your lips. When you touch your partner’s mouth, open your mouth wide enough to allow the tongue to slip between them. When you’re close to your partner, you can feel the warmth and fragrance in your heart. Your mind and body will also be intimately connected with your partner, allowing you to share your thoughts with them.

When you kiss, your partner’s tongue will also feel good. A French kiss will make a partner feel euphoric. The French kissing method is a playful way to test chemistry and physical compatibility between two people. In addition to feeling good, French kissing will also lower your blood pressure. The process will also help you to have a better night’s sleep. And with your partner, you’ll be more satisfied in your relationship.

When you kiss someone, the boundary between your partners blurs. As you delve into the other person’s mouth, you let your tongue explore the sensual areas. As you move deeper into the kiss, you’ll create a more sensual sensation. If you’re not familiar with French kissing, it might be a good idea to try it out on a friend. The fun is in the anticipation of the next French kiss.

The French kiss can also make you feel good. This is because it involves a lot of different types of receptors. Your partner’s tongue has olfactory receptors, tactile ones are in your skin. Both of you are sensitive to touch and feel pleasure, and the French kissing technique uses all of them. This is why French kissing feels so good! So, why does it feel so good?

Firstly, the sensation of kissing is very pleasant. A person kissing someone French will feel very comfortable. There are no physical problems that might cause pain or discomfort, and the French kissing technique does not require excessive contact. The French kiss will not hurt, and you can be confident that your partner will be happy and content. A good French kiss will not only be soft but also romantic. If you love your partner and enjoy the experience, try it!

When you are kissing someone in France, your tongue will be in the way of your mouth. When you are close to someone, the tongue will be used to wiggle the lips. The lips will be covered by the tongue. It’s a good sign for love! A French kiss will make you feel good. It will also reduce the chances of a woman getting pregnant. It’s one of the most romantic ways to show affection to a partner.

When you first learn to kiss a partner, remember to keep your eyes closed. This will help you focus on the other person’s mouth. By keeping your eyes closed, you’ll have a great French kiss. Having a closed mouth also makes you more likely to crack up during a kiss. It’s important to make sure the kiss is a pleasant experience for both you and your partner. Moreover, it’s essential to use your tongue to give your partner a fuller, deeper, and more satisfying experience.