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Pandemics and Plagues: A Biblical Insight

Pandemics and Plagues: A Biblical Insight

Are Pandemics and Plagues Just A Natural Part Of Nature?

Has the modern-day media convinced us that plagues and pandemics are just a natural part of nature?  What does the Holy Bible have to say about plagues and pandemics?  Let us look at some of the Bible passages that talk about plagues and pandemics. 

Did you know that plagues are mentioned well over one hundred times in the Old Testament?  Christians often think about ancient Egypt when they think about a plague. If you remember, God told Moses to see Pharaoh numerous times in order to warn him of plagues that would fall upon him and his land if he did not let the people of Israel free from slavery. 

If you read the New Testament, you will find that in the book of Revelation, the Holy Bible speaks of pandemics and plagues that would happen in the last days. 

What Does The Holy Bible Say About Pandemics and Plagues?

 Matthew 24:4-8

This Bible passage explains to us what will happen in the last days.  Jesus warned us that there would be many false messiahs coming in the last days.  They would claim that they are Jesus returning. However, the New Testament tells us that when Jesus really returns to earth, every eye will see him. Jesus will clearly be visible in the sky. 

These bible verses also tell us that in the last days, we will hear about wars and rumors of wars.  I have been hearing about this steadily since the 20th century.  Even today, we hear about countries fighting one another for different reasons.  Jesus says that this is just the beginning of things that are to come. 

Jesus also told us that there would be famines and earthquakes in various places.  I can remember hearing about an earthquake several weeks ago.  I often hear of them hitting California. It also seems that hurricanes have been more active since Katrina hit Louisiana back in 2005. 

If hurricanes Irma and Dorian would have hit Florida over the past few years, it would have caused devastation that the world would have never seen before.  Meteorologists said that it would have been worse storms then Katrina. Hurricane Katrina was a category 5 storm. 

It was believed that both Irma and Dorian would have surpassed that.  Experts said that they don’t even have a category for the storm that it was supposed to bring.  Some experts said that it would have brought over 250 mile per hour winds. 

Luke 21:11

In today’s world, we are seeing pestilence like the Corona Virus falling upon the face of the earth.  This verse speaks of earthquakes, famines and pestilences that will take place in various parts of the earth.  Pestilences are fatal diseases. 

Before the 20th century, it would have been near impossible to have a pandemic. The reason is because you couldn’t fly from China to the United states.  You would have to come by boat.  If you made it from China to the United states, it would have been a miracle. Today, airlines are carrying people all over the world.  Today, it is a lot easier to have a pandemic because of modern day travel.  Pestilences can be spread in just a couple of hours. 

The Bible tells us that this will happen in the last days.  I believe that the world is witnessing Bible prophecy right now as we have never seen it before.  Weather experts are also saying that we should expect a much heavier hurricane season this year. 

With all this happening in society, a normal person would have lots of fear.  However, Jesus tells us to not be afraid because these things must come. 

Why Does God Allow Plagues and Pestilence? 

If we read the Old and New Testament, plagues and pestilences are sent to show mankind that God is in control.  Sometimes, they can be used as a punishment from God and at other times, its to show that God is real and powerful. 

If we look at the plague that happened in Exodus 7:17-18, we will see that God told Moses in an address to pharaoh that he would strike the river Nile and cause it to become blood.  The Egyptians would not be able to drink from the river.  When pharaoh became rebellious against God, this was a plague that God used to show his stubborn heart that he was in control and must release Israel from slavery.

Another plague that hit Egypt was in Exodus 8:1-15.  In these verses, we read that God caused a frog plague to fall upon Egypt.  When Egypt awoke, they were met with frogs everywhere.  They were in their ovens and basically all over the place.  Pharaoh begged Moses to get rid of these frogs and he would let the people go and worship God. 

Moses did honor the request of pharaoh.  He caused the frogs all to die.  Egypt began to smell of dead frogs.  However, pharaoh decided to play games with Moses.  He decided to go back on his word and not let Israel go and worship their God.  The Holy Bible tells us that pharaohs heart became hardened.

In Exodus 8:20-32, we see God sending a fly plague into Egypt.  Since pharaohs heart was still hardened and did not let Israel go and worship God, he sent another plague into Egypt.

This time flies covered the land entirely.  The Bible says that the flies covered the entire ground.  Can you imagine seeing a plague such as this?  You know that we all hate flies. They are pretty and drive us nuts. We often take a fly swatter and hit them in order to get rid of them.

Can you imagine having so many flies around you that you can’t even see your kitchen floor?  This is how many flies were sent into Egypt because of the plague. 

Pharaoh begged Moses to please get rid of all the flies.  He also told him that if he did, he would allow the people of Israel to go and worship their God.  However, Pharaoh once again went back on his word and refused to let God’s people worship him. 

Can Plagues and Pestilences Get Worse?

The more that Pharaoh played with God by not allowing his people to come and worship him, the worse the plagues became for Egypt.  Not only did God send the plagues to Pharaoh, but they fell on the entire land. 

All the Egyptian people had to suffer because of Pharaohs rebellion.  In Exodus 9:1-7, we read that God brought down a plague on Egypt.  He told Pharaoh through Moses that he would kill all the livestock throughout Egypt.  However, all the livestock that belonged to Israel would not die.  After speaking this, it did happen in Egypt. All their livestock died. 

As you can see, God can cause a plague to happen in which everything will be struck except for those that God chooses to save.  The Bible tells us that Pharaoh checked on all the livestock of the Israelites and none of them were touched by the hand of God. However, all Egypt’s livestock were dead. 

Pharaoh was one stubborn man.  Can you believe that his heart was still rebellious even after that?  Instead of letting Israel go and worship their God, he refused. 

In Exodus 9:8-12, we see that God even sent a plague of boils on the Egyptian people.  These were often very painful.  This happened because of Pharaohs rebellious heart. 

Why Did God Harden Pharaoh’s Heart?

Believe it or not, we are not as in control of “who we are” as we think we are.  If we read Exodus 9:8-12, the Holy Bible tells us that God hardened the heart of Pharaoh.  This caused him to not want to release the people of Israel. Why would God do that if he wanted his people to go and worship him? 

Even though the Bible doesn’t tell us an answer to this question, I can only imagine that God was able to produce more miracles to show the Israeli people that God was still their God.  He wanted to prove to Israel that he can cause anything to happen.  If Pharaoh would have not had a hard heart, I believe we never would have seen the parting of the red sea or the Egyptians free from slavery.  However, God wanted to show Israel that we were indeed still God.