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Spiritual Reading By Phone: Free Information

Is Getting A Free Spiritual Reading By Phone Easy?

Getting a free spiritual reading by phone is a lot easier today because of the internet.  Psychics around the world often offer mini free psychic readings via telephone and chat.  The main reason for them wanting to give you a free psychic reading is because they see the benefit in showing off their skills to you in order get you to pay them money in order to give you a spiritual reading at a later time. 

Men and women in today’s world often enjoy psychic readings because it gives them a glimpse of hope into their romantic relationship or career.  A spiritual reading is often given to people that come from different religious backgrounds.  Instead of saying that you want a “psychic reading”, the client may ask for a spiritual reading in order to feel like they are not going against the teachings of their faith.  

Can You Get a Free Spiritual Reading By Phone?

Many religious people feel a sense of guilt if they visit a psychic. However, visiting a prophet or spiritual person will often make them feel better about getting someone to predict the future.  Spiritual “psychics” will often not use tarot cards or other spiritual tools in their readings. Instead, they will often use their clairvoyant abilities in order to predict the future. This is often referred to as: prophetic insights, seer readings, prophecy, spiritual guru and other names. 

Clairvoyance is a lot like prophecy in the sense that a man or woman will use their mind in order to see a vision to predict the future.  Spiritual readings have become popular over the past five years because more people from different religious backgrounds are curious about what the future will hold for them. 

Is a Psychic Reading Ever Completely Free?

Believe it or not, thousands of psychics in the world today do believe in using their spiritual gifts for free.  They never charge.  If you were living during the early part of the 20th century, you may have been lucky enough to receive a psychic reading from clairvoyant Edgar Cayce.  He was the most well-known psychics during his day and never charged any money for a reading.

Newspapers across the United States would write articles about his ability to diagnose and treat illnesses in a sleep like state.  He would often give predictions on how a soldier was doing that was stationed overseas during a war.  His psychic readings were often given to people from all walks of life. 

There are many spiritual readers on the internet today that are willing to do the same.  In order to find one of these readers, you often must go into a spiritual reading room on a popular chat room website.  One that is popular is

This website is not only for psychic readings. It is for people that want to come in and chat about any topic in a group or private setting.  It is much like America Online.  However, there are many astrology and psychic chat rooms that spiritual readers open in order to give people free readings.  It is often a good idea to enter one of these chat rooms if you are looking for a reading. 

Another great way of getting a free psychic reading is to sign up for a psychic website that gives free readings.  A popular website is This website allows new customers to sign up for an account and enter any psychics chat room for free.  Sometimes the psychics in these chat rooms will answer one question for you or talk about a psychic related topic

The psychics often enjoy sharing their gifts. If you want an in-depth psychic reading, you will most likely have to pay for it.  However, the group chat is great to connect with clairvoyants and others that have an interest in spiritual readings. is another great website that offers users 3 free minutes when you sign up for a user account. They also have special pricing for first time callers.  You can often see deals like 10 minutes for $1.99 or $15.00 for 25 minutes.  You will have to check out their website in order to find free offers and discounted deals. is another great website for a free spiritual reading by phone.  Psychic readers will set up a live radio show and allow callers to call in to ask a question about love, money, spirituality and just about everything else.  The psychic will often allow you to ask 1 free question. If you get lucky, they may allow you to get in 2 or more questions. is another great website that offers users the chance to receive a 3-minute free psychic reading and often gives you 50% off your first reading or more.  It is becoming more popular today for online websites to give you a coupon to use on their website. 

How Helpful is a Spiritual Reading by Phone?

When you have a problem, getting a psychic reading is always helpful. It gives you a chance to open about what is troubling you.  Psychics often feel that they have a gift for foretelling the future.  They often want to let you know that they can give you a prediction based on your question because they feel like it’s their mission in life to help people. 

It’s important to get help from someone that can give you answers and be a good listener.  Psychics often make the best friends for people because they are usually the helper and listener in the relationship.  Clairvoyants often want to use their gifts for the benefit of mankind. 

Men and women often call psychics at odd hours.  When people can’t sleep at 1:30 a.m. or 4:00 a.m., they often want to phone a psychic.  Phoning a psychic reader often makes you feel like you can unwind and grow as a person.  People often say that they feel less anxious and can sleep better after calling a psychic if something is weighing heavy on their minds.

What Kind of a Psychic Do You Need?

Psychics come with many different gifts. Some spiritual readings have clairvoyants and others have tarot card readers.  People from mainstream religious faiths often feel more comfortable with a spiritual reader that tells you what they see without using tarot cards, astrology charts or angel cards. 

This is mainly because they see this style of psychic reading having to do with witchcraft or sorcery.  Many religions forbid people of their faith from talking to mediums, sorcerers or soothsayers.  They often see that talking to them hurts their faith and spiritual walk with God.  Turning to someone that says that “God is speaking to me” is a lot safer in their eyes. 

It’s important to talk to a psychic reader that has what you are wanting 100%. Some spiritual readers say that they don’t consider themselves to be a psychic.  Instead, they call themselves a prophet of God or a seer.  They often feel that they received their spiritual gift from a young age.  Many prophets say that they received their spiritual gift at around the age of 5. Most prophets become aware of their gifts and don’t begin using them until they are into their adulthood. 

Being a psychic reader takes time and lots of courage.  Talking to complete strangers is not easy.  When someone calls a psychic reader for an answer, the clairvoyant must “hit the nail on the head” with accurate answers.  Psychics often feel like their gifts are not used properly a lot of the time.  They often feel that doing cold readings are hard. 

Many prophets feel that its easier if you tell them about your situation and then they will be able to see what they pick up through their third eye.  Many prophets say that, “I am receiving a word from the Lord about this.” Psychics will often say, “I am seeing this or that for you.” They will often not include God in their foretelling. 

Finding the perfect psychic is not easy.  Some psychics don’t tell you their religious faith. Others however will tell you that they are a Jewish spiritual reader or a Christian psychic. 

What If I Can’t Find a Psychic That Will Give Me a Free Spiritual Reading by Phone?

People that get completely free psychic readings often do so because they are persistent.  There are many other people wanting a free reading as well.  Therefore, you must be patient and continue to ask the psychic when they can get a psychic reading.  Some psychics will only give their readings on a first come, first serve basis. Other psychic readers will give their readings by appointment only.  Others will open a chat room and allow you to come in to talk to them. 

Persistence is key. If you want anything for free in life, you must be willing to wait a long time for it.  It’s because the person giving you something for free is not getting anything out of it at the time.  It can be hard to work hard giving readings and never get anything in return.

Many spiritual readers in the world today are finding that many people that are getting a free reading from them are mean.  They will often not even say thank you.  Psychics want to see that you are friendly, kind, loving and someone that they would feel called to helping.  

People that are lucky enough to get a free spiritual reading by phone are those that have shown extreme kindness to the reader.  You may support them in the chat room by telling them that you are enjoying listening to their readings.  Getting on the good side of a psychic is often a good way to get them to like you. 

Most men and women prefer helping people that they like over those that are just takers.  If someone is rude or mean, people often don’t want to be friends with them. 

Are You Always Meant To Have A Free Spiritual Reading By Phone?

If you can’t find someone to give you a free psychic reading, it’s usually because it’s not meant for you to have one right now. 

One time, I was walking around a spiritual center in Western New York called Lilydale Assemblies.  This is a mediumship community of psychics that give readings.  I was there visiting for the day. 

I was not looking to get a psychic reading that day. Instead, I was going to check out the community’s library and to find peace.  I was finding it.  However, a woman walked up to me and asked me my name. I gave it to her. She told me that she was a registered psychic here and felt drawn to me.  I was happy to see that she cared. 

Without me saying anything else, she began giving me a psychic reading.  She began telling me things about my life that nobody else knew.  I was shocked at how much she knew. Could this be God trying to tell me something?  Was this voice speaking words of wisdom to me? 

As I began listening to her, I felt like it was needed answers.  The reading was completely free and lasted for around 20 minutes.  She told me that she normally charges for readings and if I was interested in talking again, it would cost me.  I thanked the spiritual reader and told her that I would phone her if I needed any more help. 

This was the first time that I had ever received an in depth free psychic reading.  I am often surprised when something like that happens.  I know inside of my heart that everything was going to be okay after that. 

If It’s Free, Why Do I Need to Input My Credit Card Details?

Many psychic websites will advertise, “3 free minutes” for first time users of their website.  They will promise to give you an introductory reading, but you must first put in your credit card details. 

Let’s face it, psychic websites look at psychic readings as a business.  They want you to input your credit card details in order to make money.  Yes, its possible that you will only take advantage of the 3 free minute offer and then leave the website.  This happens a lot more often than people realize. However, there is always a chance that you will spend money after the 3 free minute offer is over with. 

Many psychic websites make it easier for you to continue with the reading after your 3 minutes are over with.  They will often take your credit card so that you can press a certain number on your phone to continue the spiritual reading by phone.  These astrology websites often have an automated operator asking you if you would like to continue the reading by pressing a certain number. When this happens, your credit card will start getting charged. 

Some websites want you to add money to their website before starting your free reading so that if you do want to continue beyond the free minutes, you can. 

Have You Ever Wondered Why Free Minute Offers Are Only 3 Minutes Long?

If you notice, most psychic websites will offer first time customers a free three-minute reading. However, why is it 3 minutes?  Why is it not 5 minutes or 10 minutes?  Three free minutes seem like its short and not long enough. 

Shockingly, most psychics can answer between 1 and 3 questions in 3 minutes.  It is often more than enough time to get an introductory offer answered.  You will often determine whether the person is “psychic” or not. It’s important to determine what that psychic is for many different reasons.  Do you want to continue paying that person to give you answers about love or money?  It is solely up to you.

How Many Times Can I Get a Free Spiritual Reading by Phone?

Most psychic websites allow only 1 user account per person. This means that they only want you to use your free minute offer one time.  They won’t want you to keep on coming back to the website and creating multiple user accounts to keep on getting free minutes multiple times. 

However, this shouldn’t stop you from signing up for a user account on multiple different websites.  There are thousands of psychic websites in the world today.  If you can find 20 different psychic websites that offer 3 minutes for free, you can talk on the phone for 60 minutes.  That is 3 minutes per website.  Yes, this will be a time-consuming process and something that you probably won’t want to do all in one day.  However, its good to know that if you are broke or simply want a free reading, there is a way to go about it. 

How to Avoid Psychic Addiction?

Dumping your problems on someone is great.  You feel so much better after you have spoken to a psychic. They are often caring people that help you to work through your drama in life. However, many men and women find that it can become addictive. 

The psychic hotline is a place where people can say anything and not have to worry about anyone else finding out.  Instead of telling your friends and family what you are going through, talking to someone anonymously on the telephone is safe. Nobody is going to gossip about you, and you can call psychics 24 hours a day. 

However, this kind of calling does become addictive.  Some people find that they are calling psychic lines every single day or several times a week.  They find that every time that they have a problem, they want to call a psychic to help them.  Many people in the world today are lonely and need advice and someone to listen to them. 

Psychic companies have even made it easier for people to talk about their problems. Many psychic websites have chat rooms in which you don’t even have to pick up your phone in order to speak to a psychic reader.  Simply log onto your computer and begin chatting away.  This becomes a problem for people that are sad and lonely.  Everyone needs someone to talk to.  The psychic industry has made it easy for you to talk about your problems and to connect with people that are willing to listen to what you have to say.

In order to avoid psychic addiction, you need to understand what a psychic reading is.  A psychic reading is a onetime occasion that you allow yourself to get in order to find direction for a problem. If you have a love or money problem, calling a psychic can be helpful.

Can A Psychic Tell You What They See In Your Future?

The psychic reader can tell you what they see in the future for you.  The psychic reading is meant to give you an overall look at the future and to see what your outcome is going to be.  This is a one time reading that people get once or twice a year.  If you are calling a psychic to find out when someone is going to call you or if you are going to find a job every day, you are abusing the gifts of the psychic and getting into psychic addiction. 

The psychic is not your friend. They are charging you a fee to talk to them.  Friends don’t charge you to talk to them. You are being charged a fee because it is a service.  You should never look at a psychic as a counselor, friend or medical professional.  Psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

Psychic addiction often happens because you are lonely and don’t have anyone else to talk to about your problems.  You may feel that the people in your life either don’t care about your troubles or you may be afraid that they will gossip about you.  However, this also means that you must work on getting a new best friend.  Don’t think that psychic readers are your best friend.  They are doing a job and offering you a service. 

This doesn’t mean that psychics are bad people. If anything, it is the opposite. Most psychics are good people that see value in giving psychic readings.  They often wouldn’t give psychic readings unless they were paid to do them.  The reason is because its emotionally and psychologically draining to hear people dumping their problems on you all day. 

Many men and women make the mistake of believing that psychics are robots and that their purpose in life is to just hear people’s problems and then give spiritual readings on them. 

It may be a shock to you, but every person that goes to see a psychic wants a free psychic reading.  The psychic can’t give everyone a free psychic reading because they are time consuming. Most people don’t have just 1 question to ask a psychic. They often want to speak to the psychic for 15 minutes to an hour. Most people will just dump their problems on the psychic and expect an answer every time. 

Is a Spiritual Reading by Phone Better Than Chat?

In today’s world, many men and women feel that human interaction is being replaced by computers.  People that often get phone psychic readings often prefer it over chat spiritual readings.  Chat doesn’t seem to be as personal. After all, you have no idea who you are really talking to on the other side of the computer screen. 

If you get a psychic reading with someone claiming to be a psychic, do you really know that its them that you are talking to during a chat reading?  You can’t see who you are talking to and can’t hear them either.  Phone psychic readings offer much more personal interaction. You can often hear by the persons tone of voice if they are a man/woman, older or younger.  It can give you a good indication that you are talking with the person that they claim to be. 

Phone readings can only work if you have a telephone.  Yes, you may be able to use VOIP.  However, some psychic networks only allow you to use your phone line. 

When your psychic reading is conducted via chat, you don’t have to pick up your telephone to call anyone. In fact, you can receive information at the touch of a button.  Simply visit the psychic website and begin chatting away. 

Most psychic websites give you the choice to either get a reading via chat or phone. Still, email readings and texting are popular as well. 

In Person Psychic Readings Are Not as Popular Anymore

Before the 21st century, people would often get psychic readings in person.  You would often have to visit a psychic shop that had a neon sign blinking “psychic readings”.  They would often tell you to come in for your free tarot card reading. 

Today, psychic shops are still around. However, most people feel that it’s embarrassing to walk into a shop in order to get a reading.  Most people don’t want anyone to know that they are visiting a spiritual reader. 

The internet and phone allow you to discretely call or chat with a psychic.  Nobody must know your business.  You don’t have to worry about your car being parked outside of a psychic shop and getting caught.  Perhaps your religion forbids you to see a psychic.  For this reason, people often enjoy astrology websites because they offer a higher level of security. 

Getting a Free Spiritual Reading by Phone Is Not That Difficult

As you can see, there are various ways in which you can get a free spiritual reading by phone.  It is up to you to decide on when and where you want this spiritual reading to take place. Take your time with trying to figure out what is going to work out for you and why. 

When it comes to getting psychic readings, you are in charge.  You must decide on what works out best for you.  Free readings often help people to see that their problem is not as big as they thought it would be.  People are often amazed by the fact that they had help there the whole time. All they had to do was reach out in order to get it. 

Life has many learning lessons to it. Most people don’t know or even understand the predicaments that they are getting themselves involved in. All that they must do is simply learn how to understand their own life and begin to go after something that is more of a dream waiting to open for them. 

You don’t have to be afraid to get a psychic reading.  All that you must do is try and connect with someone that is going to understand your problem and give you an answer for it through their “third eye”.  Life has many obstacles to it.  All that we must do is to learn how to go after what works for us and see that we can take on new challenges.  Change often happens when we least expect. We often go after things that make us feel connected to the universe that we live in. 

Our spiritual life is what we make it. We don’t have to learn how to listen to everything in our lives. We only must go after what we feel is going to turn out well.  Psychic readings provide us the support that we need in times of trouble.  Most people find that their spiritual reading helps them to get a clear understanding of what to do next. 

As you can see, psychic readings are a big thing in the 21st century. You may be surprised to learn that someone that you know also sees a psychic secretly.  It is said that in Russia, 1 out of every 3 people sees a psychic reader regularly. In many countries around the world, psychics are called upon for spiritual work.  Finding the perfect psychic takes time. However, its well worth the time invested.