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Scarlet Johansson: Love Match Astrology

Scarlet Johansson: Love Match Astrology

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Who Is Scarlett Johansson?

Scarlett Johansson is a well-known American film actress, model and singer whose artistic career has stood out due to her impeccable performances, although she is known worldwide for playing the Black Widow in the films of the Marvel universe.

Scarlett Johansson was born in Manhattan, New York on November 22, 1984, which indicates that astrologically she is from the sign of Sagittarius.

Her father is the Danish builder Karlsten Johansson, and her mother, of Polish descent, is called Melanie. Scarlett was named after Scarlett O’Hara, the protagonist of the great classic Gone with the Wind. Scarlett has four brothers, a girl and three boys, one of whom, called Hunter, is her twin.

Since she was a child, she has expressed a desire to belong to the artistic world, and it could even be said that it is in her blood, since her paternal grandfather, Ejner Johansson, was a screenwriter and film director.

Where Did Scarlett Johansson Train?

So Scarlett trained from a very young age at the Professional’s Children School in Manhattan and at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, and also alternated her ballet classes with theatre training.

She began to play some roles in the theater at a very young age, but her performance with Ethan Hawke in the off-Broadway play “Sophistry” attracted the attention of Hollywood executives, which led to her brief debut in “A Boy Called North” in 1994.

Scarlett Johansson : Photo Credit Silvi Photo

After playing several supporting roles, Scarlett landed her first starring role as Amanda in “Manny & Lo” in 1996, for which she was nominated for Best Actress at the Independent Spirit Awards.

However, it was not until 1998 when her role as the protagonist in the film “The Horse Whisperer” made her one of the most promising actors in Hollywood films of the late 90s and one of the most relevant actresses in New York at the time, and she was crowned as a promising performer receiving multiple accolades from critics.

The definitive explosion that led her to international recognition came in 2003 when her talent as an actress earned her two Golden Globe nominations for best actress for her role as an adult woman in “Lost In Translation” for which she received ovations from critics of great stature including reviews in the Times.

It is not until 2010 when she finally embodies the skin of Natasha Romanov in “Iron Man 2”, a film based on one of the most popular comics in the Marvel universe. The Black Widow, as she is known, made her majestic appearance two years later in the famous film “The Avengers” released in 2012. She later participated with the same character in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” in 2014, and was eagerly awaited in the continuation of the saga in “Avengers: The Age of Ultron” in 2015.

Her role as the Black Widow led her to participate again in 2016 in “Captain America: Civil War”, the sequel to the 2014 film. Finally, she represented Natasha Romanoff in “Avengers: Infinity War” in 2018) and in “Avengers: Endgame”, the last film of the saga and one of the highest-grossing films of the entire Marvel universe, also the last film where Scarlett Johansson would make an appearance incarnating this character.

However, Scarlett’s leading role was confirmed again in a film that would narrate the life of this Russian agent and superheroine named Natasha Romanoff better known as the black widow, this super production was announced to be released on November 6, 2020, and finally, end the life of this character for Scarlett Johansson.

What Are The Characteristics According to Scarlett Johanssons Zodiac Sign?

This talented actress born on November 22nd, astrologically she is governed by the sign Sagittarius.

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are usually very intellectual, honest, sincere people who stand out enormously for their sympathy. Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are characterized by their great optimism, modesty and good humor. It is a very empathetic and understanding sign. They like freedom, travel, laws, adventure.

Scarlett Johansson: Photo Credit Andrea Raffin

As a Sagittarius, Scarlett Johansson has well-established characteristics of the sign, as this is one of the most positive signs of the zodiac and without doubt the actress manages to prove it. Scarlett Johansson is a versatile woman and loves adventure and the unknown. She is also characterized by being a tenacious and open-minded woman, always ready to carry out new ideas and experiences.

In addition, the beautiful actress playing the black widow is known for maintaining an optimistic attitude in all situations including those where things have been difficult for her. Especially in 2011 when the actress was involved in a media scandal because photos of her without clothes that she had taken in her bathroom were leaked.

Scarlett Johansson as Sagittarius is a reliable, honest, good, sincere woman who is willing to fight for good causes, whatever it takes.

Is Scarlett Johansson Original?

Scarlett Johansson tends to be original and does not easily accept all those issues she does not agree with. She is usually the kind of person who tells the “truths” that nobody would dare listen to, even if they are right, that is to say, she is very sincere. She does not like lies, and like all Sagittarians she tends to be too frank in seeing people as they are, with their faults and their qualities.

The counterpart of Sagittarians is that they are so optimistic sometimes that they become somewhat irresponsible. They can be shallow, careless and restless. They do not like to feel tied down to a situation or have to worry about details so they tend to avoid problems.

As a Sagittarius, Scarlett Johansson is an intuitive woman, she is also very generous and organized, and she can even be a bit impatient but this happens because as a good Sagittarius she likes good results.

In love

The Sagittarius are known for being basically sincere and controlled in their relationships, although you can say that they are enemies of betrayal and lies. They are known to be good friends, loyal and excellent confidants, despite being proud and sincere are able to recognize their failures and personalize when necessary.

How Does Scarlett Johansson Stand Out?

Scarlett Johansson is a woman who stands out in the world for her slender figure and her great attractiveness. She is recognized as one of the sex symbols of Hollywood today and her name appears permanently on the lists of the most beautiful women in the world.

The Sagittarius, have a reputation for being very passionate and very good lovers. It is said that they are so sensitive that they feel more than others. Sexuality and sensuality are an intrinsic part of their person. In spite of this, they are in serious, long and deep relationships.

Scarlett Johansson was the romantic partner of actor Jared Leto and Josh Hartnett, with the former in 2003 with whom she had a one-year relationship and with the latter in 2006 with whom she had a stable two-year relationship. This confirms that Scarlett as a Sagittarian maintains stability in her relations.

Later, in September 2008 she married Ryan Reynolds, with whom she had a relationship since 2007. They got married at the end of 2008 and announced their divorce two years later. To this day, the couple maintains a good relationship.

Later, the Sagittarian was the partner of actor Sean Penn, musician Dan White and advertising executive Nate Naylor. Maintaining a relationship of just under a year with each in 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively.

In 2014 she married French journalist Romain Dauriac, with whom she had been dating since late 2013 and with whom she later had a daughter that same year of the wedding. However, in 2017 the couple decided to divorce.

Later on, the couple became a couple: the scriptwriter Colin Jost, with whom she dated in 2017 and with whom she announced her engagement in 2019, is the one she is meeting today.

Love Match Astrology For Scarlett Johansson


The Sagittarius sign is a sign of fire. It is a very adventurous and energetic sign, optimistic, self-confident and friendly. That is why Scarlett Johansson can become a woman who looks for versatility and security in her partner, and when she finds it she will keep her stability.

As a Sagittarian Scarlett Johansson can become compatible with the signs Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Aries, Libra and Pisces, and although she can become a bit incompatible with the others, it does not mean that she cannot have a relationship with one of them as she has done in the past. For this, we will evaluate her possible partners according to astrology.

Sagittarius + Scorpio (Scarlett Johansson + Ryan Gosling)

The pair formed by Sagittarius and Scorpio, is a couple of a fire sign and a water sign, whose combination, although not impossible, can be quite difficult and complicated.

Scorpio prefers to go straight to the heart of the relationship, rejoicing in the exploration of commitment and emotional power. While Sagittarius is an adventurer who prefers to take risks and rarely thinks about the consequences so this point could be a big break for a possible match.

Men born under the sign of Scorpio are usually very passionate. Scorpio is a sign of Water, it is ruled by the energetic Mars, God of War and the furious Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, while Sagittarius, a sign of Fire, is ruled by the philosophical Jupiter, Lord of the Dance. Scorpio is a fixed, customary sign, while Sagittarius is for constant change.

Sagittarius is impulsive and spontaneous, even capricious, while with Scorpio everything happens under the surface, being difficult to know what is really happening, so that at the moment of an inconvenience it can explode like a furious volcano.

In spite of their low compatibility as a couple, they can feel a highly powerful attraction which, if they manage to overcome the odds, can have a great future since Scorpio can have what Sagittarius lacks and vice versa.

A well known Scorpio in the artistic environment is Ryan Gosling, like Scarlett, he is also an actor and singer, but he is also a writer and musician, could be a potential partner for Scarlett Johansson. However, as a good man ruled by Scorpio, he has kept away from any scandals and his love life is quite stable. The Canadian actor has been married since 2011 to Eva Mendes, with whom he already has two children and a dog.

They could become a couple with a lot of potential.

Sagittarius + Capricorn (Scarlett Johansson + Jeremy Renner)

Sagittarius doesn’t seem to have much in common with Capricorn, which is an earth sign, but even so, a pair made up of these two can be a reasonably good combination. They will certainly have to learn to appreciate their differences before they can feel comfortable together, but once this is done, they can make a very successful team.

While Capricorn is known for being realistic, practical and trustworthy, he could be seen by Sagittarius as a lover of complaints as well as irresponsible for seeking constant practicality.

However, something that both signs may have in common and that could undoubtedly come to strengthen a relationship is that both are lovers of doing things very well, working hard and pursuing their goals relentlessly until they get the desired result.

While Sagittarius loves to keep in constant change and loves good communication, Capricorn is quieter and prefers tranquility which undoubtedly makes a difference but could become a good complement.

A Capricorn who could be a great potential partner for Scarlett Johansson is Jeremy Renner who besides being her great friend is also a partner of the actress in the movies of the Marvel Universe embodying the character of Hawkeye.

The ties between both actors have always been close and even in 2011 it was rumored among some recognized entertainment portals that the couple had more than a friendship that was later denied. But why not? The actor who is also a producer, singer and composer has been single since 2015 and would be a union that many Marvel fans would enjoy.

Sagittarius + Taurus (Scarlett Johansson + Jamie Dornan)

The possibilities between Taurus and Sagittarius are very few, while Sagittarius loves independence and spontaneity, Taurus is a bit more practical, as well as realistic, and is constantly concerned with staying safe and comfortable, two factors that Sagittarius cannot normally provide due to its changing nature.

Taurus is a sign of habit, which once he finds comfort will definitely avoid changing it, while to Sagittarius tranquility may come to irritate him. Sagittarius adapts to change easily and is always in search of adventure.

For this couple to function, communication is extremely important, and they will have to get used to and understand each other’s tastes. Both can feel a very strong attraction, so they will have to sand down their differences so that the relationship works and can remain stable in the future.

Although there are many Taurus actors who could make an incredible match with Scarlett Johanson, there is one in particular who has also been on the lists of the world’s sexiest men for playing Christian Grey’s character in the “50 Shades of Grey” trilogy, Jamie Dornan is known in the art world as a Calvin Klein model as well as an actor.

However, although both would make a very sexy and attractive couple, we have not seen them coincide in any super production and it is worth noting that as a good Taurus, the actor has a fairly stable relationship and is married since 2013 with his girlfriend with whom he went out since 2010 and who currently has three daughters. A potentially attractive couple that would certainly make the audience sigh.

Sagittarius + Leo (Scarlett Johansson + Chris Hemsworth)

The combination between Leo and Sagittarius is very good, they are a couple with a fairly high compatibility and that the Leo sign is usually quite bold and irreverent which fits perfectly with the thirst for adventure of Sagittarius.

The Sun, which governs Leo, is the great star center of our solar system, in addition, it is also known to be the ruler of the heart, so Leo is usually very loyal and sincere, but likes to be the center of attention. In the art of love, Leo is ardent and willing, although not necessarily very creative. But the intelligent Sagittarius can improve the quality and variety of his love life by gently introducing new ideas without upsetting the pride of the Lion, who is ultimately the King of Beasts. Jupiter loves excitement and seeking new horizons, but is happy to have the power in the shade.

A perfect match in this couple is that Leo loves to be the center of attraction, loves to shine and to over come, and Sagittarius for his part loves to admire

A very popular actor who could represent a great potential partner for Scarlett, and who is also from the Leo sign is Christopher Hemsworth, or as he is usually known in the media “Chris”. This talented and handsome Australian actor stands out for his well-known performances in Snow White and the Hunter, besides being Scarlett’s partner in the Marvel Universe movies as “Thor”.

This Australian actor of 1.90 height was crowned in 2014 as the sexiest man alive according to People magazine, so being Scarlett Johansson’s partner would certainly give the public much to talk about and much to admire.

However, although this couple has starred in funny interviews such as the “Battle of Insults” or interviews about their work together as superheroes, they are nothing more than friends since the sexy Thor has a fairly stable relationship with a renowned model whom he married in 2010 and with whom he already has three children.

A couple that might surprise us, but we probably won’t get to see them.

Sagittarius + Aquarius (Scarlett Johansson + Tom Hiddleston)

The relationship formed by this pair could be considered one of the most stable in the zodiac since their compatibility is quite high and they can maintain a good, long and above all very happy relationship.

Since both signs are very similar, both can be outgoing, sociable and adventurous. They love fun, are very spontaneous, are not overly emotional or sentimental and know how to give and enjoy some freedom within the couple.

Both are talkative and communicative, they will love to talk about any subject and be up to date in every way, they can talk about politics, books and culture for hours without getting bored.

Both usually enjoy freedom and as a couple they can have a fairly wide social circle.

An Aquarius that does not go unnoticed is Tom Hiddleston, who has played part of his brother Thor in the movies of the Marvel Universe in the role of Loki and who also stands out in the middle for being a great seducer who is not afraid of commitment.

Both Tom and Scarlett have a very close friendship, but the seed of love has never emerged between them.

And it’s very likely that for the moment it won’t come up either, since Tom currently only has eyes for his girlfriend with whom he is over a year old and whose relationship has been kept a bit away from the press to avoid media pressure.

Sagittarius + Cancer (Scarlett Johansson + Benedict Cumberbatch)

The couple formed by these two signs usually do not have a very high compatibility, on the contrary, they are a couple that can have a very strong attraction at the beginning but that is not destined to last in time.

Cancer tends to be enamored and may be madly in love with the character of Sagittarius, however a friendship or professional relationship could be the best option. Since Sagittarius sometimes stands out for his sincerity, Cancer could be considered insensitive and in the long run this would generate problems within the couple. However, with good communication and a lot of patience, they could become a stable couple, since both are inclined to long and passionate relationships.

A very popular actor who has already played a couple of roles with the beautiful Scarlett Johansson is Benedict Cumberbatch. Together they formed a quite attractive couple in “The Other Boleyn Girl” in 2008.

However, they have been a couple only behind the screen, since outside it is only known that they are good friends and also participated together again in one of the many films of the Marvel Universe since Benedict is the one who embodies Dr Strange in this universe.

It should be noted that Benedict also has a fairly stable relationship and is married since 2015.

Sagittarius + Sagittarius (Scarlett Johansson + Jake Gyllenhaal)

The relationship between two members of the Sagittarius sign is considered the perfect combination, since both can form a formidable team since both can show interest in the same things.

Both are very attractive as well as energetic and are always in search of change. They would also make a carefree couple and at the same time an extremely independent one.

Something very important in this couple is that they will not have problems due to jealousy, since both are signs of fire and tend to deal with problems head-on.

The passionate Sagittarius is ruled by the brilliant Jupiter, philosophical and communicative, Lord of the Dance. Since Jupiter encourages a taste for learning and discovery, both can bring their own brand of stimulating ideas to the relationship. They will be a charming and entertaining couple, who will enjoy an intense social life.

A Sagittarian who has proven to have strong ideals and who also began his artistic career at an early age is Jake Gyllenhaal, but we have not seen him match Scarlett in any artistic production.

However, both proved to have good chemistry when they coincided as part of the 2004 MTV Movie Awards animation. This is just a hint that a relationship between two members of the Sagittarius sign could be very promising.

Despite this, it is public knowledge that the actor is currently in a relationship since 2018, however the world can go around, and this could be a very expected and extremely attractive couple.

Sagittarius + Aries (Scarlett Johansson + James Franco)

Both Aries and Sagittarius are fire signs so they represent a combination with a fairly high compatibility. It’s a relationship that will never lack variety and excitement.

Both signs can have a relatively short attention span and require constant change, which will determine the tone of the relationship. The planets that govern both signs are very friendly and this guarantees an open and communicative relationship.

This is a combination of great joy and fun and both Aries and Sagittarius understand that each reflects some of the qualities of the other. This will ensure a good basic understanding and facilitate communication.

A very handsome actor from the Aries sign with whom Scarlett could make a very formidable couple is James Franco. This talented actor, besides performing majestically as such, is also a scriptwriter, painter, producer and director. This undoubtedly shows that his artistic interests could be closely linked to those of a potential couple like Scarlett.

James was considered a sex symbol and one of the sexiest men in the world during 2004, but he currently has a stable relationship of more than two years with a well-known model.

In addition to this, it is public knowledge that James and Scarlett do not get along at all so this couple that could be a majestic combination, if it comes to it could also form a deadly duo.

Sagittarius + Virgo (Scarlett Johansson + Chris Pine)

The compatibility between these two signs is not very high, given the large differences, which exist between these two signs. While Virgo pays attention to small details, Sagittarius tends to focus on the big picture.

However, there is something to highlight about this couple is that both signs are mutable which can translate into both being perfectly capable of adapting to changes. This combination of signs promises a lot of intellectual stimulation for both parties. Virgo improves the work opportunities and capabilities of Sagittarius, and he can work a little harder by keeping his feet on the ground and developing an interest in everything domestic so it can be a satisfying combination.

A handsome representative of the Virgo sign is Christopher Whitelaw Pine better known as Chris Pine, who would undoubtedly be a potential match for the beautiful Scarlett. The couple could also be seen in 2012 when they were talking about starring in a Broadway revival of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, which would be released in 2013.

However, this performance never took place and was only a proposal, it could have been a very expected couple. In addition, the actor currently maintains the couple he presented to the press during 2018.

Sagittarius + Pisces (Scarlett Johansson + Chris Martin)

Pisces and Sagittarius are complementary and highly compatible signs. Both the imaginative Pisces and the adventurous Sagittarius are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of dreams and wide horizons. Sagittarius, as a sign of Fire, expresses the philosophical and travelling side of Jupiter, passing easily from one escape to another, while Pisces, a sign of Water, tends to be introverted and expresses the deeper, spiritual side of this wonderful planetary power.

Pisces is attracted to the wonderful life energy of Sagittarius, while Sagittarius is attracted to the enchanting spirituality of Pisces.

Both Sagittarius and Pisces are mutable signs, so both approach the relationship as equals, with neither trying to control or dominate the other. This will undoubtedly represent a determining factor and they will be able to maintain the independence of both in the relationship.

A well-known Piscean is the singer, vocalist of the band Coldplay, Chris Martin, who is also a musician, producer and composer. Christopher Anthony Martin, would undoubtedly be a great potential couple for Scarlett given his artistic inclinations, in addition to highlighting that both would make a quite attractive and stable couple, full of music and art.

However, the musician has not had the opportunity to coincide with the actress, but they would undoubtedly make a very romantic and popular couple. In addition, Chris has been in a happy relationship since 2019 when he formalized his relationship with an also recognized actress of the medium.

Sagittarius + Gemini (Scarlet Johansson + Chris Evans)

The combination of these two signs can be intriguing. Sagittarius is the opposite sign to Gemini and whether it works well or not depends on their perspective, which takes both.

This mix of differences and similarities in their personalities means that both will have to work a little harder to make the relationship work. Above all, they both need to be free to explore their own lives even if they are in a relationship. If they do, they have a good chance of making the relationship work. Besides, both signs are very restless, which will allow the couple to maintain their independence without absorbing the other.

A prominent Geminian in the art world and also close friend of Scarlett Johansson is Chris Evans who is also quite close to the actress and on more than one occasion has been related to them as more than a friendship.

Both have participated together in films from the Marvel universe, where they have also become a couple momentarily showing us that the chemistry between them is almost palpable.

The couple admits that they have been friends since 2003 when they starred in their first film together, “The Perfect Score”. Later, they were a couple in front of the cameras in “Diary of a Nanny” and have shared the screen for ten years thanks to Marvel, she as a Black Widow and he as Captain America, which has more than one fan hoping that the couple will admit to a relationship in the future.

It’s worth noting that everything could happen since the actor is single and admits to being in search of a wife since 2019.

The universe may come to give many turns, perhaps in the future this could be a very fun and media couple since both are very handsome and famous.

Sagittarius + Libra (Scarlett Johansson + Hugh Jackman)

The combination of Libra, the Scale, and Sagittarius, the Archer, is very good. And both can have a very high compatibility. Libra is the most elegant sign in the zodiac. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and sensuality, Libra seeks a stable relationship with lots of passion.

Libra lives for love and style. Libra will be a great friend and also a fabulous lover. There will hardly be any problems. Libra can sometimes be too emotionally controlling, for the taste of Sagittarius, who definitely stands out for his thirst for freedom. However, Libra is diplomatic and can soon calm down. Both have the ability to forgive and forget which can make a noticeable difference in the relationship.

A perfect match for Scarlett Johansson can be found in actor Hugh Jackman, who is also known to be a close friend of the actress. In addition to a deep friendship with her, both have starred in two well known movies, “The Prestige” and “Scoop” where both have been a couple proving that a perfect romance can exist between them.

On the other hand, it is common knowledge that he is a rival of Scarlett’s ex-husband, since his friendship with her is older and Jackman himself has admitted that he had Reynolds in his sights in order to keep his friend Scarlett happy.

However, over time both actors have managed to turn this rivalry into a good friendship, which shows a lot of maturity on both sides.

Besides being talented, Hugh Jackman is also very handsome, so much so that in 2008 he was selected as the most attractive man in the world by People magazine.

What more could you ask for? Hugh Jackman is a handsome man, a good friend, a confidant and a perfect match for Scarlett Johansson. However, this will remain in the dreams of fans as Jackman is happily married since 1996 and admits to being more and more in love with his wife.