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Kylie Jenner: The Best Astrology Soulmates

Kylie Jenner: The Best Astrology Soulmates

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After Kylie Jenner’s unfortunate break-up with Travis Scott, many people have been wondering who will claim her heart next. While there are many speculations about possible people Kylie may have dated in the past, only a few relationships have been confirmed. By looking at Kylie Jenner’s astrological chart, as well as the astrological charts of people she has dated in the past, we may be able to find out who could be her true soulmate.

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First, let’s discuss Kylie’s birth chart. For those of you just getting into astrology, a birth chart shows the placement of each planet on the day you were born, and how that placement relates to each zodiac constellation.

The Best Astrology Soulmates For Kylie Jenner

What you might call your zodiac sign is known, more specifically, as your sun sign (i.e., where the sun was in relation to your astrological constellation at the time you were born).

But a birth chart is made up of more than just your sun sign; in fact, it is made up of all the planets in our solar system, and then some! For our purposes, however, we are going to be focusing on the five most important signs of a birth chart: Sun, moon, Venus, Mercury, and Mars.

We’ll talk about Kylie’s zodiac sign for each of those planets, and then compare that with the signs of three of her exes: Travis Scott, Tyga, and Cody Simpson. After we discuss how compatible each of those three people are with her, we’ll talk about which signs would make the most ideal pair for Kylie. And at the end, we’ll delve into some exciting possible matches that could end up being Kylie’s perfect soulmate!

Sun Sign: Leo

Kylie Jenner was born under the sign of Leo. This is a fire sign, which means she is a very driven and passionate person. Leos are known for being outgoing, and that trait certainly tracks with Kylie. Leos also typically have high self esteem, which is great for anyone going into business.

This confidence is likely what helped Kylie launch her makeup products at such a young age! Leos are also natural born leaders, and love to take charge in their lives. While some Leos can be seen as headstrong, this driven attitude is what helps so many Leos find success in their lives.

Kylie Jenner : Photo Credit Tinseltown

In a relationship, Leos love to receive lots of attention from their partners. Some people might view this as egotistical, but this isn’t actually the case. Everyone likes to receive love in different ways, and Leos like to know they are loved by being showered with affection. The way to a Leo’s heart is to remind them that they are special, and the center of your universe.

Based on her sun sign, we can guess that, to Kylie, it is important that her partner treats her like a queen, or, more appropriately, a Lioness.

Keeping that in mind, let’s turn to the sun signs of Kylie’s past lovers.

First we have Cody Simpson. Both Kylie and this famous Australian singer were quite young when they started dating, but there seemed to be at least some chemistry between the two of them! Cody Simpson’s sun sign is Capricorn, which, unfortunately, is not very compatible with Leo.

Are Leos Driven By Passion?

Capricorns are driven by logic where Leos are driven by passion. There is some middle ground between the two signs, however; both are very ambitious! Still, Leos are all about communicating their feelings, whereas Capricorns tend to be seen as cold and even distant. For a Leo, where receiving love and attention is very important, cool Capricorn just isn’t a good match.

Next we have Tyga, the famous rapper who dated Kylie for two years before they broke things off in 2016. His sun sign is Scorpio, which is the sign known for being mysterious and secretly emotional.

This is a better match than Capricorn, because, like Leos, Scorpios tend to lead with their heart rather than their head. Both Scorpios and Leos are very passionate people, but they still don’t make the most compatible couple. Scorpios are more reserved, but Leos love to be around lots of people. Even though it seems like Kylie has more in common with Tyga than she does with Cody, it’s still not the best match.

Finally, let’s talk about Travis Scott, who is a Taurus. Kylie seemed to have found her life-long love at last, and the two even had an adorable daughter, Stormi Jenner. Sadly, it didn’t last forever, and the two split up in 2019. Surprisingly, this match is quite possibly the least compatible of the three!

Tauruses love to stay at home, and are typically quiet, steady people. Leos, however, are always on the go, searching for the next big adventure. Tauruses and Leos have very different values, and even though Travis and Kylie got along well for a little while, it’s likely Kylie needs someone who shares the same passions as her.

So, if Capricorns, Scorpios, and Tauruses aren’t compatible with Kylie’s Leo, then which signs are? Each zodiac sign falls into one of four elements: Fire, earth, water, and air. Leo is a fire sign, and as such, is most compatible with other fire signs, and sometimes with air signs.

This means that Kylie would be most compatible with someone whose sun sign is either a Leo like herself, or an Aries, Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini. This leaves a lot of options for her! However, things will get more specific as we begin to narrow it down to the other planets in her birth chart, as well.

Moon Sign: Scorpio

Whereas a person’s sun sign represents their outward personalities, the moon sign is a bit more secretive, and represents a person’s emotions. Below the outer layer of Kylie’s Leo is the mysterious Scorpio. Scorpios are water signs, which means they are very emotional, but they can also be tumultuous and temperamental at times.

Cody Simpson’s moon sign is Aquarius, which is pretty different from Scorpio. Both Aquarius and Scorpio are mysterious, sometimes aloof signs, but the similarities stop there.

Cody’s moon sign in Aquarius means that he is a very eccentric person, and also a bit of a loner. He is probably more comfortable being alone than with having a deep emotional connection with someone else. In other words, he needs his space.

While Kylie’s Scorpio moon might make her seem emotionally distant at first, deep down, she’s actually quite emotional, and craves a stable and deep emotional connection with another person. Sadly, this means that she and Cody’s moon signs clash greatly. Pair that with their opposing sun signs, and you just don’t have a great match.

Tyga’s moon sign is Leo, which might seem like he’d be compatible with Kylie at first. But keep in mind that it’s best to think of how each planet pairs with each other; it’s more important that Tyga’s moon sign is compatible with Kylie’s moon sign than with her sun sign.

A Leo moon sign isn’t very compatible with a Scorpio moon because, while they are both emotional signs, Leos aren’t as stable as Scorpios, and they have quite different emotional values. Maybe Travis Scott’s moon sign will be more compatible with Kylie’s?

Travis Scott’s moon is in Aries and, as another fire sign, he too just isn’t compatible with Kylie’s Scorpio. Travis’s moon in Aries makes him an impulsive and temperamental person, which is just too much for a sensitive Scorpio moon.

Alright, so that’s a bust for moon signs. Poor Kylie still doesn’t seem to have found her ultimately compatible partner yet. Hopefully she’ll be able to find someone with a moon sign that is compatible with her Scorpio.

Kylie’s moon sign would likely pair best with someone whose moon sign is also a water sign (Scorpio, Cancer, or Pisces), or with someone whose moon is an earth sign (Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo). Maybe she’ll get lucky enough to find someone whose sun sign and moon sign are both compatible with hers!

Mercury: Virgo

Mercury is all about how a person communicates. While Kylie’s sun in Leo is all about passion and drama, and her moon is all about being sensitive to the emotions around her, Kylie’s method of communication is quite different. With a Mercury in Virgo, Kylie communicates in a blunt and rational manner. She likes to get to the heart of a situation, rather than beating around the bush. This means she would be most compatible with someone who also communicates in a straightforward way.

Cody Simpson finally seems to be compatible with Kylie, as far as Mercury is concerned. His Mercury is in Capricorn, which is just as sensible and honest as Kylie’s Virgo. Likely this is how the two got along well in the first place. Mercury also has to deal with a person’s sense of humor, so the two probably found a lot of common ground in their jokes and manner of talking. If Kylie’s looking for a new boyfriend, she’d do well to find someone whose Mercury is in Capricorn!

While we can finally see why Kylie and Cody got along so well while they were dating, it seems that her relationship with Tyga is still a mystery. Tyga’s Mercury is in Sagittarius, which is also pretty incompatible with Virgo.

The only similarity between the two is that Sagittarius can be blunt like Virgo, but overall, the two signs are still quite different. People with their Mercury in Sagittarius tend to be extremely optimistic and fiery in their communication, which just doesn’t vibe well with the practical manner in which a Virgo Mercury would communicate.

Travis Scott’s Mercury also strikes out when it comes to compatibility with Kylie. His Mercury is in Aries, which is also as fiery as Sagittarius, and is also competitive. Hopefully our remaining two planets will give us some insight into what drew Kylie to Tyga and Travis in the first place.

So, while Kylie likely won’t get along well with a person whose Mercury is in Aries or Sagittarius, she’s wonderfully compatible with a Capricorn. Other signs that would be compatible with a Virgo in Mercury are Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces, and other Virgos. Don’t worry, Kylie, your soulmate is out there somewhere!

Mars: Libra

The placement of a person’s Mars determines how they handle conflict, as well as how they accomplish their goals. It represents the aggressive and impulsive aspects of your personality. Kylie Jenner’s Mars is in Libra, which is a very gentle sign.

The aggression behind Mars is tempered by the sign of Libra, which means Kylie likes to weigh her options rather than jumping into a fight. Kylie’s Mars in Libra causes her to be diplomatic, balanced, and harmonious, and she prefers to solve conflict in a peaceful manner.

Cody Simpson’s Mars is also in Libra, making the two quite compatible! This means that both Kylie and Cody prefer to find harmonious solutions to conflict rather than constantly engaging in arguments. Altogether, it’s likely the two got along quite well in this regard.

Tyga’s Mars is in Scorpio, which isn’t quite as compatible as Cody’s Mars. Mars in Scorpio, rather than being tempered like it is with Libra, becomes, if possible, more aggressive.

Scorpios are notorious for being one of the most intense zodiac signs, meaning that Tyga’s penchant for conflict is likely just as intense. This Mars in Scorpio is just too passionate and headstrong for Kylie’s gentle Libra, so she probably found Tyga a bit overwhelming at times. Kylie probably found that, rather than helping her to solve conflict, Tyga was much better at creating it, and she had to find someone who would value conflict resolution the same way she does.

Travis Scott’s Mars is in Pisces, which is also very gentle. However, Kylie’s Libra means she prefers to solve conflicts logically, whereas Pisces wants to solve conflicts emotionally, if they engage in conflict at all.

In fact, Pisces are notoriously shy of conflict of any kind, which could be a bit frustrating for Kylie’s Libra, which prefers to dwell on issues before finding a solution. This is an interesting form of incompatibility. While Travis and Kylie’s Mars both prefer a gentler approach to conflict resolution, they probably sometimes felt as though they were speaking different languages.

Aside from being compatible with another Libra Mars, who else would be compatible for Kylie? She’d probably get along best with the other two air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, who also prefer logical ways of dealing with conflict. While air signs are generally not compatible with earth signs, Kylie could possibly even benefit from a Capricorn or Virgo Mars, as well, because both of those signs also prefer rational approaches to things.

Venus: Virgo

Now we come to one of the most important planets when it comes to compatibility. Venus is the planet of love, passion, sex, and romance. If your partner’s Venus is not compatible with yours, it’s likely the romance will suffer from different values and modes of communication.

Kylie’s Venus is in Virgo, which is all about loyalty. At the end of the day, what Kylie wants is a steadfast partner who will stand by her through thick and through thin.

Virgos are also quite subtle about how they approach romance. While Kylie’s sun sign, Leo, prefers attention and showy acts of kindness, her Venus in Virgo shows that she actually craves a deeper intimacy with a long-term romantic partner. While the Leo in her appreciates grand shows of affection, the Virgo part craves more subtle acts of dedication.

This Venus can also be a bit abrasive if she isn’t with someone who really understands her; the Virgo in her might mean that she shows love through nagging and criticism. This could lead a potential partner to be offended, but it’s actually her way of showing that she cares. It’s important to Kylie that she finds someone who understands her quiet shows of love and intimacy. To Kylie, showing love is all about the little everyday acts that add up to something really big.

Cody Simpson’s Venus is in Capricorn, which is an excellent match for Virgo. Both of these signs are earth signs, which means they love stability in a relationship, and prefer to show love in quieter ways.

Capricorns and Virgos are also very ambitious and dedicated, so they would share a lot of the same values, as well. While fire signs like to show love in passionate, and sometimes even over-the-top ways, both Capricorns and Virgos can display deep love for one another even while spending a quiet night at home together. While Cody’s sun and moon signs aren’t very compatible with Kylie’s, he’s certainly compatible when it comes to Mercury, Mars, and Venus.

Shockingly enough, Tyga’s Venus is also in Capricorn! He may not be compatible with Kylie in most of the other categories, but Venus is a powerful enough planet to make a difference in their relationship and compatibility.

Travis Scott’s Venus is in Aries which, unfortunately, is not nearly as compatible with Virgo as Capricorn is. Aries is competitive, brash, and fiery, which Kylie’s Virgo may have found exciting in the beginning, but over time, it probably became more clear that the two just didn’t work well.

Virgo is all about patience, dedication, and quiet love, whereas Aries is about screaming your emotions from the hilltops. This probably got a little overwhelming to Kylie over time, and it’s fortunate that she was able to eventually realize that she needed someone who shows love in the same way that she does.

We’ve established that Capricorn is a great Venus match for Kylie’s Virgo, but what about the other signs? Some other compatible Venus signs for Kylie would likely be Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, or another Virgo. Earth and water signs both get along very well because they prefer long-term stable relationships, whereas air and fire signs are a bit more flighty.

So… Who was Kylie Most Compatible With?

Surprisingly enough, out of Kylie’s ex-boyfriends, it seems that Cody Simpson is the most compatible! While his sun in Capricorn and moon in Aquarius clash a bit with Kylie’s Leo and Scorpio respectively, he’s definitely compatible with her when it comes to his Mars, Mercury, and especially Venus.

Tyga and Travis may have a couple of compatible planets, but overall, they are very different from Kylie. They do say that opposites attract, but, based on their birth charts, these two just seem so fundamentally different from Kylie in terms of communication and values that it’s not surprising they ultimately had to end things. That’s okay, though- sometimes it takes a while before you realize that you aren’t very compatible with someone, and, as they say, there are plenty of other fish in the sea! But is there a certain kind of fish Kylie should be searching for?

Who is Kylie’s Soulmate?

Alright, so now that we’ve figured out Kylie’s birth chart, as well as which signs she’ll be compatible with versus which signs she won’t, now let’s discuss some exciting possibilities for other celebrities whose birth charts seem to be compatible with hers.

Taylor Lautner

This actor and model is best known for his role in the Twilight saga- but could he also be the future boyfriend of Kylie Jenner? Based on his astrological chart, he very well could be!

Taylor’s sun sign is Aquarius, which makes him an excellent match for Kylie’s Leo. Aquarians and Leos are both creative and ambitious souls, and while Aquarius is a bit more quirky and logical while Leo is more straightforward and passionate, the two tend to bring out the best qualities in each other. Taylor and Kylie would likely find themselves coming up with plenty of fun, interesting new ideas together, and help keep each other’s creative sparks aglow.

Taylor Lautner’s moon is in Taurus, which is also wonderful when compared to Kylie’s Scorpio. The stable earth element of Taurus coincides perfectly with the emotional sensitivity of Scorpio. Both signs prefer long-term emotional partners with whom they can share a deep connection, and they both balance and challenge each other.

The only two signs of Taylor and Kylie’s birth charts that aren’t really compatible are Mars and Mercury. Kylie’s Mercury is in Virgo, whereas Taylor’s is in Aquarius. Both of these signs are good at being straightforward and logical, but there can also be some communication challenges.

When it comes to Mars, Kylie’s Libra might not blend super well with Taylor’s Capricorn, but the two wouldn’t be totally incompatible. Capricorn is still logic-driven like Libra, but both Taylor and Kylie would have to learn how to balance their communication, especially when it comes to confrontation.

Despite these incompatibilities, Kylie and Taylor are still super well-matched when it comes to Venus. As we mentioned earlier, Kylie would go perfectly with a Capricorn Venus- which is exactly what Taylor is!

This Virgo/Capricorn match would make such a cute couple! Both Taylor and Kylie prefer stable and long term relationships to flighty and fickle ones.

Based on their sun, moon, and Venus signs, Kylie and Taylor just might be perfect for each other! But we still have two more potential soulmates to discuss.

Taylor Lautner might have some competition from famous hip hop artist Trey Songz.

2) Trey Songz

Trey Songz’ sun sign is Sagittarius, which is also an excellent match for Leo. Both Sagittarius and Leo are fire signs, which means they share the same passion for life and adventure. Trey and Kylie both probably love spending time around crowds, and doing fun and impulsive things at all hours of the day. These two match each other in their energy and love of life, making them a wonderful potential couple.

Trey’s moon is in Aquarius, which is an interesting match for Kylie’s Scorpio. The two would likely have a few differences when it comes to showing emotion, but their compatibility in other areas of their chart would likely balance it out.

The other incompatibility between the two is in Mercury; Trey is a Sagittarius whereas Kylie is a Virgo. Both signs are blunt and honest, so there is at least some middle ground there, but Sagittarius focuses more on emotion whereas Virgo cares more about logic.

Still, when it comes to Mars, Trey definitely has some compatibility with Kylie. His Mars is in Aquarius, which is an air sign just like Kylie’s Mars in Libra. This means the two are both apt to solve conflict in a cool and logical manner, so they’d probably be able to solve any disputes without getting heated.

Finally, we come to their Venus signs. Just like Taylor Lautner, Trey Songz is a Capricorn. It seems like both would be excellent contenders for Kylie’s courtship, and it’s not hard to imagine Kylie being happy with either of them. But before you go getting excited about these possible beaus for Kylie, we still have one more love interest to discuss.

3) Bobby Shmurda

And now we come to Kylie’s last candidate: Bobby Shmurda. This acclaimed rap artist’s birth chart aligns super well with Kylie’s, so well, in fact, that they could make the perfect couple!

Bobby’s sun sign is Leo, just like Kylie’s. This means that the two would understand each other very well. Both Bobby and Kylie will love to give and receive a lot of attention in their relationship, meaning they’ll be adorably lovey-dovey and shower each other with affection.

Bobby’s moon sign is Cancer, a water sign like Kylie’s Scorpio. This means the two will likely be very emotionally in tune to one another. Even though they’re both Leos on the surface, they have a soft and sensitive side that also craves emotional stability and intimacy.

The only real incompatibility between these two is their Mercury. Bobby’s Mercury is in Leo, which is just a bit too bold and brash for Kylie’s more subtle Virgo. Still, as this is the only marked difference in their birth chart, it’s the kind of challenge that can certainly be overcome through patience.

Bobby’s Mars is in Gemini, which works perfectly with Kylie’s Libra. Both take rational, balanced approaches when it comes to solving conflict, and can keep each other’s tempers in check during the worst of times.

And, of course, there is the wonderful Venus compatibility between these two. Both of them are Virgos, meaning they share the same core values when it comes to a relationship. Virgos crave dependability in a partner, and, being stable signs themselves, are great at providing it as well. The Leo in both Kylie and Bobby might make them seem like flashy people at first glance, but deep down, what they want most out of a relationship is stability and a love that will last a lifetime.

Overall, it seems that Bobby Shmurda and Kylie Jenner would make a dream couple. They share the similarities of being both Leos in their sun sign as well as Virgos in Venus.

Of course, being exactly the same would be boring, so their different moon, Mercury, and Mars signs would bring healthy challenges that would allow each other to grow as they explore their relationship. The confidence that their Leo sun signs bring would help them navigate any difficulties in their relationship with ease, and the balance between their water-based moon signs would also help to keep them in check emotionally.

Astrology Soulmates Conclusions For Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner may not have had the best of luck in her past relationships, but this is to be expected of someone so young. Finding your true love takes time! However, these helpful astrology hints could be enough to help Kylie find her soulmate more quickly.

The incompatibility between Kylie and Cody Simmons, Tyga, and Travis Scott becomes much more apparent when you bring in the astrological components. Even if things don’t work out with any of the three celebrities we proposed earlier, we at least hope she’s able to find someone who matches with her in all the ways that matter.