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Early 2000s Fashion: Beginnings Ultimate Guide

Early 2000s Fashion: Beginnings Ultimate Guide

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What Were The 2000’s Known For?

The 2000’s are remembered as the decade of change and evolution. The beginning of the new millennium gave way to a decade of technological evolution with the birth of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, not to mention the great dominance of Google, the transformation of the music industry and the influence of show business on culture and fashion. A decade that impacted and transformed the global economy and the way we live the world.

If there is one thing that will make the 2000’s stand out throughout history, it will undoubtedly be its incredible fashion sense. A decade that will be remembered for a daring, innovative and eccentric style that marked more than one and that still remains in our memory as an avant-garde decade, which despite lacking a style marked by the undoubted comfort of the 90s, taught us that we could look different and be fashionable at the same time.

What Was Popular In Early 2000s Fashion?

Contrary to other times, the fashion of the 2000’s is not defined by a single style, but by a fusion of Vintages trends, ethnic and ecological clothing, clothing based on counter-cultures of music, such as hip-hop and ready-to-wear collections. But the television program Sex and the City 1998-2004 greatly influenced how women consumed fashion, inspiring both their own and independent styles.

The main protagonists, who constantly talked about design, clothing, accessories and fashion, became highly avant-garde fashion icons who set endless trends at the time. The central character, Carrie Bradshaw, who was obsessed with shoes, is credited with having popularized the creations of Spanish designer Manolo Blahnik, whom Bradshaw mentioned several times as his favorite.

The influence of pop music also has great relevance in the world of fashion, especially because of an irreverent and rebellious Britney who made many teenage girls wear low-cut and hip pants for a long time, and this just to give an example, but the music industry and fashion made their ties closer in this decade. Some garments set trends in such a way that with the imminent return of the 1990s fashion, it is possible to expect that they will also be repeated in the years to come.

An era that undoubtedly has more detractors than followers, but that continues to set trends to this day and was taken as a starting point for the clear definition of trends in subsequent years.

The aesthetics of the late 90s and early 2000s, with their colours, their shapes and their pop obsession was a great boom and for several years now it has been recovered in the form of images and tumblr gifs, a social network that functions as an infinite period moodboard long before Instragram and that despite the passage of time continues to be used and to set aesthetic trends.

It seems unbelievable that Britney, the BoyBands, rock, video clips in spaceship hybrids, Hillary Duff and Sabrina the Teenage Witch are style references today.

It must and does have to do with the fact that they are highly striking references and that because they are excessively photogenic they have become a reference point for teenagers and young adults today.

However, let’s recapitulate a little of the fashion trends that set the tone in the 2000’s and the craziest outfits of the first decade of the new millennium.


At the beginning of the 2000’s, beginning of the new millennium, skinny jeans were the worst thing we could think of to wear, they were out of fashion and out of trend, instead, cargo pants were the ‘it’ piece of the moment. The wider the better. And yes, this applied to almost any kind of pant you could think of wearing; but the perfect combination for this type of pant was the pointy shoes in the best style of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends.


Another super trend in the early 2000’s was tight, denim skirts, which used to be the favorite garment of teenage girls, ideal for going to the mall with their friends in the best “Mean Girls” style. Who doesn’t remember the blonde Rachel McAdams with her friends at the mall? Undoubtedly one of the first miniskirts of any Millennial girl.


There is one thing we can say for sure, and that is that if you loved following fashion trends to the letter since the 90s and early 2000s, during the middle of the first decade of the new millennium your wardrobe was filled with skinny jeans in absolutely every color of the rainbow. Blues, reds, greens, pinks and even yellows were the shades of pants that all girls wanted to have, great artists like Rihanna or Beyoncé showed off theirs in bright colors that undoubtedly set the trend of the moment.BUBBLE SKIRTS

This trend, which marks the 2000’s, presumably began with Denisse Guerrero, Belanova’s lead singer, for her typical “bubble” skirt style. The style not only looked strange, but also eventually rose and could show more than what was wanted at the time.


In the world of beauty during the 2000’s, the ‘highlight’ became one of the quintessential style icons in the hair of all girls and even boys. This iconic style combined platinum blonde locks with shades of brown and black that were distributed throughout the hair, making it look much deeper, shinier and sexier; However, this style evolved into what later became known as California highlights and later another substitute, balayage, but always combining a shade of dark hair with a lighter shade to give more light to the hair and even the face to look radiant.


No matter what the look, if you were looking to look sexy, in the early 2000s all you had to do was give your outfit a finishing touch with a rough and completely inconvenient cap. The most popular brand at that time was “Von Dutch”; obviously to emphasize your “class and elegance”.


A style that was quite used was the combination of a sweater (sometimes knitted) with a shirt (fake) underneath; it was a garment to which many celebrities gave versatility because it did not matter the event or the combination, it could be worn with high heels, with a pair of sports shoes, with a skirt or a jean, the most important thing of the decade was the garment itself, not the combination.


During the most recent years and for the good fortune of many, the waistline of the jeans has been rising little by little, at least until the present time when the waist or ‘mom’ cut jeans are a basic of absolute coolness.

However, during the early 2000s, this phenomenon was completely the opposite; the lower the cut of the jeans you wore, the higher your coolness status, and the shorter your legs looked.

A great pioneer of this style was Britney Spears who loved to wear super low-cut pants accompanied by super short tops to show off her abs more.


One of the reasons why the 2000’s fad can be hated by many, is because their combinations could eventually escape any logic. However, wearing one of the hottest pair of boots in history combined with a mini skirt or shorts automatically made you someone who was wearing the latest fashion.


A trend that has remained through the decades, from 90 to 2000 and continues to be in force, is the Halter cut, this type of cut in some designs such as dresses and shirts can make any girl’s body look more stylish and better shape, but if we talk about the decade of 2000, it should be noted that the most used were the crop tops halter cut, showing the navel had never looked as good as in this decade.


Currently, one of the styles that is once again setting the trend is the velvet outfit, and it’s back, this style was one that marked the first decade of the 2000’s considerably: the Juicy Couture sports outfit. The firm became the leader in velvet tracksuits made with a combination of saturated shades and complemented by bright appliqués and baroque prints. So much so that it was not surprising to see photos of Paris Hilton and the Jenner sisters wearing one of these.


Before the reign of the low-rise fag pants, the elephant leg or the wide boot was the only fashionable style at that time. The ensemble, however, was accompanied by its mixture with boots or pointed heels as was customary thanks to the marked style of Hillary Duff and even the Olsen sisters.


Victoria Beckham was one of the leading representatives of the fashion of sunglasses in the presentation “Maxi”, one of the trends that has been followed more during these years and that, recently, has been abandoned by the return of the mini sunglasses. Round and dark lenses, frames full of brightness or designed from bright colors that can be back thanks to the appearance of new models of sunglasses inspired by ski models, created from frames with a sporty style and more extravagant shapes.


Many of the red carpet styles during the first decade of the 2000’s disowned sophisticated dresses and gave prominence to mini tops that played with asymmetries and v-necks. The common element of all the models was that they were made from saturated shades and complemented with bright prints or transparent embroideries.


One of the most iconic images of that time was Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s cowboy outfit during an awards ceremony when the two were having an affair. Through a set of garments and accessories made of jean or cowboy fabric, ranging from clothes to hats and shoes, they began to experiment with fabric in all kinds of styles.

Although over the years jeans were only used for classic jeans, many streetstyle styles today are opting for outfits created from total jeans looks. Jackets and pants continue to predominate in this style.


Another trend-setting hairstyle during the 2000’s was the typical hair strands split in half and left on the forehead to frame the face, a style that undoubtedly reminds us of Britney who wore this look even for red carpets.


Gloss was a plus that could not be missed if you were looking for a makeup that would attract looks during the 2000’s, the presentations could be infinite, from completely transparent gloss to some with color.


The off-shoulder trend can be attributed to different times, however it was present during the 2000’s with different styles that with the nakedness of the shoulders gave a touch of freedom to the outfit.


Wearing headbands could count as a recycled fashion coming from the 70’s, however during the 2000’s it was a predominant style, it was not strange to see Paris Hilton wearing one of different shapes.


Camouflage printing came to invade any garment and made an appearance on various occasions throughout the 2000’s. Stars like Avril Lavigne wore camouflage garments everywhere, and she used to combine them with bracelets with metallic appliqués for a more rebellious and daring look.


The use of converse shoes became a great trend in the late 2000s, which even in some still remains given the comfort of the type of footwear.

This type of footwear was perfect to combine any garment and this is why your great importance, since it did not matter if you wore a dress or casual clothes, a good pair of converse was perfect for you, in the best style of Bella Swan in her dance with Edward, in the movie “Twilight”, the beginning of a saga loved by teenagers and young people in the late 2000s.


Another garment that marked the decade of the 2000’s was the belt skirt, with which a very young Gisele Bündchen presented herself at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2003, the best paid model for 14 consecutive years given her particular way of modeling, as well as a girl who knew how to set trends from a very young age.


Another trend from the 2000’s that could be repeated is the use of faded clothing. Even homemade prints with inks on different garments or bleach on dark garments caused a holographic effect on the clothes, something that gave a unique and unrepeatable style.


If you wanted to look like a powerful and strong woman, without a doubt these earrings should mark your style in the decade, as well as Missy Elliott with the ones she showed on the cover of her album “Under Construction” released in 2002 and in the video of the single “Gossip Folks”. Some girls chose to customize them, but given the relevance of the trend the cost could be high, so it was easier to look for some generics, usually carrying the word “love”.


Hats, especially fedora hats, were very popular, especially in the R&B world. Famous were the ones worn by Alicia Keys in the Fallin video or Mary J. Blige in the As video she recorded with George Michael. Another common variety was the fisherman’s hat. Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and even Brad Pitt wore it in all its forms.


Another combination of Outfits from the 2000’s, they were worn flat or with heels and, again, most of the time the length of the trousers was extra long and, if you didn’t end up stepping on it, you were dragging it.


This style of pants was worn a lot during the 2000’s. And, if possible, it was complemented by chains. It was a garment that knew no limits and could be worn with prints, heels or fishnet stockings.

In 2000, there was room for everything.


This style of trousers was very popular especially among boys, given the musical influence, in the decade many rappers used this style, but the most important thing was that the underwear was seen, they were worn low while the underwear was worn high.


It was very common to turn them into any kind of top. Some people bought them ready-made, but they could also be tied as they were, so the bra straps, often made of silicone (another trend of this decade), would be visible. They were also worn as a belt and, of course, on the head.


In the high school teen series there was no lack of wide-strap T-shirts with modern prints, text, numbers and glossy applications. 100% college trend.


The chokers are punky or gothic style, with ribbon, plastic, thread, with shells. They were a trend in accessories that all the girls wore. Anything (or necklace) around the neck was welcome back then. The handbag, like the old ladies when they go to buy bread with their wallets, was well held under the arm.


Toe shoes with heels and without them, were the star shoe for a long time. They came in all colours and used to have a shiny patent leather finish. How can we not talk about it if personalities like Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Paris Hilton, Hillary Duff, the Olsen Sisters, Reese Witherspoon and other different celebrities wore them in all their styles and colors and in all possible combinations with outfits.

A trend that undoubtedly marked a decade.