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The Best Coffee Shops to Meet Guys In

Coffee shops are those places that everyone, irrespective of age difference come in to get their dose of caffeine before setting out to work or to keep up with their hectic places. They are almost always full as people keep coming in and going out.

Why Should You Go to A Coffee Shop?

It is easy and the serenity is amazing, as you are there for another reasons, so are other people too, especially the guys. It is a great place because you are not just there to meet some guy or your “soulmate” like some desperate lonely person, It is just your usual day thing to do and the coffee shop just happens to be where it can be done and in so doing you can start having small talks with the other caffeine “addicts” like yourself and meeting guys. Not lonely or desperate at all.

Coffee shops are everywhere, they are in every corner and there are a lot of varieties. Most ladies are sceptical about this approach and believe it’s false or not the type of guys they want. A change in location or shop might work.

When you’re in a cafe, have a cute smile. A smile is very important. It makes your face look warm and beautiful and you are approachable. Have a chic look. Don’t have anything to distract yourself with.

Look available for chats and small talks not desperate. There’s a difference. You can have a book with you that you are reading and using to pass to pass time. The idea is to seem approachable and not giving that “do not disturb” or “I’m busy” vibes. That is the last thing we want.

In other words, Coffee shops are great places single women can meet single men easily and in an inexpensive way

 Now, coffee shops are in their thousands… Which one is best? I got you.

The Best Coffee Shops to Meet Guys In

Here’s a list of top 10 Coffee shops from all over the world that’s amazing for meeting guys in:

1.  SPYHOUSE Minneapolis:

 It has been for quite a long time. It has different flavours in coffee and also in guys that frequent there. It is a place you can have a hot latte, sit outside or take a space inside and relax with a lovely look and a beautiful warm smile. That serene, large and calm environment makes it a hub for guys with their friends and you will be having a pack to choose from.

2.  SURNEGROUS, Louisville:

This is a hub for university students of Louisville and their lecturers. So younger ladies who wants to meet their fellow school mates, you know where to go. The fact that it’s near a university makes it an always full place and busy and you can be sure guys are probably checking you out because you all go to the same school and very soon he will summon the courage to speak to you. It is a place that is fit for meetups and catch ups and bumping into(s).


The population of this small town is just right about 10,000 but you don’t need them all, you just need that guy, that 1 person to share happiness with and that’s what this coffee house does, even though it done scientifically, it still shares happiness. This place is great because people catch with their old friends here and meet up also, so you might be in luck. You can linked up with a friends of a friends long time buddy or just another customer having a lovely drink and your beautiful smile adds more glamour to his day.

4.  DAYLIGHT MIND, Kona Hawaii:

This great tasting caffeine lover spot has a mountain view so it is not just a coffee house, it is a spot for drinks and meeting people. You get to meet people from all over the country and that’s a great range of choices there. You get to share different state experiences and you might even get invited out. This is the power of a good coffee house.


Brooklyn, N.Y:

 It has a large space of about 3,600 square feet. It is large space for meet ups, catch ups, little caffeine dates, flirting and a host of other things. It is a large space to get connected with people with from different countries, background, societal class and jobs.

It is New York so it is always busy and different people from all walks of life come here. Because the location is a hub for business, you will get to meet a lot of business men and as an incredible business woman yourself, you won’t find it hard to connect with them. You pick up small talks with strangers and before the blink of an eye, you have gotten a guy, if not, then one more admirer, win-win!


It’s the home of luxury fashion brand, with a warm nice weather. I will say you should stroll into the coffee shop looking dashing, chick and simple all at the same time with a bright smile as clear as their weather. Don’t forget to keep it all simple as it is a coffee shop but still also dashing.

I say this because when in Rome, you behave like a roman. Milan is known for having fashion weeks and the males there are dressy in a bit. With their nice weather, looking fabulous is a standard. With all these done, it is a place to meet great guys with good fashion sense if you like that.

7.  CAFE OBECAMPF, Paris; Fashion and coffee:

There is nothing that goes better. You get to see and meet boys who can match your style and you do so casually. It is always packed because of its great tasting caffeine options and little desserts. Young people are fond of this place. There is a wide range to choose from and you get fashion and masculinity in one place.

You can never go wrong here. You can start a discussion by telling your male counterpart you like their jacket or nice shoe colour and believe me, irrespective of the gender, a compliment is always nice.

No matter the day or time, a compliment is always welcomed and the person complimented would always look forward to getting another one again, if not from someone else, from the same person and voila!, you strike up a conversation and from there anything can happen.

All this is due to the wonderful coffee taste of Oberkampf and their beautiful service. This coffee house serves a lot of students, travellers, and work form anywhere crowd. A whole large range to chose from.


This coffee place is always very busy. It has long wait and because it is worth it, people come a lot. A lot of people! While waiting with others for food in a busy place, you will definitely pick up a conversation with someone.

Talk about their food, weather, and other things while you wait. You are already getting to know each other then. If both of you don’t have the same interests, you can decide to learn about their interest by asking them to tell you about it and before you know it, the wait no longer feels long and whoever get their food first can invite others to the table.

You have gone from strangers to know each other and talking about your jobs, like and dislikes, hobbies and other stuffs. These are little of the thing a busy and packed good café shop can do for you. It is whatever you choose, to be stressed by the crowd or meet wide range of people.

Remember that you are not going to meet guys by hiding. You have to get up and get dressed, go out, and meet and interact with people. That’s how you find, make, and have relationships; Meet and Interact. Smile.


 A nice cappuccino and a lovely croissant goes a long way in feeling relaxed and meeting guys. A comment on the coffee can start up something. Or going back there over and again because you want to get the taste again, you’d be surprised what could happen.


 London is a hub for business, fashion and a lot of young people. It is known for that eating out and pub lifestyle. So there are great opportunities. It gets better because London is a home to a lot of race and culture.

It is multicultural and the people love( with emphasis on love) a good coffee shop with nice croissants and cakes, you get to meet a lot of people. As a city that never sleeps, anytime of the days works.

This store’s customer base ranges from travellers, business owners, investment bankers, government officials and a host of other people which gives you a lot of options for whatever kind of guy you want or like.

Guys are fun to be with. When you find a guy you like, be sure to make sure he’s single and feel free to strike up a conversation. But first, like I said earlier on and emphasised a lot, you have to get out, look wonderful, put a smile on your face, don’t hide behind a book or laptop. Try not to give off an “I’m busy ” vibe. Be polite. Don’t be shy, just enjoy yourself with your new found friend.