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Miley Cyrus: Who Has She Dated?

Miley Cyrus: Who Has She Dated?

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What Is Miley Cyrus’ Dating History: A Timeline of Famous Men She Used to Date

When you asked a Disney Kid if they know Hannah Montanna, they would definitely answer yes. She has been every childhood’s dream. Every one have experienced the feeling of wanting Hannah Montanna’s lifestyle, her career, her clothes, and most especially, She herself. But have we ever thought of what she have been doing in real life? What were the things she have gone through?

It has been months since the former Hannah Montana star, popularly known as Miley Cyrus and ex-husband Liam Hemsworth have broken their silence and announced their break up after being married for less than a year. We are well aware that Miley and Liam have dated on and off for almost 10 years. But certainly, Liam is not just the only men who captured Miley’s heart over the past years. We have created a list of every men that Miley Cyrus have dated with. Whether it is just a little fling or a serious romance, let us take a walk down to memory lane and revisit Miley’s crazy days of dating.

Who Has Miley Cyrus Dated?

Liam Hemsworth: 2009-2013

Everyone is totally well aware and informed that these two have been breaking up on and off cam. But let us look how their thing started. After meeting on the set of the 2010 Nicholas Sparks Movie, The Last Song, in 2009, Miley and Liam started dating. These two had a very complicated relationship and dating on and off. Miley confirmed their engagement in June 2012, and then news came in September 2013 that the couple split and broken off the engagement.

Kellan Luttz: 2013

Shortly after Miley and Liam broke up, Miley was rumored to be hoking up with Kellan Luttz, which happens to be Liam’s good friend for a long time making it kind of awkward. There is actually nothing too major came out of it, this relationship made it look that Kellan was just a rebound for Miley to be able to move on from Liam.

Jared Leto: February 2014

This relationship is kinda different compared to others. Obviously, this he happened strictly for the sake of having fun. After Miley’s break up from Kellan, she was reportedly hooking up with Jared. They have known each other for a while but both parties are completely aware that they are not looking for anything serious and their relationship does not even lasted long.

Mike Will-Made It: June 2014

In June 2014, Miley was rumored to be dating the producer, Mike Will-Made It. It is also rumored her whole family, especially her mom loved him so muc. Mike was treated well by her family and make him felt like he was part of the family. But in any unknown reason, Mike fully denied the status of his relationship with Miley.

Kaitlyn Carter: August-September 2019

This is not also not a man but right after the confirmation of Miley’s breakup with Liam, she was spotted hooking up with Kaitlyn. Pictures of kissing and making love have spread through the internet. It is also rumored that they both tried living together for quite some time, but shortly after, news popped up that they have split their relationship.

Cody Simpson: Octiober 2019 – Present

After Miley’s hook up with Kaitlyn, Miley was reorted to be having a serious relationship with Cody Simpson. They both claimed that they have been friends for a long time. And ever since the confirmation of their relationship, , they have been publicly displaying their affection towards each other.

They have been caught making out in public places a lot of time. But this love story is kinda cute because Cody wrote her a love poem, made her a song, and got matching tattoos.

Both of them seemed so very hap and contented with each other. Hopefully, they would soon settle together and would end up being together since they are at the right age and because they truly deserve the happiness they receive from one another .

Miley Cyrus has truly opened herself when it comes to her history of love. and since this is kind of a long list of people you used to date, she has also opened herself to bashers. She has been very open to all her viewers and it gives us the message that no matter what other people hear, what they see, and what they say, always choose to do the things that you love. Do things that make you who you are.

As long as you know what is right. Because in life, no matter what you do, people will always have something to tell you, Well, if you are looking for a sign, this is it. Always remember that no matter what you do, people will always have something to say whether it would be positive or negative.

Accept and consider them as criticisms and do something about it. Do not be afraid to take risk, always follow your heart and believe in what you are truly capable of for people to accept the person you truly are.

In conclusion, life is truly full of little journeys, challenges and battles. You have to lose something before you can gain something. Same as with the aspect of love. You need to struggle, go through and experience a lot before you truly find the true love of your life.

As for Miley, hopefully someday she would meet the perfect guy that is really meant for her. The one that she will be spending the rest of her lives with. The journey may still be long, but it will all be worth it when you have finally met your perfect pair.