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Leo and Libra Compatibility Secrets Revealed

Leo and Libra Compatibility

Compatibility – Leo is known for their aggressive, confident and dominant personality. Although a Libra can be seen as confident, the confidence of a Leo is unlike any other- and this can threaten the Libra and trigger the competitiveness between both parties.

An Inside Look At Leo and Libra Compatibility

Leo and Libra compatibility are known for being competitive and when Fire fights with Air, the flame bursts even higher and can cause an explosion. To have a peaceful harmony, the Libra should learn to embrace the confidence of the Leo and use them to be increase their self-esteem.

If both zodiac signs work together instead of competing against each other, they will have powerful compatibility. Understand that Leo and Libra have it in their nature to compete and let their pride arise. Leo and Libra zodiac signs love competition and attention, and would do anything for the spotlight to be on them.

This is why they are commonly known as the life of the party. It is evident on why that is. However, it’s more often that you see a Libra and Leo sharing the spotlight. With the ambitious side of Leo, they’d rather be motivated to succeed rather than bring someone down.

In arguments, this is where their elements are shown as Air signs have an avoidant way of dealing with conflict, while Fire signs have an aggressive and confrontational way of dealing with it.

Do Libras Give Silent Treatment?

The Libra might have a tendency to give the silent treatment to the Leo, not to avoid the argument, but to gather their thoughts and emotions for a calmer discussion in the future. However, the Leo would want to talk about is right away, despite the high of emotions they feel, which is why their words are usually direct and blunt- sometimes it can have a hurtful blow, if the Leo is not careful.

Leo and Libra must meet halfway in order to not let the argument get the best of the relationship. It’s either the Leo needs to give time to the Libra before confronting them, or the Libra needs to be more confrontational in dealing with arguments.

What makes Leo and Libra a powerful match is that the warm and calm energy of a Libra would help the Leo to be more chill, and the Leo’s strong personality will inspire the Libra to avoid being pushed around and taken advantage of by people.

A Libra’s kindness is something else and they may have the tendency to be a pushover, while a Leo’s aggressiveness is something else- a characteristic that all Fire signs possess. In addition, these two signs are known for being hopeless romantics and is one of the best signs for love.

Is Libra A Hopeless Romantic?

Libra is the most hopeless romantic of all, and they are in love with the idea of love and have compatiblity together with the Leo. The relationship will have romantic sparks, chemistry and romantic gestures- even as the relationship progresses.

Furthermore, Leo and Libra make an ambitious and goal-oriented relationship. Leo is known for their aggressiveness and ambition, and there’s nothing they wouldn’t do to go after what they want. A Libra, on the other hand, is motivated and together with the passion and enthusiasm of a Leo, they bring out the best in each other.

The Libra is bound to be inspired by the Leo’s fiery personality and in being brave and decisive to go after their goals. Furthermore, even if the indecisiveness of a Libra can be frustrating to the Leo, the ambitious side of the Leo can be advantageous to the decision-making of a Libra. A Leo is a natural leader and through their dominance and authoritative personality, they do the important decisions.

The Libra, on the other hand, has the advantage of their charm to influence others. Together, whether that’s running a business or going after their goals together, nothing can stop these two from the peak of success.

Are Leo and Libra Compatibility Social?

In terms of personalities, these are both social individuals. As mentioned above, they’re both known to be the life of the party. These are two signs known for being extroverts and known for having various groups of friends. It’s easy for both these signs to make friends and to get along with people.

Their social nature make them as both great listeners and great talkers, especially as both love being in the spotlight. When they find a chance to talk about themselves, they will do so. Together, they don’t have a problem in the relationship. The Leo would be happy to go out of their way to meet the friends of the Libra and vice versa.

In fact, Leo and Libra zodiac signs might even make their group of friends merge with one another for a greater party. Between the two astrological signs, however, the Libra needs more alone time to recharge their used up energy than the Leo. The only problem with their social nature is they might forget to make time for date nights in the relationship, but as they are natural hopeless romantics, this isn’t bound to happen.

They say opposites attract, and this is all the more true with a Leo-Libra relationship. Despite their different personalities, these two have a harmonious relationship. What one lacks, the other makes up for, and it’s a relationship fueled by balance, chemistry and everything in between.

Are Leo and Libra Flirtatious?

Leo and Libra are also known for being flirtatious and playful, and they will see this with one another especially in the dating phase. They might claim to have no idea that they are flirting, even as they are already doing it- because it will seem like they aren’t trying too hard. Charm is part of their nature, especially for the Libra. Leos are playful and adventurous, and Libras are sexual. Together, their chemistry is powerful and strong.

Libra naturally thrives with balance and harmony and sometimes, the Leo can disrupt this balance and may cause the Libra to resent them. Libras are more passive-aggressive as mentioned, while Leos are direct and upfront. You won’t have to guess what a Leo feels as they will probably tell you right away. In arguments, the Libra needs to speak up and not become cold and distant with the Leo.

Whatever resentments the Libra may feel, they need to express it instead of holding it in and having it burst in worst ways in the future. If there’s anything the Leo can influence the Libra with, it’s their bravery to express their emotions and to say it as it is.

Together, this relationship gives more good than bad. These are two signs that thrive in a relationship, especially one that’s filled with so much chemistry and compatibility despite their differences. They’re both affectionate and can even seem clingy to each other in a healthy and romantic way. These two signs satisfy the other’s needs and are both selfless and loving partners.

Are Leo and Libra Compatibility A Power Couple?

In going out or dressing up for a party, Leo and Libra make the ultimate power couple. They will go out of their way to dress with style, sophistication and elegance.

When they enter the room, all eyes would be amazed at how great they look- and that’s the kind of attention they were hoping for. Leo and Libra zodiac signs are confident and when they use this confidence to build each other up, they make a powerful combination. The Libra wouldn’t have to feel intimidated by the confidence of the Leo and vice versa.

As if a Leo-Libra combination isn’t powerful enough, their emotional and mental connection proves it even more. A Libra is naturally intellectual and they love having deep conversations, just with the right person- and the same goes for Leo.

Despite their social nature, they just want someone to open their unusual questions and ideas on the world with someone who gets it, and someone who isn’t afraid to discuss these things with them. These two signs don’t make their meed for depth and substance obvious but it’s there, and they only show this side of theirs to the right people.

In addition, a Leo fears vulnerability and they don’t just open up on their emotions and thoughts to anyone. With the Libra’s warm personality, the Leo would feel drawn to be vulnerable to them, adding in the factor that a Libra is intellectual and can give a wide perspective of advice.

In conclusion, a Leo-Libra relationship is a powerful, yet balanced one filled with romance, adventure, depth and harmony- if they meet each other half way. In terms of friendships, the two signs have the same effect. In fact, a Leo-Libra relationship has a ‘best friends in love’ kind of factor in them, which is part of the charm of their relationship. These are two signs that blend together perfectly and somehow makes up for their differences in each other.