What is My Sagittarius Love Match?

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A Sagittarius zodiac sign belongs to the element Fire, and are those that are born between November 22 to December 21. A Sagittarius is known as the wanderers, out of all the Zodiac signs. Asides from these, they’re known for standing for the truth, and going after knowledge and wisdom.

What is My Sagittarius Love Match?

Although not obvious from the moment you meet them, a Sagittarius craves depth and substance. They can’t stand small talk often and they’re very adventurous, unable to stay in one place for a long period of time without being bored.

Lastly, a Sagittarius is direct, blunt and straight-forward, sometimes to a fault. They speak whatever it is on their mind, especially when they need to stand their ground. A Sagittarius, belonging in the element of Fire, is a feisty, strong and passionate sign- just like any other Fire sign. They’re full of adventure, enthusiasm and drive.

Despite their carefree and laid-back nature, this is an ambitious sign and they’ll go after what they want with everything they’ve got. The common misconception with a Sagittarius is that they aren’t the relationship type, and they can’t commit to anyone.

A Sagittarius is commonly tied to thriving in short-term relationships or casually dating someone because of their adventurous and spontaneous nature. However, this is false. In the following, you’ll see the signs that are most compatible with a Sagittarius and which ones are most likely to tie a Sagittarius down:

What Is The Love Connection Between Sagittarius and Leo?

The primary signs that are compatible with this enthusiastic Fire sign are its fellow Fire signs, Leo and Aries. When a Sagittarius collides with a Leo, it forms a powerful and strong relationship.

These two signs have more similarities than differences, and that’s exactly makes it a powerful and effective match. When both these Fire signs collide, there’s fireworks and so much energy. It’s a passionate and powerful combination with a high of emotions, love, intimacy and friendship.

In fact, you could almost say that a Leo and Sagittarius are the perfect match for each other. A Leo is more ambitious and driven in spirit and they can inspire ambition into the carefree Sagittarius’ life.

In the same sense, the Sagittarius can inspire the Leo to be more spontaneous and free in nature. Out of all the signs, the Sagittarius is one that craves the most freedom and the only reason for the misconception that they don’t commit, is a Sagittarius doesn’t like the feeling of being restricted in their ways.

This is why in finding a romantic partner, they need someone who’s just as adventurous as they are and if not, someone who won’t try to control them. After all, the fastest way to get a Sagittarius to flee from the relationship is by tying them down.

These are both impatient signs and conflict may arise when the Leo gets annoyed with the playful and flirtatious nature of the Sagittarius, while the Sagittarius may get annoyed with the Leo’s cockiness and need for attention.

Both signs have an enthusiastic energy and intensity and passion within them, which make them the perfect match for each other. Despite their flaws, the good outweighs the bad by so much. If anything, no other sign can understand the other more than these two Fire signs.

When Fire mixes with Fire, more flame ignites and creates an even more intense combination. These two signs are also very social, however, the Leo loves to be in the spotlight more than the Sagittarius. In terms of socializing, there would be no issue when these two go for a night out as they’re both signs who’ll definitely give life to the party.

These are two signs that love competing, but not when it comes to each other. They each have their nature of being competitive and it’s this trait of theirs that will lead them to success and ambition.

How Are Sagittarius and Aries In Love?

If you think a Leo is ambitious, wait until you see how an Aries dedicates their whole life towards success and going after what they want. Another powerful Fire combination, these are both fiercely independent and they won’t drown each other with clingyness and affection.

An Aries is just as adventurous as a Sagittarius, and they’re all for spontaneous trips all over the world. When you collide an Aries and Sagittarius, this is an energetic yet fun relationship. They’ll have all sorts of adventures together, and they’ll finally have someone that gets their spontaneity and wanderlust.

They won’t hold each other back and instead, they build each other back. Both these signs hate being controlled no matter the cost, which is why they won’t control each other in this relationship. This is a relationship that has passion, adventure, and freedom. However, unlike a Sagittarius-Leo relationship, both an Aries and Sagittarius have one thing in common- they’re always looking forward to the next adventure.

They believe that life is to be lived outside of your comfort zone, and both these signs are always moving towards something new. It can be hard to build a strong and lasting foundation when both of you are always moving towards the next adventure, however, if both signs meet half way, it is still an effective match.

Both signs easily get bored, and that’s another thing they have in common. However, with their shared wanderlust, it’s impossible these two won’t constantly be in adventures when they spend time together.

Another conflict between these signs is that Aries has a bigger pride than Sagittarius, although both don’t like admitting they’re in the wrong. With the right person, though, the Sagittarius is more than happy to let them win the argument.

The Aries, on the other hand, doesn’t have that personality. An Aries is very argumentative and aggressive to a fault, especially when they know they’re right- they won’t admit defeat in a fight. When threatened, this can trigger the bluntness of the Sagittarius to say hurtful things back. Both these signs need to manage their anger and their pride in conflict to make this work. Otherwise, it’s another sign that makes a strong and powerful combination.

How Are Sagittarius and Aquarius In Love?

Despite being contrasting Fire and Air signs, these signs get along perfectly. It’s in the nature of a Sagittarius to crave for depth and substance, and that’s exactly why the Aquarius can provide this need.

Aquarius, like the Sagittarius, are intellectual individuals who have various thoughts and ideas on a vast array of topics. When these two collide, it doesn’t just form a friendship, but a relationship as well. They say that the best foundation in any romantic relationship is friendship, and that’s what a Sagittarius-Aquarius relationship will prove.

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With these two signs collide, emotional and mental intimacy is present and these two signs will understand each other in a way that nobody else can. Whether in friendship or in a romantic way, these two signs are able to provide the needs of the other without feeling suffocated or controlled.

As both these signs are naturally independent, they won’t try to tie down the other forcefully- specifically for the Sagittarius. An Aquarius can have the tendency to be distant and aloof, and this may frustrate the passionate and energetic Sagittarius, but that’s nothing that they can’t come to terms with.

The Sagittarius, with their many ideas, don’t always execute their ideas into action and that’s what the Aquarius will bring into their lives. The Aquarius will teach the carefree Sagittarius to execute their plans in motion and the Sagittarius will teach the Aquarius to be more communicative and direct, as an Aquarius isn’t exactly known for being confrontational.

This is part of the reason why asides from Fire, Air and Fire also make a good match. Despite being different elements, their differences keep each other grounded.

Conflict arises when the Sagittarius may seem too selfish and caught in their own ways for the Aquarius and the Aquarius may seem distant and unresponsive. These two signs need to work on their differences when it matters and meet each other half way.

The Sagittarius needs to be aware when they seem selfish and the Aquarius needs to be aware when they’re being distant and shutting off their emotions from the other.

However, a Sagittarius-Aquarius represents a powerful match with friendship, love and intimacy in the picture. This is the kind of ‘best friends’ romantic relationship that seem to get one another in a way that no one else would.

In conclusion, no, a Sagittarius isn’t afraid of commitment and long-term relationships. In fact, a Sagittarius is one of the romantics of the zodiacs, and they’re specifically selfless with a romantic partner.

They absolutely adore being in long-term relationships, as long as they believe they’re with the right one. This being said, they need a partner that doesn’t get their freedom from them and lets them wander according to their own terms.

Even when a Sagittarius does this, they always come running back home to the one that captures their heart. They’re extremely loyal to their partners, by default.

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