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Gemini Gemini Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Soulmates

Gemini Gemini Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Soulmates

Is Gemini An Air Sign?

The Gemini zodiac sign is an Air sign, and are those born from May 21st to June 21st. They’re known as the communicators of the zodiac, and an intellectual Air sign. From this description enough, you know that Geminis can express themselves verbally in the most graceful and elegant manner.

Does Gemini Gemini Compatibility Work?

This is another sign known as the life of the party, similar to that of Leo and Sagittarius. When you bring a Gemini to your party, they’re bound to be the highlight of it. You’ll never be bored when you’re with a Gemini, as they hate to be bored themselves.

Another aspect that defines a Gemini is their intellect. This is a sign that despises getting bored, one of the reasons why they get along with Sagittarius well, as they have the same quality. A Gemini loves having conversation with depth and intellect, and small talk will bore them to death.

They love talking to people who are just as wise, or wiser than they are. They absolutely adore intellectual people, and they love telling people their knowledge and their thoughts- especially when they get their ideas. It’s for this reason that Gemini has quite high standards in relationships.

They don’t just settle for someone they have chemistry with, but it has to be more than that. They need someone that shares their intellect, and someone that can make them learn a few things they don’t know. They adore people of wisdom, adventure and spontaneity.

Should You Go With The Flow With Gemini?

You should be able to go with the flow with a Gemini, and it’s unlikely for a Gemini to have their entire lives planned out. They’re one of the spontaneous signs in the Zodiac, and they don’t live their lives with just following one specific life path.

The bottom line is, they can’t be with someone who doesn’t fire up their minds and thoughts, and someone who can’t go along with their crazy adventures. With this being said, the following is what would happen if a Gemini and another Gemini come together.

What Is Gemini-Gemini Compatibility?

When both of these Air signs come together, it makes a dynamic duo. One Gemini is enough to make a party come to life but with two Geminis, it’s going to be a party everyone won’t forget.

A Gemini is also known to appreciate external appearances so when you invite a Gemini-Gemini couple to a party, they’re probably wearing an outfit that makes them stand out from everyone. It’s not that they’re materialistic, but they won’t miss out the chance to dress up and look good in a party, or any event for that matter. With Gemini-Gemini relationship, this is an intellectual duo that’s unforgettable.

One Gemini is intellectual enough, but when they meet someone that shares the same need for wisdom and depth, they’ll have conversations that last for hours. These two Geminis will be amazed as to how they just get one another, especially in the mental aspect. They’ll find someone that reflects a similar soul to theirs, and they won’t just find a potential romantic partner, but a best friend as well.

These two Geminis will laugh for endless hours, as they have a similar sense of humor and they’ll get each other’s sarcasm and the occasional ironic cynicism. However, it’s not as perfect as it seems as they may get competitive with one another. If they don’t let their competitiveness get the best of them, you may as well call this the perfect relationship for a Gemini.

Is Gemini A Natural Hopeless Romantic?

A Gemini is a natural hopeless romantic, but it may not be obvious at first. Geminis have high standards in love and relationships, and this is a sign often said to be unable to thrive in monogamous and committed relationships.

This is because a Gemini gets bored fast and it takes someone special to have their interest, for a long period of time. When a Gemini falls in love with another Gemini, this is where the fun begins. They’re a sign known for romantic gestures, so the Gemini man is probably going to do all kinds of romantic things for the Gemini woman, in which she will also do something in return.

The chances of this being a one-sided relationship is low, and it’s going to be a relationship filled with adventure, romance and friendship. Whether in a coffee date or in any conversation at all, they’ll uncover every possible topic to uncover- and it still wouldn’t be enough. A Gemini is the communicators of the Zodiac signs, and put these two together, a night isn’t enough to talk about everything that’s in their minds.

They’ll both be astounded in the intellectual intimacy that they share, and this might cause them to fall in love quicker than any of them expected. In a Gemini-Gemini relationship, they’ll want to unravel why they think the way they do, and what even their darkest and most vulnerable thoughts are comprised of.

Will Two Gemini Air Signs Use Their Minds More Than Their Hearts?

However, as they tend to think more than they feel, these two Air signs need to be careful to not use their minds more than their hearts to avoid making the relationship too serious.

These two signs never have to worry about conflict and disagreements going out of hand, since compromise comes natural to them. They both communicate in a healthy manner and most probably, a Gemini-Gemini relationship would deal with arguments with constructive criticism.

These are Air signs, and they’d be able to express what they feel without being too aggressive, or being too passive-aggressive about it. In fact, this is the ideal manner in dealing with conflict and it’s one that would most likely be present when two Geminis come together.

When an argument goes out of hand, however, one could always choose to make amends by doing a romantic gesture of a spontaneous trip, out of town- two things that gets the heart of a Gemini.

A Gemini is also very adventurous and spontaneous, and it’s in their nature to be planning their next trip, even as they’re in the middle of one. In a Gemini-Gemini relationship, they’re never going to bored out of their own lives.

Do Two Geminis Like To Travel The World?

They’re constantly exploring and travelling the world, wherever the world takes them. The best thing about a Gemini-Gemini relationship is neither one is to control the other. Both of them hate being controlled or to feel burdened in a relationship, and this is exactly why this is a relationship that will thrive.

However, they have to be careful to set some boundaries and put too much freedom in a relationship. Too much of anything isn’t good, and when there are no boundaries, these two might forget that they’re in a relationship with each other.

Geminis are free spirits, and that’s part of their charm. In this kind of relationship, you’ll see that they build each other up and finish each other’s sentences.

The dark side with a Gemini-Gemini relationship is similar to the wanderer sign (Sagittarius), this is a sign known for their independence and free spirit. When two of these Air signs collide, there may not be enough boundaries to make them stay content in the relationship.

Its in a Gemini’s nature to wander and to go to every adventure that they could think of. No matter how much they feel connected to each other, other people may draw them or attract them to not make the relationship work. For a Gemini-Gemini relationship to work, there needs to be boundaries, communication and most importantly, for both Geminis to be committed to each other.

Can Two Geminis Be Friends And Lovers?

Otherwise, it’s a relationship that seems like a friendship with a much more intense level of intimacy. When a Gemini-Gemini fails to work in the long run, the tendency is huge for these two signs to stay friends even after the relationship has ended. With such a strong intellectual bond, it’s a friendship that becomes stronger than any other friendships.

In fact, when two Geminis start as friends rather than potential lovers, it forms a stronger foundation. Normally, the basis of this friendship is inside jokes, laughing together endlessly at everything and nothing, and being fond on how each other’s mind works. To make a Gemini-Gemini relationship work, they should primarily start as friends, before developing it into a relationship.

A Gemini has a really high standard when it comes to dating ad relationships, and most probably, they’ll be attracted once they’re sure that they have the same level of intellect and wisdom. Intellect is really important to a Gemini, and they need someone that rides along and gets their intellect, and not just someone that nods along.

In fact, they look forward to healthy debates and a healthy exchange of conversation between both ends, despite being opposing ends.

In conclusion, as long as two Geminis meet each other half way and they’re truly committed to making the relationship work, a Gemini-Gemini relationship is going to be a fun, dynamic, adventurous and intimate relationship.

It’s a relationship that neither one of them is going to forget, even when it ends up not working. They’ll probably keep the friendship, even when the relationship with these two Air signs fail.