What Are Astrology Houses?

Astrology houses: a powerful tool for self-knowledge

The 12 astrology houses represent different areas of a person’s life. Each astrological house is governed by an astrological sign, an element of nature and a planet. The position of the astrology houses is determined by the time of birth of the individual and the geographical point of the individual.

The wheel of the 12 astrology houses begins when the individual is born at a certain time and place, at that moment House 1 is established, which indicates the Ascendant Sign of the individual. Then the other astrology houses, from 2 to 12, follow in order.

What Are Astrology Houses?

The astrology houses are a powerful tool of self-knowledge that tells us that we must learn in this existence and the best way to achieve it. Below is a description of each of these astrology houses and how they influence our lives.

The 12 astrological houses have a powerful message to give us and we should know it because it will be of great use to our lives. Through them we will understand our environment and ourselves. We will learn from our mistakes and we will get a new perspective to face the daily challenges that life proposes.

These houses give us valuable information about each specific area of life, which allows us to anticipate possible problems. On the other hand, it also informs us about our virtues and potentialities and how we should make the most of them. It helps us to understand past conflicts and the reasons why they still affect us in the present.

What Is The 1st Astrological House?

This astrology house refers to the purest identity of the person. Their psychological tendencies, behavior, ego expression. It also refers to the individual’s most visible virtues and defects. The physical aspect and personal style are also subjects of this house.

House 1 manifests itself in our lives through the obstacles we face, the social/family conditioning and the way we deal with them.

This house represents how others see us.

Special features: house 1 is ruled by Aries, the planet Mars and its element is fire.

What Is The 2nd Astrological House?

This astrology house represents the individual’s material goods, his ability to acquire them, to manage them and to preserve them. This house also tells us about the economic level that a person can reach in this existence. House 2 also refers to credits, debts, income, the capacity to save, the acquisition and loss of objects. The value, use and management of money are also topics of this house.

Another aspect that this house deals with is earthly pleasures such as food, comfort, physical contact and sensuality.

Special features: House 2 is ruled by Taurus, the planet Venus and the earth element.

What Is The 3rd Astrological House?

This astrologyl house represents communication, intellectual activity, language, the ability to learn and teach and the handling of information. This house also speaks to us about the way we interact with others, especially with our closest environment such as siblings, cousins, friends and neighbors.

The media and advertising are a fundamental theme of this astrological house and also the way in which they influence others. House 3 speaks to us about how we connect with others and how others communicate with us. Furthermore, this house refers to moving and short trips

Special features: this house is ruled by Gemini, the planet Mercury and the element air.

What Is The 4th Astrological House?

The House of Astrology 4 represents the family, the parents (especially the mother), the traditions, the customs and the relationship of the individual with his native country. This house talks about the person’s childhood and how this stage influences the rest of his life.

It also tells us about the way we relate to our parents and how that influences us. If the individual had a difficult childhood, during his adult life he will face several obstacles that he will manage to overcome and his personality will be strengthened. This house also tells us about old age, psychological inheritance and biological inheritance, both positive and negative.

Special features: this House is ruled by Cancer, the Moon and its element is water.

What Is The 5th Astrological House?

This astrological house tells us about the creative capacity in all its forms. It refers to children (biological and adopted) and everything related to them as connection, education and upbringing. This house has as its attributions everything that is done for pleasure, for example sports, artistic activities, fashion, hobbies and parties. House 5 also talks about romance and love life in general. Games of chance, good luck and speculation are also subjects of this astrological house.

Special features: house 5 is ruled by Leo, the Sun and its element is fire.

What Is The 6th Astrological House?

The 6th Astrological House represents the world of work, the ability to obtain it, keep it and all the responsibilities that any job entails. This house also talks about hygiene, healthy habits, cleanliness and neatness. The capacity to serve, domestic work and diets are attributes of this house.

This house also refers to our ability to adapt to work schedules, rules and tasks.

Special features: the 6th astrological house is ruled by Virgo, the planet Mercury and its element is earth.

What Is The 7th Astrological House?

The 7th Astrological House represents marriage, associations and Justice.

This house refers to everything related to marriage such as fidelity between the spouses, good communication between them, ease of marriage, widowhood, singlehood, marital assets, stable couples and the possibility of achieving a perfect marriage.

As for Justice, it refers to trials, enemies, legal documents, winning or losing legal battles and the need to apply justice in any situation that merits it.

This house also refers to associations, the creation or dissolution of them. The relationship between partners, teamwork and possible rivalry between partners.

Special features: this astrological house is ruled by Libra, the planet Venus and the element air.

What Is The 8th Astrological House?

The 8th Astrological House represents important themes such as deep transformations, death, inheritance, wills, murder, suicide, sexuality, esotericism and hidden mysteries and the metamorphosis of personality. It also deals with spiritual issues such as life after death, the great existential crises and how we face suffering. The self-destructive instinct and the regenerative will are also attributes of the 8th house.

Special Features: the 8th astrological house is ruled by Scorpio, the planet Pluto and its element is water.

What Is The 9th Astrological House?

The 9th house of astrology represents the philosophy of life, long journeys, ideology, rebellion and social order. This house emphasizes each individual’s way of thinking and how it relates to their way of life. This astrological house refers to international relations, language skills and the contribution of each culture.

Special features: this house is ruled by Sagittarius, the planet Jupiter and its element is fire.

What is The 10th Astrological House?

The 10th Astrological House represents social success, power and goals achieved

This house speaks to us of our ability to achieve our goals, the work to achieve success and the tireless pursuit of power. It also refers to fame, social recognition, vocation, excessive ambition and reaching the top.

This house also warns us about the abuse of power and the lack of scruples in achieving all goals at any cost.

Especial features: this house is ruled by Capricorn, the planeta Saturn and its element is earth.

What Is The 11th Astrological House?

Astrological House 11 represents social awareness, friendship and humanitarian causes. This astrological house seeks the common good, care for the planet, ecology and the environment. It values friendship above all things and the fact that if we are all united we can easily achieve everything we set out to do. This house also refers to eccentricity, futuristic ideas and a taste for anything new that breaks established moulds, whether political or intellectual. This house promotes the workcommunity work to achieve altruistic goals that benefit all of society.

Special features: this house is ruled by Aquarius, planet Uranus, and its element is air.

What Is The 12th Astrological House?

Astrological House 12 represents the unconscious world, spirituality, introspection and karma. This house is linked to sacrifice, confinement, exile and extreme intuition. This house also speaks to us of experiences in past lives and what we have come to transcend in this existence. The o house speaks to us of our faith, our beliefs and our higher connection to God.

On the other hand, this house also refers to addictions, the evasion of reality and the need to close in on oneself by rejecting the outside world.

Special features: this house is ruled by Pisces, the planet Neptune and its element is water.


The 12 Astrology Houses are a great tool to discover and understand aspects of ourselves. This area of study of astrology allows us to know our strengths and weaknesses in every aspect of daily life such as work, health, friendship, etc.

A study of our birth chart reveals the content of our astrological houses and we can understand why we are the way we are and how we interact with others. The valuable information provided by our 12 astrology houses is very valuable to understand the trend of our behavior, correct our mistakes and enhance our virtues. We can also know the origin of many of our internal conflicts and apply different solutions so that we can live in peace with ourselves.

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