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The #1 Ways to Say I Love You

Is Saying I Love You Enough?

Simply saying the words ‘I love you’ can seem to be an appreciatory gesture at times. It can sometimes feel that the other person is simply going through the motions to keep us satisfied, saying what they feel they are required to say to keep the relationship on track. Often though we require more than simply words to hear ‘I love you’ fully.

Let’s Look At some of The Best Ways to Say I love You

Deliberately keeping the conversation light can be a sensitive option at times. In the case when our partner is exhausted, a cool conversation is one of the best ways to relieve them from their worries. This can examine their attitude and give helpful relief.

– Sympathy proves our love to them fully. Not everything needs to be analyzed, questioned, and discussed. Sometimes empathy is about being understanding enough to say very little. There may be times when we bite our tongue and avoid asking questions out of respect for the way that they are feeling at the time to sympathize with them.

– Silence is important too. Sometimes providing silence is a powerful way of saying ‘I love you’. Giving them personal space, not asking questions if they are tired, picking another time to offload our problems, letting them find their moment to tell us what’s on their mind, these are all examples of saying ‘I love you’ with true affection and understanding.

Listen To Show Someone That You Love Them

Effective listening can be part of silence; the silence to let them speak uninterruptedly if needed, to feel that what they say is heard, valued, respected, and important.

– Actions can say ‘I love you’. Thoughtful gestures like picking up their dry cleaning, running them a bath, cooking their favorite meal, remembering to pick up a leaflet for an event that interests them are all the simple but priceless gestures that demonstrate love and consideration.

Little actions often mean far more than the grand gesture or expensive gift. These are the day-to-day actions that demonstrate the other person is in our thoughts, that they matter to us, that we love them.

– Gestures. When a couple is in crisis or is estranged their space increases massively. Their desire to be near each other can diminish as the days go by. Conversely, touching as we pass by, even a hand on their back or a light brushing of their arm all indicate love and a desire for closeness and intimacy. Enjoying being close to each other, comfortably sharing each other’s personal space, wanting to be near all say ‘I love you‘ as loudly as any words.

-Another important aspect of a loving relationship is humor. This proves that there is trust and assured confidence with each other.

Does Good Communication Say I Love You?

Good communications are a fundamental part of being in love with someone. However, the actual words used are only one aspect of communicating. Saying ‘I love you’ can be done effectively in many different ways.

The words “I love you” mean just a single thing: love. Notwithstanding, these words are communicated from various perspectives; in this way, individuals feel “I love you” in various degrees of force.

If you need your sweetheart or sweetheart to encounter your adoration in the most significant level of force, attempt to let him know or her “I love you” in your most sentimental way. The cost is nothing here. What is important is your way of expression and his or her appreciation. If you have no idea at all, consider these seven romantic ways to say “I love you”:

The #1 Ways to Say I Love You

Say “I Love You” in a Shirt.

Buy him or her an over-sized shirt. Contact a t-shirt printing company. You can choose from the available designs or have your drawing. Either of this, you must make sure that the words to be printed in the shirt are yours. Why not write: “I love you more than double the size of this shirt”? The key here is to sound sweet. Choose his or her favorite color. Try to have an over-sized hanger also.

Say “I love you” in front of so many people.

Gather your courage. Get a mike. Speak of your love in front of so many people. Do not be shy. This is what you call the highest level of saying “I love you!”

Say “I love you” in a song or compilation of songs.

If you know how to sing, try to consider recording songs that have “I love you” in their titles or lyrics. Compile them in a CD. Make or ask someone to create a CD cover using your pictures and title it with “I love you.”

Say “I love you” in a cake.

Get up early. Go to her office. Ask the guard to let you in (it is better if the guard knows you) or ask his or her office-mate to accompany you inside. Put the cake (with the “I love you”, of course) right in his or her table, together with the banner or card with “I love you” message also. He or she will surely feel touched, loved, and surprised.

Say “I love you” right at the seashore

Ask him or her to go with you to a resort. Of course, do not forget to bring with you an “I love you, (Name)” banner. Make sure it is big enough to allow him or her to read it at a far distance. While you are together, ask people in the place to position your “I love you, (Name)” banner in a boat. After they have informed you that they are finished with the work, bring him or her at the seashore.

If you do one of this “I love you” ideas, you will make your partner feel not just your feelings with him or her, but also its intensity, which is, obviously, at the highest level. Why not, these ideas need your extra effort and courage.

If you’re trying to convince someone you love, that you love them, you must have really messed up or the object of your affection is not convinced or simply not attracted to you. Stop trying to prove it and simply show it; if the object of your affection shows an interest in you, let the natural progression of the relationship take place.

You can read these five ideas and they could prove helpful, but nothing can substitute the natural attraction or affection that you have for another, which causes them to realize and know that you love and care for them. Let’s lay some groundwork first and understand some basics

-Having sex has nothing to do with showing someone you love them.

-Showering a person with gifts is not it either, but the receiver might get used to this and substitute it for love.

-Love has no motives. It’s not something you say or do to get what you want.

-Love will not impose.

Now that we’ve established some basics, let’s fast forward to some ways that you can show someone you love them and then say it.

Show patience. Patience seems to be a thing of the past with many looking for love. You cannot rush a response from the object of your desire. If someone needs the time to sort out feelings, love will wait and graciously grant time and space with no limitations or demands attached. Loving someone is easy when you know and understand them.

Saying I Love You Means Accepting For Someone Who They Are

Accept them for who they are. When you love someone, changing them to conform to you, is not the way to show it. Focus on what attracted you to them, if the attraction was physical, you should ask yourself “what if they did not have this feature” Would I still love or want them? If your answer is no, maybe what your feeling is lust and not love. If you cannot accept the object of your affection for who they are, re-examine your intentions.

If they need to vent, listen, and don’t judge or criticize. Everybody needs a listening ear from time to time. The cold cruel world can weight you down with stress and drama.

The object of your affection should be able to freely talk and express what’s on their mind without being sharply criticized and judged. Remember we’re talking about showing that you love someone not proving it.

Sometimes you have to tell the object of your affection something they don’t want to hear, and love will find the right words to say. It’s not about being right or wrong and it’s not about winning or losing. Love will find the right words to say without being harsh and condescending.

In my opinion, too many people get caught up in wanting to hear the words every day and the actions are inconsistent with the words I Love You. Say it with actions and you can always take a moment, look at your love (wait until you have their attention) pause for effect and say… “Wow, I Love You”. This will win him/her and you shall have achieved your goal.