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Dating Apps: Popular Free Dating Guide

Dating Apps: Popular Free Dating Guide

Free Dating Sites: The Best to Make New Acquaintances

On the net, there are many dating or chat sites that allow you to meet other people, look for new relationships or simple meetings.

If you are a lonely heart or simply want to make new acquaintances and you have an internet connection, these sites will help you.

Normally, these online services are completely free and allow you to meet new people without obligation and only ask to create a profile. For more advanced features, however, subscriptions are generally required. Below are examples of the dating apps free..

What Are The Most Popular Dating Apps Free?










  1. Badoo

It is an excellent website that has had a long history and evolution. In the early days, it wanted to be a simple social network, but it quickly evolved into a dating site.

In its various updates, it added new features that were appearing on competing portal sites. The chat, the possibility of making a compatibility game putting the like to the people we are interested in, thus allowing the algorithm to understand our tastes. This radar function shows users in the surroundings, the possibility of inserting several photos and to enrich the profile to make it more personal.

Badoo is undoubtedly the site for online dating (apart from Lovepedia) that allows you to do more things without paying for a subscription. The chat via app or website is complete, so much as to rival that of a social network like Facebook.

Registering is very simple. The more complete your profile is, the greater the visibility it allows you to obtain.

Badoo is also comfortable thanks to the complete and appreciated app for Android and iOS, which will allow you to chat even away from your computer.

2. Meetic


It is one of the best free dating sites on the net most used by singles, which also offers a good app for Android and iOS (always free).

Unlike Badoo (more structured like a social network to make new acquaintances), Meetic is a linear and well-organized dating site. After a quick registration, you will begin your adventure with a quick survey (these are generic questions on the character, useful for the algorithm to study the compatibility). At this point, you can immediately start chatting with others or other members.

The interface is well organized: in this case, too, there is a “Shuffle” mode, which shows the profiles of other members who may be of interest in you.

Signing up is simple, and it’s free; open the registration page. Some options are usually available only for paying users, and to unlock them you need to subscribe. It is also one of the most popular gay dating sites.

3. Tinder

In only a few years, Tinder has achieved enormous success. Among the websites, it is often classified among the dating sites for sex, even if not specifically dedicated to that.

Tinder: What it is and how it works

The principle is simple: once registered, the app will show you in series interesting people within a certain radius of our position, on each card shown you will be able to be signaled through a particular button how much that person could be interested in you: choosing the red X indicates that there is no like, the blue star shows a possible keen interest on the opposite, the green heart is a simple Like.

The service then connects the profiles of both women and men who have shown mutual appreciation and who can thus try to deepen their knowledge.

Tinder is not entirely free but has limitations. The only way to get around them is to purchase a subscription form. To use Tinder, just download the appropriate app for Android or iOS.

4. Lovoo

It is one of the most used dating services to find appointments and new acquaintances. It looks a lot like competing sites.

Speaking of the site, the latter, after a short registration, presents a simple and linear interface: meeting new people is easy by clicking on the “play” or “discover” sections. For the rest, some functions are reserved for paying customers. To unlock all the features, a monthly subscription is required, called “Lovoo Vip.”

5. Adopt a Boy

This is a slightly different service from the other dating portals and is based on an interesting concept: instead of boys, hunting is left to girls. This formula has already seduced 12 million users worldwide.

The service works in a very simple way and is asymmetrical; girls and boys have different options. Preferably, the first ones have to contact. The boys have to answer. This is undoubtedly a very interesting chat for guys who like to be sought and seduced.

6. Jappy

This is a German site that enables you to make new friends. It was initially a German and Austrian website, meaning German-speaking people. But quickly, this site turned into a global application that all nationalities can access and link friendship with foreign people.

The advantage of this application is that the members involved in it must have a light shade where they can share their photos and funny moments. It also allows you to meet beautiful girls and enter with them in private chats.

Personally, I know many people who were able to meet and marry through this application. However, the German language may be an obstacle for the person who wants to meet a German person, so Google’s interpretation can be used to help in the conversation.

Remember that registering on this site or this application requires only a few seconds as it requires you to have an email only.

7. Willow

This free app is fundamentally based on a question-answer system and was not developed solely with the idea of a dating app in mind. Your own profile is created quickly and does not require any particularly personal information. A photo is also not necessary. Different tags can connect people who are interested in the same topics.

If a potential match is found, three different questions can be asked to the counterpart, which, once answered, lead to the activation of the profile. If it turns out that it is not quite enough for a date, Willow can also be used as a kind of interest group, about which one continues to exchange ideas about common topics.

9. Ok Cupid

The free application focuses more on the inner values than on a purely physical presentation. After registration, the app asks for preferences and priorities in the areas of hobbies, leisure, sexuality, nutrition, sports and some other topics. The matching to other users of the platform is then calculated on the basis of an algorithm.

The matches are shown in percent. If you want to take a closer look at a profile that is not quite perfect, you can call up the answers of the other person. Using the multiple-choice procedure, self-created questions can also be sent in the free dating app in order to be able to query specific scenarios and get an additional impression.

In Conclusion

There are many free dating apps, but most are frankly not to be trusted. This is either because they do not provide good services or they rely on forged profiles to attract the largest number of subscribers.

Also, some applications may carry viruses that may threaten the security of your phones and your privacy. You should be very careful before downloading any application, whether for dating or anything else.

Among the things that a person should pay Attention to before downloading any application are:

1_ Pay Attention to the number of downloads.

Before you download any application, you should pay Attention to the number of downloads that are under the download button. Applications with many downloads are good, reliable, and fearless.

As for applications that have only hundreds or thousands of downloads, they are doubtful, and they should wait and make sure that they are not false or fraudulent applications.

2_ Attention to evaluation:

Each app on the Google Play Store has its own rating from the people who downloaded it.

The highest rating point is five stars. So it’s good apps that you find have a rating equal to or greater than 3.5 stars. And the bad apps are those that have ratings not up to 3 stars, and these should be taken care of

3_ Read the comments and responses.

Before you rush to download a dating app or any other app, you should also take the time to read the related comments. Through comments, you will get a general idea of this application. Is it free? Is it easy to use? Do they advise people not to download it? … etc.

Do not stop after reading the first ten comments. Mostly, they are fake accounts belonging to the owners of the application, and their goal is to mention the benefits of the application and to thank him for the good services, and this gives the impression to people that it is a good application.