Has God Abandoned You?

Do you feel abandoned by god

It is easy to think that God has abandoned you if money, love, and career seem like its in the toilet.  It is easy to think that God does not care about you when you pray, and nothing seems to change.  I have been on planet earth for nearly 50 years.  I can tell you that we cannot figure out God. 

Has God Abandoned You?

It does not matter how many times you have read the Holy Bible.  The Lord teaches us something different about himself and life.  It is important to not look at the world through the eyes of other people’s opinions. Only look at the word of God for answers.  Perhaps you have read the Holy Bible many times and have never understood it completely.  Maybe you have asked God to help your numerous times and yet your prayers are not answered. 

Does god not like me
God Loves You and Never Abandons You

Let Your Will Be Done

It is important to understand that when you submit your life to Jesus, you become a new beginning.  God begins to work in your life.  You begin to live for him and not for yourself. Therefore, it is important to deny yourself and follow Jesus.  This means that you are not going to live like a “worldly” person. The world is constantly going after money, sex, and power. 

When we turn on television, its full of worldly news.  Many Christians are confused because the world teaches them one way of living and the Holy Bible teaches you another.  The Holy Bible teaches us to live for God and to focus on Gods will for your life.  The world tells you to fight for “worldly” causes and to live your life in the way that you desire.  However, this is not what God has called us into. As Christians, we are to live for Jesus Christ. We are to live by Godly principles. The Holy Bible teaches us that we should put God first in all that we do.

What Has Jesus Called You to Do with Your Life?

When you develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you will often feel that Jesus is calling you into job.  You will feel the Holy Spirit coming into your heart and tell you what you should be doing. 

I know that when I received Jesus as my personal Lord and savior, I began to feel God calling me into the prophetic ministry.  I had no idea what a prophet did exactly. All that I knew was that I was supposed to use my prophetic gifts and abilities to help people that were in need.  It took over two decades for me to step out into the prophetic ministry.  There is a time and a season as to a person preparing for what they are meant to do. 

Prayer Changes Lives
Its All About Gods Will

Not everyone is called into the five-fold ministry positions.  Some Christians are called into business, law, healthcare, or other missions.  Jesus likes to put Christians in different aspects of life. As we walk with Jesus, we begin to see his calling more. 

We tend to not grow if we do not allow ourselves to step into what God has called us to do.  Being born again means that we are allowing Jesus to be with us.  Jesus is the answer.

As a Christian, you will be walking through many stumbling blocks along the way.  At times, you will question if you are hearing from God correctly.  I know that when I started working in my prophetic call, I had no idea what I was doing.  I thought that I was anointed to do prophecy. However, many of my prophetic words were not coming to pass.  However, the Holy Spirit kept on putting it in my heart to continue with my mission and to not give up.

I find that when we do not give up, we draw closer to God.  It is in our moments of suffering do we realize that we need God to help us every single step of the way. 

What Is the Best Life Lesson That I Ever Had?

The best life lesson that I ever had was to never stop reading the Holy Bible.  The world is a busy place.  You can easily get distracted by social media, television, websites, books, magazines, and everything else. 

I was born in the 1970’s.  I can tell you that the world has changed drastically since then with computer technology.  Amazingly, I could not see then how the world would look 50 years later. However, I soon realized that Satan has put many distractions in the world today. He wants people to avoid God at all costs.

We live in a world today that teaches us to live any way that we want.  The Holy Bible warned Christians to be watchful of such a day.  We are living in a time in which the Holy Bible describes it as living in the days of Noah.  The Bible is clear that in the last days, mankind will become lovers of self.  They will scoff at God and disrespect the Holy Bible. We are living in a time in which most people are afraid to follow the ways of God.  Godly living is become something that a great deal of society is frowning upon right now.

We can see that sin is everywhere. It is hard to be a Christian now and days. We have more people leaving the faith today to follow lusty desires.  The Bible warns that in the last days, many Christians would abandon their faith in Jesus. It will become hard.  The Bible teaches us that if it were not for the return of Jesus, no soul would be saved. 

Has God Abandoned You?

It is impossible for God to Abandon you.  Read Deuteronomy 31:6. You will see that the Old Testament teaches us that God will never abandon us. Even when we think that there is no hope, Jesus shows us that there is hope. 

Life is hard on earth for most people because of money.  Money can buy you what you want, but it can easily slip out of our hands.  As the saying goes, “money comes, and money goes.” 

It is easy to think that God has put a curse on you when you think that your finances never change for the better.  You may think that God has forgotten about you if have no true companion.

Being a Christian today means that we must follow God no matter what the cost is.  We must look to Jesus and follow the plan that he has set before us. 

Learn to listen
God Will Never Leave You Alone

You will come to learn over time that its impossible for God to abandon you.  You will often go through tough periods in your life in which you feel that God is not giving you what you want right now.

I can remember praying for a wife in my teens and twenties. I kept on asking God to please send a woman my way that would love me forever.  Many years passed and I never saw my wife coming. Every woman that I would meet ended up cheating on me or leaving me.  It was sad and depressing. I had no idea why. I kept on trying to find the right girl. However, Jesus was not answering my prayer in the way that I had hoped.  When I was 14, I had dreams of getting married when I was 22. I thought that I would finish college and then be joined with my wife. 

However, that dream never happened for me. Jesus had different plans for me.  Instead of getting married when I was 22, Jesus did not allow it until I turned 31. Jesus used my teens and twenties to prepare me for the prophetic ministry. I did not enter the prophetic ministry until I was 31.  The Lord gave me my prophetic ministry and wife in the same year.  He also gave me a house to live in and a brand-new car. 

The Lord used every single hardship that I had encountered in my teens and twenties to be used in my prophetic call. In my teens and twenties, I was constantly attacked spiritually.  Satan managed to separate my family and cause many financial hardships to come my way.

Satan loves to throw financial hardships and love problems in our lives to make us think that God does not care about us. However, God does care about us. He wants to give us love, happiness and peace.  I can tell you that in my life, Jesus has helped me to see “the light” in many areas. I could not have learned as much as I have if it were not for hard times and suffering.

In my suffering, I learned to get closer to God. You grow the most spiritually when God allows bad things happen to you. You will either cling to God or sulk in your sorrows. 

I have gone through many phases in my life in which I would ask God to please help me. You would think that as a born-again Christian, Jesus would come to my aid right away. However, that is often not the case.  Every Christian goes through periods in which they feel that God has abandoned them.  We often wonder why God is allowing something to happen in their life that is uncomfortable. Many good Christian men and women wonder why they cannot find love. They read the word of God every day. They praise the Lord in song and go to church.  However, why is God not sending the right person into their life?  What are they doing wrong? What can they do different that they have not done before in the past? 

It is important for every Christian believer to realize that God does not make mistakes. When we go through “hell”, it is because it is a lesson that must be learned.  You may never fully know or understand that life lesson. It is important for you to look at your life and acknowledge that God knows a lot more about life than you do.  You may never fully understand why something is happening to you in life.

God will never give you the entire plan that he has for your life. He will only give you bits and pieces of it.

In my life right now, I can see why God has give me a prophetic gift and why I work in the prophetic ministry.  Little did I know in 1985 that a machine such as a computer would be invented. I had no idea that there would one day be something called a website that could touch thousands of people from all over the world. Praise God that I now use the internet daily. I had no idea in 1985, that we would live in a world that is obsessed with psychic hotlines, witchcraft, and ungodly living. 

When I was a teenager, I listened to great men of God like Billy Graham, Benny Hinn, Jack Van Impe, Paul Crouch, and many others.  I only had a television set and a few stations.  Cable television did not take off yet and I thought that I would be doing traditional ministry from a church building. Little did I know in 1985 that I would live in a world where most people prefer not going to a brick building church. Instead, many people today prefer to listen to gospel message on Youtube.com and attend church online. I do not necessarily agree or disagree with this style of worship. However, God knew all along that he would be preparing me to work on my own.

I am a minister of the gospel in a prophetic way.  I can tell you that nobody could have predicted that Jesus would use me to touch thousands of lives around the world. I had no idea that Jesus would use me to work for him. The Lord even gives me income so that I do not have to depend on a church to give me a weekly salary.  I hear many pastors today complaining about losing their job or not having enough money coming into their church to give themselves a decent salary. 

I wanted so badly to get a masters of divinity degree in my 20’s.  It was my dream to become a priest. However, God had different plans for me. I lived on my own at the age of 18.  I could not stay in school because of financial reasons. However, it never stopped me from reading the Holy Bible. I would spend some 10 hours a day working in restaurants before going into the prophetic ministry in my 30’s. I thought that God was being unfair to me. I wanted so badly to be a priest.  I wanted to be a pastor of a church and serve God that way. 

However, Jesus was not allowing me to go to seminary.  I did not even get my bachelor’s degree until I turned 39.  I prayed so hard for Jesus to allow me to get the degree. However, God had different plans in store for me. 

I began to spend hours a day after work reading the Holy Bible and getting close to God. I would pray for hours a day serving Jesus. I prayed and asked God to help me to make it another day. I lived I poverty like conditions and I never thought that I would be in the ministry. 

However, God had other plans in store for me.  As each day passed, my life would see suffering and hurting people.  I came to live in ghettos in the United States and saw what true poverty and suffering was like. 

As I began to see myself growing closer to Jesus, he clearly put me on a path in my 30’s that launched me into the prophetic ministry overnight. He gave me a wife and my ministry in 1 year.  When God was ready to launch me, everything flowed naturally and well. 

As I look back on my life now, I realize that getting a Master of Divinity degree would not have allowed me to step into the prophetic calling of my life. In fact, many pastors today say that having a Master of Divinity degree is not as good as it used to be in previous generations. The reason is because many churches are not hiring pastors right now. Many pastors feel that they cannot find work.  Thousands of pastors in the world today feel like people are not going to church as they once did.  I did not see that coming 25 years ago. 

I can see why God allowed me to learn web development on my own. I also have a fabulous gift for writing. Jesus has given me gifts that I can now use because of the internet. Experts say that the internet is not going away.  It will be with us for the rest of humanity unless some meteor came and wiped it out. 

I can understand why the Lord said that studying for this degree would not do me any good.  As far as I can see, pastors and all religious ministers are going to have to learn the internet.  It is the best way of reaching people for Jesus.  Setting up website and social media accounts for Jesus is the only way to go when it comes to serving Jesus.

I can predict that in 50 years, most Christians will prefer going to church online than in an actual building. Perhaps more pandemics will come. Maybe churches will not be able to afford to build million-dollar buildings anymore. If Jesus does not return within 50 years, I would say that we will see church being online and not in person. 

It is interesting that Jesus prepared me for the future in his own way. I had all my ideas in the 1980’s and 1990’s that would prepare me for the future. Boy was I wrong. When you follow Jesus with your own agenda, you will often miss the mark. You will often not understand what Jesus is going to do for you later down the road. 

It is important to understand that when something is not happening in the way that you would like it to, its for a reason.  God allows all good things to happen for us. When the Lord allows Satan to attack you, it is for a reason.  In my Christian walk with God, I have learned that God never abandons us. Instead, God allows us to see that his will must be done. 

Why Won’t God Send Me A Marriage Partner?

You may have felt abandoned in your love life.  Perhaps you have prayed for a marriage partner and yet you see nobody coming your way for love. For starters, let us look at the way that Christians are not following God’s commands in love.

For starters, many Christians today are having sex outside of marriage.  The Old and New Testament say not to do this.  It is important to understand that many Christians today are not waiting for the perfect person that God has in store for them. Instead, they are choosing to sleep around with a boyfriend or a girlfriend. When the relationship ends, the person often asks God why. What happened?

For starters, you were not living according to the word of God.  You were simply doing whatever you felt was right in your own heart. That is not what God wants. 

If you are living in sin, its time to repent.  Stop sinning and show God that you are going to live by his word. Instead of doing things your way and trying to rush love, let God bring the right person to you.

If you are a celibate person and waiting, God may be trying to make you perfect your career or prepare you as a person before brining you together with your true soulmate. 

Jesus has a way of perfecting us before our partner comes into our life. He is also working on your future marriage partners heart as well. 

We are seeing a high rate of divorce in the United States today.  It estimated that 60% of all marriages fail.  Christians and non-Christians alike are headed for divorce court. Most Christians today find it hard to stay in their marriage for communication reasons. For the most part, couples are divorcing because they simply get along.

Christians and non-Christians alike are often not be truthful to their wedding vows. When you promise your spouse to be with them until death due you part, there is no turning back from them.  There is no reason why you should ever divorce your spouse. The Old Testament is clear. What God has joined, let nobody separate.

Today, we are living in a world that wants to do whatever it feels like. Christians and non-Christians alike are not owning up to the promises that they made to God and the person that they married. 

If we live in a world today where most people have an attitude of its all about me, its hard to send the right person your way. If you are a God-fearing man or woman, God will protect you and keep you safe from someone that would enter your life to harm it. You must be careful about who you interact with.  It is important to ask Jesus to put the right person in your life. 

Before meeting my wife, I had no luck in love. I am a way/am a born-again Christian. I asked Jesus to please send a woman my way that would love me. As a Christian man, I wanted to get married. I did not want to have sex outside of marriage. I asked God to please send her my way. 

I spent years searching for a wife and nobody came into my life that would be a good marriage partner.  Finally, the Lord laid on my heart to fast and pray. I had to show God that I could not take being alone anymore. I fasted for 5 days without any food. I only drank water. I was at a point in which I told God to either take my life or send me a wife. Yes, it was that lonely and drastic. I could not see myself spending my life alone. 

Within a month after fasting and praying for a wife, God did send that person to me. I have now been married for almost 20 years and yes, she is the perfect life partner for me. Jesus showed me that with prayer, all things are possible. I am happy to say that I believe that she came directly from God.

When I first met her, she knew things about me as God revealed it to her. I asked her to marry within 10 minutes of chatting with her on the telephone. She said yes to me as well.  If it sounds to good to be true, it is a true story. When something is God breathed, it will last forever. 

Marriage is not easy. You will go through many ups and downs with your spouse. However, its important to stay together forever and live up to your vows. 

If you have not tried fasting and prayer, I encourage you to ask Jesus if you should. It worked for me and it may work for you to.  I tried praying to Jesus for a wife for many years and nothing happened.  Only until I fasted and prayed did the right person come my way.  Praise God for showing me that I can have love in my life that will last forever!

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