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Why Wouldn’t Judas Iscariot Accept Jesus As the Messiah?

Judas Iscariot is known as the betrayer of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.  It is also appropriate to point out that he traveled with Jesus for nearly three years.  He witnessed the same miracles as all other 11 apostles.  Judas was a strict Jew and refused to accept Jesus even though he saw all the miracles that Jesus did. 

He even saw him raise a dead man from a tomb.  However, his heart remained stubborn and he never considered Jesus his messiah when he was alive. The only time that Judas saw Jesus as the messiah was right before he committed suicide. 

Why Wouldn’t Judas Iscariot Accept Jesus As the Messiah?

Judas Iscariot is the man known for betraying Jesus for 30 shekels of silver.  He even betrayed Jesus with a kiss. He made a deal with the pharisees that he would kiss the man who was Jesus Christ. The deal was that Jesus would be arrested to be brought to trial for crucifixion. The pharisees considered Jesus to be a false messiah. They were threated by his popularity and the fact that so many Jews and Gentiles were accepting him as their Lord and savior. 

Jesus even knew that Judas Iscariot was going to betray him. At the last supper, he told his disciples that the person who dipped his bread into the bowl would be the person that would betray him.  Judas was the person that dipped his bread. 

Judas had no shame in turning Jesus over. He witnessed Jesus’ love and care.  He witnessed the miracles that Jesus produced, and he still would not accept him.  His betrayal was so bad that Jesus himself said that it would be better off if Judas had never been born. 

When someone rejects Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior, God has no other choice but to send them to hell.  The Holy Bible says that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Nobody comes to the father except through Jesus (John 14:6). 

What Does It Mean When Someone is Called a Judas?

People all over the world refer to Judas as being a betrayer.  If you or someone that you know betrays, that person will be called a Judas.  Judas is the ultimate betrayer because he betrayed Jesus Christ.  If you or someone that you cared deeply for feels betrayed, the worst thing that you can be called is a Judas. 

Why Is the Betrayal Act of Judas So Evil?

Imagine yourself being Jesus for a second.  You know that you are the messiah and every one of your other 11 disciples knows that you are the messiah to.  You love your disciples and you show them miracles that prove that you are the son of God.

You even show them that you can raise the dead.  However, you also know that Judas is going to betray you in the end.  Even though he has walked with you and heard your sermons.  You always provided for him. You gave him food; water and you chose him as one of the 12 disciples. 

Even with all of that, Judas would not even give Jesus the benefit of the doubt as a friend.  Even if Judas did not believe that Jesus was the messiah, he could have at least walked away and not betray Jesus.  He could have said, “Lord, I don’t believe in you and therefore, I am going back to my old Job and living the life that I had before we met.”  However, Jesus did not do that.  Instead, he plotted against a good man.  A true man of God that he witnessed. He plotted to have him killed. 

Not only did Judas plan and plot to kill Jesus, he never told any of the other 11 disciples.  He instead kept his evil thoughts to himself.  He pretended to be friends to the other apostles and Jesus himself.  The only person that knew that Judas was going to betray Jesus, was Jesus himself. This is when he said at the last supper that the person that dips his bread will be the one that would betray him.  Indeed, Jesus’ prophetic word was correct. Judas was the one that dipped his bread. 

Can you imagine the hurt and pain that Jesus must have gone through? Knowing that someone that he loved so deeply would instead be the person that would later betray him.

What Thoughts Were Going Through Judas Mind?

In Judas mind, he thought that he was doing a good thing by betraying Jesus.  He tried to stop his ministry by killing him along with the pharisees.  He thought that for sure that once Jesus was crucified, he would end the talk of Jesus.  However, we are still here 2,000 years later and now the entire world knows about Jesus Christ.  The message of salvation has been preached throughout the entire world. Judas and the pharisees stopped nothing.

Judas did not realize the wrong that he did until he handed Jesus over to the pharisees. It was in the moment, he realized that he had betrayed an innocent man that was the savior of the world. It was clear that Satan had allowed him to believe that Jesus should be killed. 

I believe that if he would have talked to Jesus about this, perhaps he would have changed his mind. If he would not have kept his evil thoughts to himself, the other disciples could have helped him.  However, we can clearly see from the scriptures that Judas’ heart was more about plotting evil against another man behind his back. 

Even sitting at the supper table with Jesus and dipping his bread. How could he even think that Jesus would not have known that he was going to betray him?  Jesus knows all things and Judas even witnessed it. 

When a man decides to betray another man, it is usually because they are their enemy. However, to do is secretly behind someone is back is even more evil.  It is so evil, that Satan himself would do it this way. 

As you can see, the betrayal of Jesus was more than just a betrayal. It was an entire mindset of someone planning to destroy someone else. Not only did Judas want to kill Jesus, he wanted to stop the gospel from being preached.  His hope that was with Jesus’ death, nobody would ever talk about him again. However, that did not happen. 

If you have ever had a “Judas Iscariot” in your life, you may understand a lot more how Jesus felt.  When the heart becomes so twisted as to turn another innocent man to his death, it shows how wicked a person has become. 

Did Judas Go to Hell?

According to the New Testament, it does make a reference in Matthew 26:24.  In this scripture verse, it does tell us that it would have been better if Judas was never even born.  That tells me that Judas did go to hell after hanging himself from a tree.  Of course, only Jesus knows if he is with him now in heaven or not. However, from what I read; it does appear that Judas did go to hell because he died as an unbeliever. 

How to Not Become Judas

Can you possibly become someone that is like Judas?  The answer to this question is yes.  I often hear of Christians turning away from Christianity.  They have decided to renounce Jesus.  Even though they have experienced the love of Christ.  They have been forgiven for their sins. However, they choose to deny Jesus.   Their hearts turn away from God.  The Holy Bible is clear that nobody can get saved unless they believe in Jesus and have accepted him as their Lord and savior.

If you refuse to accept Jesus as your savior, its important to ask God to loosen your heart so that you can accept Jesus Christ as your savior.  The Lord can do anything. It is important to read the Holy Bible and see what Jesus will do for you.  The more that you learn about Jesus, the better off your faith will be. 

What Are Some of The Reasons Why People Turn Away from Jesus?

  • Sometimes people feel that God is not answering their prayers.
  • Your wife/husband may have left you for another person. 
  • God allowed your business to fail. 
  • You became homeless. 
  • You are lonely and you think that God does not care.
  • God will not give you what you are praying for. 
  • You cannot understand why God allows suffering in the world.
  • You lost someone that you loved deeply through death. 
  • You are a pastor that lost your church and now you have no job.
  • Your reputation has been ruined.

As you can see, there are many reasons as to why someone would want to be angry at God.  However, its important to realize that a lot of what televangelists are preaching right now is not true.

Our society in the 21st century is not used to hearing sermons about suffering and living a modest life.  Most televangelists are preaching that God wants all Christians to be wealthy and to have whatever their hearts desire.

However, that is not coming from the New Testament. They are confusing scripture.  They are confusing Old Testament Abraham and Job with the New Testament system of money. 

In the Old Testament, God gave financial blessings to Abraham and Job.  They had great wealth.  However, Jesus came into this world to give salvation. Throughout the New Testament, it teaches us that we must live day by day and to rely on God for all things. 

We are to give our money away to others that are in need. Jesus said that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, then for a rich man to enter heaven (Matthew 19:24).  After reading that scripture verse, do you really think that God wants Christians to be millionaires? 

Instead, if God gives you a million dollars, its because he wants you to use the money to help the poor and not hoard it in the bank.  Yes, God does still give financial blessings. However, its what you do with the money that he gives to you that makes the difference. 

In the Old Testament, Job and Abraham did not have Jesus to turn to.  They did not hear the gospel.  In today’s world, we are fortunate to have the Old and New Testament. 

If you read both the Old and New Testament, you will see that the rules of money have changed.  Instead of us having to give 10% of our wealth to God, he asks us to freely give what is in our hearts.  We do not have to live by any law anymore. Instead, we must give according to what God lays on our hearts. 

If God wanted Christians to be wealthy, don’t you think that he would have given Saint Peter and Paul millions of dollars to build the church?  Jesus said that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19).  We do not need brick buildings anymore to worship in. Instead, we can worship God in our homes or wherever you have a place to worship. 

The New Testament does not say that we must build churches for God anymore as we the Jewish people were instructed to do in the Old Testament.  Instead, Jesus makes it clear in the New Testament that we our body is the temple.

If God has given you great wealth, its important to not live your life in luxury here while there are poor people around you are suffering. Especially your own brothers and sisters in Christ. Even the apostle Peter and Paul could have taken lots of money from the church to buy fancy homes and clothing. 

They were famous and people knew them to have walked with Jesus.  Instead, they worked other jobs to fund their ministries. They did not want to take advantage of people.  That is showing real brotherly love.  When you see televangelists living in mansions and driving luxury cars while their fellow Christian brothers and sisters are poor, that does not make much sense.  

What makes it even worse is that they are willing to take the pennies from the poor and promise them that they will be blessed financially for their giving and take that poor man’s money to go and buy themselves a new luxury vehicle or plane.  It is sad, but true as to what is happening in ministry today. It is like they are trying to sell the gospel.    

Recently, televangelist Benny Hinn renounced the prosperity gospel. He promised the people that he would not ask them for anymore money to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He clearly said that the gospel is not for sale. 

His nephew Costi Hinn gave his testimony of what he witnessed while traveling with his uncle. He spoke of this ministry taking money from the poor and then taking that money to live in luxury.  He was disgusted by his uncle’s practices of taking money from the poor and then living lavishly.  I cannot blame him. I am disgusted with that mindset as well.  He left working for his uncle Benny Hinn and began preaching the true gospel message of Jesus Christ. 

Benny Hinn is not the only person to blame for the prosperity gospel.  In fact, many televangelists have done this in the 20th and 21st century.  Believe it or not, we have lost millions of converts because of these men and women that promote the gospel for money. 

It is a turn off to non-Christians.  I cannot blame people for shunning Christianity when you hear a false gospel of prosperity.  When you see these pastors taking money from the poor and using it to buy fancy homes, jewelry, and planes as though they were movie stars.

However, the Bible is also clear that false prophets would arise in the last days. They would preach and teach a false message that would mislead people.

Many poor people around the world see this as a betrayal.  They were trusting in God for a financial miracle and for most people, it did not happen.  They gave their checks and cash to these ministries in hope for prosperity.  They promised that “if you sew the seed” you will get rewarded with a financial harvest. That is not even biblical. God gives us what we need based on his love for us.  God never promised anyone that they would be rich. 

In today’s world, Judas comes to us in many ways.  Yes, the spirit of betrayal is heavenly in our world today. There are ministers that know Jesus because they have walked with him their whole lives.  However, they teach a gospel that is the opposite of what they have been taught because they want to achieve financial gain through deception.  That is sin. 

Could the Suicide of Judas Been Prevented? 

I do believe that if Judas Iscariot would have waited until Jesus rose from the dead, he would have seen that Jesus was the messiah and Jesus would have forgiven him for his sin. However, that is not what happened.  His heart was so wicked and had so much guilt, that he felt that his only options was suicide. 

There was an apostle named Thomas that was like Judas.  He said that he would not believe in Jesus unless he saw the nail holes in his hands and saw him personally.  As the gospel tells us, Jesus did reveal himself to Thomas and the other apostles. It was then that Thomas accepted Jesus as his messiah.  Jesus even said that a man is blessed if he believes in him without seeing him.  Therefore, as Christians today; we have been given a blessing because we have accepted Jesus as our messiah. 

The heart of Thomas was not evil.  He did not turn Jesus over to be killed. However, he had a doubting mind and did not want to accept Jesus rising from the dead.  He thought that he had to see it to believe it.  I would say that most people have a doubting mind.  They want to see it to believe it.  However, if you have faith, it is better because you walk with Jesus in this life and he shows you his word and his way. 

Reading your Holy Bible daily will prove that you can easily see the Lord working in your life.  As you read the Holy Bible, God reveals certain things to you.  Its important to let God know what you are going through.  If you are doubting his love, tell him.

If you have watched CNN or Fox News lately, you can see that evil is in the world today on high levels.  It is important to not shake your fists at God.  Instead, thank the Lord that he has given you Jesus as your savior.  You are saved by his grace. Pray that the rest of the world will be saved by grace as well. It is by his blood and power that he comes and helps us.  Praise God for the miracles that he has given to us!

As you can see there was a lot more to what was happening in Judas Iscariots mind when he betrayed Jesus. It is important to always examine your own mind and intentions. Always ask God what his will is for your life. Do not hate God when things do not go your way. Realize that you are not always going to get you what feel you deserve in this life. In fact, accept Gods will to be done in your life and only do the will of God as he reveals it to you.

We are living in the last days and that Jesus Christ is returning soon. What a blessing it will be to join hand and hand with Jesus in heaven. It is a blessing because God will reward us for the good deeds that we have done here on earth. Praise the Lord for giving us happiness and hope!