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Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards Definitive Meanings

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards Definitive Meanings

What Is The Meaning Of Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards?

What is the chakra wisdom oracle cards? Chakra Wisdom Oracle is a set of 49 Tori Hartman cards illustrated by Gretchen Raisch-Baskin. Watkins Publishing produced this collection. The cards are 3 x 4.5 inches and the reverse are not reversible.

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit helps you open your intuition, remove obstacles in your life, improve your relationships and reach your full potential. Every week she explores the 49 myths, starting with “innovation”.

This stand-alone book can be used with Chakra Oracle Cards as well. Each myth is linked to a main chakra, while each has its unique color. There are five active days a week, each lasting only fifteen minutes.

On Monday, read the story and set your goal for the week. On Tuesday, explore the importance of the color of the week. Wednesday is the flight log when you do a written assignment.

On Thursday, there are self-awareness exercises that can be done alone or in a group. On Friday, you have a quick meditation. With short daily spikes of activity, myths will penetrate your life, open new horizons, and help you make the changes you really want.

What Are Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards?


Oracle is attractively wrapped in a durable matte box with a removable card and bookcase. The cards are sized to mix and resist good waves. The mini-book included in the collection is colorful and gives the author enough space to provide enough information to work with the group.

Additional Material (small book):

The book that accompanies this collection is complete, well organized and contains card images. Hartmann first introduces the group and explains her inspiration for creating it. After that, there are chapters dedicated to each chakra and its associated cards. Each chakra chapter begins with general impressions and keywords about chakra and an overview of the corresponding cards.

The specified map entries contain multiple directions to create a multi-faceted approach to interpretation. “Myth”, “Inspiration”, “Personal Consultation”, “Key Ideas” and “Keywords” are the titles of each card, and the reflection completes each entry. I think the information and ideas in each title make the cards more adaptable to different contexts.

The last chapter consists of various designs that I found useful and helpful. They are well designed for this ceiling, and I think it can also be used with other floors. Hartmann provides sample readings with more sophisticated designs that are useful for learning to relate the nuances of cards in the context of different positions within an extension.


The artwork on this surface is smooth and colorful, and its style is casual and expressive. Many emotions and meanings are conveyed through facial features, such as a woman’s fear of a “release” card. My favorite aspects of the art in this collection are snow-covered trees, cloud textures, and other landscape elements.

The images on this surface contain little modern technology, especially television. If you want your cards to be completely timeless, this could be a problem for you. However, there are only a few cards with these details intentionally included illustrating one aspect of the legend associated with the card. I definitely recommend the artist who went out of her way to illustrate the shots of these myths honestly. Even the most abstract or unusual stories are well presented.

The edges of the map are color-coded according to the corresponding chakra. The keyword for each card is shown in a white box, which I think is slightly larger than necessary.


This surface uses a chakra system, but much of the material comes from the author’s personal experience. Hartmann explains that the NDE led her to write angels. These messages are the myths used in the pictures and the meaning of the cards. Hartmann also claims that understanding the chakras should be on a personal level, instead of being completely dependent on the work of others. The philosophy contributes to a personal focus on the group’s composition as well.

Hartmann’s view includes the law of attraction and his motto “education made easy”. In his view, flashcards can help you fundamentally change your behavior and conditions. “No hard work required” and “Changes really take place immediately.” Phrases like “We never make money. We attract it” illustrate his belief that you can make a goal and show what you want. Your personal beliefs about Hartmann’s approach may affect your relationship with this group.

Map concepts are often presented in a unique way because they closely correspond to the myths written by the author. For example, a card with the keyword “self-esteem” shows an image of a floating chair on an Inuit boy. This is the corresponding legend:

Salmon Chair

The back of a salmon chair for an Inuit boy playing in the snow, the valley and the river are the protectors of the salmon chair. “I never see him,” complains River. The valley whispered, “There are those who can close their eyes and see that.” The girl runs to her house to tell her elders about the chair, but no one thinks she is exhausted. The chair reappeared to him later. She gets and feels the love of a great servant. “

The example above shows the intentionally short nature of the proverbs. Some are abstract; others use secular or contemporary symbolism. Many stories are easy to follow and of somewhat child-like quality, while some have a more exotic composition, such as a “salmon chair”.

Each map also contains information that complements the legend and contains useful information. Ideas are widespread and are ideal for contemplative work. I found this collection to be a good read, although I focused on keywords, color bindings, inspiration, and map questions rather than myths or images.

However, I have great respect for Hartman’s experience and willingness to make these myths available to a wider audience. I am sure that many people will be friends with them, but I am afraid that I cannot count myself among them.

Wisdom Oracle Chakra is an extraordinary system of divination based on energies and the colors of the 7 primary chakra centers that are aligned with the spine. It is a wonderful blend of universal spiritual values and Eastern mysticism in a powerful medium for meditation and transformation. The Wisdom Oracle Chakra is more accessible than tarot and better than personal psychology. Identify the energies in your life and give them the tools to change them. The results are quick, and anyone can use them

Chankara Wisdom Oracle is For Those:

Ready for:

Know the difference between intuition and your brain

Trust your intuition completely

I support authentically and lovingly.

Be the reader you dreamed of

Create the supervisor career you want

Moreover, those who are tired:

Not sure if your intuition is speaking or speaking?

Guess how to read instead of knowing that?

Wondering if your gift works this time?

Are you interested in this intuitive connection that you miss?

Feel that you don’t have a clear direction.

You have the letters, now what?

I never understood why someone created a bunch of tokens and allowed you to decipher cards instead of building a relationship with them.

Know that you can feel lonely. Most card reading courses are general and do not address your connection to your game collection. The truth is, most people receive intuitive messages, but they don’t always trust them.

I created Chakra Wisdom Oracle Maps and Books, along with training just for you.

I know your feeling. I’ve been drawn to the deck for years now; I have come to love it in its entirety but I have one problem. I don’t how to use it. You realize that images were completely different, with most of the books offering an overview, not intended for this collection.

My promises to you are:

If you are asked to know the Oracle Chakra Wisdom cards, I will direct you whenever you love me so that you feel comfortable when you go out alone.

As a group creator, I want to take you as deep as you want so you can read like me at the Master level. Only better with your voice and style.

The plan here is simple:

You swing with the cover

You get the books along with the cover

You can register for more studies if you want

Other Points

Each card has a fairy tale that contains the full inspiration story for each divination. Full myths can be found in the attached Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit, an extension of the Oracle Chakra Wisdom charts. Myths facilitate the learning of letters.

The toolkit not only contains the complete myths, but it is also an intuitive guide for Chakra Wisdom Oracle with daily tips and wisdom to help you unlock intuition and connect with the deepest messages in the cards. Would you like a step-by-step guide to reading the Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards?


If you are looking for an oracle group that comes from a very personal vision, this group offers this unique perspective. Those interested in the law of attraction and meditation may find this aspect attractive.