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Clairvoyant: Understanding The Psychic Person (Free Guide)

Clairvoyant: Understanding The Psychic Person (Free Guide)

How to Know A Clairvoyant Person

Clairvoyance is a gift for when a person sees beyond and can predict future happenings or events. They can know about things they did not experience themselves.

Many people have this ability without knowing it, or perhaps they are not just a believer of such things or what some people call psychic, people with a sixth sense Aka extrasensory perception, they are a clairvoyant without realizing it.

Here are clairvoyant signs that you or someone you know should look out for. You may have already met a clairvoyant.

What Is Having Visions?

It may be a feeling of impending doom, or it can be happy visions. You may be with friends just hanging out and just having the best time of your life when suddenly you had this feeling that something bad is about to happen, and it is such a strong feeling that you can almost sense that it will happen to one of your friends.

These feelings are so strong that you feel the need to warn your friends to be doubly careful. Some clairvoyants cannot picture or zone in on what will happen and to whom. But some have honed their ability already, and they have embraced it, so visions are more accurate and clear.

Clairvoyants Are Often:

  • Open to making new friends.
  • Enjoy talking about their psychic gift.
  • Often give friends and family readings.
  • Like discussing their spirituality.

It is not always terrible visions, but most visions also involve joyful events just about to unfold soon, like a friend getting married or will have a baby (when they’ve been trying for years without succeeding), etc.

You know that you are in the company of a clairvoyant when she talks about things in the middle of a conversation, only to find out later on that it happened or materialized.

It can also be a feeling of deja vu as if something has already transpired when it is just actually happening.

What Are Vivid Dreams?

These are dreams that seem to be too real, even though it is happening while you are sleeping. The memories of your dream when you wake up can still be so vivid, and you can recall what happened in your dreams. Sometimes these dreams may give you an answer to what questions you have for so long, or it can solve a problem of someone you know. It can be a family, a close friend, or just an acquaintance. It can even be something that will change your friend’s life or a family member’s future.

We must give such dreams attention to, otherwise, it will just be wasted. These dreams happen or appear because it is life-changing.

It may also be a dream about a loved one who already passed away and wanting to get a message across to the family, or it can even be about a friend or a family member needing your help.

It can be a kind of a spiritual message that a clairvoyant gets when they are sleeping. They are receiving important information that can help others.

Other dreams may include being in an unfamiliar place, speaking to other people in another language as if you are too familiar with it.

People that are not clairvoyant also have dreams, but they do not recall what they dreamt about. Clairvoyant can specifically tell what their dreams are about, they can even play it in their minds to come up with an explanation about their dreams.

Do You feel A Negative Energy?

Sometimes you get a vibe about certain people that you just met or you see someone on tv that acts so well and in all innocence, only to find out that these people are bad to the bone. Clairvoyant people have this ability because their senses are strong compared to others, and they have ringing bells when there is negative energy surrounding them.

It can also be an unpleasant feeling about the place, it can be about a material thing that makes them veer away from these things, places, or people.

Clairvoyant can sense negativity, and sometimes the feeling gets too strong for them. When clairvoyants have honed their abilities, they can even touch a thing and know its history, where it came from, and visions of the owner.

Clairvoyants can also go to a place to sense its history and whether the people living there are living in harmony or not. Here enters their ability to sense when there is a problem brewing, and if they can help, they will.

Seeing People’s Aura

Do you happen to just meet someone and there is a voice in your head telling you to stay away from this person? Or you shake hands with a supposed recent acquaintance, and you feel a powerful negative feeling towards that person. This is not just your intuition telling you to stay away from something negative, but you are showing signs of clairvoyance.

If you have a friend who warns you about someone and you, on the other hand, are not just listening (when you also have the same feeling), you should take notice.

It might save you from future problems.

Clairvoyants can also see positive aura and the negative. The way they see a person with a good aura if they have positive energy and color surrounding them.

Is There A Powerful Feeling Of Empathy?

Do you sense a great feeling of sadness for the predicament of other people, or you are also seething with anger because of what happened to someone you know? Even if they are not an acquaintance, you still have a strong emotional attachment to other people’s plight, and if you can do something about it, you will.

Here is another sample of a person who may be clairvoyant because they are more empathetic to people, whether it is anger, delight, or grief other people are feeling, they can relate to it as if the feelings are their own.

They have a greater attachment if it’s someone close to them. Do you have a friend or a family member that suddenly calls you in the middle of the night while you are having the worst day of your life? Or you don’t know why your co-worker from 5 years ago suddenly calls you after you and your boyfriend broke up. These are signs that these people are clairvoyants.

Even some clairvoyants cannot explain why they felt a powerful urge to call an old friend, not knowing that they have saved a life by doing so.

Is There A feeling Of Link Or Connection?

Do you have a prominent feeling of connection with someone? It can be a recent acquaintance, and you have a sense of peace when you are talking to that person, or it can even be yourself when you have a remarkable connection with another individual, or it can even be many people.

This is another trait of a clairvoyant because they have a magnetic personality. When they speak to you, there is a feeling of calmness, and you don’t want to hide details from them. Clairvoyant can empathize with other people, and they can give advice and insights because most clairvoyants have a natural wisdom that they share with other people around them.

There is also another characteristic that you can see from a clairvoyant you feel positively happy when you are around them because they are lovers of beautiful things. They can connect not just with people, but with animals, and they love beautiful objects.

Sensing Significant Danger

Do you sometimes have a feeling of great anxiety or you feel that something bad is about to happen?

Clairvoyants can do that, and they are better at it.

If you have a friend who warned you about not going ahead to your planned vacation and sure enough, an accident happened on the highway that involved many vehicles. Someone asked you not to go scuba diving, and sure enough, they have saved you from a life-threatening accident. Maybe someone had warned you about a decision that you are about to make as it will make your life miserable and you listen to it, now you are happier.

Well, you should thank these people because they have sharpened their ability not to help themselves but to help others as well.

You will know if you are in the company of a clairvoyant with the above signs, but there is also a line between intuition and truly having psychic abilities.

But then again, clairvoyance somehow starts with intuition – that is, being aware and understanding about certain situations and events. They begin with life-changing experiences that made them realize they have the ability or capability. They start with following that small voice in their head.

You may even be a clairvoyant yourself without realizing it. Most of us have gifts, but we are just so caught up with living our daily lives that we do not notice what is happening to us and our surroundings.

Clairvoyants just learned how to develop these feelings and experiences so they can awaken their psychic skills and use it for positive purposes. Having such abilities can make a difference in your life and the life of other people. Clairvoyants mostly use their ability to reach out and help others.