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Are Mediumship Psychic Readings The Key To Speaking With The Dead?

Are Mediumship Psychic Readings The Key To Speaking With The Dead?

Mediumship is the act of mediating between the dead and the living. Those who practice this role are called mediums. Mediums are highly sensitive and intuitive people that they can hear, feel, and sense a soul and can communicate with them.

There were attempts made in the olden days were mediumship became popular in the 19th century. There were practices done by many people called spiritism. This is where the belief and practice of mediumship came about.

Mediums are believed to have the ability to talk to the deceased, and they can get important information from those who passed away to give to the families who are hoping for any communication with them. Families that are only hoping for closure. Those who need the help of mediums do so because their loved ones must have died during sleep, died because of violent death, died due to an accident, died of natural causes without them being able to talk to each other.

Why Do Some People Need The Help Of A Medium Or Ask For Mediumship?

Another reason people would like to ask the help of a medium is due to some words left unsaid like words of forgiveness. If the loved ones died without the living family asking for forgiveness from the family member who passed away.

They have a burden to carry because, for them, it was something that should have been said and done years ago. It is something that will bother them for the rest of their lives. Sometimes there is anger between the dead and the living family member because of misunderstanding that could have been solved, but, of course, with pride in the way words are left unsaid.

Family members also ask the help of mediums because of some questions left unanswered. It may involve money or material things as well, and maybe the dead family member is the only one who knew the answer, so family members need the help of the medium. Some may be about inheritance or missing last will. It can also be about the division of the inheritance, between family members.

A living family member not being able to say goodbye also asks help from mediums. They need help because they did not see their loved ones before they die. Maybe they are too busy to visit the deceased family member while they are in the hospital, and they don’t have time, or maybe, the deceased died a sudden violent death.

Not being able to say goodbye to your loved ones can be a disturbing experience. There is just too much grief involved for the bereaved for not saying what they could have said while their loved one is still alive.

Do Family Members Want To Speak To The Dead?

Family members sometimes hold on to the memory and hoping to talk to their loved ones they would resort to asking for help from mediums. They would like to cling to that memory when their loved ones are still alive, and sometimes this is the way they cope, and they want to hear something from the medium. It can be a supposed utterance of loving words from the dead loved ones, or it can be something that will make the living member move on with their lives.

Living family members go to a medium, hoping the medium will see how their dead loved ones are doing – is he in hell or heaven? This is like proof seeking by the living member on whether there is heaven or hell. Sometimes living members want to know how their dead family members look like when they are dead. It can either be a feeling of curiosity by the living member.

Why Do Family Members Seek Out Mediums?

Most living members go to a medium for help if they need to decide something life-changing. They need to know that they are making the right decision and want some affirmation from their deceased loved ones. We cannot understand why these people feel that way, but they do, and it is how they cope with their loss. They positively felt that if they go for help from a medium, they will send their message to their deceased family member or vice versa.

Family members talk to a medium because they need to locate their deceased family members and would need their help. Mediums may ask them to bring a piece of clothing owned by the supposed deceased family member, which can be a picture of, something that the deceased member loved to use or something of a cherished possession of the deceased. Some mediums may not be able to get any apparent answer if the person they are looking for are still living and perhaps just missing or not wanting to be found.

How Do Mediums Talk To The Deceased?

Summoning the soul of the deceased. The mediums are capable and can call the deceased family member. It is done with care and is not something to dabble on by ordinary people. The medium can handle such because of the training they have, and they know what to do in these situations. They can also ask the soul to leave after the supposed encounter.

Talking to them in their dreams. Some mediums can speak to the deceased in their dreams. Another ability that is not handled by any normal people. Mediums were said to utter a prayer before sleeping. Then a message for the deceased.

Although some people affirmed that their loved ones have talked to them in their dreams, but only a few can experience this.

Seeing the soul of the deceased. Mediums can see souls or ghosts, which is not something normal for other people. Mediums can talk to these ghosts, and they can bring a message for the soul’s loved ones. They can also mediate by talking to the soul/ghosts and speak to the living person at the same time. Some mediums were said to see the soul of the dead person sitting beside them or their living loved ones.

Ouija board. Mediums can also use the Ouija as the soul can also communicate with it. Use of Ouija by ordinary people may take some risks, hence, it is not advised by mediums as someone who knows how to handle spirits and understands about the spirit world should handle it. Ouija board attracts unconventional spirits, some are benevolent while other spirits are good-natured spirits.

There are feared stories about the incorrect use of the Ouija Board, but most are in the movies. Most of these stories were said to be a real-life narration.

Using pictures or pieces of items owned by the deceased. Mediums can also give you information just by holding an article owned by the deceased. They can also see the deceased in their vision as if the person is talking to them. This is an ability that is not normally possible in any person but only to those who are gifted.

Most mediums whose help are now being utilized by the cops for them to find people who are missing and feared to be dead. Mediums can assist by touching the missing person’s favorite shirt or clothing it can also be a tour of the deceased bedroom or where the energy of that person was last to be in.

Mediums are taken over by the soul of the dead. Mediums can also use their body as the vessel for the soul of the deceased family member to be able to talk to the living family member. They can change their voices, and it can be the voice of the dead. The conversation between the supposed deceased with the living family member does not take too long because, according to some medium, this is a hard technique for them.

Using automatic drawing or writing to get a message from the deceased. Mediums can write some information that is important to the living family member. The medium can write answers to questions being asked by the living family member. Sometimes they can draw details that are only familiar to the living family member, and this will satisfy their yearning.

Some mediums are also asked by the cops to help with some of their cases. Mediums are asked to contact the deceased (mostly who died a violent death) and request their help to trace the perpetrator. Mediums can draw the face of the supposed perpetrator with the help of the deceased (murdered) person.

Mediums getting unconscious and the soul of the deceased will take over. This mediumship involves a medium that has lost consciousness, but can speak and give information to the one listening, it can be another medium, or it can be the living family relative of the deceased they are contacting. The living family member can ask questions, and the unconscious medium will answer and give an appropriate answer because it is the soul of the deceased.

Reading symbols, numbers, and other representations. Mediums can also see beyond numbers and symbols, unlike the ordinary person. There are representations of objects and can be seen by someone capable of understanding the meaning.