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What Is The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning In Love?

What Is The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning In Love?

Tarot cards intrigue so many people perhaps because they have that touch of mystic that knows how to fascinate …

The Tarot is the last of the Divination languages and appears at the beginning of the last millennium, as a synthetic sum of Egyptian knowledge, brought back by the Templar philosophical elite. The Tarot is a linguistic tool, it is a real form of language. Reading tarot cards, as a mantic, divinity act, is only the best known and most effective way of grasping the semantics of the world around us.

For rational thinking it is difficult to understand how it is possible to grasp past facts, present situations and above all future events, in the light that this “reading or divining” tends to work and there are many fortune-tellers or experts in bellows systems that “catch us”. You need to study. The fortune-teller can be of two types: either highly cultured, human and empathetic or very “sensitive”

Tarot Cards Help You To:

  • See a future in love.
  • Earn more money.
  • Find a career path.
  • Discover good luck.
  • Open opportunities for friendship.

Is Fate Your Destiny?

Fate is not fixed, it is often only probable, they are timelines of probability. The closer the event is, the more difficult it is to change it and it becomes easier to detect it through the bellows; on the contrary, the further away the event under discussion is, the greater the chances that it will change, by itself or by the action of free will.

Instead, the past has already happened and you just need to practice reading it or grasping it from the physical and psychological whole of the postulate. It goes without saying that the fortune-teller should act as a coach, an empathetic symbolism, an educator, between teaching and warning!

The Tarot does not “give” absolute truths nor reveal our future in love because we are the architects of our tomorrow, but they can help us take stock of the situation and can suggest how to behave in certain circumstances. There are many methods for reading the Tarot and solving love issues: some of these methods use the entire deck of cards, while others use only the Major Arcane.

Are Tarot Cards Historical?

The tarot cards of love tend to merge with history and supernatural power giving answers to what are the doubts of every day. Specifically on heart problems, these cards have been designed and are interpreted by people in charge who guide towards the conscious discovery written in the soul of each of us.

The tarot cards of love date back to medieval times and have remained unchanged for centuries, giving people the opportunity not to know their future but to face any type of problem. They are cards that offer absolute positive and negative truths and must be interpreted according to the net question that is asked the professional of their reading.

How Many Cards Are In A Tarot Card Deck?

The Tarot deck consists of 78 cards with each one a particular meaning that must be contextualized and brought out. In most cases, the major arcane is used, 22 cards considered the key to meditation. In fortune telling, this type of tarot keeps the great secrets of humanity thanks to their drawings with colors and writings that are found along the entire frame. The Dean tarot cards, on the other hand, are closely linked to the zodiac signs, preserving the will and knowledge of the Gods.

In order for the tarot cards of love to give absolute answers, it is good to move in this way:

1) Think of a direct and precise question

2) Be proactive in front of the expert fortune-teller

3) Listen well to the answer

If used well they give the most correct solution for how to deal with a situation, guiding each other through awareness.

According to the Cartomancy, the Major Arcane contain the greatest secrets and with their symbols, their colors and their archetypal figures they speak to us and work better for us in our love situation. Consult the Major Arcane we have the opportunity to look inside and dare to voice our emotions and our fears.

The symbolism of the Tarot and specifically of the Major Arcana is inexhaustible. Each card evokes different feelings and emotions in us and to have an answer to our doubts in love we must also take into consideration what the Major Arcane provoke us on an emotional level.

The method of love is used to answer questions about the sentimental sphere, in particular about what needs to be done to get something or to win someone over.

What Does The Tarot Card Of Love Allow You To Do?

The tarot cards of love allow you to discover the future in love and learn the secrets of a person’s sentimental destiny. They will reveal the feelings of your partner, the situation of your relationship as a couple, if he returns to you and when and if there are new loves in sight.

During a fortune telling consultation, of course, they will take on a different meaning based on the combination with which they come out and the question asked the cards.

The images of the cards are fantastic and accompany us on a magnificent, but at the same time intricate, journey of life and love, providing us with a precious guide.

Each of the 22 major arcane of the tarot deck of love has a single divinity meaning that derives from its esoteric meaning but without a complete reading using certain methods it is not possible to have precise and truthful indications. Relying on an expert fortune-teller in love tarot cards is essential for a correct interpretation of this type of tarot card.

But what are the tarot cards of love, or the Major ones? Here is a brief overview of their “straight” aspect (with reverse meaning if they turn upside down):

A) The Magician represents a person with strong intelligence, a desire for a new relationship and to turn one’s desires into reality.

B) The Popess represents intuition and strength, an invitation to go beyond what are simple appearances by letting go of a new love.

C) The empress is a symbol of strength, evolution and possible pregnancy. He suggests cultivating relationships.

D) The emperor represents a great need for security, stable and lasting relationship. It shows the way for a successful relationship.

E) The Pope manifests himself when there is the possibility of a serious and stable relationship, trying to recover a relationship and the moral values ​​that are hidden behind it.

F) The Lovers symbol of love stability, symbol of mutual affection and very lucky relationship. Give voice to your heart and create the right couple balance.

G) The Cart is the official card of success, with a love or birth on the way and gives the strength to go on without being afraid of changes.

H) Strength represents one’s inner self and intelligence in dealing with passion, involvement and liveliness. This card invites you not to get carried away by negative events.

I) The Hermit invites reflection and calmness, before jumping into new knowledge. Now the other person well before letting go.

J) The Wheel of Fortune is the tarot of fate in love, with all the variables that cannot be managed directly. Invites evolution and leaving the past behind.

K) Justice usually represents a test that is brilliantly overcome, especially in love when one is looking for a balance on both sides.

L) The Hanged Man represents pain, sacrifice, negative moments and the way to find rebirth. When this card appears it means that in love you are experiencing a very difficult period to face.

M) Death is one of the most beautiful cards and represents a detachment, a rebirth and an invitation to leave all that is negative for us

N) Temperance represents a positive relationship, outlined by sweetness and affection, a couple destined to last a long time.

O) The Devil is not a positive card, whatever his position. In love, it represents something exasperated, unbalanced and destined to end.

P) The Tower always represents the end of a relationship, incompatibility of character and invites changing life drastically.

Q) The Stars represent inner peace and happy ending.

A) The Moon promises and deludes, as well as loves destined to end in a short time.

S) The Sun guides you towards victory and success, advising you to get to the bottom of situations.

T) Judgment always guides to the rebirth, awareness and study of the person who is close to us.

U) The world represents what is achieved, the beauty and every facet of a healthy and better than expected relationship.

There are no negative cards, because they are only symbols and their meanings are contextual and given by the position of the card within the game. For example, death means change in 100 different ways, of which only one of these 100 will concern actual death, the game will decide.

If we ask two good fortune-tellers the same question, they will essentially tell us the same things but in different ways, they will have used different decks and above all different cards will have come out because it is a symbolic language that speaks to the reader and not to the one who asks, our task to understand the message we want to convey.