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What Past Life Did I Have?

Who Were You In A Past Life?

Perhaps you are trying to see if you were here before. I do not mean in the physical spot that you are sitting in right now.  I am talking about the spiritual place that you have been before in the past.  Past lives are the outward sign that we have been on earth before in another form.  You may have been another human being, a pet, or some other life force. How do you know if you have had a past life in your life before?

Children all over the world are beginning to talk about past lives without even realizing it.  They are often telling their parents that they are afraid of planes or boats because they feel that they can get shot down.

  • Not everyone believes in past lives.
  • Past lives are often looked at during meditation.
  • Past life psychics can tap into who you were in previous lives.
  • You are different now in this life.

You may wonder why a child would say such a thing.  However, many past life researchers are beginning to discover that adults that died in WWII and previous wars are now coming back to life again as children in the 21st century. 

They are often saying names that they could not possibly know because they are only around 4 or 5 years old. However, they are remembering people that they had a past life with. 

What Are Children Telling Their Parents About Past Lives?

In many instances, children are telling their parents that they know that they had a friend named “so and so” and they want to know if they are okay. They will often give first and last names.  The parents of course are shocked and wondering why their children would be saying such things. However, it is a fact that past lives are evident in these children. 

I do believe that millions of people all over the earth are beginning to feel that they have been here before in some other kind of life form.  They may say that they had no idea that they would come back to earth again. However, they are remembering certain details about their past life.  When they begin researching their feelings and thoughts, it is obvious that they are remembering specific details about their life here on earth some time ago. 

Who Can You Talk To About Past Lives?

The best people to talk to about past lives are psychics. Psychics are often open to whatever you have to say to them about your life in the past or what you may be seeing in the future.  It is becoming obvious that we are not alone and that we should look at the earth as being something that nobody fully understands completely.

Modern day scientists say that there is no real proof that someone has been here before and that a past life is most likely, “not real”.  However, if you have ever been through a past life experience, your opinion may most likely differ. 

Many psychics often talk about ufo abductions.  Millions of people around the world claim to have been abducted by a UFO.  However, most scientists debunk this and say that its not true.  UFO abductees are often called liars. However, we must never assume that someone is lying if they are trying to tell us something that is hurtful to them or a memory that is hard for them to let go of.

What Is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression will often teach you that we are not here alone. The person that is conducting the pat life regression experiment will often tell you that they can help you to walk through your experiences of a past life. They will often tell you that you need to close your eyes and try to remember what happened to you in a past life.

It is amazing that as you begin focusing on something in your mind, all kinds of thoughts run through your mind.  You may be laying down on the sofa of the past life regressionist and begin seeing apples in your mind. You may then start to see a countryside or a farm. You may start remembering that in a past life, you were living on a farm and your family was invested in apple trees. 

As you can see, there is always something that you can learn about yourself and what happened to you centuries ago.  You may not realize it now, but the past life regression session will help you to accept your life now and help you to realize that you are not alone in this world. In fact, you have a lot going on with you and you can take on new challenges that come to you on a day to day basis. 

Should You Talk About Your Past Life to Friends and Family?

Talking about your past life to friends and family is usually not the best idea. You may be wondering why. It is often because they will not understand your wanting to know about it. They will often reject that you were here before. It is mainly because they do not understand how the soul evolves and becomes something different every single time the body returns to earth. 

Many religions of the world today do not believe in past lives or reincarnation.  They believe that once you die, that is it.  Some religions teach about heaven or hell.  However, the evolution of the soul is often not taught. Many people do not understand the concept of a past life or why someone would even come back to earth after being dead for a while.

Are Past Lives True?

Most people say that their past life experiences do not always mean that it is true. In fact, many people that talk about past lives do not understand their life right now in the present. They may ask why they are always breaking or why they have such bad health. Was it something that they did wrong as a baby?  Was it because their family is cursed? Perhaps something happened to them in a past life and now they are paying for it. 

Past lives are often talked about because we are trying to make sense out of our present-day life. Many times, we feel that if we were born into poverty, its because of something that we did wrong in a past life. Perhaps we were a thief or murderer in our past life. Maybe we did not understand ourselves well enough and now have come back into this life to pay for our sins of the past. Is that possible?

It is possible that anything could have happened in a previous life. Many experts today say that having a past life could help you to make sense out of this life and who you are as a person. Many people today believe that you can overcome challenges in life through a past life regression session. 

When you begin to look at your past, you begin to hold some accountability as to why certain things happen to you currently. You may get answers as to why you did not have the best of lives and what you could have done differently.  Maybe you will see that none of your life is even your fault. Instead, it is because of something that happened in a past life and now you are seeing that it must pay itself off. 

Is Each Past Life The Same?

Past lives teach us that we are not going to always go through the same things in every lifetime that we return.  We often want to know if we are always going to be in a situation in which we feel a sense of happiness. Will we feel sad at certain periods of our lives?  What can we do about it? 

It is important to bring up to your past life’s regressionist all your concerns.  Let them know why you want to know about your past life and what you can do about it. You must slowly look at yourself and ask, “What can I do differently now in my life to make sense out of what happened before in the past?” 

It can be scary to find out that you were a soldier in a past life and then got killed in a war. You may have not known that information without a vision of your past life. 

If you think about it, we often use only around 10% of our brain’s full capacity. Scientists say that we do not walk through our lives daily using all our full brain power. There are still things about the brain that we do not understand.  We may hold onto a memory of something that happened when we were a child and yet cannot remember what we had for lunch 5 days ago.  It is interesting how the brain can recall a memory at a certain period of life. We sometimes do not understand everything that happens to us. 

Being centered, balanced, and focused often puts us into a situation in which we can open our minds up and give more of ourselves.  We often want to have the realization that when we put our minds into something, we see the truth in it. This is how past lives work.