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What Are Some Taurus Men Traits On Vacation?

What Are Some Taurus Men Traits On Vacation?

Taurus men have a hard time taking a break from work.  If you tell them to take a break, they will probably work harder.  Taurus men have high work ethics. They want to show the world that they can obtain their dreams through hard work.  Getting a Taurus man to take a vacation is not going to be easy. However, I put together some great vacation spots that your Taurus man will not say no to. In fact, he may say yes because he feels that it may benefit his life in some way, shape or form. 

Hot Spot #1: Ski Trip

Taurus men love adventure and anything that is spontaneous. Most Taurus men love to ski. They see skiing to experience adventure and happiness in their lives. They often believe that the slopes give them a thrill that is more important than work itself.

It will also allow you to get some romantic time with him if he is your boyfriend/husband. Cabins and hotel rooms on ski resorts are often catered for romance. Your room will often come with a hot tub or indoor steam shower. You and your partner can experience the best of times inside of the place that you are staying.

Skiing will also get The Taurus man’s mind off his everyday do list.  He is often stressed over how he will pay the bills and saving up for the next car that is in his dreams. It is often hard for him to look at his life and feel that the world is coming against him in some way, shape or form.

It is important to talk to him a lot when he is on vacation.  Taurus men love to unwind when he is relaxed and seeing life a lot more differently than he did before he left.

It is important to not ask him to many questions.  This could make him feel uncomfortable. The best way to have an enjoyable time with a Taurus man is to let him do the talking and learn how to listen more. 

Hot Spot #2: Whale Watching

Taurus men happen to have a strong connection with the ocean. They often want to experience the sea and learn from it.  Whale watching gives him a reminder of what life is all about. Experiencing nature out in the wild will allow him to see that he needs to stop what he is doing and pay more attention to nature around him.  When he sees whales face to face, he will have a big smile on his face.  He will often say that this is the greatest experience that he has ever had in his life. 

You will find that it is also enjoyable for you. Whale watching allows you to see nature at its finest.  You are out in the deep sea with a boat full of people that have a passion for whales.  It is great to see the ocean and the wild in general. 

Taurus men often find this appealing because they love the excitement of seeing a whale in the wild and not knowing what to expect. You cannot predict when or if you will see a whale on your trip. The captain will often put in a disclaimer that he is not responsible if you do not see any whales.  As you can see, the excitement of this will drive the Taurus man wild. 

Hot Spot #3: NASCAR Vacation

Taurus men love cars and watching them live will make his heart flutter in excitement.  Getting him tickets to the next NASCAR race would be most ideal. Even if he has never watched NASCAR on television, being at the stadium with the revving engines will put a smile on his face that you have never seen before.

It is a romantic get away for the two of you because after the race, you can arrange a romantic dinner for the two of you and then snuggle up in your hotel room watching TV and making love. This is an exciting time in both of your lives.  He will say that this is the best idea that you could have given to him. Most Taurus men will not say no to NASCAR vacations and it forces him to drop his work and go with you on a trip.

Hot Spot #4: Celebrity Mansion Boat Tours in Florida

There are many boats that will take you around Star Island in Miami Florida. This is one of the best trips for a Taurus man because he has high dreams and expectations of what he wants to accomplish in his life.  Having him look at mansions of celebrities will give him a reason as to why he puts so much work into his work week. He lives for accomplishing his dreams and buying fancy cars and homes. Showing him the best that money can buy will give him happiness and allow him to see what he desires the most. 

You can find romance with him on this trip as well because he will show you that he is into you a lot and wanting to grow with you as well. You can talk to him about which celebrity home you liked the most and where you see the two of you going in the future. 

Mansion boat trips of course are fun because you get to see celebrities’ homes that you watch on television. It is one of the most exciting trips for someone to see. 

Hot Spot #5: Magic Shows

Taurus men love to see the unexpected. He wants to see magic in front of his eyes. Taurus men love to watch magic shows because it allows him to use his imagination. Taurus men do have a lot of imagination and tend to talk about how they feel and what they are experiencing on a day to day basis. 

The best hot spots for magic shows are Las Vegas.  Taking him to see a show with David Copperfield or Criss Angel will have him wanting to stay in Vegas for awhile longer. Line up around 3 magic shows and you will see him thanking you for taking him to a place that he never thought before was going to be good enough for him.

It is important to experience a lot of happiness on your trip together He will say that when he is with you, he feels like the passion inside of him comes out a lot more regularly.  Taurus men tend to like feeling surprised.  They do not like the everyday boredom of life.  As he ages, he wants to see and witness things that he has never seen before. He wants to visualize everything that life has to offer him. He wants to see life for what it is and then not turn back with anything that does not make sense to him. 

Hot Spot #6: Boxing Tournaments

Taurus men love to see a good fight.  Watching two men pounding one another in the ring makes the Taurus man feel like he is getting out a lot of his own frustrations from work and what has happened to him in his life. Getting him tickets to see a golden gloves match of a professional fight will not only excite him but will make him forget about his troubles for a while.

It is important to take him on this trip when you feel that he is highly stressed out and just needs some time to calm down. He will appreciate this trip and it will give him a reminder that we all face battles on a day to day basis that we must try and work out.

Learning how to love and give of ourselves is important.  Taurus men often do not put enough time into their lives to understand who they are or even where they are going tomorrow. It is important to give him some encouragement. 

Hot Spot #7: Shark Watching

Putting a Taurus man in a cage underneath a boat watching sharks is something that he has most likely never done before. This is not only exciting but will make him see real deep sea for the first time in his life. Most other zodiac signs find this adventure to be scary and unappealing.

However, Taurus men love the challenge of being underwater in a cage and watching the sharks pass by.  He will feel a sense of fear, anger, and pain in his life. He will wonder what the future is going to hold for him or what he must do to be less cared while he is under water. 

These trips are normally organized by experienced deep-sea fishermen and have done this many time. You will find that when he is out in the middle of the deep sea, he is getting excited and letting you know that his heart is into experiencing this thrill of a lifetime. 

I hope that these tips have given you a good idea of where you to take your Taurus man next.  Enjoy!