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Are You Dealing with a Fake Psychic Reader?

Are You Dealing with a Fake Psychic Reader?
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Are You Dealing with a Fake Psychic Reader?

It is hard to believe that people are in the world today that want to deceive you into thinking that they are a psychic.  In today’s world, its hard to spot a fake psychic from a real one.  This article is here to teach you a lesson about psychics and the spiritual world. 

Most fake psychics are trying to deceive you because they are after your money.  They want to get money for lying to you. That is a horrible way to look at spirituality. However, for many psychics, this is the way that they operate their business. 

You should know that there is no governing body of psychics that oversee the industry.  In fact, if you get a psychic reading, you are getting one blindly.  A psychic can come from any walk of life and you must either believe that they are gifted or not.  It is important to talk to a spiritual adviser that you feel connected to. 

Why Do People Choose a Particular Psychic Reader?

People often choose psychics based on their reputation and feedback. Most psychic websites today have a feedback system in which other people have already rated them. If a psychic has good feedback, they are usually more reputable than someone saying that they are psychic and yet have no feedback about them. After all, how is someone supposed to know that they are gifted unless others are saying something positive about them.

If a psychic is world famous, they are more believable than your average “Joe” psychic from down the street.  If you see someone on television and everyone is saying that they are “psychic”, then they most likely are.  There is no guarantee that they will be, but you stand a much better chance at getting a psychic reading with someone that has a proven reputation.

Have You Checked Out Your Psychics Online Reputation?

Check to see if the psychic that you are trying to use has a problem with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).  If a psychic has a shop, there is most likely a feedback system on them and a reputation score. If many people have reported them as being fraudulent, then I would highly suggest that you stay away from that spiritual reader.  People often do not report to the BBB unless they feel that they have been given bad business.  If a report is given to the BBB, the owner has a right to dispute the claim.  If the psychic cares anything about their reputation, they will contact the BBB and tell their side of the story.

Also check Google reviews.  Any psychic having a start rating of 4 stars and higher is often good to talk to.  Not every psychic reading will be perfect. However, the psychic reader should at least have a decent reputation. 

If your psychic is trying to charge your more money than what was originally agreed upon, they are most likely a fake psychic.  Real psychics often charge a flat rate fee for a reading. 

They do not go outside of that fee because you already agreed to the price.  If they are charging you by the minute, then you are agreeing to a per minute fee. If they are charting you one flat fee, then that is all you should have to pay.

Unfortunately, many psychics will tell you that the reading costs a certain amount of money, but then try to tell you that there is evil around you and that they need more money to clear the evil energy.

Does Your Psychic Reader Ask To Many Questions?

They will often ask you to either send them money through Western Union or to give them cash.  Fake psychics often want to keep on taking as much money as they can from you and look for gullible people that are looking to give them their hard-earned cash. 

Unfortunately, there are many fake psychics in the world today that have made headlines in the media.  They were caught stealing thousands of dollars from their clients. 

Often, fake psychics will say that they are 100% accurate. Seriously, is anything 100% accurate?  Psychics that promise you that they are always right are often fake.

It is mainly because they are trying to convince you to only use their services because they are the only real deal in the entire world. Every other psychic is fake, but them. Remember, if something is to good to be true, it usually is.  No psychic that ever lived was 100% accurate all the time. It is just not possible. 

  • Never Give A Psychic Reader More Than You Can Afford.
  • Do Not Give Psychics Thousands Of Dollars For a Reading.
  • Only Spend What You Can Afford.

If your psychic is asking you to give them a blank check for further sessions, run!  You would be shocked to find out that psychics often ask people to give them a personal check with no amount on the check and only a signature.

They may even ask them to get them a bunch of cashiers checks for the future. They will try to steal thousands of dollars from their clients. They often want to prey on the elderly and those that are desperate and looking for answers. Obviously, this kind of practice is evil.

Does Your Psychic Have A New Phone Number Each Week?

If your psychic is constantly giving you different phone numbers to contact them on, they are most likely a fraud.  Psychics that cannot keep the same phone number often feel that people are after them. 

Perhaps they have scammed a lot of people and angry customers are constantly trying to tell them what happened.  Perhaps their predictions never came to pass or maybe they took a lot of money from them and nothing happened after that.  Reputable psychics are often found on the same websites that they work on for years.  You can always find them.  You may also discover a psychic reader on a certain phone number for years as well. 

What Does Your Intuition Tell You?

Your intuition will often tell you that a person is either good or bad.  Sometimes, you get a feeling about someone and you feel like maybe something is wrong with them. You do not want to pass judgement on them, but a red light is hitting you.  You will often feel that its time for you to step up and avoid that person. This happens all too often. If you sense that something is giving you a bad vibe, do not use that psychic. Your instincts are often right.

Fake psychics often ask a lot of questions. They love to “fish for information”.  You may get a sense that they are not psychic but are trying to ask you questions to give you a reading on the information that you have already given to them. Fake psychics often like to talk about their own personal lives for a long time and use a lot of time laughing, being overly friendly and simply not telling you anything psychically.  You may get a sense that they are trying to avoid giving you any information. 

Fake psychics often want to get on your good side to get you liking them. Once they feel that you like them, they just have a casual conversation with you and talk to you like a friend.  They give you some helpful information, but it is not psychic. 

Fake Psychics Try To Act Like They Are Your Friend

Fake psychics will often call you honey or sweetie to act like they care a lot about you.  However, they are often doing this to just make you feel that they are trying to be your friend.  Professional and real psychics like to keep things personal. They want you to feel that they are an expert and they will often want you to listen to what they have to say. 

Professional psychics will often want you to hear them, instead of the other way around. Real psychics often have a lot to say to you without you having to say much. They often want to prove their skills to you by telling you information that only you would know. Most reputable psychics want you to see that they have a spiritual gift that most others do not have.

When a real psychic is sitting in front of you, you know it. Your gut feeling is that they are onto something and they are blowing your mind away. You will often say, “Wow, how did they know that?”  Most psychics today enjoy talking with people that need them and their help.  They want to be of service to you because they feel a spiritual gift that wants to make them feel a sense of connection with you.

Fake Psychics Try to Call/Text/Email You Constantly Because They Are Trying To Extract More Money From You

You will find that fake psychics often want you to feel like they are forcing you to talk to them.  Most psychics that are not real will often call you on the phone and bother you to come into their shop for another reading. 

They may send you constant messages through email saying that they have new information to give to you or that you should call them for a follow up reading. You will often feel that they are bothering you.  Fake psychics often do not have their clients calling them back. Instead, they pester and bother their clients because it is the only way that they can earn money.  Real psychics do not need to contact their clients. It is because they are so busy with clients constantly because they are the real deal.