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Affectionate: His Compatibility Towards You

Affectionate: His Compatibility Towards You

Is He affectionate Towards Me?

It is hard to imagine yourself being in a relationship with someone that does not want to express themselves to you. You go to give them a hug and they shrink back from you. It can be hard for any man or woman to feel like they are not getting affection in their relationship.  It is a good idea to ask yourself if you are with the right person.

I know that it might be hard for you to think about separating from the person that you card deeply for.  He may be the love of your life and yet, you do not know him as well as you thought you could. 

  • Do You Feel Loved By Him?
  • Why Isn’t He Giving You Affection?
  • What Can You Do About Feeling Unloved?
  • Does He Push You Away?

When it comes to sex, he may give you everything that you want. However, after your moments of pleasure are over with, it seems like he is ten miles away. That could be hard and often problematic to people that feel like their lives are not where they want them to be. 

Is Romance a Problem?

If romance is a problem in your relationship, communication is key to getting him to open.  You must first find out why he is so unaffectionate.  Perhaps he was raised in a household where his mother or father did not give him much affection. Perhaps he told you that he does love you and yet, you would never know it because he never kisses you or holds your hands.  When you are on the sofa, you feel like he is more into watching a movie than snuggling up with you. 

Romance often starts through conversation. Beyond sexual chemistry, there must be a feeling that both of you have that expresses your affection for one another.  You may be shocked to learn that affection does not always please your partner as you do you. 

Many men in the world today have a hard time expressing their feelings. They often see this as a sign of weakness.  They want to desperate express their emotions to someone that they love and care for, but they do not know how to do that exactly.

How to Get Him to Kiss You More

If you feel that he is not kissing you enough, its important that you kiss him first all the time.  He will get to understand your need for affection if you show him what you want first.  He may be shocked to find out that you want kisses in the morning, at night and even while cuddling up on the sofa.  You can express your kisses to him while walking down the street as well.  He will need to see this side of you coming out. 

He will need to see that it means a lot to you. He may not be the one to kiss you first, so you must train him to be open to kissing.  Its important that you show him that kissing does mean affection. Believe it or not, he may see kissing as something that should only be done while making love.

However, if you show him that its okay to kiss anytime, he will eventually come to see that he can kiss you a lot more down the road.  Training him to kiss you often takes 6 months.  You may be shocked to find out that training him into a new habit takes time and practice.  It may seem like you are doing all the work, but you are teaching him how to open and to be a part of your life. 

It is important to feel like you can have someone that will always be there for you.  You need to have someone that will always be on your good inside. 

How Can You Get Him to Hug You on the Sofa?

To get him to hug you on the sofa, you need to let him see that you need that.  You are probably a lot more affectionate than he is and therefore, you want him to hold you and show interest when you are trying to snuggle up with him.  It is important to show him that it has a deeper meaning to you.  You should pause the movie at times to let him see that snuggling is a top priority. Once he sees that you are snuggling up with him because you have such love for him, it is a good thing. 

Life can often be hard for anyone to have in life. You need to always look at your life and see that you can have whatever you want to in life.  Learning how to live your life according to the standards that you have set is important. 

You need to have a big talk with him and let him know that when he touches and holds you, it makes him feel more connected to you.  He may not know that a simple hug makes you feel more loved by him. Often, his words will mean less than his actions to you. After all, anyone can say that they have passionate love for you. However, there is nothing like someone showing this with action. 

Should You Tell Him That You Notice That He is Affectionate with Others and Not You?

Often, you will notice that when he is around his family and friends, he may be hugging them and simply giving more of himself.  Perhaps he feels that when he fully trusts someone, he can give them love and affection.

It is important for you to always show your heart to him because he must come to see that he can be open with you as well.  Tell him that you often see him being very “chummy” with others and it makes you feel bad when he is not that way with you. It may remind him that he is not giving you as much affection as he should. It is necessary to let him know what you are seeing so that he can be on the same page emotionally as you are. 

Should You Ask Him What Affection Means to Him?

Have a sit-down talk with your guy and ask him what he believes affection means and why.  You are going to hear his heart speak to you and he probably will not even realize that he feels anything that he is going to tell you. It is important for you to look him in the eyes and ask him important questions. 

You need to always let him see that you are willing to understand where he is coming from. He may say that his idea of affection is to have a night of making love and then going out with his friends the next day.  He may feel that he gets the best of both worlds.  This may not be working for you and therefore, he must see that. 

Does He Feel That He Has You?

If your guy assumes that you will always be there for him because he has you now may be making him think that he does not have to give you anymore affection. You simply need to remind him that just because you are “together” does not mean that he must stop trying to win you over.

Remind him that your love is here forever, but your passion must be stronger as each day passes. He will probably be shocked that he is not as affectionate with you as when he first met you. It is important to remind him of why you fell in love with him in the first place.

Should You Remind Him That You Do Not Want to Be Neglected?

Tell him that whenever he does not give you affection, it makes you feel neglected. Remind him that you do care for him and love him, but that you are only wiling to go at a slow pace with him. It is important for him to see that you have a lot of love to give to him as well.  The energy here is that he is going to keep on showing you that he does care for you. 

It is important to remind him that being neglected reminds you of being left alone.  Let him see that his affection means that he will always be together with you forever. 

Is He Not Affectionate with You Because He is Upset with You?

Over time, things that you do can upset him.  He may cringe whenever he is next to you because you keep on making him feel angry. Perhaps he thinks that you are a slob in the house if you live together. Maybe he does not like that you are leaving your things all over the house.

Perhaps he will say that he wants you to be cleaner. Perhaps he is the slob and he want you to clean up after him. It is important to see if he gets angry around you during certain times.  See what is triggering him to be anti-affectionate.  As you begin to see his actions, you will soon come to see if he is trying to give you an indirect message or not.