What Are New Age Tarot Card Readings?

What Are New Age Tarot Card Readings?

Tarot in today’s world is often refereed to as being “new age tarot”. We live in a society that wants to practice free will and freedom of expression.  To understand tarot, you will have to understand some basic concepts first.

For starters, there are four suits in the major arcana. The beauty of tarot is that you are in control of picking the cards.  When you get a tarot card reading, it should flow smoothly.  You should not feel scared or afraid of being judged.  The tarot cards should communicate a message to you. 

Do You Struggle With Questions About Your Love Life?

If you are struggling with a love question, the tarot cards will point you in the right direction and let you see that there is hope for your love life. The tarot cards may tell you that a new romance is on the horizon for you or perhaps your present romance will be full of more love. Either way, you are going to feel like your life is more in balance.

There are seventy-eight cards in a tarot deck.  Each card is often interpreted with your own intuition.  You can learn a lot about yourself with each tarot reading that you receive. The reason for this is that each tarot card has a new meaning and you never know what the tarot can do for you in its entirety.  

How to Prepare for A Tarot Card Reading

To prepare for a tarot card reading, you will need to put your mind and soul into a relaxed state. It is important to get more into a meditative state.  Put on some relaxing beach background music or some waves rolling towards you.  It is important to make yourself feel relaxed so that you can focus on the real you. 

Some men and women use a lighted candle or incense to relax the room and have good smells. When it comes to shuffling the cards, there is no “magic” way to do it.  Tarot card readers often use their own best wisdom when shuffling. 

Make sure that you have a sacred cloth that you lay your cards down on. Many tarot card readers use a cloth that has been blessed and they only use it for their psychic readings.

Have your client sit across from you on a table that you consider to be sacred space. It is important to make your room as spiritual as you believe it should be. You may think that you need a space that is more holy.  Your client should feel comfortable.

How to Choose Tarot Spreads

It is important for you to give your client a basic knowledge of the different tarot card spreads.  These spreads can be Celtic, calendar, horoscope, and Celtic cross.  There are others, but these are the most popular.  It is also important to explain to your client what the inquirer and the court cards mean. 

You may already be aware that several tarot cards spreads do not use an inquirer. This is also known as a significator.  A good tarot card reader will know how to examine the tarot card layout and make sense out of it for their client. Remember, your clients are depending on you to tell them what you see for their lives.

The pattern of the cards is going to show that there is a significant amount of minor and major arcana cards. 

When Did Tarot Get Its Start in America?

In the United States, tarot began its start in 1910.  The first set of tarot cards were known as the Waite Deck.  Pamela Colman-Smith was the artist of these cards.  She was known to work under the occult expert A.E. Waite.  The cards were artistic in nature and people would often view them with awe. The first sets of tarot cards were often working of art and not meant to be for predictions. However, over time, people began using them for divination.  

The 20th century in America was known for its changes in the way that things are normally done.  We were able to put a man on the moon and began to see words like “psychic” and “wicca” appear in mainstream religions.  People began to look at divination as something that was misunderstood. 

Let your clients know that there are forty minor arcana cards and twenty-two cards in the major arcana and sixteen court cards.  This makes up the 78 cards in the deck. 

What Are the Sixteen Court Cards?

  • Kings
  • Knights
  • Queens
  • Pages

Minor Arcana:

  • Pentacles
  • Cups
  • Wands
  • Swords

Each suit has a connection towards water, earth, air, and fire. 

The 4 Directions:

  • East
  • South
  • North
  • West

What Do the Cups Represent?

  • Relationships
  • Dreams
  • Feelings
  • The Unconscious

What Does Every Suit Have?

  • Knight
  • King
  • Queen

Explain to your client that the major arcana cards represent where they are at right now in their life’s journey.  This will let your client know how and where they transitioned from child to adult and what they can expect in the upcoming future.  This is also known as the 1st half and represents the fool and the hermit.  It lets your client know how difficult it is to become more spiritually open minded or where your beliefs have changed from child to adult.  It is a major transitional period.  Your client may or may not be ware of this. However, giving them an overall picture of the spirit world often lets them see what they can expect soon.

The other half of the major arcana represents the “wheel of fortune.  This is how someone perceives the spiritual world around them.  This is often different for every person and no two people are always in agreement. 

What About the Minor Arcana Cards?

In the new age, the minor arcana cards are often referred to as the “pip” cards.  The minor cards show people what they have to deal with on a day to day basis.  This is how everything in the world that you live in pertains to you.  This includes, but is not limited to your work, friendships, love relationships, money, and school. 

The interpretation of the cards has a lot to do with the psychic ability to say what they believe you are going through. Many clairvoyants use tarot cards to interpret something that they are seeing for their client. Their clairvoyance is often used to tell someone what the cards may be saying to them.  Many of your clients will not be able to fully understand all aspects of the tarot card meanings.  It may appear as being more of a mystery.  Not every person will be able to understand their own life problems.  Therefore, men and women often visit psychics.  They want to get a better understanding of their life issues.

What Can a New Age Tarot Reader Do for Their Clients?

You can be the interpreter of their world.  You will find that people come to you for updated psychic readings because they want to understand who they are as a person and where they are headed in their lives. 

The tarot card reader is the person that will always be there when the world falls apart for your clients. It can be a rather tough decision to make when it comes to reading tarot. Not everyone understands tarot cards or their interpretation.  Some people are not at all open to the tarot cards.  You will find that some people say that it is against their religion but want to try and reading anyway.  You will also find that people find the tarot reading to be fun.  Tarot is a lot of fun, but the more experienced of a tarot card reader you are, the more spiritual you will take the cards. 

You will come to find that the tarot cards give insight and knowledge into people’s lives and you may not have known what the tarot cards are now revealing to you.  It is interesting to know that tarot cards are often given to people that will have a great love for them later down the road. 

Most people that practice tarot say that it is a rewarding religious experience. Tarot card readers and their clients often enjoy the freedom that tarot brings to you.  You may feel that religions places you in a box of what you must do every day. Tarot however does not tell you how to live your life. Instead, it tells you what will be coming up for you in the future. Amazingly, tarot is said to have a mind of its own.

New age tarot readers often say that there are spirits working behind the cards telling you what they see for your life. You may not even know it. However, the wisdom that they give often helps people to see that they may not be the same person that they were before.  Tarot is incredibly used throughout the world for seeing into the future and many people say that tarot is the real deal when it comes to predictions.

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