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What to Think About When Hiring A Psychic for A Reading?

What to Think About When Hiring A Psychic for A Reading?
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What to Think About When Hiring A Psychic for A Reading?

You do not have to be a “psychic” to realize that there are a lot of bad “psychics” in the world today.  A lot of people are pretending to be psychic to get people’s money.  You will have to be your own best critic when looking for a psychic to hire.  You may be shocked to learn that not everyone with a 5-star rating on a psychic website is a real psychic. 

  • Not All Psychics Are Created Equal.
  • Some Psychics Are Better At Predicting Love Than Money.
  • Many Psychics Inherited Their Gift From A Family Member.
  • Not All Psychics Are Honest.

Believe it or not, a lot of psychics make better counselors than they do psychics.  Psychics that prey on people’s emotions when they are feeling low are looked down upon in the industry.  The truth is that most people that are clairvoyant get into the psychic industry because they want to help people with their spiritual gifts.

How Many “Real” Psychics Are In The World Today?

Few people are the “real deal” because the gift is rare.  There are courses being taught today that are teaching the public that we are all psychic.  Even though an aspect of this is true, we are not all meant to give people psychic readings. 

We all are born with psychic intuition.  You may have felt something at one point that made you say, “How did I know that?”  We have all had moments in which we thought about the psychic side of ourselves and wondered if we have a gift for being a full-time psychic reader. 

Most people are good at getting an intuition every now and then but are terrible at giving psychic readings to other people.  These same people will often set up a psychic shop and make up lies to people to get their money.  These are the worst psychics and often give a bad name to real psychics that have a gift.

Have you ever hired someone to do a plumbing job in your home and they charged you money for it?  You come to find out the next day that your sink is leaking, and the plumber was not really qualified to do the job. However, they deceived you into thinking that they were so that they can get your hard-earned money. The psychic gift is no different. There are scammers in every industry. 

The history of the word “psychic” comes from Greece.  In Greek, the word psychics means “coming from the mind”.  In the 20th century, this word began to become popular and then the word psychic was adapted from it. Today, clairvoyants around the world use this term to tell others that they can read spiritual energy of the mind. 

What Should You Feel When Getting a Psychic Reading?

When you are getting a psychic reading, you should feel like you are getting read. You should feel that the clairvoyant is reading you like a book. He/she should be able to tell you something that will amaze you. You might walk into the reading feeling like its fake. However, when you come out, you become a believer. Psychics with real gifts usually shock and amaze the person that they are with.

If you have ever had a mediumship type of reading, you may remember the clairvoyant telling you about a dead relative that you once knew.  They may be able to tell you their name and what they did for a living.  You will get the feeling that they are really talking to the dead person because the things that they are able to pick up are to good to be true. You never told them anything and yet they picked up specific information from you. 

Does Your Psychic Reader Use Spiritual Tools?

If your psychic is using spiritual tools such as tarot cards, astrology charts, tea leaves and your palms, its because they believe that this helps them to give you a reading

Many psychics will start off giving you more general information such as, “Yes, I see that your boyfriend loves you.  I know that you are having a stressful day.  I believe that you will find love this year.  You are having trouble with your family members right now.”  Yes, they will often make you feel that they may be onto something. However, it is when a real clairvoyant gets into the details of the situation that let you know that they are psychic.

Do All Psychics Give Specific Details?

Not many psychics today can give you specific information such as: names, dates, times, and location. In fact, many psychics in the world today are only going to tell you what they see, and it may be rather general to you.  It is important to keep a diary of your psychic readings.  Write down what you believe the psychic did well on and do not try to pressure yourself into going back to the same reader that you do not feel a connection with.

You may be shocked to find out that the psychic knows you better than you know yourself. In many psychic readings, you will believe that you have all the answers.  You may feel that you know that what you feel in your own personal life is the truth. However, the psychic sees things differently.

It is common for people to look at their life and ask themselves what the future is going to hold for them.  Let the psychic tell you what they see.  They will usually be right if they are the real deal.  You may have thought that your boyfriend/girlfriend was being faithful to you and yet your psychic tells you that they are cheating on you.

Should You Buy a Spell?

Love and money spells are popular to buy for a reading. However, you need to be smart about how much money you are going to spend on a spell. Do you really think a candle used in a spell should cost you $500.00?  You may be laughing right now and saying, “Who would pay $500.00 for a spell?”  Shockingly, thousands of people do this and end up spending thousands of dollars on spell rituals that get them nowhere.

If you research news articles, you will often find psychics that got arrested for charging thousands of dollars to a client to do spell work.  This practice is often known as black magic and not welcomed in the psychic community. However, thousands of psychics across the world are still doing this to take money from desperate people that are looking for hope and answers.

Spells often do not work 90% of the time. Very few psychics in the world really understand magic. Witches that lived in the 16th century are not the same witches that are living in the 21st century. The art of spell casting and brews was once real around the world.

There is a true skill in spell casting. However, most witches that are doing spells in the 21st century are not the real witches that once existed centuries ago. I am not saying that all witches are fake today. However, the majority are.  If you happen to find a witch that is “real” because they have a proven reputation, they may be good to work with. However, never go outside of your budget and make sure that you feel comfortable giving the psychic your money. 

There are some Ovo Doo witchdoctors that will blow your mind with their rituals.  They will prove to you that their magic does work in love, money, career and much more. However, it is important to know that most Voo Doo witchdoctors are not real.

They simply have no power and only want to take your money.  It is important to know that if you are planning to buy a spell, make sure that you are using someone that has a great reputation and people say that they are real.  However, be careful with the amount of money that you spend. 

Yes, some people have been taken for hundreds and thousands of dollars.  They then find themselves in court battling to get their money back.  It is important to feel comfortable with spending within your budget.  There is not real set price as to what a spell should cost. However, using common sense is usually your best practice.  

What If My Psychic Is Saying That They Have to Meditate Before Reading Me?

If your psychic takes 10 or 15 minutes to tune into your energy during a 20-minute psychic reading, something is wrong. This psychic is often trying to take up the time because they really have nothing to tell you.

The simple want to take your money and not give you any information. There are many psychics that will try starting your session off with praying for you or saying that they must talk to their dead relative to get information for you. 

You are then left sitting there for 10 to 15 minutes and have not gotten any information.  Its not easy to go through an experience like this.  This practice is known as stalling. Your psychic should be able to give you information within 1 minute of you starting the session. If they are simply talking to you about their own personal life and not your life, that is a problem.