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Tarot Card Deck Meanings and Definitions

Tarot Card Deck Meanings and Definitions

What Are Tarot Card Meanings?

Tarot is a mystical predictive method composed of 78 cards. Each of them has an image with deep meaning. The deck of tarot cards consists of 22 major arcana, which narrate the most important aspects of life. The deck is also composed of 56 minor arcana, which narrate aspects of everyday life.

For years there has been discussion about the true meaning of the word tarot. There are several versions:

  •  “Terere”, deck
  • “Theregraph”, Tablets of the Jewish oracle
  •  “Eratoi”, mates
  •  “Tar Rog”, ways of the king
  •  “Tarocchi”, deck
  •  “Tarot”, the French took the Italian word “tarocchi” and shortened it by calling it “tarot”, which means deck. Finally the word “tarot” is the one that was imposed to name this predicitive method.

What Is The Predictive Method?

Throughout history tarot has been a very popular predictive method thanks to its effectiveness. The predictions we get in a tarot roll are accurate because the cards also reveal the past and present of the consultant. Based on that information, a good tarot artist can draw valuable conclusions that will reveal the future of the consultant.

Each image of each tarot card contains much information that explains the situation of the consultant. It is important to know that the tarot does not predict unchangeable facts, but that the consultant can control their own future. The tarot predicts what is most likely to happen, but the client can modify that future, acting in the present time.

That is why it is important to understand that the tarot does not predict a future in which a person is not in control of his destiny. After a tarot reading the consultant has valuable information to manage well any circumstance.

Although it seems incredible, some people are afraid about what a tarot reading can communicate. The reality is that a tarot reading signals a trend, but we always have control of our destiny.

Does Tarot Provide Views On The Past and Present?

The tarot provides good quality information regarding the future because it also has good information about the past and present of the consultant. The present circumstances of the consultant is due to events that occurred in the past, even many years ago.

There are many situations in the past that may not have been able to resolve and are suffering the consequences now. The tarot not only reveals the past and present of the client, but also of all the people around him. A tarot reading can also reveal a pattern of behavior that the client repeats constantly throughout his or her life. Knowing this information, the client can change that behavior if desired.

A tarot session communicates to the client everything that is happening in the present, including aspects that he does not know or is not aware of. The tarot card meaning is based on accurate information that the client needs to know. Logically the client can handle that information as it sees fit. Tarot cards have an ancient wisdom that always guide for good. That guide should be applied immediately to daily life.

What Is Your Guide For Decision Making?

A tarot deck contains valuable information that the consultant can use to make good decisions. A tarot session reveals mysteries that the client did not know, the true intentions of the people around him, the circumstances that the client will face, etc.

The tarot is especially useful for those who are confused and do not know what to do in certain aspects of their lives. Thanks to the tarot you can know if you should invest in a business, buy a house, if this is a good time to get married, etc. It reveals all the alternatives to a given situation. Thanks to this information you can make a good decision and channel your life into the direction you want to take.

Having a complete and accurate perspective of everything that happens around you makes it easier to make decisions. You will not feel anguish about the future or fear of failure, since you have valuable information to do everything right. When you see that your life is working as you want it to, you will acquire more confidence in yourself to face new challenges.

What Is Self-Knowledge?

The conclusions you draw about a tarot session can help you to know yourself. You can reflect and meditate on your own attitudes and personality trends. Learn to value what you are and what you have. You can access a healthy self-criticism that will make you evolve as a person. Knowing you find peace within you.

You will be able to know that you must change yourself in order to build the destiny you want to live. You will be able to analyze the present context with valuable information and you will be able to change your way of living. If you know yourself deeply, you will be able to solve any situation, no matter how complex and confusing it may be.

The tarot card meaning helps you to know yourself. The images of each tarot card speaks of human behavior in depth. It helps you understand the world around you and how to improve your relationship with others. All the advice we hear in a tarot session indicates the best solution. Similarly, the tarot points out the free will and that we are masters of our destiny. That is why everything we can do to know ourselves better can make our lives happier.

How To Work With Your Subconscious Mind?

It is known that the subconscious mind is most responsible for our behavior, for good and for bad. As its name indicates, the subconscious mind is that which is below the conscious mind. A tarot session can help us access the information that our unconscious mind holds and thus understand what is really going on in our life.

Many times we do everything right, but we still do not succeed in certain areas of life. The wisdom of tarot cards can reveal the hidden reasons for our behavior. When we know why we did things wrong, we have the power to transform our destiny.

Your creative mind wakes up and you can extract from it the best ideas to have the life you really want to live. Tarot cards reveal aspects of yourself that you didn’t know well, which will help you improve various aspects of your personality. You’ll have a bigger contro of yourself and you won’t let anything ruin your plans. Knowing what’s in your subconscious mind allows you to be better connected to your true desires.

What is Therapeutic Tarot?

Tarot is a fabulous self-help tool. Over the last few years, terapeutico tarot has emerged, an innovative system that helps the consultant to improve all areas of his life. This method discovers the origin of all the problems an individual may have. Through the wisdom of tarot cards, the consultant can unlock their internal conflicts.

The consultant takes on a new perspective in the face of circumstances and can build a fulfilling life. During a tarot session we discover our own essence and can know that we need to work to achieve our goals. This method allows us to remove from our minds all the limiting beliefs that prevent us from evolving.

The tarot card meaning reveals the solution that we keep ourselves. Each card leads us to our personal realization. During a therapeutic tarot session we will be able to identify our potential in order to achieve what we want. Each tarot card projects an energy that guides us to meet ourselves. The more knowledge we have of ourselves, the easier it will be to achieve our goals.


Tarot cards have always been used as an effective predictive method that helps people make good decisions. The tarot card meaning is a guide to get the consultant to get to know himself better. The tarot allows to know in detail the past, present and future of the consultant.

The cards analyze this information and point to a trend. Then the consultant can use that information as it suits him. Free will exist, therefore each of us owns its destiny. Thanks to this system we can better understand facts of the past and how they influence our present. This guide is a great help in knowing what to do in vitally important circumstances.

 Tarot also serves as a self-knowledge tool to be able to connect with our essence. In this way we can make decisions that make us happy, taking into account our true desires. Tarot cards also help us identify blockages and negative beliefs that prevent us from growing up as people. Likewise, tarot points out the work that we must do to evolve, taking into account the desires that live in our hearts.