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How To Date A Scorpio Man While In Quarantine

Are Scorpio Men Enjoying Quarantine?

When COVID-19 was first announced, the world was in a panic. People did not mind the idea of quarantine at first.  After all, work schedules for most people were hectic every day. You hardly had any time to spend with your family.  It is never easy to work 10- and 12-hour days. However, most men and women were feeling that their lives were dedicated to working mostly. Between commuting back and forth and spending long days at work, you could only dream of a long vacation. 

However, after around a month in quarantine, the world began to realize that we are not going back to the way that things were before.  Millions of people are now losing their job every single month and there is no saying as to when Coronavirus is going to end.  Some scientists are predicting that we could have conditions like we are seeing now (masks; quarantine), for around another 2 years.  That is a long time!

Scorpio signs are having a difficult time with quarantine. It is because Scorpios are more “people” friendly and enjoy talking to men and women face to face. Scorpio men enjoy hanging out with friends, playing games, and socializing with family.  The last situation that they want to see themselves in is quarantine for months to come. 

If you are dating a Scorpio man right now, you may have noticed that he is on edge most of the time. Perhaps he has been snapping at you.  You may notice that when he is texting you, he is often not texting you back.  You may find that its hard to maintain a relationship with him because he has been rather moody. 

How Can You Fix The Problem?

It is not going to be easy to fix your relationship with Scorpio.  Scorpio men have their own agenda as to how they want to live their lives.  They often want to feel that they are the boss of the relationship.  Scorpio men love having control over communicating and face to face encounters. However, quarantine is hard because you may be dating your husband/boyfriend through a computer screen. Perhaps he does not live near you or because of your job schedules, he cannot interact with you. 

It is not an easy fix because your Scorpio man is going to be moody.  It is important to let him do what he wants on his own for a while. 

Scorpio men feel on edge right now because they are mainly worried about money.  Their connection with planet Venus is at an all time low. It is mainly because they often care more about money and material possessions then love.  You may notice that your heart is trying to keep the relationship moving ahead. However, he often feels that you are putting to much into the relationship. Perhaps he has ghosted you at times and you are left scratching your head as to why. 

When a Scorpio man ghosts you, its because he is trying to send you a direct message. He is trying to let you know that he is not interested in talking. If you keep on texting him when he is not responding to you, it will only make him angry. Quarantine is making him feel like he is trapped. Scorpio men love the outdoors and often feel trapped when they cannot come and go as they please. Scorpio men are now having to go outside with a mask on and often isolate themselves from people.  This already puts them in a rather bad mood. 

Scorpio men are finding that they are waking up in the morning feeling on edge.  They often feel anger and sorrow when they look at the world today. Scorpio men like to fix problems. Unfortunately, he cannot fix Coronavirus.  It appears it is out of everyone’s control.  We can only listen to the medical advice that we are receiving from our medical doctors.  Unfortunately, no zodiac sign can predict what will happen with COVID-19 tomorrow. 

In case you have not noticed, Scorpio men love intimacy and expressing emotion.  Coronavirus is making it difficult for them to express themselves. They want to kiss you in public and now cannot because they need to wear a mask.  You can imagine that his way of life and thinking have been altered. 

How Can You Help Your Scorpio Man Deal With Quarantine?

Scorpio men need a lot of encouragement. It is important to continuously encourage him to relax and to not worry.  Scorpio men are planners. Unfortunately, the world is in a state right now where you cannot plan for anything. You do not even know if you are going to have a job next week. When you feel like you have no control over your life, it puts you in a depression. You begin to feel hopeless and like there is nothing that you can do to ensure your happiness years from now.

Scorpio men need to be reminded that Coronavirus is not going to be here forever. Eventually, it will leave.  It is important to give him encouragement daily. You may talk to him on a Monday and need to encourage him again on a Tuesday.

Scorpio men like to feel like they are the “macho man” in the relationship. You may have to remind him that its okay to talk about his fears. Many Scorpio men want to feel like they can be more relaxed.  However, they often see talking about their fears as a sign of weakness. It is important to let him know that you have his back.

It is good to only be around him if he asks. It is best to let him feel like he can still control communicating and seeing you. Let him be the one to ask you how he feels and what he wants from you.  It is important to let him know that he is always going to be together with you in life. You need to remind him that relationships are a 50/50 connection. Remind him that the two of you matter and that you can openly talk about anything that comes to mind. Let him know that he can always appreciate you and that the two of you can talk openly about his fears over money.

If your Scorpio man has taken a hit financially, he is going to make you feel sad.  You may feel and sense that he has hit a real low. Scorpio men love to go out and do what they want when they have money in their pocket. If they do not have money in their pocket, they are often sad. You need to figure out what you need to do next to help him to feel secure. Scorpio men will not be themselves in a relationship if they feel like they have lost control over money and material possessions.

How To Make a Date Night During Quarantine?

If you cannot see your Scorpio man in person, you can still date him through video chat.  Get a video chat platform like Zoom and schedule a time when you are going to hang out with him online.  If you show him that a date night is still possible, he will initiate one with you next time. 

Plan a meal with him. Tell him that you plan on meeting him on video chat at around 8:00 p.m. (or when the time is right).  Next, order the same thing so that you feel that you are eating out in a restaurant together. If you want to order Chinese food, make sure that you both receive your food around the same time. In this way, you can see one another on face time. It will feel like you are eating in a restaurant face to face.  You can talk to one another and feel like you are eating a meal together.  Shockingly, you may forget about quarantine while you are eating because you will feel that you are eating together. 

You can also watch a movie together. Just tell him to start a Netflix movie and watch it at the same time. In this way, he will feel like this is something that he should have been doing a long time ago. 

The more that he sees that romance is still possible, the greater chances at peace he will have inside of his soul.  The object is to let him feel like he is not going to lose his life because of COVID-19.  Let him see that you can still do things from a distance.

If you are fortunate to be quarantining with him, its important to let him know that he can still take walks with you. Scorpio men need daily exercise. They get edgy staying in the house all day. They often feel like they want to get out and enjoy the sun. 

It is important to keep is mind occupied. Playing games with him will make him see that the time does go by quickly. If you feel that he needs something to do, you can initiate some activities.  You also want to show him that he needs to start working online if he does not have a job. 

You may tell him to try and learn a new job skill online. Perhaps doing computer programming, website design or blogging is a great way for him to pass his time. Even if he does go back to working again, there is nothing better than working on the internet and feeling like you can still make money even if your job pushes you aside.

It is best to encourage him that there is hope.  If he is depressed because he lost his job, let him know that it may be time for him to work other jobs while he is waiting for a new job to come by.  There is not shame in doing Uber, grocery delivery service, restaurant jobs and medical jobs.  This is where the jobs are hot right now. 

Let him know that this is not going to last forever.  Yes, doing being a delivery driver may not be the most ideal job when you have an MBA. However, its time for him to get humble and see that he may not like the job that he is given, but at least its money coming in and its something to make the time pass by.

Unfortunately, we cannot control Coronavirus and where it will be in the future. We can only work with what we got. Unfortunately, we are living in troubled times. It is important for us to look at life and realize that we may not understand everything that is happening right now.

Will Scorpio Be Upset With You?

Yes, Scorpio men are going to be upset with you right now. You may feel that he is being a bit “snappy” with you for no reason.  It is important to understand that you may not have done anything to make him feel upset with you. However, quarantine is probably making him feel like he is a loser. Scorpio men often feel that they are a loser when they have no money coming in or cannot earn more.  Scorpio men are highly competitive and love to feel like they are in control at the workplace.

Right now, Scorpio men are scratching their heads and wondering how they are going to provide for themselves and their family members.  Scorpio men are often the guy that people turn to when there is a problem. If he has children, dad is always the one in the family that fixes the problem. The fact that he cannot fix the problem anymore makes him feel sad.

You need to come and realize that he is going to want to make you feel like you can open to him and give him a lot more love and companionship over time. It is important that you comfort him and let him see that even though we are living through a pandemic, it is going to be okay. 

The calmer that you keep Scorpio, the better. Scorpio men need to know that they do not have to feel like the world is coming to an end when they feel powerless. 

Scorpio men feel powerless right now during a pandemic because they have an increased awareness of the world that they live in.  They are often feeling afraid, unloved, and unwanted.

Many Scorpio men and women are beginning to feel that they cannot live in a world like we are living in now.  Many Scorpio men feel like they just want to scream. You may get a lot of temper tantrums from him right now.  This is all normal behavior for Scorpios in this time.

Plan a Weekend Getaway

There are still places in which you can travel to bring more peace to his soul. It is important to check with your local state to see which recreational parks may be open to you or campgrounds.  Yes, it is a good idea to go away to a campground.  It is often in an open space where there are not many people around.  He will find enjoyment in nature walks. Scorpios love the great outdoors and animals. 

The best part about recreational parks and campgrounds are that they are inexpensive.  You can usually pitch a tent for around $25.00 a day. Renting a cabin can be as cheap as $50.00 a night. It is okay to shop around online. It is best to do planning because Scorpios want to know where they are going exactly. 

It is a good idea to let him know that you have a plan up your sleeve to make things better.

What If Your Scorpio Man Is Worried About Work?

If your Scorpio man is unemployed or about to be, he may look blue.  You may feel that he is not himself.  Scorpios hate losing their security.  Scorpio men enjoy feeling like they can take charge and be in control. 

You should help him to send in resumes for new jobs.  Let him know that you have his back and can help him to find new work.  He will not only appreciate it, but he will feel that you are thinking along the same lines as he is.

It is important to let him know that you will do everything that you can to assist him to find the kind of job that he has been looking for.

How to Make A Scorpio Man More Relaxed During Quarantine

If you are quarantining together, its important to not be nag.  Do not ask him question after question. Many women are beginning to sound more like lawyers instead of girlfriends/wives during coronavirus.  Try not to make him feel that he is being interrogated every time that he talks to you.  Never be a nag or else you will be fighting with him all the time. 

Make him feel relaxed by giving him a back massage or perhaps playing a video game with him. He may want you to act like you are one of the guys sometimes during quarantine. He will make you feel that he is going to be together with you a lot of the time.

It is important to make him feel loved, wanted and appreciated for the man that he is.  It is important to always look at your life and feel like you can help others with what they are going through as well.  You may not know it now, but you must be a person of love to entice him to understand your relationship a bit more. 

Romance can also be sipping a glass of wine or talking to one another about how the two of you first met. Try to stay away from topics having to do with his ex and if he loved her more than you.  Stay on topics that are not as complicated.  The reason is because you do not want to be fighting with him. You want to keep everything calm, cool, and collective.  Let him feel that he can run freely in the house. Do not stand over him while he is on the computer to see who he is talking to or texting.  If you do that, your Scorpio man may leave the quarantine location that you are in and go stay somewhere else. 

Quarantine is proving to either make your romantic relationship stronger or fully push the two of you further apart.  Scorpio men are learning a lot about themselves through Coronavirus. The reasons are because he is trying to understand himself better. He is learning whether his love for you is strong or if he should move on to be with someone else.

Relationships are being tested on a day to day basis because people are living on top of one another. If you are sharing your quarantine with others in the house, it can be harder.

If you are living with his family or your family, your Scorpio man may not be getting along with them. If you “smell trouble”, you need to comfort him and let him know that it is going to be okay.

Many Scorpio men feel like their world is coming to an end right now because they often feel powerless. Power is huge to a Scorpio man. Scorpio men want to feel like they are living for what they want in life. They do not like to be told what to do or that everything around them is coming to an end.

If you feel like you can contribute something positive to him, its good. He will appreciate that.  You need to always let him know that he does not have to worry about the future or where he is going to be headed in life. You need to always let your Scorpio man know that he can count on you.

What Will Scorpio Men Learn Through Quarantine?

Scorpio men will learn that he does not have all the answers. He will learn that when he is thinking about love, he is getting what he wants out of life. He will need to see that he must share his emotions and not hold them in so much. Scorpio men hate talking about their feelings and emotions. It makes them feel like they are in a vulnerable spot.

It is important to let him know that you care about him and want him to feel like he is going to be okay through the fears that he is walking through right now.  You need to let him see your own struggles as well.  Do more talking and less questioning.  Talk to your Scorpio man about what you are up to as well. He needs to see that you are feeling just as scares as he is. Even though he wants to feel that he is always protecting you, he may at times feel that it is hard for him to open and let him show you how he feels.

It is a good idea to always let your Scorpio man know that he can be in control because of the love that he has for others. If you think about it, you can always make everything be okay.

Now that you have some tips on how to help your Scorpio man make it through quarantine, you should be able to have much happier days with him.  You need to always know that you are doing your best. Even if he is not complimenting you, he has positive thoughts in his mind about you.  The beauty of quarantine is that you get to learn more things about a person because you are in proximity as them. If you are living apart from one another, you will come to see that you can have good talks together because he has more time on his hands to focus on love.

Scorpio men are usually worried about money and success. Now that he is in quarantine, he is forced to focus on planet Venus of love. He must now see that he must focus on what matters the most. Scorpio men will learn that love is more important than money.  This life lesson could have only been taught to him through a pandemic. At least that is what mercury retrograde teaches us.