Why Is Finding Love After 40 Years Old Difficult For Women?

being a single woman at 40
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Is Age Only A Number?

Television and other media outlets tell us that age is only a number.  Many women walk through life feeling beautiful in their 20’s.  When they reach their late 20’s’, they often go into panic mode if they are not married or with a long-term partner. Women often wonder if they will ever find true love. Secretly, women know that their beauty is often at their strongest points when they are in their teens and twenties. The older you get, the less desirable you become to men. 

Nobody can control when or if you will find love.  If you are 40 years old now, you probably feel like love may have passed you by.  Every guy that you meet seems like he only sticks around for a few days, weeks, or months. You wonder if its you or perhaps not your time to meet Mr. Right. 

It is important that you do not get down on yourself.  After all, you are a true seeker of love. However, love often does not seem like it is friendly to you. It can be devastating to feel like nobody wants you. You may tell your friends and family that you are not into love or perhaps on a break between relationships. However, the other side of you is in deep pain. You crave love and yet no man seems to want you. The truth of the matter is that its true, you have passed your prime. 

By nature, men are extremely visual and picky when it comes to your physical appearance.  Men may tell you that a woman’s personality is more important to him than her looks. However, you know that truth and have been around the block a few times to know that most men in their 40’s are wanting younger women in their 20’s and 30’s.  You often wish that you could go back in time and have that same sex appeal that you once had.  You desire it deeply now in your life and yet it seems like you will only keep on aging.

Does His Words Mean Nothing To You Anymore?

Why Do Men Prefer Younger Women?

No matter how old a man gets, he envisions himself being able to have children with a woman. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Some men do not want to have children. However, this is not most men.  This means that your pool of men is going to be even harder. 

Men often like to feel that he has more chances to have a baby with a younger woman. Women in their 40’s will have a much harder time conceiving and giving him a child. Also, men want to see young skin.  Perhaps therefore woman’s cosmetics is a multibillion-dollar industry.  Women are always trying to look younger. Every woman knows that the younger you look, the more appealing you will be to a man. 

Men today are not like the men of the 1980’s and 1990’s. Many guys today do not care if they are 40 and have a 20-year-old girl on their arm. He takes pride in that and looks at himself as being “the man”.

Men are blessed to be able to impregnate a woman at any age.  He can be 60 and having his first child with a 30-year-old woman. Life is not fair. Women are often rushing to get married before their 30th birthday.  They often want to feel like they will have a man for the rest of their life that will grow old with them. They want to feel happy and secure. She wants to be able to give her youth to a man that will cherish her when she is 80.  This is the dream of almost every woman today. 

40+ Year Old Men Often Prefer Women That are 20 To 35 Years Old

Men that are in their 40’s often say that they are not looking to marry a 40-year-old woman.  Unfortunately, he will often think of a 40-year-old woman as being a booty call or someone that he is going to date for a few months and then toss aside when a younger woman comes along. That is the truth. It makes a 40+ year old woman feels like she is being used.

Most women in their 40’s know that they are in heavy competition with a younger woman. However, how can she compete with a woman half her age? What can she bring to the table that a younger woman cannot?

Many successful 40-year-old women often try the sugar mama route. You try to land a younger man like 40-year-old men are doing with women. However, you soon come to realize that the 40-year-old men are getting married to younger woman.

do you dominate men
Are You Often The Man In The Relationship?

However, your younger man is often willing to give you sex, but not willing to give you his heart in marriage. He prefers a younger woman than you because he can envision himself having a family of his own and he knows that you cannot give that to him.  He knows that if he is with you, he may never have a child  or perhaps lose interest in you because your skin will become more saggy and eventually, he will see you as looking rather old.  That is a woman’s worst fear. It is also a real fear that happens today in mainstream society. 

How Can You Find Love At 40 If Most Men Are Not Looking For Real Love With Someone Your Age?

For starters, stop wishing that you were younger.  You cannot turn back the clock. You cannot be 17 again like Zac Efron in the movie.  Instead, you must realize that your time for bearing children may not be as easy as a younger woman. You must realize that you may not have the same sex appeal as a 20 or 30-year-old. However, what you can give a man is your life wisdom, love, spirituality, and companionship. 

Believe it or not, most 40-year-old men do not crave intimacy as 20 and 30-year-old men do. They often want to “do it” a lot less often than younger men. They simply do not feel as horny as they did when they were younger.  Eventually, the younger woman will see this and realize that she may be better off with a man her own age.  Yes, the older man can probably give her more material support and provide a better income than a younger man.  However, women want to feel desired by her man. She wants to know that he really wants her intimately and passionately. 

You need to know that when you meet a man, you may not be able to turn him on as much as you were able to when you were 20.  You may remember that all the guys wanted you when you were younger.  You may have had a firm tight body and you felt like every man was asking for your phone number. However, you are now in a position in which you never thought that you would be. Your 40, scared, alone and feel like your time for love may be over with. 

I am a firm believer in prayer. It is important for you to ask God for help.  You are going to need a miracle to bring a man into your life that will love you forever. It is important to learn more about fasting for a breakthrough.  God often answers prayers when we fast and pray.   If you ask God for help, he will help you. 

If you are 40+ years old, you have already been through a series of relationships that have probably upset you. You never thought that you would be in this position. You often wonder if you will become the next cat lady on the block. 

To find love again, you will need to become that 20-year-old girl that you once were. No matter how old you get, you will realize that men want to be the head of the household (relationship) and have the woman submissive to him.  Despite what you have learned from the feminist movement, men are not on board with a woman being equal to a man.  If you want to hear more truth, keep reading. If not, you are welcome to leave this article. I am here to lay down the truth to you and let you know that its still possible to land a man.

what to expect
Younger Women Are Often Less Bossy Than 40 Year Old Women

Another reason why men prefer younger women is that he feels she will often look up to him.  He wants to feel that he can coach the woman of his dreams and make her feel that she can count on him for money, love and taking care of her needs.  Women in their 40’s have been around the block a few times.  She often is independent and already has an established career. Men at this age do not feel as needed.  Most men feel that he can lose his masculinity with an older woman.  Women in their 40’s also take a lot less garbage from a man than a younger woman would. Her life experiences have taught her to be more independent. 

Sure, men will tell you to your face that he is all about the woman’s liberation movement. He may tell you that all people are equal, regardless of them being a man or woman. However, in your heart you know that he is lying.  You sometimes wish that you can become that young naïve girl again and depend on your man to show you the ropes in the world. Perhaps you can remember a relationship when you were younger.  You had a man in your life that you were submissive to.  He may have hurt you, but when you first met, you felt that you relied on him so much.  This was your first taste of true love. 

Has Feminism Ruined Your Chances At Love?

For many women in their 40’s, feminism has ruined your chances at love. In your heart, you know that men do not want to feel like a woman is going to control the relationship.  He does not want to hear you making him feel that you are the one in control. Most 40-year-old women today want to have a relationship that is equal. However, most men do not. Most men want to feel that you are going to be submissive to him. The closer that you get to a man, the more that you will realize that he wants you to listen to him. He wants you to have a voice if it does not overtake his own.  

You want to believe that he is going to treat you as an equal in the relationship. However, the Holy Bible and other sacred texts of various faiths has taught him from a child that he must be the one leading the woman in love.  He does not want to feel that you are his equal.  Even if he is not religious, this is engrained in a man’s mind from the time he was a boy.  He is supposed to grow up to take care of a woman and his children.  He is called out by society to be the “man”. He is meant to make a lot of money so that he can provide for his family. If he does not earn a good living, society will down upon him. 

If a man tells you that he lives at home with his mother, you will mostly look down on him.  Why is he living at home with his mama at 40?  Why does he not have a place of his own? You want to feel that a man can take care of you or at least be an equal partner. 

Men that are 40+ years old often feel that women that are 40+ are higher maintenance.  You expect more out of him since he is older. You do not expect him to be acting like a 20-year-old. You want to feel that he can take care of you.

Feminists want you to become a powerful woman that does not need a man in your life to take care of you financially. However, if you follow feminism rules, you will become the cat lady.

Statistics show us that by the year 2030, only 30% of all men worldwide will want to marry.  The other 70% will not care about marriage.  It is mainly because of a breakdown of obeying religious church laws and because most men feel that women are not feminine enough. 

getting an older woman
Can 40 Year Old Women Compete With 20 Year Old Women in Beauty?

Most men today complain that they do not feel like women are allowing them to be men.  Most women today are texting and chasing men as though they were the man.  These women certainly do not have a submissive to the man mindset. 

Most women today are being raised by parents that are telling them to be independent. This man works for them in friendships and in work. However, in love, it is failing women drastically.  Women today are feeling more lonelier today then they did a generation ago. 

Most women today feel like they cannot hold onto a man for long. Women are spending billions of dollars a year calling psychics and astrologers in hopes that they will show them where to look for a man that will always want to be together with them.  They dominate the psychic industry by 90% of all callers.  Men are not relying on psychics to help them find love. 

Can You Unlearn Everything That Feminism Has Taught You?

To win a man in your 40’s, you will need to learn to let a man pursue you.  Never think that you are his equal because men do not think that way.  In his mind, he knows that society demands that he takes care of you financially and to be the “man” of the relationship. Whether you like it or not, this is what society has taught him. It has been like this since the beginning of time when he was created in the Garden of Eden.

Before the 1940’s, women believed that she was supposed to be submissive to the man. Women born before the 1940’s were often able to hold onto men for 30+ years.  They knew how to keep a man and to also make him feel like man.  The biggest problem today with modern women is that they forget how to be a lady and let the man take charge. Think I am talking to old fashioned?  Think again.  Men today are not marrying women as they once did in previous generations. Men often complain that women today do not make them feel like men.  They often feel that women are trying to be controlling and to dominating in love.

Most men today feel that its better to live alone and just hook up with the woman of his choice when he wants some intimacy, romance, children, and company.  Men are finding that they cannot be in a relationship with the same woman for more than a year. Most men will break up with their wife/girlfriend in under 5 years. It is estimated that most marriages will fail 65% of the time.  Experts are predicting that it will only become worse over time. Think that feminism is winning? You better believe it.

The dating world is proving that women in their 40’s are most likely going to end up alone forever unless they go back to old school basics.  As hard as it is to accept, you must study how the woman born before the 1940’s was able to hold onto their men for decades.  They competed against younger women as well.  However, their men did not want to leave them. 

40 year old cat lady
Are You Tired of Being The Cat Lady?

Perhaps you had a grandmother or great grandmother that was married for 40 or 50 years.  That is a miracle for you today because you may ask, “How did grandma do it?” 

For starters, grandma was a submissive woman to her husband.  Her husband loved and respect her because she respected him.  Yes, their marriage was not perfect, but they made it work for decades.  Grandma knew how to keep him wanting her more. She worked hard in the relationship and often bit her tongue to avoid criticizing him.  She knew what his weak points were.  She never wanted to act like she was the “man” in the relationship. 

During the 1970’s a major boom of divorces started to come into effect.  The feminism movement was on the rise and women began to feel more of a sense of liberation.  Today, this mentality has turned on women. Women are facing more loneliness now than they ever were before in previous generations. Women are trying to figure out what the problem is now. Why don’t men want to stay with them for life? Why won’t men commit anymore? Why could grandma keep her man and you cannot? Why are you 40 and alone?

What Can You Do Now?

As you can see, you may have a lot of feminist traits. You may not even know that you have them because you have been living like this for so long. However, its important to see what you can do to unlearn these traits so that a man can find your more desirable. However, you can simply do nothing, and I can almost guarantee that you will never find a man that will want to be together with you forever. 

I think that its fair to say that feminism has destroyed millions of romantic relationships. God never intended for men and women to be equal.  He intended the man to be the leader in the relationship and for the woman to be submissive to him. Just read the Holy Bible and you will see this for yourself. Even Jesus chose 12 male apostles. There is a reason for this.  It is the way that God wanted it.

The feminist movement is anti-God. It is teaching women how to not be submissive to a man.  However, this is destroying relationships.  I do not believe that we can go back in time and change things at this point. I believe that feminism is here to stay. However, you do not have to follow feminism. Spend some time reading the Holy Bible and asking God how you can do things his way.  When we follow God and do things his way, he gives us what we need.  When we go against God, nothing ever works out for us.

Now that you have some pointers, I hope that you can use this advice. Please see that I have a lot of experience in this area and know what works in love. Know that I have been married for over 20 years and have a happy marriage. Yes, I am a submissive woman and love my husband. He loves me to and respects me. I know the boundaries of what it is to be a woman today.  I studied the Bible and know what works and what does not.

I am happy to say that I am not a feminist nor believe in feminist ways.  I only see that feminism is destroying a woman’s chances at love and men do not like feminism. I wish that more woman could see the light.  Therefore, I wrote this article. I am tired of seeing depressed and heartbroken 40-year-old women.  I hear the cries of the women that write to me and I can tell you that doing things God’s way is the only way to finding true love that will last forever.

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