How Do Dogs and Humans Express Love To One Another?

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When your love life is going into the toilet, it is often comforting to know that your dog is there to give you love.  If you are a pet owner, here are some tips to help you to see how much your dog loves you. 

How Do Dogs Express Love?

  • Dogs will often come and put their head on your lap. 
  • Dogs will lick you and wag their tail at the same time. 
  • Dogs will come and sit on your lap. 
  • Dogs will cuddle up on the sofa next to you.
  • Dogs will bark at someone else if they try to sit next to you while they are there. 
  • Dogs will give you a sad face if they are not receiving love from you.

When your dog wants to express affection to you, they will often nudge you with their nose. You may look down at your leg and realize that he/she is bumping you with their nose. 

How Do Dogs and Humans Express Love To One Another?

If your dog is trying to tell you something, he/she will often look at you with open eyes and perhaps give  a little bark to let you know that they have an important message to give to you.  Sometimes, they can sense your sadness and therefore, they want you to know that they understand what you may be going through.  They want to show you love because they may feel that you are feeling down about something. 

Watch a dog express love
What Is Your Dog Trying To Tell You?

Dogs also like to sigh when they are trying to communicate love to you.  They are trying to let you know that you are on their minds and they want to spend quality time with you.  Taking him/her out for a walk will help the two of you to bond. 

If your dog brings a ball to you, it means that he loves you enough to want to have fun together.  Animals are very particular with who they play with or spend their time with.  Dogs look at this as being an important part of their bonding time with you.

Some dogs are jumpers. They will run towards you and jump on you.  Dog owners often see this from their pets after they have been away for a while.  Perhaps you just came back from a long trip or came home from work. You may here them in the house barking and doing a little dance in excitement that you are home.  Dogs will make it more than obvious that their affection for you is full of love and harmony. 

Dogs are also known to lean on their owners to show them that they are showing love. They often do this if there is company in the house. You may feel that your dog is leaning on your leg. They may be jealous that you are spending time with someone else other than them.  Some pet owners may get annoyed with their pet leaning on them because they may not know why their dog is doing this. 

Your dog will also roll around on the grass or on your living room carpet to show that they love you.  You can give them love back in return by giving them a belly rub.  They are trying to get attention from you. They feel that they want you to know that they are there for you. 

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Give Your Dog Attention

Dogs will also headbutt another dog if they feel jealous that you are giving them attention.  Dogs are territorial and do not want to share their attention with anyone else. They may even get jealous of your husband/wife.  If you are often alone with them, they may favor one of you.  Your dog may see you as being the person that loves them the most.  They can sense when someone does not like them. 

Some pet owners train their dogs to shake their hand when they are happy to see them. Often, you will here them say, “give me your paw”.  Dogs are intelligent and can be taught tricks and handshakes. If you can train a dog to fetch you the newspaper in the morning or to get you something in the house, they will express their love to you by brining it to you. 

If you notice that your dog takes a nap when you are asleep, it means that they trust you completely.  If you catch your dog snoring when you are asleep, you will find that they want to sleep with you.  In the animal world, that is a big move. It means that you have someone that cares about you. 

Pet owners will often make the mistake of yelling at your dog because they are biting a pair of their favorite shoes or ripping their shirt.  In fact, your dog is not doing this to upset you. It has been proven that dogs do this because they smell their owner on the object, and they are upset because you are not there. They are tearing apart these objects to show you that it frustrates them that you are not around.  They will often get upset and make you feel that you must be with them. 

During the holidays, pet owners often enjoy giving their pets toys.  Your pet will show you love by chewing on the toy or asking you to play with them. Dogs will often appreciate the fact that you are not giving up on them.  They love presents and know when you are rewarding them with one. Giving them dog treats also lets them know that you love them. 

If your dog does not eat your food when you walk in the other room, it means that they respect you enough to not eat what they know they should not be eating.  They will eventually see that you need to eat as much as they do.  This often comes as you get to know your dog better and they grow to love you. 

Dogs and family love
Dogs Love To Be Around Family Members

Your dog’s eyes are rather powerful. When they look into your eyes, you will sense anger, love, fear, jealousy and much more.  Their eyes speak a thousand words. They will often feed off your energy as well. 

A dog will follow you to your front door if they see you putting on your shoes. They often want to follow you wherever you go. You will often notice that when you get up, they follow you into the other room. You may feel like your dog is stalking you. Wherever you go, they want to be in the same room. If you shut the door, they will be sitting right outside of it to let you know that they miss you.  They want to follow you wherever you go. 

Dogs will also give you “doggy kisses” on the face to show you their love.  You may be sitting on the couch and realize your dog’s tongue is lapping your check. Your dog is trying to let you know that they love and miss you.  You are the one person that they need.  They wan you to know that you are their soulmate. 

Dogs also love to sniff your butt and private parts when they like you. This is their way of showing you that they love you.

If your dog fully trusts and loves you, you will often that if you put your hand near their food, they will not growl. Instead, they will trust you enough to know that you will not take their food. 

If you ever thought that your dog was smiling at you, you are right!  Dogs do smile and most people think that its only their imagination.  It is a fact that your dog will give you a doggy grin when they are happy with you.  You will notice that he/she wants you to know that you have love for them.

Roughhousing is another way that dogs express love. You will often find that they want to wrestle with you.  They may love it when you have them on the floor, and you are sticking your hand in their mouth or giving them fast belly rub.  They enjoy expressing love through play.

Dogs that love people will often socialize with them. They often like it when you have a family gathering. Your dog may go around to every person in the house to express their love and affection. When you are lonely and depressed, dogs can sense it.  That brings them down as well.  You will notice that your pet gets all happy and excited when he is being shown love.

express love with a dog
Dogs Need To Walk With Love

If you notice that your dog is loyal to you, this is another way that they express love.  They may be protective over you and bark at someone that they feel may be trying to hurt you.  They will make it clear that they are not happy with what someone else is doing to you.  They will often make you feel that you can give them strong happiness and peace.

If you ever noticed your dog sitting by your side when you are sick, it means that they want to make sure that you are doing okay. They will often cry as well if they feel like you are in pain or in need of help. Often, dogs will run into another room and start crying to let someone know that someone that they love is in trouble.

They often want to let you know that they are trying to watch over you.  There have been medical reports in which dog owners claim that their pet was howling at them after snigging their arm or leg. They were trying to let them know that they had cancer. Many pet owners say that when they went to the doctor, they were told that they had cancer or some other illness. Pet owners believe that this is a way that their dogs were trying to alert them. 

Have you ever been peed on by your dog?  You may have thought that it was wrong for them to do and it made you mad.  However, your dog was only trying to tell you that they got so excited to see you, that they peed on you. Some dogs will do this more often than others.

How Can You Express Love Back to Your Dog?

It is important to express love back to your dog in return.  Giving your dog a kiss on the head lets them know that you are expressing love to them. If you hug your dog on the coach, they know that you love them.  I will often kiss my dog and hug her. She sees this as being beneficial for her life.

I always give my dog a steak when she has done something that I like.  If she knows that jumping on people is not something that I like her to do, she knows that she will be given a steak if she behaves and does not jump on people.  When my dog jumps on me, I know that it is because she is just trying to express her love to me. However, not everyone will be open to your dog jumping on you. Some people find this to be more repulsive. 

Learn to love your dog
What Is Your Dog Trying To Tell You?

Dogs need attention from their pet owners. They know if you love them by the way that you treat them. If you yell at your dog a lot, they know that they get on your nerves most of the time.  If you give them love, they will give you love back in return. 

The worst thing that you can do to your dog has hit them. Never hit an animal.  If you do, this can leave a lifelong negative view of them towards people.  Many dogs that are sent to animal shelters remain unadoptable because they suffered abuse by their previous owner. Unfortunately, the abuse was so bad that they often cannot be rehabilitated and must be put to sleep.  This is one of the most upsetting things that happens with dogs. 

Do not leave your dog outside alone.  Your dog will want you to be outside with them or to only let them go outside of go to the bathroom. However, they expect to come back inside of the house with you afterwards. In hot climates, the prefer being in air conditioner. When they are in warm climates, they want to be around heat like people do.  Pet owners often make the mistake of thinking that their dog is okay out in the freezing cold or hot temperatures. 

Play with your dog regularly.  You can express love to them by playing ball or frisbee with them. Take them to the park or beach and have fun together. They will love the activity as much as you will. 

If you get up to get a snack while you are watching TV, get your dog one as well.  Many pet owners do not realize that their snacking is usually because they are bored.  Your dog gets bored to and would like a doggie biscuit.  It brings happiness to your dog as it brings happiness to you to eat a bag of potato chips or Starbucks coffee. 

Pet owners are realizing that their dog has more human feelings than they ever could have known.  It is important to treat your dog as a member of the family. Try to get them something soft if they cannot sit on the living room sofa.  Dogs know the difference between a hard floor and a couch.  Therefore, most dogs prefer lounging on the couch instead of on the floor. They know how comfortable it can be to sit on a piece of furniture.

Getting them a dog bed also shows them love. You dog will appreciate it and you will feel good knowing that they are getting a much happier sleep at night. 

I hope that you have learned a few tips about how dogs express love. As you can see, you can express love back to them and enjoy the care that they give to you.

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