What Are Some Good Techniques To Getting God’s Attention?

Have faith that god will give you want you need
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Is Prayer All the Same?

Prayer is different for every person.  The Holy Bible teaches us that there are different ways to getting God’s attention. If you disagree, please keep on reading and you will see why prayer is not all the same. 

Get God’s Attention Through Prayer (Watch Video Above)

On the night that Jesus was about to be handed over to Rome and the Jews, He stayed up and prayed.  The apostles slept and Jesus was in prayer.  Jesus already knew his fate.  He knew that he was going to be persecuted and crucified on a cross. 

Jesus knew that his time on earth was over and that he was about to see death.  He was scared and asked Peter to stay up with him (Matthew 26:38).  In Matthew 26:39, Jesus asks God to take away this cup from him if possible. However, he did not want to do his will, but God’s will in heaven.  Jesus wanted to make it clear that his intentions were to serve God’s will only. 

There are those times when we bow our head and say a short 1 to 5-minute prayer.  These prayers are what people typically do daily.  However, Jesus chose to pray all night because his soul was in anguish. He was afraid and wanted Peter to stay up with him. 

pray with right intention
Have A Positive Mind and Believe That God Will Give You What You Are Asking According To His Will

Group prayer is often the best kind of prayer because it brings together you and another person. It can be hard to imagine yourself praying alone during a time of crisis. Human beings are relational beings.  We get comfort from bonding with one another and attending church services together.

It is hard to imagine walking through life without prayer.  Prayer does change situations. You would think that because God knows everything, we do not have to pray. However, nothing could be further from the truth. 

Is Prayer Simply Talking To God?

Yes, prayer is talking to God.  It is letting God know what your needs are. Even though God knows what your needs are, he tells us to still pray and ask him.

In 1 John 5:14, the New Testament tells us that If we ask God anything, he will hear us.  However, our prayer must be according to God’s will.  Some people like to pray and ask God for things that are completely against his will.  You may want God to bring your boyfriend or girlfriend back to you.  It is understandable that you want that, but you cannot tell God what to do. 

You must ask him, “If it be your will, may you let them come back to me. If it is not your will, please let them go.” In this way, you are showing God that he has full authority over your life and what happens to you.  God is all about giving us free will to choose what is right. 

When we choose wrong, he will not stop us.  However, all wicked deeds will not go unpunished.  In judgement, you will have to pay for these sins.  Without Jesus as your personal Lord and savior, you have no hope.  If you accept Jesus as your personal Lord and savior, God will forgive your sins through Jesus. 

1 John 5:15 reminds us that God does hear us when we ask Him for something.  God’s ears are always listening to what we have to say. God wants you to speak to him from the heart. To understand who God is and his will, read the Holy Bible.  Ask Jesus to teach you more about him.  Ask Jesus to give you inner peace when you pray.

educate yourself more about god
Read The Bible Everyday To Learn What God’s Will Is

Learn how to clear your conscience with God.  If you feel guilty about something, let God know. Ask him how to resolve this guilt and shame within you.  You will soon see that God will show you a way out.  After all, once we confess our sins to Jesus Christ, we are forgiven.  

When Should You Pray?

You should pray when you are in trouble and not having a problem. James 5:13 teaches us to pray when we are in trouble and to sing songs to God when we are happy.  Singing a song to God lets him know what is in your heart.  If you sing a song that is meaningful to you to God, it lets him know what is happening inside of your heart. It is not easy to sing to God when we are hurting.  However, we let God know that we love him and are there for him. 

It is important for you to understand that not all prayer is the same.  A lot of prayer goes unanswered because we are asking God for what we want in selfishness.  Some people even ask God to destroy another person.  Jesus is all about forgiveness and repentance.  You really do not want your brother or sister to go to hell.  You may be upset with them, but to ask evil to fall upon them is not Christ like.  We are to love and give of ourselves.  In prayer, we should always ask God to help a fellow human being to become a better person.  Ask God to have them do what is right. 

If someone needs to be punished, God will do the punishing.  We live in a world that is full of love and hate at the same time.  A lot of people are wishing evil upon their brother or sister.  It is mainly because they feel that they have been wronged in some way, shape or form. However, Jesus teaches us all about forgiveness. You should think about the way that you pray and ask Jesus to forgive you for yours sins.

Jesus teaches us in   Mark 11:24, that we should believe that we are going to receive what we ask God for in prayer and it will be ours. This is a different concept than what you may have understood about prayer before in the past. Jesus is telling us that faith has a lot to do with getting what we want when we pray. In a sense, this is the power of positive thinking.  Norman Vincent Peale was known for his theories on positive thinking. By reading this Bible verse, we see that his perspective on positive thinking was correct. If we believe that something will happen, it will. 

let god and let jesus in
Jesus Forgives Sin

Keeping a positive mindset is important because doubt produces nothing positive for us.  We often do not get what we want when we doubt or feel like our prayer is not going to be answered.  When your faith in God is weak, it is hard to believe that he is going to answer a prayer for you.  Over time, you can grow weak in faith if you are not spending time with God regularly or reading the Holy Bible. In times like this, it is important to ask God to give you faith so that you can believe in him stronger. 

Sometimes, unbelievers in God will need to pray to God for faith and to believe in him first.  When God puts that in your heart, you will find that it is easier to believe in him. 

When Is Praying The Hardest?

When you go through any kind of physical ailment, prayer becomes the hardest.  There is nothing worse than trying to pray while you body is in pain and suffering.  When Jesus was dying on the cross, he asked God why he has forsaken him.  He was in pain and sorrow.  It was the worst moment of his life. He was about to see death. 

If you ever faced death or a dire situation, you may relate to what Jesus was feeling at the time that he was dying on the cross.  You often feel like God has abandoned you and does not care about you. If you get cancer or suffer a heart attack, it can see like God does not care. It is easy to pray when you are healthy, strong, and doing well.  It is hard to pray when all seems to be failing at that moment in your life. 

This is when you need to have family, friends, and fellow Christians to pray for you.  They must uphold you during difficult times and ask God to come and help you.  As hard as it is, its important to keep a good physical outlook on life.  Let everyone around you know that you need prayer.  There is no shame in that. 

If you are starving for food and to poor to by any, you often do not want to pray because you may think that God has abandoned you and does not care about your hunger. However, God does care.  Never let your suffering convince you that God is somehow doing this to you.  Yes, God does allow bad things to happen for his own reasons. It is for his own purposes. However, it is impossible for God to do bad.  He will often let evil happen to you because its going to lead you to a better place eventually. 

God allowed Jesus to die on the cross so that he could be an atonement for our sins. He is the sacrifice that mankind needs to forgive all sin.   If God did not allow Jesus to die on the cross, he never been resurrected. We never would have had forgiveness for our sins. We never would have had a relationship with God. 

Body ailments will either make you come closer to God or separate you from God. It is the one area of life that will prove you to be a true Christian or someone that does not believe in God. When you are suffering and in pain, you will either cling to God for help or say that you want nothing to do with God. It is a time in which your suffering will be tested to the maximum. 

Another time when prayer is the hardest is when you feel that you have lost everything in your life.  If you remember the story of Job in the Old Testament, you will read that he lost his children, money, work, and everything that he was.  He often lost his health for a time.  Jobs world seemed dire and like it was over. 

He cursed the day that he was born and wished that he never experienced life. This is how bad it got for Job.  However, in his weakest moment in life, he never stopped believing in God. He knew that there was a reason for this, and that God was God.  He knew that he could never stop believing in God. 

The story of Job reminds us that we will have bad moments in life. You may even go through your own Job experience in life. However, God will never leave you or abandon you.

At the time of Job’s testing, he had no idea that God was testing him. He had no idea that Satan went and asked God if he could test Job.  God said yes.  He knew that Job would not fail him even though Satan was about to destroy him. The only thing that God told Satan he could not do was to take his life. God was faithful to Job and did not let Satan kill him.  He kept him from that.  When Jobs testing was over, he gave Job back all his possessions tenfold.  God gave him more because of his faithfulness to him. 

Why Fast and Pray?

Fasting is an Old Testament concept and New Testament practice as well.   When we fast and pray, we get God’s attention.  Why? It is because going without eating is pure hell.  The body desires food and when we fast, we do not give our bodies what we want.  Instead, we use that time that we would be eating food for spending it with God.  If you have ever been on a 7-day fast drinking water only, you know the kind of hell that you must go through.  Its not easy and you pray constantly to God asking him for what you want. 

God does answer prayer through fasting. When we are at our weakest moments, we ask God for what we want and then go after it.  It is important for you to walk through life asking God for what is going to be a part of your life.

Fasting helps us to get to the core depths of ourselves. You will find out who you really are as a person through fasting. You will often learn more about yourself when you are fasting because you will see what distractions you are constantly under throughout the day.

Fasting helps us to pause our life and to see who we are as a person. It also tells God that we are serious and need his help in a specific area of life. If you are lonely for a companion, it is important to fast and pray. Ask God to send you a spouse that will always love you forever. You may not know it now, but perhaps you do not have the right soulmate in your life because you have not fasted for that person to come into your life. It is important to ask God for what you want by also ask God for his will to be done in your life.

You will also be able to examine your motives for what you want in life as well.  You should use the time that you would have been eating for praying and reading the Holy Bible.  You need to focus and accomplish what you set out to do. It is never easy to fast and pray, but its necessary because it allows us to focus on what has been troubling us the most.  You may be shocked to find out that you have to many distractions happening in your life on a day to day basis.  When you focus more on your problem, you can come up with a solution a lot easier. 

As you can see, there are many ways in which you can pray and ask God to help you.  It is important to not give up on prayer or for what you can receive through it. Always know that God has your back and will never let Satan do anything that he is not allowing him to do.  Satan is the father of lies and wants to destroy your life. If it were not for God, everything that you are would be destroyed instantly.

Take a minute to praise God today in song. Bow your head and thank God for all that he has given to you. If you are not a Christian, ask Jesus to come into your heart so that you can receive salvation and forgiveness for your sins. Jesus is the only way to God. 

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