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Is There An Unseen World Of Spirits?

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Ghost hunters, exorcists, spiritualists, and many other faiths believe that there is an unseen world of spirits. These are the spirits that we cannot see with our own physical eyes. However, since the beginning of time, man has believed that life exists without a physical body.  Our ancestors often worshipped sun Gods and practiced astrology because they believed that there was another force in the universe that was trying to accept us. 

In today’s modern-day world, you often hear about UFO scientists saying that there are aliens from another planet trying to visit us.  You may have heard that the United States and other governments are hiding the truth about life existing outside of earth.  Are they all nuts or is there some truth to what they are saying? 

What Is Ghost Hunting?

Ghost hunting became popular in the 20th century.  The main reason is because digital recording equipment became more accessible to the public. Today, you can buy a video camera for under $200.00 and voice recording equipment for under $100.00. 

Shows like Ghosthunters made America realize that voices (EVP) can be picked up on recording equipment.  You may have heard of the movie White Noise. This movie depicted an obsession with some people trying to capture voices of ghosts on recording equipment.  Sometimes they would use their television set to only hear white noise. However, every now and then, you would hear a spirit say a word or two.  This meant that they were trying to communicate with the living. 

Talking to spirits is not a new age concept. In fact, Abraham Lincoln, Nancy Reagan, and some other political leaders were often known for trying to connect with the dead. They believed that the spirits do speak to the living and therefore, should not be ignored.

If you have ever gone out on your own ghost hunting experiment, you may have noticed that spirits were all around you.  Perhaps you could not hear them. However, when you set up your own recording equipment, you managed to hear a spirit speaking through. 

When you have a successful ghost hunting outing, you begin to realize that there is another world beyond the one that we know.  It is not entirely clear as to why these spirits are speaking and others are not.  We also do not know why some are chosen to speak on camera/voice recorder and others are not.

I once did a ghost hunting outing myself and was able to capture some voices on tape.  I was shocked that actual human voices were heard.  I have no idea if they were alien species or someone that was dead. All that I know was that I picked up human voices saying hello to me and some voices screaming as though they were demons in hell.  This was the first white noise that I ever experienced in my life. 

My life changed forever after hearing what I heard on tape. It made me realize that our ancestors were right. God does exist and spirits do to.  However, how did our ancestors know this when they did not have access to recording equipment or the same technology that we have today? Perhaps they did really come face to face with aliens from another planet.

Who Were Ed and Lorraine Warren?

You may or may not have heard the names of Ed and Lorraine Warren.  In case you do not know, they were exorcists that worked closely with the Catholic church during the 20th century.  There work has been documented well over the course of 40+ years. They even have their own occult museum showcasing the many paranormal artifacts that they found while conducting exorcisms.  Movies like “The Conjuring” and “Annabelle” showcased true events of some of their best-known works.

Lorraine was a self-proclaimed psychic that felt she could communicate with spirits and predict evil presence. Some of the toughest ghost hunting exorcisms were performed by this couple. They claimed to help many families to get rid of evil spirits and to exorcise people from evil spirits.  There are many recordings that the Warrens have that would make the biggest skeptics turn into believers into the unseen world of spirits.

What is Spiritualism?

Spiritualism began in the United States during the 20th century.  Spiritualists believe that spirits do speak to us through mediums.  Psychic mediums believe that they can speak with the dead because they give us messages from “the other side”. 

One of the most famous spiritualist communities in the world is Lily Dale Assemblies in Lily Dale New York.  It is located near Buffalo New York.

If you ever get a chance to visit Lily Dale Assemblies, you will find that the psychic mediums post signs outside of their home saying that they give psychic readings.  You can schedule a live-in person session with a spiritualist, and they will often tell you what they see based on their own visions. 

Lily Dale is a community in which you can take family and friends. They have courses going on all the time having to do with spirit communication.

You can watch videos about Lily Dale Assemblies on and learn about what they do.  It is also important to watch videos about mediums talking to the dead to let you see that spirits do speak to the living. It is hard to say why only certain spirits will come through. Often, we communicate with spirits because they are trying to tell us something.   

Spirits seem to want to communicate a message to us. Sometimes it is a simple hello and at other times, it is a way for us to see truth.  Spirits have been known to communicate with the living to let them know that something is not right. Maybe they are trying to warn you of something.  Either way, spirit communication is a skill.  Most ghost hunters set up teams of people that work together to capture ghosts on camera or digital recording equipment.  Once you get into spirit communication, you may not want to stop. It can become an obsession for some. 

What Are Some Movies About Unseen Spirits?

  • The Sixth Sense
  • Grave Encounters
  • Insidious
  • The Exorcist
  • Children Of The Grave
  • The Nun
  • The Awakening
  • Paranormal Activity
  • The Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm
  • Poltergeist

How To Deal With A Ghost In Your House

Perhaps you are reading this article because you believe that you have a ghost in your house.  There is nothing worse than being woken up by a strange bang or someone standing at the foot of your bed that is not human. 

The best ghost hunters in the world say that its best to learn as much as you can about the ghost.  If you ask for their name, the ghost will often give it to you.  They want to be acknowledged. Some ghosts want you to get out of the house because they feel that they still own it.

It is important to find out why the ghost is bothering you to begin with. Often, not communicating with the ghost does not change anything. They simply grow worse and more poltergeist.  I know that its scary to talk to a ghost, but you must make them go away.

You can hire a ghost hunter or exorcist to help you to get rid of the ghost if you are to afraid to do this on your own.  You should contact your local Catholic church and tell them what is going on. Most Diocese have priests on call to deal with certain problems such as demonic possession of a person or home. 

It is also important to sprinkle some holy water all around your home to ward off demonic activity.  You should also put crucifixes in every room and have a Holy Bible in each room as well. 

It is important to speak to people that have experience in getting rid of ghosts.  There are many ghost hunting companies now in the United States and around the world to combat ghosts. Ghost busters today is no longer a fake movie about catching ghosts. Now it is a real live action occurring around the world in ordinary people’s homes. 

Who Are The Top Psychic Mediums In The World Today?

  • John Edward
  • Char Margolis
  • Tyler Henry
  • Matt Fraser
  • James Van Praagh
  • Allison DuBois
  • John Holland
  • Brian Weiss
  • Chris Stillar
  • Gordon Smith

Famous Priests That Did Exorcisms:

  • Father Gabriel Amorth
  • Father Gabriele Amorth S.S.P.
  • Father Bowdern

Why Is There An Unseen Spirit World?

Have you ever wondered why we have a spirit world to begin with?  We have a spirit world because all living beings have a soul in them.  Everyone is afraid to die because they do often do not believe that death is the end.  They often believe that they will go to either heaven or hell when they die.  It is said that when we die, our soul goes somewhere. 

The unseen spirit world was designed so that spirits would have no attachment to a physical body anymore. This can be hard because spirits cannot speak like the average human being can. As humans, we get to eat and interact with one another. When a person dies, their body goes back into the ground. The Holy Bible tells us that from dust we came from and to dust we will return (Genesis 3:19). 

In one chapter of the Bible, we are told about the story of the Prophet Samuel.  He had died and a king by the name of Saul still wanted to consult with him. The Holy Bible tells us that King Sault consulted a witch to call his soul up from the dead because he wanted to ask him a question. The Prophet Samuel did indeed speak to him from the dead.  He also told him that the next day, he and his sons would join him in the grave because they would die in battle. This certainly did happen.

It is not clear as to whether he saw the apparition of Saul or if the witch communicating the words to him because she was a medium.  What is clear is that he did speak to Saul and King Saul recognized him to be Prophet Samuel.  If he did not recognize Prophet Samuel, he would have called the witch a fraud and left without speaking to him.

Also, Prophet Samuel knew that his fate was to be death in battle the next day. Many Christians and non-Christians alike believe that Satan does not know the future.  He cannot predict the future. Therefore, the words must have come from a good place.  The warning was not something that King Saul expected.  He was shocked to learn of his future fate.  If you want to read the story about King Saul, please turn to the Old Testament and go to 1 Samuel 28:3-25. 

Is The Unseen Spirit World Scary?

For some, the unseen spirit world is scary. You do not know where these spirits are coming from or even how they can see you to speak. However, when you start hearing them on tape and realizing that they are real, it can be scary. However, know that most spirits are there to just tell you a message.

They often do not want to harm you or others. They often want to be heard.  There is no known explanation as to why some spirits come through and others do not. Sometimes, you may want to consult with your father or mother that died. However, they may not speak to you and perhaps another spirit will come through to you that wants to deliver a specific message to you. 

It is important to not fear the unknown.  Only know that you have a curious mind that wants to seek out information about that. There is not reason why you should not learn as much as you can about the unseen spirit world.