Why Some Questions On A Psychic Hotline Are Pointless To Ask?

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When Is He Calling?

Since most customers that call or chat online with psychics are women, they often ask, “When is he calling?”  There is an up rise of women calling psychics with frustration because they are not hearing from their boyfriends.  They are expecting psychic readers to tell them when someone may be calling them.  This is probably one of the most annoying questions that are asked to psychic readers. For starters, psychics cannot possibly know when a man is going to call you.  Psychics cannot see dates for the most part because they are not supposed to. Even Nostradamus could not predict accurate dates. 

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Psychics can tell you a round about time in which they see a man contacting you. However, they cannot say that he will be calling on Monday at 3:00 p.m.  Unfortunately, life does not work like that.  In my opinion, this is the #1 pointless questions to ask a psychic. 

Does He Love Me?

If someone loves you, you should not have to ask.  You will just know.  If the guy that you are interested in is only calling you once every two weeks, he cannot possibly love you.  There are exceptions to every rule. If your boyfriend/husband/hook up is in the military or a truck driver, he may not be able to call all the time. Perhaps phones and internet connections are not around him. There are exceptions to every rule. 

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Does He Love Me Because He Never Calls Or Texts Me?

However, something must tell you deep within your heart that he is not into you.  He may tell you that he cares for you when he sees you, but he is not showing you love. Most men that do this are simply chasing booty and not looking for real companionship. 

“Was That A Fake Hangup?”

He may have another girl on the side or perhaps he does not think of you as someone that he could love. Maybe he is only into you 40% of the time. It may be when he is looking for some intimacy. 

Most psychics will lie and tell you over the phone/chat that he does love you even though you never hear from him.  After all, the psychic industry makes money off making you call them for follow up readings as often as possible.  If a psychic can make you believe that he loves you, you will keep on calling.  I find this question to be pointless because you often will not get the truth. 

Is He My Soulmate?

99% of the time, you have not met your soulmate if you are calling psychics to see if he is your soulmate.  Soulmate connections are so strong and powerful, that when you experience one, there is no question that they are your soulmate.  It is important for you to look deeply into the eyes of your guy and see if he has that passion that you are looking for. Can you honestly look into his eyes and feel like he is trying to give you love that you have never received before?  Is he trying to tell you that you are his one and only?  Do you feel like you can hold him forever and have something good come out of the connection? 

It is important to be realistic.  Psychics will often tell you that you are soulmates because they want to keep on taking your money and have you come back time and time again.  It is important to not play into this game.  Psychics often like to play with your emotions.  They want to tell you that someone is your soulmate even though you never get texts from them and they do not like talking to you on the phone.

Is He Dating Another Woman?

If he is not talking to you, he most likely has another woman.   After all, he has his needs to. He needs to be loved, communicated with, and intimately pleased on a regular basis.  Men often cannot go without intimacy for more than a few days.  If he can, he is either pleasing himself in the bathroom or may have porn addiction.  Perhaps he goes to the strip club to get his needs met as well.

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Why Doesn’t He Ever Text Me?

It is important to deal with reality and not fantasy. Of course, you want to be the only woman in his life.  However, its obvious that something is drastically wrong.  If you know that you have been trying to get his attention for awhile and he is still not giving you the “time or day”, then you may need to move on. You do not have to waste money on the psychic hotline to figure this out.  It should be common sense. 

“Did He Accidently Pocket Dial Me or Was That A Real Call?”

Calling A Psychic To Vent Your Frustrations

At least 50% of all calls made to a psychic website are because people want to vent out their frustrations.  They are not looking for a psychic reading. They simply want to talk and ramble on about why they are angry at their boyfriend/lover.  They do not even want to know what you see.  Most of these women are frustrated because they cannot find love and they chase men that clearly show no interest.  He friends and family members in their life are tired of them. They do not want to hear their complaints anymore of their relationships that are bound to fail from the start. 

The psychic hotline makes it easy for these women to just pick up the phone anonymously and frustrate the hell out of psychics that are not meant to be used for a complain hotline.  Psychics want to give legitimate psychic readings. They do not want to hear you complaining on the phone night and day. This is not in their job description.  Unfortunately, many women do not care and only are concerned with dumping their garbage on you.  They often use the psychic hotline as a counseling line.

These women will often start ranting angrily on the telephone about their bills, lack of work, lack of love and that their children cannot stand them.  If they just had a friend to talk to, they would not be calling psychics and spending money.  Unfortunately, many women see the psychic hotline as a secure way to dump their junk on you.

After all, nobody knows who you are when you call and most people on the psychic hotline are desperate for attention and love.  It is probably one of the hardest jobs to have if you are a psychic reader.  You only get paid by the minute to listen to these people complain about everything that is going wrong in their life.  They are often the most unspiritual people that you could ever imagine talking to. 

using your children to get to a man
Are You Using Your Child As An Excuse For Him to Come Over To Your House To See You?

These women have often been burned by love one to many times and keep on messing up. Psychics often want to tell them to please stop complaining because you knew that being involved with a married man was wrong or that you are chasing men that do not show interest from the start. 

Does He Find Me Attractive?

If he really finds you to be attractive, you do not need to call a psychic to tell you that he does.  You should know it by how he treats you in the bedroom and if he shows you any romance. This is a commonsense question.  If he is into you, you will not have to ask. You will feel that he is desiring you all the time and he makes you feel beautiful. 

Women often find that when they are talking to a man that wants them, they feel like they must do little to improve their physical appearance. When you feel that a man does not find you attractive, you start thinking that maybe you are to fat or need a boob job.  Your mind starts to wonder.  Instead of losing weight or getting boobs, you may want to find another man.  As the saying goes, “there are plenty of fish in the sea.” 

Does He Want To Marry Me?

I find this to be another pointless question.  When a man wants to marry you, he starts talking about it and dropping hints. You will not be left on an island trying to figure this out. Often, women are more in love with the idea of being married than marriage itself.

After all, you simply find that you want him to love you for who you are and to love you for a lifetime. However, most women that call psychics to ask this question are not even in a secure relationship.  Most psychics find that women that ask this question never to hear from the guy that they are hoping to someday marry. He is often someone that does not care about you or even wants you for that matter. 

Many women today are trying to force guys to marry them. Yes, some do try to trap guys by getting pregnant or to excessively text him all day long because they are tired of being alone.  It is important to let go and not be so dependent on getting married. You will find that marriage can be a challenge for you if you marry someone that does not want to be together with you. 

dumping your troubles
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Should I Call Him?

You may find it shocking that women call the psychic hotline to ask if they should call a guy that never calls them or texts them.  Their desperation and need for love are so great that they would chase down a man that shows no interest in them whatsoever.  They call and ask a psychic reader if it is a good idea to call a man when he is not wanting to communicate.  This question is often asked 1 out of every 5 times a day. It is a popular question because most women today have lost communication schools and phone etiquette. 

There was a time where courtesy meant something. You would call someone one time and leave a message. If they did not call back, it meant that they were not interested in talking to you and you did not call them back.

However, in today’s world, many women have turned into phone stalkers.  They will chase a guy down even if he shows no interest. Psychics already know that you are the problem. Of course they cannot tell you that you should not call him because these types of women only want to hear that chasing a man down is the only way to go even if he has blocked you on all social media and his phone. 

When a man really wants to talk to you, you will not need to call a psychic and ask. You will have good communication going back and forth with one another in conversation. 

Is He Gay?

Women often think that their man might be gay if they are not intimate on a regular basis.  However, there is no way for a psychic to know if your boyfriend/husband is gay or not. There are many different factors as to why you may not be little to no intimacy.  Here are some reasons:

  • You do not look the same as when you first met (Perhaps you met when you were a lot thinner or heavier.  Maybe you had less wrinkles). 
  • He is older now and does not feel the need for intimacy as much.
  • He prefers to make love in the morning and not at night.
  • He is often tired and stressed from working all day.
  • He is tired that you are a nag.
  • Are you asking him to many questions all day long and getting on his nerves?
  • He has packed on a few pounds himself and cannot even hold himself up long enough to have intercourse. There is an obese epidemic happening all over the world and many men are losing their ability to have intimacy due to wait.
  • He is stressed.
  • He is still in love with his ex.
  • Perhaps, he is gay.

Am I With The Wrong Person?

This is a pointless question because you are. If you are even asking this question, your relationship has some major problems. A psychic should not have to tell you that you are with the wrong person. You should know the answer already.  When you are with the right person, you will feel that they fulfill you in ways that nobody else can. You experience love with them and the feeling that you are connecting with someone that is your soulmate. True love is powerful and beneficial towards life.  You must see that you must learn more about who you are as a person and go after someone that shows you true love. 

As you can see, there are many pointless questions to ask a psychic. By not asking pointless questions, you save a lot of time and money during your psychic reading. Only ask questions that you really do not know the answer to. In this way, you will find that your life is more in balance and you create the good change that you have been looking for. Finding love is not easy to do now a days. However, it is always possible to find someone that is going to be together with you. 

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