Can Gorillas Be Soulmates?

Why Are We Fascinated By Gorillas?

Gorillas are often the favored animal in zoos across the United States and around the world. They are fascinating because they are the closest animal to human beings.  They fall right behind chimpanzees in terms of being connected with similar DNA.  If you ever look into a gorilla‚Äôs eyes behind the glass exhibits of most zoos, you will see the gorilla having many human looking characteristics and feelings. It is almost shocking how our fingers and ears look identical.

Can Gorillas Be Soulmates?

Like humans, Gorillas are sociable.  One silverback male gorilla will often habitat with many female gorillas and produce offspring. He often stays with his family for life. 

Sometimes, male gorillas must roam the forests alone because they did not find other female gorillas to be together with.  This is often five to ten percent of the male gorilla population.  This is often more common with mountain gorillas. 

Most Gorilla families are between four and ten gorillas living together at one time.  It is also a fact that if the male silverback gorilla dies, another male gorilla will come in to take over the family or if old enough, a male son gorilla will lead the family pack.

When you see a baby gorilla at the zoo, most people find them to be simply adorable. They are cute, cuddly and are often seen crawling like a human baby.  They also have a liking for breast milk. Like a human baby, gorilla babies need to learn how to crawl before they can walk.

Mother gorillas will nurse their babies until they are around five years of age.  Baby gorillas will only way around 4 pounds when they are born. Human babies will weigh around 7 pounds.

Male gorillas will stay with their families until they are around 10 to 12 years of age.  After that, they go off into the wild to roam or to build a family of their own. 

Unlike humans, gorillas to not need to drink water. They get their water from the morning dew and from the food that they eat. 

As you can see, gorilla families are much like polygamist families. Polygamist families often consistent of one male and several women choosing to stay together with that one male.  They have offspring with him and build family structures together. 

The idea of gorillas being soulmates is not entirely farfetched. After all, what lead that male gorilla to the female gorillas.  How did they find one another?  This all has a lot to do with destiny. Gorillas are known for expressing hugs and playfulness. Mother gorillas will care for their young a lot like human mothers will.  By nature, female gorillas do not mate with their father, brothers, or close relatives.  They will often be found by other male gorillas that will start a pack with them.

Do Female Gorillas Get Jealous of Other Female Gorillas?

New research is being suggested that female gorillas will often use pregnancy to keep their silverback male from other female gorillas.  They do this to gain favor with other male gorillas.  This research was conducted by Stony Brook University in New York.

Gorillas are sociable animals by nature.  They travel a lot in search for food and often come across other animals.  They tend to leave other animals alone if they do not see them as a threat.  They are known to be calmer and gentler when not provoked.

Do Male Gorillas Protect Female Gorillas?

Like many men, the male likes to protect his female.  If someone were to harm her, he would defend her.  He will also protect his young like a man would in traditional human society.

What Roles Do Male Gorillas Play With Their Families?

  • They solve problems.
  • Make decisions.
  • Defend them against attacks.
  • Produce other gorillas with female gorillas.
  • Says when its eating time.
  • He lets the family know when it is time to sleep.
  • He can choose which female gorillas he will mate with.

Can Children Male Gorilla Try To Overpower Their Father?

In some instances, when the male gorilla turns around 12 years of age, he will often leave his family to start one of his own. On some occasions, he may try to overpower his father to become head of the family. This does not happen often, but it does happen from time to time.

Many young gorillas will try to challenge an older male gorilla to a fight if he does not like them. However, the older silverback will often slap his chest showing that he will have a tough fight on his hands if he chooses to engage him. 

Female gorillas will often slap their chests if they do not like another female gorilla.  Baby and young gorillas will often beat their chest to show that they want to play.  As you can see, male and female gorillas hit their chests for different reasons. 

Do Female Gorillas Respect Her Male Gorilla?

Yes, in the animal kingdom, the female gorilla will depend on the male gorilla for mostly everything. The only way that she would be able to leave the male gorilla that she is presently with is if another male gorilla came into the group and overpowered him or if he died.  The male gorilla controls everything from eating to sleeping.  She depends on him for protection as well. 

The difference between human females and gorilla females is that the human female can leave the relationship. She can choose whether she wants to be together with her lover. 

Recent research has shown that female gorillas do get jealous of other female gorillas.  She may get agitated when another female gorilla gets close to her silverback male.  She may show outward signs of slapping her chest to show her dislike.

She may feel that she deserves to be with him more.  In this way, you can say that she believes that silverback male to be her soulmate. It is possible that gorillas do have a lot more jealousy and human emotion than we could have thought in previous generations.  The more that we research gorillas, the more information we will find out about them. 

Humans Share Real Understanding and Knowledge Of Soulmate Connections

Animals do not share the same human emotion as human beings do when it comes to soulmate connections. Humans tend to believe that they are destined to be with someone based on their characteristics, attraction, and other factors. They can think through emotions. 

Gorillas often are taken over by a male gorilla and start a family with her. She often does not have a say so over whether she likes him for who he is.  When the silverback male finds a female gorilla that he can mate with, he starts to build a family with her. Eventually, the male gorilla will find other females to mate with and create a family for himself with multiple female gorillas. 

However, human females do get jealous like female gorillas do. They may not like another woman trying to get close to her man.  Instead of pounding her chest, she may use her voice to make another back off. She may call another woman a name to make her see that she is not going to have her man.  Most human women expect a relationship that will involve one man only. Most men know choose to be in a singular marriage.  Most countries do not allow men to have multiple wives. However, many Islamic countries do allow a man to have 3 or 4 wives. It depends on the country and the cultural differences. 

In many countries, women do not get jealous if their husband has other wives besides her. She looks at this as being a part of her culture. She may get jealous at times that he is paying more attention to another woman over her but will accept this as a part of her culture. 

In the United States, it is common for a man to choose a woman to be with. He may even decide to marry her. In our modern day 21st century world, it seems that men are not choosing to stick around with a woman for long. Divorces are around 50% of the time and breakups seem to happen only after a few months of dating. 

In the gorilla world, the male gorilla will stay with his female gorilla for life.  This may be for over 20 years.  He often makes a family at the age of 12 and 13.   Gorillas usually have a life expectancy of around 35 years. If they grow up in a zoo, they will often live to see 54 years. 

Why Modern-Day Women Do Not Act Like Female Gorillas?

Female gorillas allow the male gorilla to dominate the family and to make decisions alone. This was common in previous generations. However, feminism started to take a rise in the United States and around the world in the later part of the 20th century.  When the male human was not able to show leadership in the relationship and family, the relationship began to decline.

In previous generations, marriages would often last 20 to 50+ years.  The man was usually considered the head of the household.  Today, men often feel that the woman is not allowing them to lead the relationship or him. He often feels that she is trying to be like the man. 

This could be a reason why relationships are not working the way that they did in the past. Modern day men are not liking the changes that the feminist movement has made.  It seems that they do not want to make changes.  They want to keep their habitat a lot like the male gorilla does in which he dominates the relationship and calls the shots on what happens. 

In Ephesians 5:22-33, the New Testament directs women to be submissive to their husbands as they are to the Lord.  Today, most women are not being submissive to their husbands. It is clear through biblical texts that God intended the man to be the head of the relationship.  Unfortunately, modern day feminism has made many women believe that they must become like a man and do the same things that he can do. 

This does not seem to be working in love so far. Women have shown that they can be excellent employees and workers.  They even do management type jobs well.  However, when it comes to relationships, men do not seem to want to stay with a woman that does not allow him to be dominant in the relationship.  He will often leave her if he feels that she is trying to be to bossy or controlling.  If the woman tried to do this in the gorilla kingdom, it would not be possible. 

As you can see, human beings can still learn a lot from gorillas.  Perhaps their world is a more peaceful one because they allow nature to govern what happens to them through every generation.

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