Do Men Prefer Seeing You With Less Or More Clothing While Dating Them?

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Why Do Men Love Sexy Women?

As the saying goes, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.  Men often find slim and toned women to be the most beautiful.  Do not believe me?  Look at superstars like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.  They are some of the top paid women in the world known for their beauty and ability to turn guys on.  From wearing beautiful clothes to be able to fit in size 2 clothing.

Watch This Video On How Men View Conservative Dress With Their Girlfriends And Wives

In dance clubs, men will often hit on the women that look the most beautiful.  It is every guys fantasy to be able to take one of these women home with them. A well-toned body is beautiful.  It is also not hard to get.  When we start eating carbs and not working out at the gym, it shows.  It is hard to imagine that your physical beauty is what matters most to a man. It is not your personality or your brains. It is not even your wallet.  It is in your beauty. 

Men have chased beautiful women for thousands of years.  Its their eyes that tell them which woman to choose. Millions of men in the world today will spend their hard on money just to watch a sexy girl dancing on a pole in a strip club.  They will often bond with other men sharing the same experience.  Men are known to support the porn industry.  It is a twelve billion dollar a year business empire. If those facts are not enough, you may have to look more deeply into why men love sexy women.

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What Is Good For You, May Not Be Good For Him

Men are competitive.  They often want what they cannot have. Most men know that they will never find a woman that looks like Kim Kardashian.  He will often tell himself that he wants to find his dream girl. However, we have an obese epidemic going on in the world today for men and women.  Most women today have more “junk in the trunk” that most men desire.  Therefore, he knows that he is not going to meet his dream sexy girl.  The reality is that most men are settling for women that they are not into 100%.  The reason is because they get lonely as well. 

Most women call psychic hotlines complaining that their man is not trying to turn them on in the bedroom. It is estimated that over 60% of women are not satisfied at what is going on in their bedroom with their man. That is a rather high percentage.  The main reason for this is that a lot of women are not turning guys on enough with their physical appearance. These are the topics that most women are afraid to talk about.

In the 1980’s, women started to pass around the idea that their looks and weight should not matter when it comes to love or “getting it on”.  They instead tried to promote the idea that a man must love you for who you are.  They should love your personality and not judge you on how you look. Millions of women started to attack celebrity magazines that only showcased beautiful, slim, and hot looking women.  You rarely saw a woman in a celebrity magazine that was out of shape. 

However, men were not following this trend. In fact, the porn industry grew, and strip clubs began to get more popular amongst men.  By the 21st century, millions of women began to follow the trend of eating whatever you want because it should not matter how overweight you are. However, in the present day, more women are suffering from broken relationships. Men are often leaving them left and right.  It has now become a problem.

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I Swear, I Am Wearing This Only Because It Feels Good and Because I Want Ice Cream

Our ancestors knew more about what turned a man on in previous generations.  Even men are getting more obese and looking less sexy to women.  Most women wish that they had a man with six pack abs and muscles.  However, many men today prefer eating pizza to working out in the gym. 

We are living in a day in age where sex appeal seems to be going down.  Women seem to love a sexy man as well.  Look at celebrity stars like Justin Bieber and Zac Efron.  When they appear in movies or on stage singing with their rock-hard bodies, women come to them in droves. They want to give them attention.  They will even spend their hard-earned money buying tickets to see them.  Yes, hot bodies are what both sexes seem to be craving now a days. 

How Do Men Want You To Dress When You Are Dating Them?

Most men today prefer dating a woman that is more conservative in their dress. Men often prefer dating a woman that does not dress sexy if its his girlfriend.  He will often get jealous when other men look at her with passion and jealousy in their eyes. 

Men do not like it when their woman gets attention to them because of her beauty.  He would rather her dress more conservative to avoid bringing this attention to herself. 

As a woman, you may feel that its your body and your right to dress the way that you want.  However, what will your man do if you do not dress conservatively?

Today, millions of women are finding that their man is not willing to stay together with them if they dress sexy.  Men will often argue with his girlfriend/wife and tell her that she must dress a certain way when she is outside of the house. Men seem to be more jealous now a days because he does not want to lose the woman that he is with. 

It can be difficult for a man in today’s world to let go of his male macho side. He wants to show other men that you are with him and they will not get to see you looking sexy.  Most men in the world today prefer that their woman dresses sexy only for them. 

It is obvious that men fear letting go of their power over you.  Men are taught from their youth that they are supposed to oversee the relationship and the woman is supposed to be submissive to them. You may or may not be a submissive woman.  Most women around the world today find that their boyfriends and husbands want them to be more submissive to them.  We are living in a culture where men do not know how to handle a woman that wants to be free to do what she desires. 

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My Mom Tells Me I Look Good

Even though women are free to do as they please in the United States, most women find that when it comes to their love life, they are not free. Instead, they still must wake up to men that often want to control them. Most women find that its hard for them to be in a relationship in which they are being controlled by a man.  Most women in the United States are raised by mothers and fathers that teach them how to be your own person and to not be submissive to a man. 

As you can see, this is a conflict of interests and relationships do not seem to be working out as well today as they did in previous generations. It is not easy in today’s world to have a relationship that is equal. 

The way that you dress represents who you are as a person. If you are looking sexy, it is most likely because you are proud of your body. You want everyone to see what you have accomplished. 

It is important to live a lifestyle that you are comfortable with. It is important to look at your life and ask yourself what matters to you the most.

Here Are Some Reasons As To Why Want You To Dress More Conservative

  1. They want to feel that you will not run away from them with another man that is checking you out.
  2. His religion teaches him that women should dress more conservatively. 
  3. They are afraid of people thinking that you are a woman that sleeps around with other men. 
  4. They want to feel that they oversee the relationship. 
  5. Men often feel jealous that you will get lots of attention.
  6. Men want to avoid fighting other men when they are in public because of their staring eyes at you. 

As you can see, men often have their own reasons behind dress.  You may feel that its time for you to look at your life and decide for yourself what is going to work for you in your relationship. 

Many fans of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez claimed to have seen a big change in the way that they were dressing when Kim married Kanye and Jennifer married Marc Anthony. Is it possible that these men were trying to tell their wives that dressing sexy is not cool?  It appears these celebrity women were trying to cover up more to please their men. Perhaps even men at the highest of levels of fame and fortune do not want to see their women dressing sexy. 

Perhaps men know that no matter what their net worth or celebrity is, another man can come along and take you away from them. Men often fear losing a beautiful woman that is by his side. The reasons vary for men. However, most men feel that its hard for them to commit to someone that is going to always love them for life. Most women feel that they are not going to cheat on their lover because of their sexy dress. 

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Men Often Prefer That You Wear More Conservative Dress

Most women want to have their guy trust them.  They often want to dress sexy to get flirtatious looks from men, but not cheat on their boyfriend/husband. Most men today want to have a woman that he can trust. Women desire the same. 

Should You Stop Dressing Sexy?

This is a big decision that you will have to make.  It is not easy to stop dressing sexy if you are used to letting it all hang out. Many teenagers and young women today are raised on dressing whatever way that you want to.  It is important to dress the way that you find to be most appealing for yourself.

You need to ask yourself what you are willing to accept and not accept. However, you need to also realize if your man is going to break up with you because of it. This is a hot topic today because a lot of women want to feel free. They are often tired of living the way that a man wants them to live. However, loneliness will creep in if you are breaking up with guys over sexy dressing constantly.

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I Think This Is Okay

Many women find that it gets harder for a woman to find a man as they age.  After age 30, most women find that men are not seeking them out as much as they did when they were 20.  It gets harder as we age because our looks fade. As women, we put a strong emphasis on our appearance. We try to look our best and to wear clothing that is appealing to our men. However, its not always easy to please them and us at the same time.

When you go shopping, it may be tempting to buy that sexy bathing suit to wear on the beach. However, is it what your boyfriend/husband wants? Will it lead to an argument?  It can be hard to wear something that we do not find appealing.  However, its important to also take note that you do not want to spend the rest of your life alone. Many women today find that they are spending their time alone because of constant breakups.  Women often complain that their men are trying to control their lives. They often feel like they want to have the same rights as men. However, what is it that they really want?

We are living in a time in which men still want to be the head of the household.  Men often feel that they want to tell their wife/girlfriend what acceptable dress is. 

It is important to meditate and think about how you are going to dress and what works for your relationship.  If you find that your sexy dressing is interfering with your relationship, you may want to address the issue with him.  This is a decision that only you and your man can make together. You will not find peace until the both of you have decided on what is going to work for your relationship. It is never easy to change anything about yourself. You also may have some things about him that you would like to see changed.

Hopefully, you have gotten some information about what works for men and what works for you.  Now its time for you to decide on which way you want to go.  Are you going to choose to dress sexy or change your style? The choice is ultimately yours. 

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