Was Jesus The First Person To Teach On Positive Thinking?

When you think of the word positive thinking, several names may come to mind including Norman Vincent Peale, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor and Joe Vitale.  However, positive thinking has been around for centuries. 

It is believed that positive thinking was practiced by the Babylonians and even Jesus himself.  Jesus taught his Disciples that it takes faith to believe in getting what you want.

Jesus taught that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you could move a mountain.  It is hard to say if Jesus was the first person to talk about keeping your mind positive and believe in what you want to get it. 

Jesus Christ spoke a lot about having faith. 

What Does Mark 11:24 Teach Us About Positive Thinking?

Jesus said in this verse that if you believe in what you are praying for, you will receive it.  This requires you to have a lot of faith and trust in God. It means that no matter what you are asking for, no matter how big it is, you must believe that you already have it.  This is a lot of what the movie, “The Secret” was teaching about.  These words were taken directly from the New Testament and Jesus was the person that said them. 

What Does 2 Corinthians 5:7 Teach Us About Positive Thinking?

In this Holy Bible verse, it tells us that we live by faith and not by sight.  This means that you must constantly have a mindset that you are going to get something that you pray for because you believe its going to happen. It is clear from the Bible that you must believe that you are going to get something before you get it. 

If all odds are stacked against you and your faith tells you that God will see you through, he will. It is important to always be in a place of prayer and knowing. 

What Does James 1:6 Teach Us About Faith?

This Bible verse teaches us that you must have faith and belief in getting what you want. If you pray for something and do not believe that God can give it to you, you will not receive it.  The book of James teaches us that a doubtful mind is like a wave of sea being tossed by the wind. 

In Hebrews 11:6, it reminds us that we need to have faith to come to God.  Without faith, we cannot even believe in the existence of God. However, if you realize now that you lack faith in anything, you need to pray and ask God to give you faith.  Yes, God can give you faith. 

Once again in Mark 9:23, we see Jesus talking about everything being possible if we believe. If we have faith, we get what we want. 

How Can You Be More Like Jesus In Positive Thinking? 

Jesus was able to produce great miracles through his faith.  He raised the dead, healed the sick and even paid his taxes from taking a pearl from a fish’s mouth and told his disciple to go and pay the taxes for them.  When you have strong faith, you can make anything happen in your life. You may not know it now, but faith is something that you need to practice if you are ever going to achieve any dream that you set out to do. 

Let us say you have a dream of working for yourself. Maybe you have found blogging to be a great job. You love to write, and you wish that you could earn enough money to work full time in it.  This is a great idea and now you need faith to allow this to be a full-time job for you. You must think positively and not entertain negative thoughts. Some negative thoughts could be:

  • Bloggers do not make enough money to live on.
  • There are to many websites to compete against.
  • It can take me two or more years to accomplish my goal. 
  • Maybe blogging will not be around in the future. 

As you can see, your mind can get into a negative place. You may feel that its to impossible to do.  However, when you pray, it is important to ask God to give you what you desire.  When God answers your prayer, you build more faith because you can see that he is showing you ways to make your dream possible. 

How To Believe in Something That You Cannot See

To believe in something that you cannot see, it is important to not think about how its going to happen, but to believe that it will happen. When you pray, ask God for what you are trying to accomplish. Let God know how important it is to you to have something that you desire.  It is important to look at anything in your life that can help you to accomplish your goal. 

Many businesses fail or succeed based on faith. When you believe that your efforts will result in a good outcome, you are going to feel that money flows a lot easier to you.  You must believe that you are going to get what you want because you are meant to hold it.

I would highly suggest that you watch the movie, “The Secret.” If you watched it when it first came out, view it again. It is important to keep your creative juices flowing.

Every time that you fail in your task, you learn what not to do next time.  You often reach your goal through trial and error. Sometimes, having faith means that we are going to trust that God will show us the way to accomplish our goal. When we pray and meditate, good ideas start to run through our minds. We begin to think a lot more clearly.  We begin to feel that we can accomplish a task because God is going to make a way for us. 

If you ask a televangelist if they ever saw their success as it is now, they will most likely say no. They will say that they always wanted to touch people.  However, being world famous is something that they often did not expect. Pastors like T.D. Jakes started out his pastoral ministry in his home. He did not even have a church when he first started. It was not until he met a man by the name of Paul Crouch (Founder of Christian Television Network) did he find his success.  He found the power of television and that created him a ministry worth millions of dollars. 

Even Benny Hinn had small humble beginnings. He often had a hard time finding pastors that would let him speak in their church.  He was charismatic.  However, once he began getting on television, his ministry took off.

As you can see, televangelists find the power in TV.  They see it as an avenue to communicate what they do. Anytime that you are in front of a large audience, you begin to see your success flourish.  We are living in an internet age. You have the same opportunity as anyone else.

If you have a large following of people on social media or through a blog/website, you can start earning good money.  Your exposure matters. Any successful busines man/woman will tell you that you need to sell a lot of merchandise to earn big $$. 

If you watch the hit television show Shark Tank, you will notice that one of the sharks promotes a lot of her products on a home shopping network. Lori Greiner is a shark that needs no introduction.  She is worth millions of dollars and finds power in television as well. 

Where Will You Find Your Power?

Sit back and think about a way that you can expose something about yourself to a large group of people.  As you do this exercise, write down whatever comes to mind.  Have faith that you will think of ideas that will help you to gain success in life.  Remember, do not entertain negative thoughts.  Negative thoughts will only mess you up in life.  Ask God to open doors for you and to bring you to the next level of living. 

If you have time, try reading Norman Vincent Peale’s book, “The Power of Positive Thinking.”  It is a book that will change your life.  Before becoming a positive thinker, Norman Vincent Peale thought negative about everything. Once he found the power of positive thinking, he began to practice this in his own life.  He went on to sell #1 books and people all over the world tuned into his radio show each week to listen to him. 

When you think about positive thinking, it may seem like a waste of time. After all, doesn’t reality just happen no matter what you think?  According to Jesus, no.  Jesus taught his disciples that you must have faith to accomplish what you want. There was a time in Jesus ministry in which the Holy Bible tells us that Jesus went into one town and could do no miracles because people lacked faith (Matthew 13:58). 

If you lack faith, nothing can happen. No matter what you think in the back of your mind, you must begin to have a positive mind. This will take time. Every time that you have a negative thought, know that it is coming from an evil place. It is not coming from God.

God wants you to accomplish the mission that he has laid upon your heart. You may not know it now, but your accomplishments will eventually be known to you as you step out and do the work that you are called to do.

It is important for you to look at your life and feel like you can accomplish anything that you wish. 

You may need a motivational coach to help you along the way. You should seriously think about connecting with a positive thinking life coach. You can listen to tapes by Anthony Robbins or Norman Vincent Peale. You will feel that when you hear their words, you get encouraged. Believe it or not, someone else has been down the same road as you at some point in their lives. 

As you accomplish each step that comes your way, you are going to feel a sense of relief. It is important to look at your life and feel like you are not meant to be small. You are meant to do great things and not to walk around in fear. There is always an answer.

Do not sit upon something and keep on doing the same thing over again.  Believe it or not, when you see no success, you may feel like you cannot grow anymore.  You may feel trapped and continue to run around in a circle. There is nothing worse than being caught up in an infinite loop. Change it!

Step out of your comfort zone and try to see what you can do to accomplish your goals.  It is all about growing and understanding who you are as a person.  When you do this, your life begins to change for the better. 

Now that you see your mind has a lot to do with positive thinking, you can see that you are to blame for your success and failures. Remember, faith is the most important aspect of success.

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