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Are You Obsessed With Being a Virgin Because Of The Attention That You Get?

Being a virgin is a good quality that a lot of people find to be admirable. However, when does saying being a virgin become an obsession because it gives you attention? 

If you watch television shows like the hit series, The Bachelor, you may recall hearing Colton Underwood and Ryan Hoag saying that they were virgins.  You may recall that Colton was saying that he was a virgin a lot.  It also seemed like he was rather loving the attention. He always felt like people were shocked every time that they would hear about his virginity. It almost seemed to be an obsession because he loved the attention. 

There are not a lot of virgins in the world today.  Most sexual experiences happen for people in their teen years and early 20’s. When someone says that they are a Virgin, it is almost shocking. Some people even wonder why.  Why would someone want to tell everyone that they are a virgin? Its like people walking around telling everyone that they are not. 

Do Virgins Get Excited When They are Out of the Norm?

Yes, it seems that virgins enjoy telling people that they are one.  The often to feel like nobody else is like them.  They tend to feel a lot of pride around their virginity and often feel like the world looks upon them as being special. 

However, do virgins fear sleeping with someone? Is it because of religious reasons?  Are they afraid of intimacy? 

You must wonder why someone would want to be a virgin if the are not doing it for religious reasons.  The Holy Bible tells us to be virgins until we marry.  However, what if a person is not religious? Is it normal for them to just refrain from intimacy because it makes them feel important? 

When Does Being a Virgin Become Weird?

Meeting a 27 to 40-year-old virgin is often weird. Most people wonder how you can walk through life never experiencing something so fun.  Do virgins purposely withhold themselves because they are afraid of losing the special attention that they get when they tell the world about their virginity?  It does seem that way.

After all, why do virgins feel the need to tell everyone that they are a virgin all the time. If you watch reality television, you will notice that a virgin’s virginity is often the talk of the show.  Whenever you see the virgin walking around, people talk about it. The virgin often feels like they are getting special attention that nobody else is receiving. They often feel powerful.  They often feel like they have something that nobody else has.

When Does Virginity Becomes An Obsession?

Virginity becomes a shock when virgins get married and still refuse to have intimacy with their lover.  They often feel that if they lose their virginity, they will no longer be special. They will no longer be the talk of being special in the room.  Virgins often feel that their self-worth is in their virginity. 

Sometimes, virgins are so obsessed with staying a virgin that they will abstain from intimacy all the way into their 40’s and older ages.  Even though they have opportunity to sleep with someone, the fear of not feeling special anymore actually makes them not want to sleep with anyone yet. 

When Does Being a Virgin Take Over The Relationship?

If a virgin is dating someone for any length of time, their romantic partner may feel neglected. If the relationship is lasting for several months with no intimacy, the partner in the relationship that is not a virgin may feel frustrated and end the relationship because they see no end in sight for physical intimacy.  It can be hard to date someone that wants to do kiss, foreplay, but not have actual intimacy.

Virginity takes over the relationship when it becomes a game.  Many virgins love to control the relationship to make their lover feel that they must wait for them for intimacy. However, they do not tell them when that intimate moment will be.  They may feel that marriage is not going to happen anytime soon.

When being a virgin becomes a game, it destroys the relationship.  It is important for the virgin to think about how they are making their partner feel.  If no intimacy is causing problems in the relationship, it will most likely end. 

How To Help A Virgin That is Obsessed With Their Virginity

If you meet a virgin that seems to be basing their self-worth on holding back from physical intimacy, that will be a problem.  You may want to talk to them and find out why they cannot stop telling everyone that they are a virgin. You need to remind them that their self-worth is not in their virginity. You also need to remind them that they are not more special than someone that has had intimacy with someone else already. After all, intimacy is a normal part of life. 

What If You Are Obsessed With Being A Virgin?

If you are the virgin that is obsessed with telling everyone about your sexuality, it is important that you recognize why you are doing it.  If it is for religious reasons, you only need to tell someone if you are dating them. You do not need to go around broadcasting this to friends and family. People will think that you are weird or perhaps trying to get special attention. 

In today’s world, it is hard to be singled out. It is hard to be different. However, there is a reason why we do things.  There is a reason why we act out on certain circumstances.  If you have physical intimacy problems, you should address this with a professional counselor. If you are doing it for religious reasons, it is understandable because your religion dictates what happens in your romantic life. 

Is Your Relationship To A Virgin A Deal Breaker?

If you are a friend to a virgin, you may get tired of hearing them telling everyone that they are a virgin. It is the same if you are their lover. You may feel that they are trying to get special attention. It can become annoying. Its like someone going around telling everyone that they way 400 lbs. You may wonder why everyone must know this information.

Many relationships end with virgins because people often see their thirst for attention and wanting to prove to everyone that they are more special than the average person because they are celibate.

Your opinions on this topic may vary. It is important for you to address these issues if you feel that it is an unhealthy part of a person’s life. You cannot control everything that happens in a person’s life. However, you can control what comes your way and what does not.  Life is a challenge that we all must work through. If you think about it, you can become someone that is willing to help another person.

Try thinking of ways of how you can get your point across without being so obvious. It is good to admire a virgin, but it becomes an issue when you get tired of hearing about it all the time.