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How To Tell Your Best Friend That You Would Rather Spend Time With Your Boyfriend

Are You Best Friends Forever?

Once you find love with the man of your dreams, you will want to spend all your time with them.  It may not be easy to let your best friend know that three is a crowd.  When you are in his arms, he makes you feel special.  He lets you see that you both have lover for one another that will always be there.  He makes you want to spend all your time with him.

Your best friend will never understand this. If you try telling them that you want to be alone for awhile with your man, they may think that you are trying to ditch them.  You may ask yourself, “How can I tell my best friend that I would rather spend time with my boyfriend?” 

There is no easy way to do this. You are going to have to be blunt. Yes, I said blunt!  Beating around the bush simply will not work.  If you try to drop hints to your best friend, they will not get it. Believe me, I have been there and done that. It is best to tell your best friend that you need time alone and space with your boyfriend. You can tell them the truth. You need more time alone to kiss, hug and perhaps do hanky panky. 

Your best friend is going to want to know details as to why you are pushing them away. After all, they hang out with you most of the time. They want to see you bonding together with them all the time. You are both besties and see yourselves as remaining friends for life.

However, best friends often get into each other’s way.  There is always jealousy that comes into play as well.  Your best friend is going to be jealous that you have a guy that is really into you. They fear being alone now that you have someone else to hang out with.  It can be hard to tell your friend that you are not going to be around for them as much as they would like you to be.

How To Make Your Best Friend See That They Are Not Losing You

Best friends will often feel that they are losing you to a boyfriend when they feel like you are brushing them aside.  Unfortunately, your friend is used to seeing you around. They may not like the idea that you are going to push them aside because you now have someone in your life that you love.  It is hard to imagine your best friend feeling so down about not being able to spend as much time with you. 

It Is Important To:

  1. Let your friend know that you love your boyfriend and enjoy alone time with him.
  2. Let them know that you are not replacing them.
  3. They need to know that nothing will change with your friendship. 
  4. They need to understand that you can still chat like usual, but not as often.
  5. Best friends need to understand that they are in your life because you are soulmates.
  6. Your friend needs to realize that your boyfriend wants to spend alone time with you.

Why Do Best Friends Matter Throughout Life?

You will have many times in your life where you are having loving problems. You will often need your friend/s there to back you up and give you moral support. Friends often give us a chance to have security. They let us know that if anything is wrong in your love life, they have your back.

Friends will often pick up the phone at 2:00 a.m. if you are calling them upset. Most people will not do that. Most people would rather be sleeping.  It is important to understand that you need friends because they help to bring you out of your saddest moments in life. 

If you think about it, people often want to go after what they feel is right for themselves.  They often want to chase after their dreams and work on their own selves.  Friends help us to find something that we will consider valuable.

Should You Listen to Warnings From Your Best Friend?

At times, your best friend may see something about your romantic relationship that is alarming. They may tell you that they would like to help you to see that your boyfriend may be abusive. He may be trying to control your life and every move. A best friend will be able to tell you that they see a red flag when they see you crying and upset. 

You may not want to hear the truth.  However, friends help us to see that we may be blinded by our own lustful desires.  We often cannot see when someone is doing something wrong to us when we are in love with them.  Therefore, the saying goes, “love is blind.” 

It is possible that your friend is trying to make things up about your boyfriend. You may think that they are just trying to break the two of you up so that they can have more time to spend with you.  Sometimes, this is true. Other times, it is not. Your friend will often have your best interests at heart. They will often tell you that they want to be by your side through the hard times that you are going through.

The beauty about a best friend relationship is that they tend to stick together even when they do not see the “light” at the same time. They often argue and have disagreements.  However, through it all, the tend to focus on one another and create a more peaceful mindset within the friendship. 

What If Your Boyfriend Dislikes Your Best Friend?

If your boyfriend dislikes your friend, it can be pure “hell.”.  This happens all to often. Your boyfriend may see your best friend as a threat as well.  He may think that they will try to spend more time with you then they will get to spend.

They may even have a fight because they have different personalities.  It is important that you do not take sides. Either way you go, one person will get upset with you that you are not on their side. Simply tell your best friend and boyfriend that you love both and that things will be resolved soon.

It is best to keep things positive between your man and your friends.  If things are not kept positive, it may spiral downhill for you and you could lose a best friend or a lover. That would be incredibly sad. 

It is best to take matters one step at a time. You will begin to see that you can take on new challenges as each day passes in your life. It is important to always look at your life and feel like you can take on new challenges and work with what you got. 

It is important to look at your life and realize that you may not have all the answers right now.  At times, you will feel confused that you are not doing everything to make your friend or boyfriend happy. However, it is important that you stay true to yourself.  Let the world know that you are your own person and will continue to be happy. The people around you may not understand fully who you are as a person.  It is important to look at your life goals and see what you can do to have peace in your life.

Having a friend and a lover at the same time can be complex at times. People often do not understand why they have certain things happening to them. It is important to always look at your life as being something that grows. 

Will You Be Best Friends Forever?

Honestly, the friends that you make in high school are often out of your lifetime you are 30 years old. Once you start a family or at least have a lover that you are always with, your friends slowly disappear. You may be shocked to learn that the best friend that you have right now will be gone from your life over the next few years.

Friendships end for different reasons. Most friends leave one another when they feel like they have been wronged. However, other friendships end because of change of location.  Others end simply because you are to busy to talk. It can be hard to have a friend and then suddenly not talk with them anymore. 

Now that you have some tips on how you need to tell a friend that you will spend more time with your boyfriend, you can make better decisions.  It is important for you to look at life and feel like you can overcome important challenges.  It is important for you to look at your friendship and say that if they are a real friend, they will always be there for you.

In life, you will have many learning lessons. It is important to take each learning lesson with you and make sense out of it.