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Why Do Men Only Want To Date You Without Commitment?

Mention the word marriage and you will have most guys headed for the hills. Most guys in the 21st century is not fond of marriage. As a woman, you may be wondering why. Why do men not want to marry?  What is it about marriage that they are so afraid of? 

Why won’t men commit for life?  Can you keep him interested enough in wanting to be together with you for life? These are just some of the questions that you may have in terms of marriage and staying together for life.

Men Today Have More Choices

Men today have more choices than they did 25 years ago.  In the past, society prohibited men and women from living together.  It was unrighteous and unholy.  Most men respected that if you wanted to live with a woman, you were going to have to get married.  Around 50 years ago, men would not even have intercourse with a woman unless he was married to her. Once again, it was disrespectful and unholy for men to sleep around with a woman outside of marriage.

In 1950, if a man wanted to hang out with a beautiful woman, he would have to ask her family for permission first. He would have to show up in a suit and tie to pick her up. Sometimes, the couple would be chaperoned by a member of the family to make sure that nothing sexual went on. 

If a man found the woman to be intriguing enough, he would ask her to marry him rather faster. He knew that without marriage, he would not be able to sleep with her or live with her. Either family or society would allow it. 

In 2021, men are not bound by any social norms anymore.  Families do not seem to care who their sons and daughters are going out on a date with.  If a couple wants to sleep with one another, they often just do it.  It may happen after a date or perhaps both the man and woman will meet one another on a dating app.

Millions Of Men Are Choosing Not To Attend Church Service

Millions of men today are not attending church as they did before in the past.  All religious institutions are seeing a decline in membership.  A lot of millennials are feeling that they do not need to go to church to show that they love God and religious education is often being done through 

Previous generations of men did in fact attend church and read the Holy Bible.  Even if the man were not a “religious freak”, he would still hold onto the morals that his parents taught him.  The mother and father may have told him that when he turns 18, he needs to find a job and get a good skill. Afterwards, his father may have told him to find a wife and start his own family.

However, today, many men are growing up without fathers.  They are seeing their mothers raising children alone. They often feel that you do not need to be married anymore to have children. Instead, you can have a baby mama that will take care of your children if you give her monthly child support.  Men often find this to be a lot easier than providing for his family on a day to day basis. 

On Sunday morning, men are often choosing to sleep in rather than attend church.  Many men feel that you do not need to attend church service to connect with God.  Their parents often do not attend church service either. If they do, they often do not pressure their children to go. 

Why Are Men Choosing To Date Without Commitment?

Dating today is a lot different than it was 30 years ago. In today’s world, many men are beginning to feel that they do not need a girlfriend or a wife. Dating apps make it to easy to “hook up” with any woman that you want for a sexual encounter.  Most men see this as being easier and much cheaper.

Years ago, if a man wanted to have an intimate relationship with a woman, he would often have to date her for awhile and call her his girlfriend.  Today, the woman’s liberation movement has taught women that you have the right to do with what you want with your own body.  You have the right to sleep with whoever you want to as a man does. 

At first, this kind of liberation seemed perfect. Live and walk like a man.  Become a man in many regards. However, in today’s world, we are seeing more unhappy women in their dating lives than previous generations.  Most women today feel like guys do not want a commitment with them. They often feel that men just want to text them when they are looking for a booty call and not even consider boyfriend/girlfriend type of love. 

Sure, there are always women that do have this kind of love, but its rare now a days. Most women today complain that they are putting effort into a physical relationship that is not going to go anywhere. Most women find that to be extremely upsetting.

More women than ever before are crying out for love.  They want a man to love them and not fear that they are going to move onto the next pretty girl that they see. However, is this even possible anymore? Do women need to change their expectations because of the world that they are living in? 

Apparently, the world has changed its way in dating.  What millennials saw their parents doing in relationships is not what they will experience in their own.  It is possible that generation X was the last to see marriage as being something that most men wanted to experience.

In today’s world, we are seeing marriages failing in under 5 years.  Today, it seems that when couples argue, they end the relationship.  It can over something as simple as a person not texting you at a specific time. The problem with the world that we are living in now is that people feel that they can just hop into a new relationship with someone else if their present relationship is not working for them. 

Most men and women in the world today love dating apps. They allow you to quickly meet up with someone and then later ditch them if you find no reason to continue any kind of romantic bond. 

Men today feel like it is to easy to meet as many women as you want for a hook up.  Years ago, women would have frowned on this. However, in today’s world, the feminist movement has changed the way that women think.  Generation x parents often raised their children to believe that they can sleep around with whoever they wanted without being married.

This kind of mentality brought in what we are seeing in today’s world. We have a complete “free for all” world that does not value marriage or even engagements.  Calling someone your boyfriend or girlfriend today simply means that you are sleeping with that person without a commitment. There is no legal paperwork that bonds the two of you together.

Are Men Happy With Dating Without Commitment?

Most men today are happy with dating without a commitment.  By nature, men have always wanted to pursue the woman for something sexual on the first date. How can he resist such a beautiful woman?  Up until the 1970’s, women would mostly reject a man that tried to sleep with her. She was often afraid of being called a slut or the man thinking that she is just some cheap slut that he can take advantage of. The woman would often tell him, “If you want to be with me in that kind of way, you must marry me.” 

Most women today are not like that. Most women today will have a one-night stand with a man and often give him everything that you normally would get in a marriage without a commitment.  Men love this because they no longer must save money for a wedding. There are no parents telling them that they need to get married before sleeping with you.  Most men today do not read the Holy Bible or go to church.  They feel free as a bird and can do whatever they feel like. 

History has proven that a man will get away with what you allow him to.  Women must bond together again if they want this to stop and do as their ancestors did. No marriage, no booty.  Its that simple. 

What Can Women Do To Make A Man Commit To You In Marriage?

The feminist movement seems to have destroyed the old ways of thinking for millions of men and women in the world today.  At this day in time, it would take a miracle for things to go back to the way that they were years ago. 

Instead of trying to change the world, women are going to have to get used to the new way of living.  Today, women are going to have to realize that the man that they are going out on a date with or dating is not going to marry them. In fact, most men want friends with benefits.

Most women today are having to worry about a man cheating on them.  The truth is that most men today are cheating and not wanting one woman anymore.  His nature allows him to want multiple women at once.  Most men today do not want monogamy.  Congratulations if you are a woman that has found a man that wants this. You are not in the norm. 

Religious men are shrinking. Without morals, relationships cannot last in a marriage.  A man must live by a certain set of rules inside of his heart. These morals are usually created by some religious text. In America, most men and women lived by the rules of the Bible before the 21st century. In today’s world, it looks like this is changing one step at a time. 

If you date a man that does not have any morals telling him that sleeping with multiple women is wrong, you are not going to have success in love. I would rather give you truth here than false hope. 

Why Do Men Love Dating Without Commitment?

  1. They can do whatever they feel like.
  2. There are not rules. 
  3. They can call you a friend with benefits.
  4. They do not have to financially support you as men did in previous generations.  At one point in history, a man had to support his wife. Times have changed.
  5. Dating allows a man to come and go as he pleases. He has nobody to answer to.
  6. Men often feel that love is to hard because they have been cheated on and lied to by women as well.
  7. Dating allows you to simply cut the relationship off if its not working. Its easier to cut someone out of your life that you are just dating.   Commitment often requires time. 
  8. Men often like to spend time with their male friends. They often see no reason to stay at home with their wife and kids.
  9. By nature, men would often rather work late to earn more money.  He likes his “toys” and knows that money allows him to get it.  Dating allows him to not feel obligated to leave work early to spend time with his woman.
  10. Men do not have to financially support a woman that he is just dating. He does not have to pay her bills or put a roof over her head.

As you can see, men today have it a lot easier than men did in previous generations. A man would have to supply women for all their needs in marriage. In today’s world, most women work and take care of their own finances. They do not need a man to give them money.  This liberation has made women feel more empowered and in control of their lives. However, it has not done much for their love life.  In fact, it has basically destroyed the old school ways of thinking about marriage and the roles that men and women play in society. 

With change comes a new way of thinking for men as well. As women began to feel more liberated financially, men began to feel more liberated as well. They began to think differently. Most men began to think that he no longer had to provide for the woman. Therefore, he did not have to marry her either.  If he did not have religious views of marriage, there would be no point in him taking a wife. Instead, he could live a free-spirited life of just doing whatever he wanted without any marriage commitment. 

Why Can’t Women Hold A Man Down Anymore? 

How come women in the 20th century was able to have husbands for 50 years and yet most women today cannot hold onto the same man for a year? What changed? What gives?

Believe it or not, men want women to be conservative.  Secretly, most men are not into the feminist movement or liberation. They often despise the thought of it.

Men want to feel more powerful than the woman that he is with or wants to be with. Shockingly, he does not want to hear “back talk” from a woman either. Today, most women want to scream/yell at their man to get her point across.  Most men today see women as being bossy and controlling.  This goes against everything that he wants because it does not make him feel like a man.

Men often feel that women today are “mouthier” than they were in previous generations. They feel that they want to look at who they are texting on their phone and ask them question after question (that often drives men up the wall).  Many men today feel like their girlfriends are acting like cops rather than girlfriends and wives.

Most women today do not want to be submissive to the man. If a woman does not want to be submissive to a man, she is most likely not going to have success in love in today’s world.

Women that do make their relationship work with a man secretly shows him submission enough for him to want to stay.  She may give him “shade” at times. However, for the most part, she knows how to make him feel more powerful in the relationship.  Even if she knows that she has all the brains in the relationship, she knows how to make him feel like he is the “man”. 

Most women do not want to play this kind of game with their man.  However, most women are unhappy in their love life now a days. Did you know that the psychic and astrology industry is a 2 billion dollar a year industry? It is dominated by 80% of women. This should tell you that the brains of men and women do not think alike. 

Women feel the need to talk about their problems more. Women are not calling psychics because they want to see what their lucky number for today is.  Instead, they are calling psychics to dump their problems on them.  Today, the psychic hotline is more of a place where you go to complain about your love life and problems.  Psychics are there to listen and to give you friendly advice back.

Men today dominate the porn industry and sports.  As you can see, this is where men like to spend their money.  It is obvious as to what is most important to a man or woman. 

In previous generations, women would call their friends in hope for advice when it came to their relationship.  Today, a small percentage of women are doing this.  Most women are turning to people that they do not know to dump their problems.

These people are often found on social media platforms and strangers that they meet on the street (cashiers, hair stylists, people in bars and clubs).  The reason is because they feel that they cannot trust another woman to bear their sorrows with trust. 

They often fear that their friend will gossip and tell their busines to the world. Women are now finding that psychic hotlines make it easy for women to call up and just start complaining when a man is not calling them or when their man is up to something.  This is conversation that women used to have with friends and family. 

Today, most men and women are having difficult times trusting one another and are turning to methods that allow them to look like they have no problems in front of their friends.  Friends can gossip about you, but people on the psychic hotline have no idea who you are and will never see you in person. 

Have Men Lost Respect For Women In Terms of Dating?

Yes, men have lost respect for women in terms of dating. As women abandon the old ways of thinking about her role in society, men are as well.  Men are beginning to feel that he no longer must do what traditional society told men to do before in the past.

More men today do not mind making a woman pay for her own dinner on a date.  The feminist movement has taught men that he no longer has to feel that he needs to take care of the woman when he is out with her.  Instead, he says that she has equal rights as he does.  This is not always the case, but the norm now a days.

Men no longer feel that they need to not have sex on the first date.  They often feel that if the woman is up for it, then the two should just tango.  He is not afraid of his or her parents finding out. He often views this as being his freedom and right to do whatever he feels like as well.

Most men no longer see marriage as a sacred union. Divorce rates are over 60%.  Most millennials see no point in marriage because you can get everything that you want in a relationship without the paperwork or putting your finances on the line.

Most men know that when a woman says no, she means it. He will respect her boundaries. However, most men today know that a woman wants intimacy as much as he does. However, he also knows that most women are looking for husbands and boyfriends.

This is where he draws the line. As soon as a woman starts to bring up monogamy, he often sees not point in it. After all, it is a free world and why should he give up his rights for anyone?  Most men want to live alone or with friends. They see no point in living with a woman if he can get everything from her that he wants without financial obligation. Most men are afraid of giving up their freedom. 

As you can see, we are living in changing times.  We are no longer living in grandpas/grandma’s generation. The rules of norm have changed for both men and women today. It is only a matter of time before we see marriage shrinking to a mere 20%.  Over time, we will see society becoming freer.

The trend in today’s world is that most people will grow old alone. You will need to accept this fact.  I believe that teenagers will eventually see marriage as being something out of a fairy tale. 

They will simply accept that relationships just do not last a lifetime as they did in previous generations. Since the rules of love has changed, people’s expectations must as well.  If not, you may be stuck feeling depressed because the old ways of thinking are not working for you in your life. 

Of course, some women will find a lover that wants them for life. However, most women will not.  It will be more normal to be single and unmarried than married.  At the end of the day, reality is what will become the new expectations for most men and women.

Most men today often want to feel that they can dive more into building their financial success.  They often do not care about building a family of 5 anymore.  Most women are often pressuring men to marry them, but many relationships are often not lasting long enough.  Most men in today’s world often feel that marriage is only full or arguments and breakups.  This is what society is teaching him.