How To Let Your Scorpio Man Know That He is Not Fulfilling You

Scorpio men tend to be very “macho” when it comes to expressing their love for a woman. He often wants to make you feel that he is into you only and desires nobody else. It can be hard to get him to see that you may not be as into him as you used to be.

In cases like this, it is important to let him know what is really going on in your mind. What is it that you want to achieve in your connection to him?  Have you achieved all the goals that you set out to do?  It is important to let him know what is on your mind as soon as you can. If you do not, he may not realize fully what you are trying to say to him.

The Top Reasons Why You May Want To Let Him Go:

Scorpio men often have a hard time expressing emotion.

Scorpio men often feel that they have to control communication.

Scorpio guys often feel that they want to be in charge of the relationship.

Scorpio guys tend to move rather quickly in love.

When Is It A Good Time To Let Your Scorpio Man Know That You Are Not interested?

It is best to let your Scorpio man know that you are not into him and your connection as soon as you feel it.  If you are sitting there wondering what the future is going to hold for the two of you, its not the best thing to be thinking about. After all, you do not really want to have a future with him. It is important to let him know that you are not into him and that you want to have a new beginning in your life at the same time.

Let him know how you feel. Scorpio men tend to be more open minded about feelings than other zodiac signs. He may not know it now, but you may be giving him a breath of fresh air. You may think that you are going to hurt his feelings by saying that the two of you are not meant to be. However, he may be feeling the same exact way as you.

It is important to let your Scorpio man know that you are not out to break his heart.  Let him see that you have been through similar experiences in which someone did not want to be with you either. However, you tried to make it work and yet in the end, you could not make it work. It is important to let him know that you have been down this road before as well and that everyone does not always feel loved by the person that they are dating. 

When Should You Leave The Relationship?

After you have told him how you feel, it is a good idea to just go about your business and find something else to do better with your time. It is important to let him know that you do care for him, but that you are ready to take on a new step in your life and just go with the flow. Its best for you to feel like you can move on from the relationship without feeling any kind of guilt.

When it comes to dealing with Scorpio men, they are very particular about being honest. If you are honest with them, it will speak volumes to them later. They want to feel that they can come and talk to you about anything as well. The best way to deal with a Scorpio man is to always let him know that you do not want to hurt him. 

After your breakup, its still possible that you will remain friends. For the most part, Scorpio men are often not known to hold grudges.  They will often tell you what is happening inside of their hearts even though you are not together anymore. Let him know that its okay to be himself. Let him see that he can come and talk to you even though there is no more relationship.

What If He Does Not Want To Let You Go?

When it comes to love, it can be very unpredictable.  You may think that he is not willing to let you go. Perhaps he has told you that you mean the world to him and he feels devastated by you leaving his life.  He may say that he can make changes to please you more.  However, this may not always be the case. He may say that he wants to be able to show you that he can still love you the way that you may need to be loved. It is important to let him know that he may not always know how to fulfill you. 

Your Scorpio man may be blaming himself and yet, its not his fault. Most of the time, Scorpio men do not bond well with all zodiac signs. It is a fact that sometimes, he will bond better with others.  You may think that he must like you because you have been with him for a while. He may feel the same way. However, the two of you may feel like you are not a good fit for one another. Often, zodiac signs have the habit of wanting to feel like they have a destiny with one another.  Sometimes they may look at life and feel like they want to grow with someone that will always be there for them.

It is important to let him know that the two of you tried and its just not working. If he is trying to lay a guilt trip on you, let him know how unfair he is being. Often, your Scorpio man will not know how to communicate is love properly. Sometimes, he will tell you that he wants something to happen and its just not meant to be.

Remind him that there are still plenty of “fish in the sea.”  He will not be alone forever. However, communicate to him and let him know that you do feel that he is a great guy with a lot of love to give. However, you are not the right girl for him. What started out as love is now something that you regret. It may be because the two of you have lousy love making or perhaps, he is boring. Many guys have trouble with communication. They are often thinking more about business and money and less on topics that interest you.

It is understandable why you may not see a connection for the two of you. Moving forward, take your time with guys.

Your Scorpio man may never fully understand what went wrong, but its good that you told him the truth in how you feel.

Is There Ever A Good Time To Let Scorpio Know How You Feel?

Yes, in the morning when you first wake up is the best time to let him know what you are thinking. In this way, he will have a whole day to process the information. You will not ruin his night’s sleep either. The worst time to tell a Scorpio how you feel is at night before bed. He will often ponder this all night and worry about what he may have done wrong to deserve this.  It is best to tell him when he is most alert. 

You will feel that he is more receptive in mornings as well. Scorpio men tend to be more receptive at night than in the daytime.  You may say why? Its because the planet Venus follows him all day and then in the morning, she makes an opening for him to know that she does care about him. It is best to always let him know that you did not know that your feelings were going to change for him, but it just happened over time. 

Once you are free of him, you will most likely relax more and know that you made the right choice on leaving. You will feel that you can now feel free to date someone else if you choose. Sometimes, you may not always feel that you are getting what you want in life. Sometimes, you must just go after what works for you and not worry so much about what is not going to work for you. 

As you can see, bonding with your Scorpio is going to be hard once you have told him that things are over with.  However, you have a good shot at keeping him in your life despite the breakup if you tell him early on how you feel.

There is nothing worse than carrying on a relationship that is not meant to be.  There is nothing worse than seeing a couple staying with one another if they are no longer in love. 

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