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Virgo Zodiac Sign Astrology Horoscopes

When Are Virgos Born?

Virgos are born between the months of August 22 – September 23.  You are an earth sign that has the ruling planet of mercury.  You often choose the colors blue and brown.  These colors are most appealing to you. 

You are best known for your gifts of healing, giving sound advice and being a helper to those that are in need.  You enjoy helping people that have nobody to turn to or feel like they need something that nobody else will give them.

By nature, you enjoy learning and teaching. You enjoy telling people what you know. You may not be an actual teacher by trade, but you certainly enjoy talking about what you heard and know about a topic. 

You are also known to be more “psychic” or “pastoral” than the ordinary zodiac signs.  You often pick up on things that most people miss. You may be able to sense that a couple is going to have a divorce soon and yet they are posting family fun vacations on Facebook. You know what to look out for and you tend to bond well with people that are into similar beliefs as you are. 

How Do Virgos Due In Nature?

Virgos are known to love forests and the green outdoors.  Virgos enjoy long walks and talks.  They enjoy the peace and quiet of watching the sunset on the beach in the morning or sharing a brunch with friends. 

They are often star gazers. They enjoy sitting out on their balcony at night watching the stars and moon.  Friends of Virgo often see them as earth angels because they are spiritual and often give insight to making someone feel happy on a sad day.

Are Virgos Hard Working?

Virgos are hard working people. They dig into issues and work that intrigues and inspires them.  Virgos enjoy working on projects that are meaningful. They want to feel like they are making a difference in the world.  Many Virgos in the world enjoy connecting with friends and family when they are feeling down. They often want everyone to know that they have their off days as well.

Virgos like to be perfect. They never want anything to be out of place. They want to have a good reputation and tell others that they understand life a lot. They want to let everyone around them know and think of the future as being something that can take on new measures. 

Do Virgos Enjoy Peace And Quiet?

Yes, Virgos prefer environments that are more peaceful and quieter.  If for instance, you have a Virgo baby in your home, you should know that they operate best when there is still silence in the air.  Take away any disturbing television sounds that could potentially disturb him/her.  You will have a more peaceful baby that way.

As kids, Virgos enjoy helping their mothers and fathers with chores around the home.  From an early age, they show that they are hard working and giving of themselves. They often want to show that they are about others and can easily influence people that want to look out for what they want in life. 

The energy of the Virgo man or woman is much like a machine. They will work hard to prove their worth. As an adult, they often take on jobs as helpers and healers.  You may find a Virgo working in a job such as a medical doctor, pastor, counselor, and psychic. 

Virgos Like High Praise For A Job Well Done

Virgos like to feel that you are pleased with them. They will often wait for you to say something kind to them if you hired them to do a job or if they did something in our relationship that is praiseworthy.

If Virgos do not hear about how happy you are with them, they often feel that something is wrong. They want to hear that they are loved all the time and they enjoy putting their arms out to give hugs and kisses.

How to Reward A Virgo:

  • Give them verbal praise. 
  • Let them know that you care with affection.
  • Give them their pay on time if they work for you. 
  • Let them give to you when they want to. It makes them happy.
  • Let them know that you appreciate all that they do. 
  • Compliment them in front of others. 

Virgos are often insistent with getting a job done. They might say that they want to complete the mission before anyone else does.  If they are passionate about civil rights or something happening in the environment, nothing will hold them back from getting the job done. It is important to let the Virgo go and do their thing.

Virgos are often curious and allow their minds to flow free.  They want to make others feel like they are going to do what is right. In their eyes, they want to have everyone else around them understand their true self.

Virgos do not ask a lot of questions. They are known for keeping their thoughts more inward. If you want to connect with a Virgo, its best to get them to talk about their life in some way, shape or form.  Getting him/her to open may be a task at first. However, once they open their mind, amazing things begin to happen. 

What Extracurricular Activities Does Virgo Enjoy?

Virgos enjoy doing puzzles. They enjoy figuring out where something belongs. They are also great at learning new languages. You may give a Virgo a manual on how to speak Spanish or Chinese and they will often want to study what they are reading.

They also love games of chance. This can be playing the slots at the casino or scratch off lottery tickets. They also enjoy doing fishing because they practice this alone and in the quiet. They love the great outdoors and people that are into the same. 

Virgos enjoy fantasy games like Dungeons and Dragons.  They are curious about the spirit world and will often see the games that are psychic related as being fun. They want to help people to understand that they can take on new challenges and learn what is going to work. For the most part, they want to be able to show what they are both feeling and thinking. 

Are Virgos Gentle?

Yes, Virgos are gentle beings. They love to feel that they can grow and become blessed.  They are often the ones that are easy going and down to earth. They like to make their friends, family and strangers feel welcome.

If you enter their home, they want you to stay for awhile to connect and talk. You will find that they are a great host. They are the first to say that they would like to give you a cup of coffee or perhaps a lot of love. 

They often understand that they are always liking people from different walks of life.  They often help people to see and understand their own path in life. They are always open to having conversations that are often hard to talk about.

Are Virgos Well Organized?

Virgos expect everything to be in its place.  They like clean homes, fresh air and everyone picking up after themselves. They are all about being fair. Virgos often want to have everyone around them know that they are willing to help when necessary.  They want to have everyone around them learning something new.  When you speak to a Virgo zodiac signs, you always get the answers that you are looking for. 

If Virgos see something out of place, they will find the right place for it. They want everyone around them to know that they do not have to be afraid to speak their mind. Instead, they can feel happy that everyone has an opinion to begin with.

Are Virgos Workaholics?

Virgos love to feel secure in life. They tend to spend long hours at work to make money.  They want to make sure that their family has all that they need. They also want to make sure that they have extra to give away to the poor or perhaps get something extra for their lover. 

Virgos tend to work late at night. It can be hard to be around a Virgo at times because they are a workaholic. They constantly want to have their minds doing something.  If they sit back, they get bored easily.  They rarely find “just chilling out” to be appealing. They often like to see everyone having a good time. 

Virgos will complete their mission no matter how long it takes. Employers see Virgos as go getters.  They are often not the best leaders but are excellent helpers and find passion in what they do.  They want to help everyone to learn and be a part of someone’s life. 

Virgo men can be charming as well at work. They are often courteous to their co-workers and they want everyone around them to know that they care.  Virgos are team players as well.