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Is Gemini The Goddess Twins That Are Ready To Give Love?

Who Will Gemini Bond With The Best Right Now?

Gemini will bond well with Virgo and Pisces. The energy that these two zodiac signs have within them is rather powerful.  They want to express intense emotion when it comes to love.  Both Virgo and Pisces feel that Gemini will give them the strength that they need in the relationship.

Right now, Gemini is trying to express its views on love and how it will relate with the rest of the zodiac signs throughout the year. Virgo and Pisces will find that they can have great conversations with Gemini about this time of year. Your love energy flows well in the months of May 22 through June 21. 

Geminis are creative and a lot like scientists. They are known to invent solutions to problems that they see happening in the world today. It can be with friendships or with family issues. Either way, its good to have people around you that care.

Are Geminis Into Philosophy?

When you say the names Socrates and Thales, philosophy may come to your mind.  Geminis tend to know these names because they are active lovers of philosophy.  They often enjoy sitting around thinking about whole the world was made and if there is a God. They enjoy talking about their friends and family members thought process.  They want to try and understand why the world is a place that we are living in today. 

They are also into theology. Religions plays an important aspect of their lives. Geminis will often think about a religious topic and try to prove a point when they talk about it. They make excellent pastors and find themselves associating with people that are of the same interests. Geminis will often tell you that they like to dig deep into topics that matter to them.

Best Topics To Talk About With A Gemini Sign:

  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Current Events
  • Philosophy
  • Daily Activities
  • Work
  • Movies
  • Outdoor Events
  • Sports

How Do Geminis Love?

Geminis believe in putting someone before yourself. They are not known to be selfish. They believe in being fair. You can say that they do not have narcissistic tendencies.  They want to have everyone getting along and they enjoy telling others what they are capable of.  Geminis will often let you know that when they are around, everyone in the room should be treated equally. 

Geminis believe that they cannot love themselves unless the person in front of them is love more. It is important that Gemini sees balance in friendships and personal relationships with other people. Some people enjoy watching everything that they say. It is important to learn about Gemini love. 

When it comes to a romantic relationship, Geminis like to let everyone around them know what they are capable of. They want the world to see that they can indeed have a long-term relationship with someone that they put their mind to.  They often want to give someone a lot of strong happiness and care.  Geminis tend to be more open minded about dating casually than other zodiac signs.

Gemini men and women often want to date someone for a long period of time to see if they are suitable for marriage or lifelong partnerships.  They often want everyone around them to see that they can take charge and look forward to getting along in love and figuring out where they will go in life. 

In life, its all about learning and growing with your partner one step at a time. Its always important to learn and grow as best as you can. 

Geminis often channel love energy through the goddess energy cycle. When Geminis channel love, they often speak to a spirit world that they are unaware of. They often do not know that they are even channeling this energy through their thought process and prayers of rothers. It is always possible to have someone to grow with over time. It is a good idea to have balance in your life and to look at yourself and realize that you need to meditate to have more peace coming forward in your life.

The goddess of love teaches Gemini that it is important for them to earn good money in life so that they can take care of their daily needs and be able to focus on more spiritual matters of the heart. If you are not being taken care of financially, you are often worried about how you are going to pay your bills.  When you have money coming in excess, you tend to worry less about money. 

How To Take Care of Your Body

Geminis enjoy learning how they can take care of their bodies better. You will often see a Gemini drinking water throughout the day to cleanse their system and to provide the necessary nutrients throughout the day. They are often into working out, meditation, yoga, physical exercise and more. It is important to work together with a Gemini if you are hanging out with them a lot. It is important to have fun. Life can be enjoyable if you experience something good.

Geminis need to find locations on planet earth where the air is purer.  It is important because you tend to do better in work and personal relationships when you care for your body well. It is important to learn how to go after what you feel is important to yourself. You can easily learn what is going to happen for you by going in an area that is more purse.

Pure air is also good for meditation. When you do long deep breathing in meditation, it helps to breathe in clean air. It is always important to learn how to live with no regrets. 

Cleaning out your soul daily from painful things that you have done is important.  It is important to go after what you know must be done. 

When it comes to water, choose the cleanest water that you can find. I personally like to drink Mountain Valley Spring water. It is the best choice of Bill Clinton and Elvis Presley as well.  The moon goddess teaches us that when we have clean drinking water, we perform better throughout the day. We can have more peaceful thoughts coming into our minds by the choices that we make drinking water. 

It is important to get together with your doctor or nutritionist to see what you can eat throughout the day to give yourself the most energy and balance.  Today, more people are juicing fruits and vegetables. Even places like the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach are teaching people how to eat a diet consisting mostly of sprouts.  Sprouts are high in protein and are believed to contain more protein than a steak.  It is also believed that a 3-ounce shot of wheatgrass is the equivalent of eating 5 pounds of broccoli. 

Gemini Zodiac Signs Need To Travel

Geminis love being outdoors and relaxing their minds. Gemini zodiac signs want everyone around them to know that they want to get away when they have time off from work.

It is best for the Gemini to be in warm climates.  Gemini zodiac signs often want to learn more about the great outdoors and where they can go.  Gemini zodiac signs often want to help people that are in need. 

On vacation, they enjoy going to amusement parks and museums. They enjoy learning about history and swimming. You can find a Gemini often in a park like Disney world. It is possible that you experience a new beginning when it comes to learning about the world that we live in.

Are Geminis Planners?

Geminis like to just get up and go. Call them up on a Sunday morning and ask them to go to the beach, they are often all in.  They like to experience life in new ways and have fun.  Geminis want to feel that they are freer spirited.  He/she is often wanting to travel and go to different places to have fun with those that they admire the most. 

Geminis often like to go to places that they have never seen before. They often want to feel that they can have a good time no matter where they are at. It is always a good idea to bond together with a Gemini for love or simply love gatherings. 

Bad Traits About Geminis:

  • Geminis are often overthinkers. 
  • Geminis are two faced most of the time. Cross them once and they will turn their back on you.
  • Geminis like feeling that they are in control most of the time. 
  • Gemini signs can be selfish with money. 
  • Geminis often forget all the good things that you have done for them. 
  • Geminis often try to get away with what they can. 
  • Geminis want to let everyone around them know when they are angry.  They enjoy throwing tantrums. 
  • Gemini zodiac signs often hate their lovers after a breakup.  They often want to avoid them forever.