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Can You Get an Aquarius Man To Trust You?

Can You Get an Aquarius Man To Trust You?
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Can You Get an Aquarius Man To Trust You?

Aquarians are known to have trust issues. Aquarius men often put their full efforts into trusting people as children. However, they are often blindsided by cruel zodiac signs that only want to make them feel less than equal. This often makes him feel more insecure with himself as an adult. He often wants everyone around him to know that they care.  Love often makes him want to see what the outcome is going to be in love. 

Aquarius men and women often want you to feel that they are looking for friends that make them feel accepted. If you want to teach an Aquarius man how to trust, its important to be trustworthy first.  You need to be able to convince him that you are not going to betray his trust.

Will An Aquarius Man Test Your Trust?

Aquarius men will often try to trap you into a trust game. He will often want you to see that he is not out to play games with you.  He wants you to feel that you can trust him as well. However, many times he will tell you to call/text him at a certain time. If you fail to call or text him at the specified time, he will feel that he cannot trust you. He may often feel that you were doing something else that was more important than talking to him.

He will be examining and asking you questions as to why you are not contacting him at the agreed time. At times, you will feel like you are being put on the witness stand. His Aquarius side will come out powerfully. He will let you see that he may not believe in everything that you are saying.

An Aquarius man that has been scorned is often very watchful and undeniably understanding when it comes to love.  He often wants to let others around him know how he feels. He often wants to have a fresh start when it comes to building trusting relationships. 

Aquarius men often want you to see that you can test them as well. He is open for your tests, but you must do this in a more casual way. Remember, he has been screwed a few times already. He has learned a few tricks on how to defeat you in a trust game.

What If You Try Hard To Make Him Trust You And He Still Will not?

It can be frustrating when you are an honest person, and someone is not showing you that kind of respect. It is important to let the Aquarius man that you deserve respect. Sometimes, you will need to put your foot down to let him see that just because he was screwed over before in his life does not meant that you are going to do it to.

You will have to keep on reminding him that you are different. It is important that he sees that you are not going to give up o him. Many Aquarius men want to push you to a point that you want to leave him. He will often make you feel that you are untrustworthy and hard to deal with.

It is important for you to show him that you are not the kind of person that just relationship hops. You plan on giving him your all because you see the value in him. Even though he puts you through a series of tests, the Aquarius man needs to know that you are going to help him to see that not everyone is like those people that he met that screwed him over. 

How Can You Make Him Commit To You In Love?

Aquarius men need to know that you want to commit to them. They have a need within them that says that the two of you need to be with one another forever. You can tell him that in time, you can have a relationship together that grows.  You will always be able to see that when the both of you are bonding a lot, good things begin to happen. 

Commitment takes time and you must show him that you envision yourself being together forever.  Once he sees that you have passed his tests for many months, he will let you come in a bit closer. It often takes him 5 to 7 months to believe in you.  You may think that this is a long time, but at least you can see that your relationship will be headed somewhere much better than it is right now.

You have an opportunity to give of yourself when you want. You can show the Aquarius man that you can have fun together and not worry about someone taking you away from him.

Aquarius men need constant reassurance. They constantly need to hear the words, “I love you” and I want you to be around in my life.  They need to know that you value them completely. 

Get Him To Commit to Love By:

  • Allowing him to see that you are trustworthy.
  • Letting him know that you are not a game player. 
  • Letting him see that you support his work and activities. 
  • Show him that you do not have to look at each other’s phones.
  • It takes time to build trust.
  • Do not argue with him about things that are not important.
  • Show him that you do not throw love around like most people do. 

It is important for him to see that love is a good thing. He has had so many bad experiences in love that he often thinks that love is meant to hurt you. Of course, the planet Venus does not want him to think that.

No, instead, planet Venus wants him to understand that you often must go through may bad love experiences to get to the one love relationship that you are supposed to be in for life. As you can see, he needs to be able to relate to this kind of thinking. The more that he sees that he plays an important part in love, the more that he will understand why you are in his life.

Do You Need To Get Along With An Aquarian Man’s Mother?

Aquarian men are often mama boys.  They love their mothers and were often raised in single parent households.  It is important to get along well with his mother. Unfortunately, his mother will often be hard to deal with. She is jealous of his romantic relationships and in most cases, he is the closest man to her. She is often single and depends on him to be her “husband”.  She will try to push you away. In almost every situation, you will have to deal with his controlling mother.

She will often tell him that you are not good enough for him. Even if you make a gazillion dollars a year at work, it will not be good enough for her. She will often try to put you down because of your love for her son.  She fears that you will take him away from her. She often hopes that he will live in the same house with her until the day that she dies. You will see that she tries to make him spend more time with her than you.

When all this negative energy happens, its important to just hold your head up. If she is nasty, reap good karma by wishing her well and being nice to her. She often has a lot going on in her life and wants to feel like she can have an opportunity for growth. 

Aquarians tend to feel like they can give of themselves more than other zodiac signs. Their mothers know that as well. She often wants him to shower her with gifts. Yes, his mom!  Can you believe that?

If she sees you getting gifts from him, she will be jealous. She is often the one person in his life that is judgmental. It will be hard to deal with her, but if you cannot, it can be a deal breaker in the relationship.  This is the one woman in his life that he often feels that he cannot live without. 

What Scares Aquarius Men In Love?

Aquarius men are afraid of being cheated on and left behind. Their biggest fear is that you would choose another man over him. He does not want you to think that you can do whatever you want to him. He wants to make sure that you have no other men in your life. He may tell you to stop talking to your ex or to not have any connection with men that are attracted to you. 

Aquarius men tend to be jealous.  They will often try to control your every move. However, it is important for you to tell him where you stand on these kinds of topics. You will find that the more honest you are with him, the better.  You can tell him that you are okay with this or not. He will need to see that you are not going to choose another man over him because you chose him to start with.