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What Are The True Characteristics Of A Sagittarius Man Sign?

How Do Sagittarius Men View Love?

Sagittarius men are often skeptical about love.  They often do not want to show that they have to much interest in someone. They are often afraid of their love backfiring on them at some point. It is often hard for a Sagittarius to commit because they often feel that they are going to get “screwed” in some way, shape or form from the relationship

Women that date Sagittarius men often feel neglected. He would often rather spend time working out at the gym or with his male friends instead of hanging out with her.  He is very selective as to when he wants to spend time with the woman of his dreams. Sagittarius men often feel that they want to help someone to understand their life a lot better.

Sagittarius men will often take off and have a vacation on their own without even telling you about it. He is more independent than other zodiac signs.  He often wants to make it clear that he is his own man and will do whatever he feels like to bring a healthy balance in the relationship.

Sagittarius men hate feeling like they are being controlled.  Do not try to control him in any way. Let him do what he wants.

Sagittarius Men Dislike:

  1. Being controlled.
  2. Constant texting.
  3. Nagging
  4. Constant need of attention. 
  5. Feminism
  6. Trust issues
  7. Lying
  8. Cheating

Women that date Sagittarius men often feel neglected. Sagittarius men are often into making themselves happy before anyone else.  Sagittarius men love to have a lot of space and freedom.  He does not like to feel that his obligated to do something. He wants the woman in his life to know that he is going to be “free as a bird”.

He can be confused by love.  When it comes to marriage and long-term relationships, he often does not like the commitment. He is often afraid to give his heart to someone that will be in his life forever.  A part of him likes to do flirting and some fooling around on the side.  Many Sagittarius men do not like to feel that they are obligated to be with one person forever.  He will often feel that he deserves more. 

Can Sagittarius Men Be Faithful?

When a Sagittarius man decides to give his heart to you, he knows what a big step he has made.  He wants to be able to show you that he does care about you and wants to build a future.  You can be certain that he will be a faithful man with a lot of discipline. It will take everything out of him to give a commitment. He wants to show that he has a lot of love to give and he is not always going to be about himself. 

Sagittarius men love family and often see marriage to grow old with someone. He knows that he cannot fool around with different women forever. He knows that there are breaking points in every connection that he has.

In marriage, Sagittarius men still need a lot of alone time. He may need a couple of hours to himself when he gets out of work. He often wants to go to the gym or hang out with his buddies after work. If you are the woman in his life, you may object to this. You may feel that a married man’s place is in the home with his wife. However, Sagittarius men are not like this.  Sagittarius men have their own agenda as far as how much time they are going to spend with you.

How Are Sagittarius Men With Children?

Sagittarius men love to spend time with their children.  They take a lot of pride in having a family that is full of love and good things.  There is always something good happening with Sagittarius men. 

He always makes sure that his children have enough to eat and a roof over their head. He will often ask his children questions on whether they need something. 

Sagittarius men may ask that he spends time alone with his children. The wife or girlfriend of a Sagittarius man should know that he wants his children to know that he will give them his undivided attention. He wants them to know how special they are to him.  Sagittarius girlfriends and wives may feel second best to his children.  He will often show that he is going to spend more time with them.

Some Facts About Sagittarius Zodiac Signs:

  • You are born between November 23rd and December 21st.
  • Your symbol is an archer.
  • The moon swings mostly in your favor.
  • Sagittarius is rule by Jupiter.
  • He has a sense of humor.
  • He has a lot of jokes that he tells. 
  • His favorite color is often orange and purple. 

Does Sagittarius Have Spiritual Wisdom?

Sagittarius men have a lot of a lot of spiritual wisdom. They often enjoy talking about spirituality in depth with their friends and family. They want to have their friends and family having information about who they are and what they are. They often want to express what they want to see everyone having in life.  Sagittarius men have a new beginning when they feel close to their partners. 

It looks like it is best to open and learn more about what they want in their life. Sagittarius men want to feel that they can have someone close to them. They want to have a good relationship with someone that gives them a lot of happiness and trust.  It is important to discuss your personal views with a Sagittarius man when you can. 

Are Sagittarius Men Competitive?

Sagittarius men are good at sports and competition. He wants to feel that he can be the king amongst other friends.  It is okay for a Sagittarius man to express his interests in hobbies. He will often show that he is better than other people. 

Sagittarius men want to show that he has a lot of happiness.  He is not sad most of the time. He often creates his own happiness. When he is around his family and friends, he often likes to feel that he can give of himself. 

You may find that in business, he will try to outdo you. If you are in the same career or income level, he will want to show you that he can make more money than you at some point in the relationship.  He wants to make you feel that he is in control and in charge. He likes to feel that you look up to him.  Sagittarius men want everyone to get along

Do Sagittarius Men Call People A Lot?

Sagittarius men often do not call or text you unless they have a reason. If a Sagittarius man does not have a reason to talk to you, he will often ignore you.  You will often wonder if he is even on your mind. 

Sagittarius men are often hanging out with their friends that do not bring drama. If you are the kind of woman that wants to be an FBI agent in his life, you will lose him. An FBI agent girlfriend/wife asks him a ton of questions to see if they can catch him in a lie. They try to accuse him of cheating or not calling you because he was busy with another woman.  It is important to have someone that they care about. 

Are Sagittarius Men Usually Well Educated? 

Sagittarius men are often well educated. They see school and education to get ahead in their life. They often want to bond with others that understand them.  Sagittarius men feel like they can help someone that is meant to be together with them.  They like talking about their education.  

Sagittarius men often like to become close to those that have good jobs or education in life to take them to the next level. You will often find this zodiac signs having a master’s degree and even a PHD. 

You should discuss your personal educational goals with him.  If you are on the same page with him educational wise, you will share a much deeper bond with him.