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Is That Cute Guy Worth Your Time?

Cute guys are not always worth it. At times, you are going to have to see for yourself that you may have the upper hand in love after all. Sometimes, a cute guy is not going to be worth your time.  If he is not returning your calls or giving you hello texts throughout the day, you may be with the wrong guy. 

Is That Cute Guy Worth Your Time?

Cute guys have the tendency of making a girl melt. Yes, he has that hard stomach that you love.  He has that smile that is like a model. However, he seldom wants to spend time with you.  You often feel that he has you on speed dial for a booty call. It can be hard to be with a man that does not want to be together with you. It is hard because you want love. We all do. However, is he going to make you happy overall?

Why Do Cute Guys Spend A Lot Of Time In The Gym?

You may have noticed that cute guys spend a lot of time in the gym. He loves to exercise his body. He wants the world of women to know that he has a hard body that is going to get him toned and ripped to make every girl want him. He is often the talk of all women. When he is in the gym, all the girls know that he is out to play games. Many cute guys are out to play games because of the attention that they get. Most women want to bond with them because they are the hottest thing in town.

However, is he worth your time?  Not all cute guys are bad. Sometimes, a cute guy can be shy and more down to earth.  Some hot guys do not even know that they are cute.  In this case, you will have to look at him and see what he is all about. You need to stay focused on the hottest guy around because he can give you what you need on a day to day basis if he is the right guy.

Why Choose To Date a Cute Guy?

If you want to have a hot guy in your life for love, he will be worth your time. There is nothing better than coming home to a hot guy and making love to him. You will have to see for yourself what magic you can create in the bedroom. After all, you have eyes.  Your eyes tell you what turns you on and turns you off. After all, not many women want to be stuck with the plumber down the street that weighs 300 lbs.  However, if its all muscle, most women will gladly take it. 

It is important to find out if the guy is into you. Ask him a series of questions about what kind of girls he likes. Is he into having a girlfriend or is he more of a guy that just wants to sleep around for now and see what happens?

Asking questions like this will allow you to see that you can have a guy in your life that is full of sex appeal and ambition.  It is a good thing to feel like you can overcome your own insecurities. It is not easy to be with a guy that is cute.  After all, could you imagine dating Elvis Presley when he was 25?  Every woman wanted him. He was the hottest man in town. Being with him, would have been hell to deal with every day. You would have had to deal with women constantly calling him or wanting to be associated with him.

It is a decision that a lot of people would have to make.  Deciding on whether you can handle this is up to you. You will have to decide on whether you can deal with the pressure of dating a hot guy. 

It is not easy to wake up everyday not knowing if another girl is going to be hitting on him. You are not the first woman to notice his cute face and piercing eyes. You know that a lot of girls want him, and you may only have a certain amount of time to make him yours.

Is it Possible to Marry A Cute Guy?

Marrying a cute guy takes time and the possibilities are endless. You will need to decide on whether you are willing to date him for many years or if you prefer getting married right away.  Some cute guys just want to live together for a while. You may find out that when you are living with him that he is a complete slob. You may not want to be with a man that does not clean up after himself. You may feel that he spends to much time at the gym or with his friends. 

When he is with his friends, he may not know that you exist. He may completely forget to check-in. Most guys that have a lot of friends often neglect their personal love relationship. It is mainly because they feel that they have a lot going on.  They often want to feel that they have a lot at stake.

Men in general have a hard time with commitment.  Marriage often seems like it is hard for him. He often feels that it is hard for him to look at life and feel like he can take on new challenges.  It is important to look at a man and see what his capabilities are.  He may not be everything that you signed up for. It is important to show him that you are willing to go down the road with him. However, if he does something that makes you upset, let him know. There is nothing worse than dating a cute guy that you cannot talk to.

Let him know that when he is with you, you expect a lot of magic to happen in the bedroom as well. Make sure that he understands your needs and how intimate you like to be. At times, you will feel that he is pushing you away.  It is important to let him see that you can give one another a lot of support.

Building a relationship takes time and energy. You also need to find out who he has dated before in the past.  Why did that relationship end and what response did he have to it being over with?

Is He Capable of Loving Someone Forever?

You may come to find out that he is not capable of loving someone completely. He may see you as being someone that is more of a threat. He knows that you can love easily and that may not be him. He may feel that you do give love, but not in the way that he desires it.

It is possible to have a relationship with someone that is going to care about you for the long term. It is possible to have a guy in your life that does not want to be involved for to long.

Sometimes, a cute guy can see a relationship as being here today and then being gone tomorrow. You need to ask him direct questions about how he feels for you and if he can see that there will be a shiny future.

Yes, you will soon see what his outcome is going to be with you. You may come to realize that he has such a good and loving heart. You may feel that he is ready to go the full distance with you and love you only.

Even though he is cute and easy to hold at night, he will be devoted to you only. It is always a good idea to let him know that you are willing to make changes as well. Learning how to please one another takes time and a lot of effort. You must be willing to learn all that it takes to make the relationship become easier for the both of you.

Are Cute Guys Mama Boys?

Yes, many cute guys love to take care of their mama.  He is the kind of person that likes to make sure that all the women in his life are taken care of. He will often respect his mama for taking good care of him. He knows that women like this do not come around every day.  His mother has put up with a lot of his garbage over the years and she still has unconditional love for him. It is always a good idea to see that you get along well with her. Sometimes, it is the only way to keep him in your life.

Make sure that you get along well with his mom. If you do not, it can break your relationship in two.  Always let him know that you are willing to work on problems because you see the value in him. He may be a lot more sensitive than you have thought.  Many cute guys have good hearts and love to give their all to a woman that he feels is worthy.